Mossad Found Running All Over Christchurch For Years

The horrific event was livestreamed. Even by past standards this surely requires monumental intelligence and police failings. Then the video was totally scrubbed from the internet in a short time. Someone has a far reach of control there…

New Zealand mosque shooting suspect reportedly visited Israel in 2016. What a coincidence.

What a coincidence that a Mossad spy ring was uncovered in Christchurch in 2011. “There were fears that other Israeli operatives, in the city after the February 22 quake which killed 181 people, could have embedded malicious software to access intelligence information.”
“The unusual circumstances which triggered the investigation was the rapid departure from the country of the three surviving members of the group of Israelis in question.”

My mission is to look for Israel connections with any shootings, violence, killings that make a headline because almost everywhere there is an Israeli standing by at the scene. There was an Israeli ‘reporter’ present in the aftermath of JFK assassination. I wish I can find where I read that. A young Bill Moyer was also there.  Bill Moyer was a member of the CRF. We really never who who’s who in the Matrix.

Since almost the earliest days of the Israeli state and the earliest days of the CIA a secret bond, a secret link between them, basically by which the Israelis — the Israeli intelligence — did jobs for the CIA and for the rest of American intelligence. You can’t understand what’s been going on around the world with American covert operations and the Israeli covert operations until you understand that the two countries have this secret arrangement.- Andrew Cockburn, co-author of “Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship”

It remains unclear if the attackers of the two mosques were the same or there were five attackers involved. One of the terrorists managed to escape the country hours after Friday noon. The fifth attacker has defected to Israel with the help of unknown aides. No official reaction has been made by Tel Aviv or local authorities on the issue yet.

In all, three Israelis died in the magnitude 6.3 earthquake.

Security experts suggested agents for Mossad may have been on an identity theft “trawling” mission for information, so that the passports of unwitting citizens could be cloned.

The false passports would then be used as cover during espionage activities in other parts of the world by Israeli secret agents.

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ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi has been exposed as being an undercover Mossad agent

Fred Tulett, editor of the Southland Times, said an “extraordinary” reaction by the Israeli government in the hours after the earthquake had heightened the suspicions of New Zealand’s Security Intelligence Service.

They included the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, made four calls to John Key, his New Zealand counterpart, on the day of the earthquake.

Shemi Tzur, Israel’s ambassador to Australia and New Zealand, traveled from his base in Australia to Christchurch, where he visited the temporary morgue set up to cope with earthquake victims.

Meanwhile, Israel’s defense chief also flew to the earthquake-ravaged city.

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The smiling Zionist killer. A woman named as Gail Foliard, wearing a black wig over her blonde hair, seen on hotel CCTV at the time of the killing.

“A woman has skills a man simply does not have. She knows how to listen. Pillow talk is not a problem for her. The history of modern intelligence is filled with accounts of women who have used their sex for the good of their country… It is not just sleeping with someone if required. It is to lead a man to believe you will do so in return for what he has to tell you.” The Christian Zionists turn their faces so as not to ‘know’…how else to explain their support and devotion to “Israel”?

In a further move, a search and rescue team arrived in Christchurch from Israel, but the squad’s offer of help was rejected by New Zealand authorities because it did not have the necessary United Nations accreditation.

Despite that rejection, members of the Israeli team were confronted by armed New Zealand officers after being discovered in the badly damaged sealed off “red zone” of the city center, the Southland Times said.

The Israeli government later sent a forensic team to help authorities identify the dead.

The paper said New Zealand officials became alarmed when intelligence information was collated and it was realized that the Israeli forensic team had been given access to the police national database to help with identification work.

The paper quoted an unnamed intelligence officer as saying it would take only moments for a USB drive to be inserted into a police computer terminal and loaded with a program allowing remote backdoor access to the database.



Australian Aboriginals to get billions in compensation for land & spiritual loss in landmark case

“This is a ruling that brings a different light on native title and the cultural and spiritual loss, let alone the inability to take any economic opportunities”

Attention colonized exploited people of the world!

It reminds me James DiEugenio on of the Dulles brothers and how they facilitated  the US war in Vietnam because of it’s commercial value. The whole “domino theory” was not letting Vietnam win independence or other third world exploited countries would follow. It had nothing to do with communism! Wouldn’t it be nice if the Australian gov. recognition of it’s indigenous found traction? Of course Israel regime would never do it, and the US just follows Israel diktats. But what if grassroots anti-imperialists were to start up demands with renewed vigor based on Australia’s example?

Aboriginals in Australia have won a ground-breaking case that paves the way for billions of dollars in compensation claims for colonial land loss, as well as loss of spiritual connection.

The High Court of Australia ruled in favor of the Ngaliwurru and Nungali groups from the Northern Territory in the biggest ‘native title’ ruling on indigenous rights to traditional land and water in decades on Wednesday.

It said the Northern Territory government was to pay $2.53mn in damages to the Ngaliwurru and Nungali groups for an earlier federal court ruling which found the NT government “extinguished” their native title rights when they built infrastructure on their land in the 80s and 90s.

This is a ruling that brings a different light on native title and the cultural and spiritual loss, let alone the inability to take any economic opportunities,” Northern Land Council interim CEO Jak Ah Kit told Al Jazeera. “We need to revisit those cases where they were unjustly compulsorily acquired by governments, and we’ll then need to take instructions from them,” he said.

History: A Manifesto to the Peoples of the East 1920

A call for all the oppressed and exploited to unite against Western imperialist stranglehold.

“England, the last mighty imperialist robber remaining in Europe, spreads her black wings
over the Muslim countries of the East, trying to reduce the peoples of the East to her slaves and her prey.”

 Zionists were very powerful in 1920. But the goal was not limited to Palestine. Weizmann was  a Russian and a British citizen.

Before Israel …the Zionists waited until WW2 was won and the new world order was taking shape as designed. Israeli journalist Segev in his book “One Palestine Complete” argues that the British played a decisive role in the transformation of the tiny Jewish population they found in Palestine into an economically viable and politically well-organized community with a statelike infrastructure. Without the mandate, he insists, a Jewish state either would never have come into being or would have been greatly delayed. The mandate, in his view, was the single most important factor in the establishment of the state, and not, as was claimed at the time and is still believed by most Israelis and Jews, an obstacle to independence.

Kommunisticheskii Internatsional, no. 15 (Petrograd, December 20, 1920)

The New York Times, on 6 October 1940. It is the same Old Order under a new guise, representing merely the extension and consolidation of Jewish power.

“Slavery, appalling slavery, ruination, oppression, and exploitation, she brings to the peoples of the East. Save yourselves, then, peoples of the East!”

