AIPAC 2019: Best Analysis of America’s Most Powerful Political Lobby

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Ok I’m spooked! AIPAC  is a freak show and I could never watch the whole thing for myself  so I appreciate having it broken down for me here and I am truly in line with these news analysts, I watch all their videos.  They’re true Christians. Nothing like a Christian who has actually been to Palestine and know the evil of Israel, then dedicate themselves to teach others, mainly the dimwit Christian Zionists. That’s their target and God be with them on that, they’re doing us all a favor! Watch here.

Here’s something that has really sticks out to me. All these people in high positions are literally reading off teleprompters!  To watch them act with such passion and they are only reading off a teleprompter…and everyone sticking to the same talking points…it’s really something else. Creepy to watch and listen. Every word is a lie, every topic is  psyop. Who are they trying to hypnotize I don’t know.

There are only 3 themes: Dual loyalty of U.S. elected officials, Anti-Zionism being considered the same as Antisemitism, and criminalizing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Zionism is the ghost in the tree that people pretend not to see for fear of ridicule of those who can’t see.  Now people turn away from the obvious for fear of punishment. But it’s not 1984 and we need to stop pretending, we have to call it out!  That’s OUR new world order. For example, this term  ‘antisemitism’ has no meaning whatsoever.
It’s a non-word. It was invented by a Christian Zionist to dress the fake Jews in a Hebrew cloak.

But we know that these ‘Jews’ are atheists working for British imperialism which now includes most of the rest of the imperial west. They are front men. Straw men. They are NOT Semites, and the real Semites happens to be the Arabs. A psyop par excellence!  I sure don’t know how people ever went along with that. I think the generations before me just didn’t pay attention. My generation is, thanks to the first Palestinian intifada which shone the light on the Palestinians most of us didn’t know about.

Back to back with insane AIPAC loons is the Washington report on Middle East with reputable speakers to counter the Zionist lobby to support the fact that there IS a ghost in the tree and it’s called Zionism. You can watch that here. All in all it’s been a very educational week.

One thought on “AIPAC 2019: Best Analysis of America’s Most Powerful Political Lobby

  1. Mental Hygiene is very closely “connected” to spiritual hygiene….

    in fact Truth really matters in both depts. !

    check out the story about the people in England telling the truth
    about the global Synagogue of Satan “Crime Syndicate” being

    curiously, no one on Earth “HAS” to believe {{{{LIARS}}}} and

    MASS MURDERERS FOR FILTHY LUCRE….but alas many do.

    Jesus explained about the {{{TARES}}} in Matthew 13:39-43 !!!

    the eternal ovens of truth….!

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