Author David Talbot’s ‘Devil’s Chessboard’ Is Only Good For the Jews

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(L–R): former President Bill Clinton, White House adviser Mark Penn, David Talbot

How do you know when a book is bad and an author is fake? YOU have done enough homework to catch even so much as ONE lie, and there you have it. How can the book be valid after that?
I did not buy this book to read about the ‘6 million’ version of the holocaust which is truly outdated and many things in that version are just plain wrong. Time tells. Any true historian would know this.  My interest was Allen Dulles and Vietnam because THIS history is what I am interested in learning and THAT’S how the book is advertised.
Boy, is this book a swindle.
This is the video that sparked my interest in the first place. This history I learned for the first time. I was hoping that Talbot’s book would give me further knowledge. So for now James DiEugenio is where I leave off. This information is very interesting anyway.

2 thoughts on “Author David Talbot’s ‘Devil’s Chessboard’ Is Only Good For the Jews

  1. The GOYIM are getting awoke to the holoHOAX fraud, hence the need for hate speech laws, which Jew Inc claims is to protect snowflakes from hurty words, but it’s actually to protect their holoHOAX racket from being exposed…

  2. But the holohoax fraud has been exposed. Or we can just say that they told the truth from the beginning but it was through a fog in the thick of it and now we know more actual truths.
    And speaking of fraud…I just can’t believe what a trick David Talbot’s book is! All that just to perpetuate the holocaust myths!

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