Peoples of the East! What has England done to Mesopotamia and Arabia Without any ado, she declared these independent Muslim countries to be her own colonies, drove from the land the former owners, the Arabs, deprived them of the best fertile valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, deprived them of the best pastures indispensable to subsistence, took away the richest oil resources of Mosul and Basra, and thus depriving the Arabs of all means of subsistence, counted on starvation to make them her slaves.

The Zionist policy in Palestine makes for pogroms, by its racial discrimination policy which is being supported by British imperialism. This policy has poisoned the atmosphere of Palestine, making that country fertile ground for provocateurs of all kinds, particularly British imperialist provocateurs, who wish to divert the anti-imperialist struggle into channels of anti-Jewish struggles.

This is made easier by the fact that the Zionist leaders, who constitute a small minority among the Jews, presume to speak in the name of all the Jews.

Peoples of the East! What has England done to Mesopotamia and Arabia Without any ado, she declared these independent Muslim countries to be her own colonies, drove from the land the former owners, the Arabs, deprived them of the best fertile valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, deprived them of the best pastures indispensable to subsistence, took away the richest oil resources of Mosul and Basra, and thus depriving the Arabs of all means of subsistence, counted on starvation to make them her slaves.

What has England done to Palestine, where, at first, to please the Anglo-Jewish capitalists, she drove the Arabs from their lands in order to transfer these lands to the Jewish settlers, and then in order to provide an outlet for the discontent of the Arabs, she turned them against the very Jewish settlements she had established, sowing discord, hostility, and resentment among the various tribes, weakening both sides, in order to rule and govern herself

What has England done to Egypt, where the entire native population already for the eighth decade is sighing under the heavy yoke of the English capitalists, a yoke even heavier and more ruinous for the people than the past yoke of the Egyptian pharaohs, who with the labor of their slaves built the huge pyramids”~

Six years ago, there broke out in Europe a colossal and monstrous carnage, a world war in which 35,000,000 human lives were lost, hundreds of major cities and thousands of villages destroyed, European countries devastated, and all the peoples were subjected to the torment of unheard-of poverty and unprecedented starvation.

Up to the present time, this colossal war has been waged in Europe, only partially affecting Asia and Africa.

This war was waged by the European peoples and the peoples of the East took a relatively small part in it: only the forces of hundreds of thousands of Turkish peasants who were deceived by their rulers and led by German capitalists, and from two to three million Indians and Negroes – slaves, bought by English and French capitalists and, as slaves, hurled to death on the fardistant, foreign battlefields of France, in defense of the foreign, and to them, unintelligible interests of English and French bankers and industrialists.

Although the peoples of the East remained aloof from this gigantic war, although they took only a insignificant part in it, nevertheless, this carnage was waged, not for the countries of Europe, not for the countries and peoples of the West, but for the countries and peoples of the East.

It was waged for the partition of the entire world, and mainly for the partition of Asia, for the partition of the East. It was waged in order to determine who will control the Asiatic countries, whose slaves the peoples of the East will be.

It was waged in order to determine precisely who, the English or the German capitalists, will skin the Turkish, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian peasants and workers.

The monstrous four years of carnage ended in a victory for England and France. The German capitalists were crushed, and along with them the entire German people were likewise crushed, destroyed, and doomed to death by starvation.

Victorious France, where the war almost wiped out the entire adult population and destroyed all the industrialized areas, bled in the struggle and after the victory remained completely powerless.

And as a result of the colossal, barbaric carnage, imperialist England emerged the sole and all-powerful master of Europe and Asia. She, alone, in all Europe was still able to muster sufficient strength, for she waged the war with foreign hands, with the hands of the peoples she had enslaved, Indians and Negroes, and at the expense of her oppressed colonies.

Having emerged the victor and the complete ruler and master of half the world, the English government began to carry out the objectives for which the war was waged: it began to consolidate its hold on all the Asiatic countries and to bring about the complete enslavement of all the peoples of the East.

With none to interfere and fearing no one, the junta of greedy bankers and capitalists at the head of the English government quite openly and brazenly put aside all shame and began to reduce to slavery the peasants and workers of the countries of the East.

大摩邇(おおまに) : Lord Rothschild:私のファミリーが、イスラエルを創造した


Peoples of the East! You know what England has done in India; you know how she transformed the multimillion masses of Indian peasants and workers into unprivileged and dumb driven beasts.

The Indian peasant is obliged to give up to the English government so much of his crop that the remainder does not suffice him even for a few months.

The Indian worker must work in the factory of the English capitalist for such a pittance that he cannot buy with it the handful of rice necessary for his daily subsistence. Millions of Indians die from starvation annually. Every year millions of Indians perish in the swamps and jungles from hard labor, undertaken by the English capitalists for their own enrichment.

Millions of Indians, having failed to obtain their daily bread in their own very rich and fertile native land, are forced to enter the English army and go away, in order to eke out for the rest of their lives a difficult soldier’s existence and to wage endless wars in all corners of the world with all the peoples of the world, establishing everywhere ruthless English domination.

Buying with their lives and blood an unending increase in wealth for the English capitalists, insuring them huge profits, luxury, and prosperity, the Indians themselves do not enjoy any human rights; the powers that be – the English officers, insolent sons of the English bourgeoisie which grew fat on Indian corpses – do not recognize them as people.

The Indian does not dare to sit at the same table with an Englishman, use the same quarters, travel in the same coach, study in the same school. In the eyes of the English bourgeois, every Indian is a pariah, a slave, a beast of burden, who does not dare to experience any human feelings, does not dare to make any demands. To each uprising brought about by the extremities of the Indian peasants and workers, the English retaliate with ruthless mass shootings.

The streets of those Indian villages which revolted are covered with hundreds of corpses and those who remain alive are compelled by the English officers for their own amusement to crawl on their bellies and to lick the boots of their enslavers.

Peoples of the East! You know what England has done to Turkey England has offered Turkey a peace by which three-fourths of Asia Minor, inhabited exclusively by Ottomans, including all the industrial cities, has gone to France, England, Italy, and Greece; and on the remainder of the Turkish land they have levied such taxes that the Ottomans have become perpetually insolvent, and have to pay tribute forever to England.

When the Turkish people refused to accept such a disastrous peace, the English occupied Istanbul, sacred to the Muslims, drove out the Turkish Parliament, arrested all the people’s leaders, shot the best of them, and exiled hundreds of others to the island of Malta, where they were imprisoned in the dark and damp dungeon of an old fortress.

Now the English reign in Constantinople. From the Turks they have taken everything that it was possible to take. They have taken money, banks, factories and foundries, railroads and ships, and have cut off all access to Asia Minor. There is not a piece of material, not a piece of metal in Turkey. The Turkish peasant is forced to go without a shirt and he must plough the land with a wooden plough.

The English, with the aid of the Greek army, occupied the vilayet of Smyrna; with the aid of the French, Adana; and with the colonials, Bursa and Izmit. They have besieged the Turks on every side and are moving steadily into the interior of the country, attempting to bring about the complete exhaustion of the Turkish people, who, even aside from that, have been tormented and devastated by ten uninterrupted wars.

