A Blast From the Past On Justin Trudeau’s Dad’s 100th Birthday

Memories of daddy Trudeau by Cathy O’Brian

“Had I been capable of fear, I would have been afraid of Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau’s slow, deliberate movements masked the brutal power of his body much the way his smooth, soft voice pierced my mind and intruded on my thoughts. The icey cold touch of his effeminate, manicured long fingers contrasted with the heat of his perversion… a perversion for which he blamed me and my “temptuous, contemptuous ways”.

Cathy is Sold in Project MK ULTRA and Gets her Primary Owner, Former US Senator Robert C Byrd

Cathy’s First Trial Run was to Deliver Cocaine to Former Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton
In 1978 it was determined that Cathy had endured significant trauma to carry out her first trial run operation.  Cathy was to deliver cocaine to Arkansas, where then governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton’s cocaine operation was in full swing.

Throughout her book Cathy mentions being abused and raped by many entertainers, and politicians, many of whom are household names including people like Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau, and even Hillary Clinton (not Bill) among others.

In 1983 Cathy says she overheard president Reagan and former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney discussing the new world order. She says Reagan told Mulroney that he believed the only way to world peace was through the mind control of the masses.

Left to Right: Dick “goes human hunting” Cheney, Kris Kristofferson, Jimmy Buffet, Justin (not named)  and father Pierre Trudeau, King Fahad, president Gerald Ford, U.S. House of Representative Guy Adrian Vander Jagt, Ventriliquist Alex Houston, president Bush Sr., president Ronald Reagan. This is not everybody…have to read the book.

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