And in Turkish areas already occupied by the English, the latter, true to their custom, scoff and jeer intolerably at the Turkish people.

In Constantinople they occupied all the schools and universities for their own barracks, they forbade Turkish education, closed up Turkish newspapers, destroyed workers’ organizations, filled the jails with Turkish patriots, and handed over the entire population to the uncontrolled jurisdiction of the English police, which regards itself as having the right, without any pretext, and in broad daylight in the streets of Constantinople to club over the head people wearing a fez.

To the English bourgeois, one who wears a fez, one who is a Turk, is a creature of the lowest species, a pariah, a slave, who can be treated as a dog.

According to the documents at the Churchill Archives Center, Churchill, then Secretary of State for War, claimed that the Turks were not human, but barbarians, and therefore poisonous gas could be used on them.

In Turkish occupied localities, the English indeed treat the Turks like dogs, sending them to forced labor, and punishing them by beating them up with a stick. By every ruse, baseness, and compulsion they strive to transform Turkey into a conquered country and to compel the Turkish people’s masses to work for their enrichment.

Peoples of the East! What has England done to Persia Having suppressed the peasant uprising against the Shah and the landowners, having shot and hanged thousands upon thousands of Persian peasants, the English capitalists have again restored the power of the Shah and the landowners who had been overthrown by the people, they have deprived the peasants of the landowners’ lands which they had seized, and have again reduced them to the status of slaves, have again reduced them to rayalis and unprivileged slaves of the mulkadars.

And then, having bribed the Shah’s corrupt government, the English capitalists, by means of a base and treacherous treaty, obtained complete ownership of all Persia, with the entire Persian people. They have seized all Persian wealth, stationed in all Persian cities garrisons composed of deceived Indians and Sepoys, bought into slavery, and they have begun to run Persia as a conquered country, treating the independent (in name) Persian people as a people reduced to serfdom.

Peoples of the East! What has England done to Mesopotamia and Arabia Without any ado, she declared these independent Muslim countries to be her own colonies, drove from the land the former owners, the Arabs, deprived them of the best fertile valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, deprived them of the best pastures indispensable to subsistence, took away the richest oil resources of Mosul and Basra, and thus depriving the Arabs of all means of subsistence, counted on starvation to make them her slaves.

What has England done to Palestine, where, at first, to please the Anglo-Jewish capitalists, she drove the Arabs from their lands in order to transfer these lands to the Jewish settlers, and then in order to provide an outlet for the discontent of the Arabs, she turned them against the very Jewish settlements she had established, sowing discord, hostility, and resentment among the various tribes, weakening both sides, in order to rule and govern herself

What has England done to Egypt, where the entire native population already for the eighth decade is sighing under the heavy yoke of the English capitalists, a yoke even heavier and more ruinous for the people than the past yoke of the Egyptian pharaohs, who with the labor of their slaves built the huge pyramids

What has England done to China This enormous country she, together with her partner, imperialistic Japan, transformed into her own colony, exploiting and poisoning with opium the 300,000,000 people; and with the aid of her own and Japanese forces, she suppresses with unheard-of atrocities the revolutionary ferment which is beginning. By restoring the old despots overthrown by the people, she tries with all her strength to hold the multimillion people under the yoke of despotism, oppression, and poverty, in order to exploit them more successfully.

What has England done to Korea, to this flourishing country with its thousand years of culture She handed her over to be devoured by Japanese capitalists, who now by fire and sword subjugate the Korean people to English and Japanese capital.

What has England done to Afghanistan where, by bribing the Emir’s government, she holds the people in oppression, poverty, and ignorance, trying to make this country into something resembling a desert, and by means of this desert to fence in India, which she has oppressed, from any contact with the outside world

What is England doing in Armenia and Georgia where, with her gold, she holds the masses of peasants and workers under the yoke of the hated and corrupt Dashnak and Menshevik governments which terrorize and oppress their own peoples and drive them to fight against the peoples of Azerbaijan and Russia, liberated from the yoke of the bourgeoisie

Even into Turkestan, Khiva, Bokhara, Azerbaijan, Daghestan, and the Northern Caucasus, English imperialism penetrates; its agents poke their noses into everything, distribute with a generous hand English gold obtained with the blood and sweat of oppressed peoples, and everywhere they try to support tyrants and despots, khans and landlords, to fight the budding revolutionary movement, and to hold at any cost all the peoples in oppression, ruin, poverty, and ignorance.

The oppression and ruination, poverty and ignorance of the peoples of the East serve as sources of enrichment for imperialist England.

Peoples of the East! To you belong the richest, the most fertile, the most extensive lands of the entire world; these lands, once the cradle of all mankind, could feed not only their own inhabitants, but also the population of the whole world; nevertheless, every year 10,000,000 Turkish and Persian peasants and workers now find for themselves neither a crust of bread nor employment on their own most fertile and spacious lands, and are compelled to leave their native land and to seek subsistence in foreign countries.

They are forced to do that because in their native land everything – lands, money, banks, factories, and shops – all these are in the hands of the English capitalists. They are compelled to do that because in their native country they are not the masters and do not dare to give any orders; on the contrary, the foreigners – the English capitalists – give them orders.

Such was the situation formerly, such it was prior to the war, when imperialist England still had rivals in the rapacious German, French, and Russian imperialists, when she did not yet dare to clamp her paws on all the countries of the East, fearing that she might receive a blow on her extended paws from some rapacious rival.

But now, when imperialist England has crushed and weakened all her rivals, when she has become the complete master of Europe and Asia, now her ruling capitalists will give way to all their wolfish appetites and without restraint, without shame, will sink their rapacious fangs and claws into the bleeding body of the peoples of the East.

English capital is cramped in Europe, it has grown, it lacks opportunity, and European workers, enlightened by revolutionary consciousness, likewise become bad slaves; already they refuse to work for nothing, they demand good wages, good food.

In order that capital may have elbow room, may produce a good profit, and may be able to throw a sop to the European workers to impede the growth of their revolutionary mood, in order that it may be able to bribe the top leaders of the working masses, English capital needs new lands and new workers – unprivileged and unenfranchised slaves.

And English capitalists have found these new lands in the Eastern countries, and the unprivileged and unenfranchised slave workers among the peoples of the East.

The English capitalists are trying to seize Turkey and Persia, Mesopotamia and Arabia, Afghanistan and Egypt, in order to take away the land from the peasants in these countries, by buying for a mere trifle all the plots of those who are ruined and deeply in debt; out of these plots they purchased they intend to create huge estates and plantations, and to drive the landless Eastern peasants onto them as farm hands and slaves.

In Turkey, Persia, and Mesopotamia they want, by means of cheap labor, with the unpaid hands of the hungry Turkish, Persian, and Arab poor, to construct factories and foundries, to build railroads, and to work the mines.

They want, by means of cheap production of factory products, to destroy native trades and millions of local craftsmen with whom the cities of the East are teeming, to throw them into the street, depriving them of work. By establishing huge firms, they want to ruin the small local merchants and to throw them likewise into the street, into the ranks of the proletariat who sell only their labor.

The English capitalists want to proletarianize in toto all the peoples of the East, to ruin the economy of all the peasants, of all the craftsmen, of all the merchants, and to drive them onto their plantations and into their factories, foundries, and mines, as starving slave laborers.

Thereafter, by back-bending labor, by starvation wages, they want to squeeze from these enslaved Eastern peoples both sweat and blood. And to turn this labor sweat, this peasant blood, into increased value, into profit, into pure gold, into hard cash.

This is the kind of future imperialist England has in store for the peoples of the East!

Imperialism ‘is not a pretty thing when one looks into it too much’ – Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1899)

England, with a population of barely forty millions, of which only one-fortieth constitutes a group of oppressors and exploiters, and the remaining 39 million belong to the oppressed and exploited workers and peasants, wants to dominate half the world, wants to hold in serfdom 800 million toilers living in the East.

One English bourgeois capitalist, who already compels 39 English workers to work for him, likewise wants to force 2,000 more workers and peasants from Persia, Turkey, Mesopotamia, India, and Egypt to work for him.

Two thousand and forty hungry and tortured people who enjoy none of the blessings of life, must toil all their lives for one do-nothing parasite – an English capitalist. One million such parasites and exploiters, English bankers and industrialists, want to reduce to serfdom 800 million proletarians of the East!

And it should be said that they know how to achieve their goal, they have neither shame, conscience, nor fear, they have nothing but savage greed and unlimited thirst for gain. Ruin, hunger, blood, torment, the sighs of 800 million people, mean nothing to them. All that counts is profit, all that counts is gain.

And, in pursuit of this profit and gain, the English imperialists have a tenacious grip on the throat of the peoples of the East, and prepare for them a dark future: complete ruin, eternal slavery, no rights, oppression, and unlimited exploitation.

That is what is in store for the peoples of the East, if the present English government retains its power, if imperialist England retains its strength and consolidates its domination over the countries of the East.

A pitiful handful of English bankers will devour hundreds of millions of peasants and workers of the East.

But this shall not happen!

Before the English capitalists, the rulers of imperialist England, rises the organized might of the peasants and workers of the peoples of the East, united under the red banner of the Communist International, under the red banner of the union of revolutionary workers, who have set as their goal the liberation of the entire world, of all mankind from any exploitation and any oppression.

The first Congress of the Peoples of the East throughout the whole world loudly proclaims to the capitalists who rule England: – This shall not happen!

You dogs shall not devour the peoples of the East, your pitiful handful of oppressors shall not reduce to eternal serfdom hundreds of millions of Eastern peasants and workers! You have grabbed too big a slice, you have bitten off more than you can chew, and it will choke you.

The peoples of the East have long stagnated in darkness and ignorance under the despotic yoke of their own rulers and tyrants, under the yoke of foreign conquerors and capitalists.

But the roar of the world carnage, the thunder of the Russian workers’ revolution, which has cast off from the eastern Russian people the century-old chains of capitalist serfdom, has awakened them, and now, aroused from the sleep of many centuries, they are rising.

They wake up and hear a call to a holy war, to a gazovat. This is our call!

This is the appeal of the first Congress of the Representatives of the Peoples of the East, united with the revolutionary proletariat of the West under the banner of the Communist International.

It is we – the representatives of the toiling masses of all the peoples of the East – India, Turkey, Persia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Kashgar, China, Indo-China, Japan, Korea, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Daghestan, North Caucasus, Arabia, Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Khiva, Bokhara, Turkestan, Fergan, Tamaria, Bashkiria, Kirghizia, etc., united in an unbreakable union among ourselves and with the revolutionary workers of the West – we summon our peoples to a holy war.

We say:

Peoples of the East! Many times you have heard from your governments the summons to a holy war, you marched under the green banner of the Prophet; but all these holy wars were deceitful and false, and served the interests of your selfish rulers; but you, peasants and workers, even after these wars remained in serfdom and destitution; you won the blessings of life for others, but you yourselves never enjoyed any of them.

Now we summon you to the first genuine holy war under the red banner of the Communist International.

We summon you to a holy war for your own welfare, for your freedom, for your life.

England, the last mighty imperialist robber remaining in Europe, spreads over the Muslim countries of the East her black wings, trying to reduce the peoples of the East to her slaves and her prey.

Slavery, appalling slavery, ruination, oppression, and exploitation, she brings to the peoples of the East. Save yourselves, then, peoples of the East!

Rise, then, for the struggle against this plunderer!

Rise, all of you, as one man, for a holy war against the English conquerors!

Arise, Indian, exhausted by starvation and heavy slave labor!

Arise, Anatolian peasant, crushed by taxes and usurers!

Arise, Persian rayah, choked by the mulkadar!

Arise Armenian toiler, driven into the barren mountains!

Arise, Arabs and Afghans, lost in the sandy deserts and cut off by the English from the entire world!

Arise, all of you, for the struggle against the common enemy – imperialist England!

High waves the red banner of the holy war!

This is a holy war for the liberation of the peoples of the East, so that mankind shall no longer be divided into oppressors and oppressed, for the complete equality of all peoples and tribes, irrespective of the language they speak, irrespective of the color of their skin, no matter what religion they confess!

A holy war to put an end to the division of countries into progressive and backward, dependent and independent, mother countries and colonies!

A holy war for the liberation of all mankind from the yoke of capitalist and imperialist slavery, for the elimination of any oppression of people by people and any exploitation of man by man!

A holy war against the last citadel of capitalism and imperialism in Europe, against the nest of robbers on sea and land, against the eternal oppressor of all the peoples of the East, against imperialist England!

A holy war for the freedom, independence, and happiness of all the peoples of the East, all the millions of peasants and workers enslaved by England!

Peoples of the East! In this holy war, all the revolutionary workers and all the oppressed peasants of the West will be with you. They will help you. They will fight and die with you.

It is the first Congress of the Representatives of the Peoples of the East that speaks to you.

Long live the union of all the peasants and workers of the East and the West, the union of all the toilers, of all the oppressed and exploited!

Long live its militant staff – the Communist International!

May the holy war of the Peoples of the East and the toilers of the whole world burn with unquenchable fire against imperialist England!

Honorary Members of the Presidium

Radek (Russia), Bela-Kun (Hungary), Rosmer (France), Quelch (England), Reed (America), Steinhart-Gruber (Austria), Janson (Holland), Shablin (Balkan Federation), Yoshiharo (Japan). Zinoviev, Chairman of the Congress

Members of the Presidium

Ryskulov, Abdurashidov, Karriev (Turkestan), Mustala, Subhi (Turkey), Van (China), Karid (Lidisi), Mulabekdzhan, Rakhmanov (Khiva), Mukhamedov (Bokhara), Korkmasov (Daghestan), Digurov (Terek Region), Aliev (Northern Caucasus), Kostanyan (Armenia), Narimanov (Azerbaijan), Yenikeyev (Tatar Republic), Amur-Sanan (Kalmyk Republic), Makharadze (Georgia), Haidar Khan (Persia), Aga-Zade (Afghanistan), Narbutabekov (Tashkent), Makhmudov (Fergan), Takhsim-Baarri, Khaavis-Mahomed (Anatolia), Kuleyev (Transcaspia), Niyas-Kuli (Turkmenia), Kari-Tadzhi (Samarkand), Nazyr-Sedyki (India), Sidadzhedin, Kardash-Ogly (Daghestan), Yelchiev, Musayev (Azerbaijan), Azim (Afghanistan), Abdulayev (Khiva).

Ostrovsky, Secretary of the Congress

Black leaders Proclaim Forbidden Truths about Israeli and Talmudic Lies

Farrakhan insisted that “Israel and AIPAC pays off senators and congressmen to do their bidding, so [Omar is] not lying. So if you’re not lying, stop laying down. You were sent there by the people to shake up that corrupt House. Shake it up!”

Farrakhan also claims that contemporary Jews are responsible for promoting child molestation, misogyny, police brutality and sexual assault, among other social ills. In addition, he asserted that contemporary Judaism is nothing but a “system of tricks and lies” which Jews study in order to learn how to “dominate” non-Jews.

He also said that “the false Jew will lead you to filth and indecency. That’s who runs show business. That’s who runs the record industry. That’s who runs television.” Farrakhan alleged that Jews often force aspiring actors to submit to anal sex.

Jewish academic Dr Nathan Abrams: “Though Jews make up only 2 percent of the American population, they dominate porn.”

Jewish academic Dr Nathan Abrams:“Though Jews make up only 2 percent of the American population, they dominate porn.

“Do you know that many of us who go to Hollywood seeking a chance have to submit to anal sex and all kind [sic] of debauchery [before] they give you a little part?” he asked. “It’s called the casting couch. See, that’s Jewish power.”

He used disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is Jewish, as proof of his allegations.

Farrakhan also said that President Barack Obama was “under Jewish influence” when he advocated for the legalization of same-sex marriage. Marriage equality, Farrakhan informed his audience, is “Satanic.”

Now here’s Mr. Putman. In the 1960s, this movie was screened at YMCAs, Catholic groups, American Legions, and Elk Lodges, trying to spread the anti-pornography message to as many people as they could. 

A reporter named George Putnam narrates this half-hour-long educational film on pornography. He is blaming “the masters of deceit” and warns that it is satanic big business. Well, everyone knows who the “master of deceit.”

Perversion for Profit

“This moral decay weakens our resistance to the onslaught of the masters of deceit.”

Who are the richest and most successful entrepreneurs of the $100 billion year porn industry?  The peddlers of pornography belong to all races, but one race above all stands out as preeminent in this field. 

Selling sex, like slave trafficking and money-lending, has always been a Jewish specialty.

Example: In the spring of 2002, the Israeli military had the Palestinian town of Ramallah under siege.  The IDF had captured three of the four Palestinian television stations. 

While in control of these media outlets, the Israeli military implemented a very disturbing plan: they began broadcasting pornographic movies to the Palestinian households. 

For those who are familiar with the tactics frequently used by Israel against the Palestinian people, such a thing will come as no surprise.

They also take over Palestinian sites routinely and replace it with pornography (I’m a witness). It’s their first tactic they think of to shock and disgust.  These Zionists use pornography as a weapon for non-Zionists, and for fun because they are sick, and they can.

Who has labeled this Video ‘hysterical? Who would do that? Someone who obviously profits from porn!

Rep. Ilhan Omar Wanted To Discuss Palestine. Here’s What’s Happened There Since.

In the case of alleged knife attacks, the “attackers” are almost always facing a large number of armed IDF, and are a good distance away. If the “attacker” DID brandish a knife they could be shot AT and not harmed, especially not killed dead.  The females are always petite and could just be pushed away or dodged. But..dead men tell no tales.

The part of ‘s comments we didn’t discuss was the part about a decades-long [since the suspicious Jewish holocaust in Europe] human rights crisis. As Congress fixated on her, a 15-year-old Palestinian died after being shot in the head by Israeli soldiers & scores of daily injustices continued.

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) 03/08/2019  — The Israeli authorities returned the body of killed Palestinian 15-year-old Samah Mubarak to her family, on Friday evening, outside of Israel’s Ofer detention center in Beituniya west of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank

The video is edited such that it does not show what happened in the seconds prior to the altercation and shooting.

Attempted stabbing attack in JLM: A 16 year old attacker, a resident of the West Bank, arrived at the az-Za’ayyem checkpoint and attempted to stab the security personnel with a knife. Quick response by the forces managed to neutralize her

— Israel Police (@israelpolice) January 30, 2019

Israel has long had “cemeteries for the enemy dead,” also referred to as “cemeteries of numbers,” where Palestinians who died during attacks on Israelis are held in nameless graves marked by numbers. Israel dramatically increased its policy of withholding bodies since the beginning of a wave of unrest across the occupied Palestinian territory in October 2015, although it has scaled back on the policy in recent months.

A joint statement released in 2016 by Addameer and the Israeli minority rights group Adalah condemned Israel’s practice of withholding bodies as “a severe violation of international humanitarian law as well as international human rights law, including violations of the right to dignity, freedom of religion, and the right to practice culture.”
Israeli forces had shot and killed Mubarak, on January 30th, at the al-Zaayim checkpoint, on a road that leads to the entrance of the illegal Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, east of occupied Jerusalem.

Israel has held Mubarak’s body since the shooting, accusing her of wielding a knife in an attempt to carry out a stabbing attack against heavily armed Israeli soldiers deployed at the checkpoint. Mubarak is from the Qaddura refugee camp in central Ramallah.

Below photo:

Just two weeks ago an Israeli soldier cocked his gun & shot 21-year-old Palestinian Abed al-Fatah al-Sharif in the head when he had already been shot & was lying on the ground incapacitated. The Israeli occupying army alleges he stabbed an Israeli soldier but that can be dismissed with no further ado as propaganda to justify summary execution.

Photos like this–where unarmed Palestinians are surrounded by Gestapo-like military force ready to execute on the spot–show exactly what Palestinian Intifada is up against. Now we know exactly what kind of political pressure must be mobilized in defense of Intifada.

Palestinian at Beit Hanoun checkpoint (Abed Al Hashlamoun:EPA) Apr 4 2016

Occupied life goes on, business as usual: an Israeli shutdown of water supplies for 2,600 Palestinians, per Maan, and the nighttime clash on the Gaza border that killed Zaied. The military ― which receives more than $3 billion in U.S. aid per year ― then launched airstrikes into Gaza, one of the poorest areas in the world on pretext of launched weaponized balloons launch of armed balloons and a rocket into Israel.

Palestinian mourners carry the body of Samah Mubarak, aged 16, during her funeral in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank on March 9, 2019, after the Israeli army handed over the corpse of the girl.

‘Witnesses are so important’

The shooting happened just outside the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) home in Tel Rumeida, where volunteers said they saw whole incident.

Moments after, one of the volunteers Tweeted: “I saw everything. I saw soldiers loading the guns. He had his arms up and was shaking, he was unarmed and they just shot him.”

Two activists who live at the home told MEE that the volunteers at ISM strongly believe that the stabbing attack was fabricated.

One of the volunteers, who asked to remain anonymous, said that while she didn’t see the shooting herself, as she was ducking on the ground next to the window with a few others, she trusted the eyewitness accounts of her friends and fellow volunteers who stood, watching the whole thing.

“We know what has been happening lately, and that there have been a lot of important details left out, so we know witnesses are so important,” she said, adding that in most cases in which witnesses were able to film or photograph an incident, they were able to discredit some if not all of the entire Israeli account.

The Ugly Americans

Rich white girl scared of hijabi black girl for saying the truth about US empire. It’s a tale as old as time.

Zionists have Americans hypnotized!

Another opinion: “It’s Christian politics, not AIPAC money, that explains American support for Israel..”

The McCains are 100% uninteresting to me, but this was funny. Meghan McCain: “What Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me, and it’s very scary to a lot of people. Scary scary scary. All around the world scary.”
And who’s the twit in the awful blue polka dot dress…not that I care, but she was really stupid.

Behar is spreading her phyop disinformation by describing Israel as a tiny sliver of a country so why is everybody picking on little Israel? Underlying translation: Israel deserves unqualified support [because it is weak and surrounded by enemies; it is a democracy; the Jewish people have suffered from past crimes and therefore deserve special treatment; and Israel’s conduct has been morally superior to that of its adversaries.] She says all that it in just a few words.

All the devotees jumped to Israel’s defense as if they were mass hypnotized.

It was manufactured outrage, with political leaders from both parties latching on to a media frenzy to score points against each other. Even though it is perfectly legitimate for a Congresswoman on the Foreign Affairs Committee to challenge what AIPAC does and where its money comes from, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi complained that Omar’s “use of anti-Semitic anti-Semitic-anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s Israel Israel Israel supporters” was “deeply offensive.”

Chelsea Clinton accused Omar of “trafficking in anti-Semitism anti-Semitism anti-Semitism.” President Donald Trump, who has admitted that his Mideast policy is intended to serve Israeli Israel Israel Israel rather than U.S. interests, also jumped in, saying “I think she should either resign from congress or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”

AIPAC allies should stop hiding behind Jews

Years ago, when Wolf Blitzer was an AIPAC employee and we appeared together on a panel discussion, he literally shouted at me that, as Americans, AIPAC members had the right to lobby Congress. My response then was the same as it is now: when lobbying is being done for a foreign government, as AIPAC does, it’s wrong.”  ~Sam Husseini


As a virtual lynch mob moves to chastise Rep. Ilhan Omar over her recent remarks around Israel, the new congresswoman basically has three options before her: (1) Fold; (2) Continue the back and forth of the last several weeks or (3) Get more specific and expand the public critique.

The current back and forth may be alluring for Rep. Omar. It keeps her the center of much attention, but I fear it will likely presage little positive change in U.S. policy or increase the prospects for a just peace in the Middle East. It feels to me rather like how Yasser Arafat acted on occasion, a sort of longterm game of crit and retreat that might make for a thrilling, star-studded career, but ends up amounting to surprisingly little.

Get Specific, Expand the Critique: It pays to recall this is hardly the first go around with someone trying to stand up to AIPAC. The Israel lobby has targeted numerous representatives before, most obviously Reps. Pete McCloskey, Cynthia McKinney and Earl Hilliard. Also, as even the New York Timesrecently recalled in a piece about AIPAC now targeting Rep. Omar and other freshmen, it went after Republican Sen. Charles Percy and Rep. Paul Findley, who literally wrote the book They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby.

Former Senator James Abourezk, possibly the most radical senator of the post-World War II era wrote in 2011: “Years ago, when Wolf Blitzer was an AIPAC employee and we appeared together on a panel discussion, he literally shouted at me that, as Americans, AIPAC members had the right to lobby Congress. My response then was the same as it is now: when lobbying is being done for a foreign government, as AIPAC does, it’s wrong.”

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists hosted a live international news conference in Washington DC, to announce the 2019 time of the Doomsday Clock. “Israel’s weapons must be included.” Just a few words on Israel and nuclear weapons.

Grant Smith, author of Big Israel, has tracked the history of how AIPAC avoided the law. He writes that In 1962, AIPAC, which actually began as a project of the American Zionist Council, “was ordered to register as an Israeli foreign agent. The Justice Department kept this fact secret until 2010. It has never tried to enforce the order.” Imagine how much more quickly the U.S. Jewish community could have found its own voice rather than be pigeonholed regarding Israel if the law was enforced.

Much of Rep. Omar’s comments to date have been about herself, about her relationship to Jews and Jewish constituents. What they have been insufficiently about is actual Israeli and U.S. government policy towards the Palestinians and others.

For example, talking about U.S. policy being literally “all about the benjamins” is highly dubious. Money is certainly a needed ingredient, but the U.S. government’s backing of Israel more than anything has to do with geopolitics, most obviously Israel effectively crushing Arab nationalism in 1967, preventing the development of the region along lines remotely responsive to the people of the region.

Rep. Omar can highlight such critical aspects. Some are timely: The recent UN report on Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

Some are long crying out for public discussion: The U.S. government refuses to acknowledge — as a matter of policy — that Israel has nuclear weapons. I know, I’ve asked numerous politicos about this. In 2011, when Mike Pence was on the House Foreign Affairs Committee — the same committee Rep. Omar is on now (and what AIPAC is quite clearly aiming to get her off of) — his response was nearly comical. If you haven’t, see for yourself (video). But of course Pence wasn’t laughed out of Washington, D.C. or widely derided — he attained the vice presidency.

With Rep. Omar being the center of much attention just now, her highlighting Israeli criminality and nuclear threats to humanity itself could have an immeasurable positive effect. Recall that when George Galloway was at the center of enormous attacks over the alleged “oil for food” scandal in 2005, he turned the tables and derided Sen. Norm Coleman and the entire political class over the Iraq invasion being based on a “pack of lies” to great effect; Coleman would go on to lose his Senate seat. See video.

Some, including Rep. Omar, ask why people can freely talk about the influence of the NRA and not AIPAC — and it’s a good question, but also ironic: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment, has argued focusing just on the role of the NRA distracts from the settler colonial origins of the Second Amendment.

Indeed, perhaps the most potentially profound of Omar’s recent tweets are ones like this:

“I am told every day that I am anti-American if I am not pro-Israel. I find that to be problematic and I am not alone. I just happen to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks.”

This all depends on how you define the U.S. and how you define Israel. I increasingly don’t see countries. I see forces. And what many mean when they talk about a “special relationship” between the U.S. and Israel — whether they acknowledged it or not — is the settler colonial pattern they have both followed.

The origins of this connection is examined by Rev. Michael Prior, in an essay titled “The Right to Expel: The Bible and Ethnic Cleansing” for the book Palestinian Refugees: The Right of Return: “The term ‘ethnic cleansing’ itself, I suggest, is related to a conflation of the biblical notions of ‘unclean’/profane’ with the command to ‘drive out’ the inhabitants of Canaan (Exodus 23-24; Numbers 33; Deuteronomy 33 and Joshua), because, according to the biblical legend, they had defiled themselves by their evil practices (Leviticus 18:24). Uniquely in ancient literature, the biblical legend projects the extermination of the defiled indigenes as a divine mandate. With the authority of its religious provenance that value system has been incorporated into European imperialist ideologies, ‘legitimizing’ the destruction or displacement of indigenous peoples.”

That is, the most gruesome part of the Old Testament was used as justification for settlers in what would become the U.S., killing and robbing the native inhabitants. And the same mentality is now used once again in the land of Canaan. At a very high standard, Rep. Omar cannot claim that she is free from anti-Israel bias if she singles out Israel’s settler colonialism but engages in mythology regarding the U.S.’s settler colonialism and continued imperial politics. This includes a worldwide system of bases, divide-and-rule practices in the Middle East and elsewhere, a renewed explicit commitment to the Monroe Doctrine now targeting Venezuela to mention a few.

She did confront some of this when recently questioning U.S. envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams, a criminal abettor of genocide. She questioned Abrams far more strongly than any of the other congressional representatives, but when he claimed the U.S. government wanted democracy, she extraordinarily agreed.

The criminal rot of imperial policies that is highlighted by the U.S.-Israeli “special relationship” rests on lies and ridiculous absurdities and is therefore vulnerable, but it runs deep and it will take a very determined critique to dislodge. Many are now saying #StandWithIlhan, but a huge question is how firmly she will stand.

Should members of the US Congress take edcational trip to Palestine Prison?

The intense behind-the-scenes support of unpopular anti-BDS measures have put some Israel advocacy organizations under an uncomfortable spotlight. People vs Congress.

 Irmep Poll : When asked, 41.2% of American adults recently polled said members making visits to Israel should also visit “territories where Palestinians expelled during Israel’s creation. 

Question: Should members of the US Congress taking educational trips to Israel also visit the territories where Palestinians expelled during Israel’s creation? (Who would say no?)

Poll: 75% of Americans Oppose Outlawing Boycotts of Israel

Some Fighting Back Over Freedom of Speech

New legislation passed in the Senate seeks to legalize the right of individual state governments to force American companies to certify they won’t engage in economic boycotts of Israel as a condition for receiving government contracts.

The “Combating BDS Act of 2019” is embedded as Title IV within the ‘‘Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019’’ (S.1). If signed into law, S.1 would allow states to withhold government funding from entities unwilling to certify they will not boycott Israel. Most existing state anti-BDS measures require pledge forms that contractors must sign as a condition for winning or renewing contracts

But only 22.5% of American adults favor anti-boycott measures. A new representative IRmep poll conducted through Google Surveys finds that 74.9% of Americans oppose forcing government contractors to forswear boycotts.

Question: Should Congress force American businesses seeking government contracts to first sign a pledge that they won’t boycott Israel for its human rights record and military occupation?

Source: IRmep representative poll of 1,000 American adults through Google Surveyson February 5-9 with a root mean square of 5.1%.

Late in 2018, Senator Ben Cardin, a leading recipient of Israel lobby campaign contributions, attempted to include the Israel Anti-Boycott Act in must-pass spending legislation. The effort was stymied by the government shutdown.

In 2017 Cardin co-sponsored legislation seeking to amend a swath of U.S. lawsto outlaw boycotts of Israel. That earlier “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” legislation was also broadly unpopular. 69% of Americans opposed its harsh individual penalties which could have fined Americans up to $1 million or jailed them for up to 20 years. The earlier version also clumsily inserted Israel into laws authorizing US national and economic emergency response.

At least 25 states – many quietly lobbied by local Israel advocacy organizations – have now passed their own laws or started enforcing gubernatorial executive orders prohibiting the flow of state contracts to any business unwilling to sign pledges not to boycott Israel. They also ban compliant contractors from transferring state funding on to subcontractors unwilling to sign such pledges. But some are beginning to fight for their right to boycott as speech protected by the 1st Amendment.

Esther Koontz prevailed in a freedom of speech lawsuit against the state of Kansas which attempted to insert an anti-boycott pledge into her contract to train math teachers. Bahia Amawi sued the state of Texas after refusing to sign an anti-boycott waiver and then losing her contract as a speech pathologist. IT contractor and former Maryland state representative Saqib Ali in January sued over lost business opportunities state of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Attorney General Brian Frosh under Hogan’s anti-BDS executive order over.

Not all such 1st Amendment lawsuits have prevailed. In January, Arkansas Judge Brian Miller dismissed a case filed by the Arkansas Times challenging the state’s anti-BDS law after the newspaper refused to sign waivers as a condition to receive state-funded university ads.

Acknowledging his ruling diverged from federal precedents, the presiding judge found that boycotts are not, in fact, protected by the First Amendment. The Arkansas legislature – which like other state bodies and the Congress is under constant pressure of local and national Israel advocacy organizations – was poised during the lawsuit to undertake modifications to its law until something unchallengeable in court finally emerged.

However, their intense behind-the-scenes support of unpopular anti-BDS measures have put some Israel advocacy organizations under an uncomfortable spotlight. The office of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam released under state sunshine laws in 2018 hundreds of pages of records detailing the questionable activities of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board.

VIAB is an opaque taxpayer-funded state entity launched in 1996 that works independently of the commonwealth’s economic development board to secure lucrative opportunities for Israeli businesses. In 2016-2018 VIAB executed a complex reconstitution to hire a new anti-BDS director from Israel – by diluting the governor’s right to influence VIAB’s leadership appointments. A broad coalition of state human rights organizations – the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights – is now calling for a cutoff in all funding to VIAB and an audit of its activities.

In addition to anti-boycott measures S.1 also includes loan guarantees and Israeli access to prepositioned stockpiles of US weapons Israel can use in the event of regional conflict. S.1 augments Israeli access to US space technology, missile defense and anti-UAV support. The measure also expresses opposition to US withdrawals from Syria which the Israeli government strongly opposes.

Poll methodology and information about RMSE as a sampling error benchmark, raw data and demographic filters are available from Google.

Che Guevara’s criticism against the United States

Che Guevara’s visit to Gaza in 1959 was the first sign of transforming the Zionist colonization of Palestine from a regional conflict to a global struggle against colonialism. I would think there is no doubt the Zionists were in on it. CIA and MOSSAD don’t do one thing without the other. Obviously the Jewish mob was profiting as mush as the US.

The Jewish mob produced heroine in Cuba and sold it in the USA, imported cocaine from the USA and sold in Cuba, run gambling casinos in Havana, prostitution naturally, but were also involved in much of legal Cuban business. It was not only Lansky’s Mafia family, but there were the bankers and the CIA, Dulles and the United Fruit co. The American Secretary of State John Foster Dulles was an avowed opponent of Communism (not really communism, just nationalizing resources)  whose law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell[10] had represented United Fruit. His brother Allen Dulles was the director of the CIA, and was a board member of United Fruit. 

It is Che Guevara’s criticism against the United States that still resonates today as protests against systemic police brutality spread across the country and even in other parts of the world:

“Those who kill their own children and discriminate daily against them because of the color of their skin; those who let the murderers of blacks remain free, protecting them, and furthermore punishing the black population because they demand their legitimate rights as free men — how can those who do this consider themselves guardians of freedom?

We understand that today the Assembly is not in a position to ask for explanations of these acts. It must be clearly established, however, that the government of the United States is not the champion of freedom, but rather the perpetrator of exploitation and oppression against the peoples of the world and against a large part of its own population.”

Countries targeted by US imperialism must turn to Russia as an ally.

Bay of pigs and cuban missile crisis

Israeli families “attacked” by Arabs after “entering” Arab “new home” in Old City of Jerusalem

By Israel fake world News

“Two Israeli families “entered” a house “purchase”‘ from an Arab on Ma’alot Ha-Prachim Street in the Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City, on Tuesday. Shortly after they “entered” the home, situated near Herod’s Gate, dozens of Arabs surrounded the house and attempted to break into it. They threw rocks and rioted.”

MORE! ‘Because she was a Jew’: Teen’s killer indicted for murder:When Arab saw Jew girl  he said in Arabic, “I am an Arab.”  (lol) After he saw that she didn’t understand him, he decided to rape and kill her. They say he stabbed girl three times with the knife he had brought with him. The ‘ol knife mantra.  Israel destroyed his home as they do with all alledged “terrorists”. Cui bono? one more space for Israel, headlines to keep Israeli citizens frightened of Arabs. Ha! What a story.

Israel inverts truth for it’s tribe of termites. Can’t believe one word they say.

When a Palestinian boy loses half of his home to Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem, he joins his community in a campaign of nonviolent protests. Efforts to put a quick end to the demonstrations are foiled when scores of Israelis choose to stand by the residents’ side.

Glass shatters in the pre-dawn darkness as uniformed men break into people’s homes, shouting “Get out! Hurry! Get out!” Old women and children are pushed and shoved; mothers weep as they comfort their children. “In blood and fire,” shout men in religious garb, smiles on their faces, “we’ll kick the Arabs out!” Watch the full film here.

Palestinian Peace Activists Verboden to Enter Into Zio-US

It’s not safe to identify publicy as a Palestinian and those young Arabs who come here for school are told so by their parents. I was recently sitting amongst a group of Palestinas who were discussing between themselves how they never say they are Palestinians or come from Palestine. This is in the US. They know that Israel is everywhere and they will be red flagged. They have to hide by not identifying as such! Not allowed to speak of it!

The Zionists have carried on the Nazi model. I don’t believe they have ‘copied it’ I believe they invented it!

Iliwat said that while the Israeli members of Combatants for Peace have no problem entering the country for speaking tours, Palestinian members of the organization have repeatedly encountered issues. One member was turned back at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul on her way to New York after American officials claimed she did not have the proper paperwork to enter the country. Bassam Arameen, one of the co-founders of Combatants for Peace, who had traveled to the United States multiple times in the past, had his visa application rejected. The same thing happened to both Ahmad Hilu and Nour Shehadeh, two Palestinian members who were invited to participate in a speaking tour in the U.S.*

There ARE Palestinian Jews



And there ARE Palestinian Christians.

Palestinian activist Ghada Karmi, who says: “We knew they were different from ‘our Jews,’ I am talking about the Arab Jews. We saw them as foreigners who came from Europe more than as Jews.” The Jews particulary regarded the European Jews as criminals.

“Anyone who believes in the Torah of Moses should keep very far from the Zionists and Mizrachists. He should avoid eating and drinking together with them. It would really be proper to expel them from the Jewish people, as our forefathers did to the Sadducees and the Karaites. Every person should guard his soul and avoid intermarriage with them. They have sent heretics and rebels to the Holy Land to anger G-d in His palace. It is especially important to keep away from them in our country, where all the greatest rabbis have unanimously forbade joining them. One should not debate with them, but rather keep as far as possible from them.” (Avos Al Banim, introduction p. 24)

“We must protest will all our might against the Zionist leadership and its accursed political dealings, which brings the hatred of the nations upon the poor remnant of Jews, has brought and continues to bring bloodshed upon the Jewish people, and brings a fearful danger upon all the Jews in the Holy Land, as well as a good part of the Jewish people who live in Arab lands. They themselves can confirm this.” (Mishkenos Haro‟im p. 915)

The Palestinian peace activist

A Palestinian peace activist was denied entry to the United States last week after being extensively questioned by American border authorities about his political affiliations and about the funders and leadership of the group for which he works. Iliwat was supposed to join a Jewish-American member of the organization for a speaking tour in synagogues, churches, and university campuses across the United States.

    • Osama Iliwat, a 42-year-old from Jericho, in the West Bank, had a valid visa for the United States and had been admitted into the country on numerous occasions before last week.

Iliwat, a former Palestinian Authority police officer who grew disillusioned with the violence of the Second Intifada, joined Combatants for Peace in 2014 as its Jericho-Jerusalem coordinator. Today, he serves as one of the organization’s public speakers, delivering talks to Israelis, Palestinians, and international audiences on nonviolence as a path toward reconciliation. He has never been convicted of a crime and Israel even gave him a general entry permit that allows him to cross into the country whenever he wants.

During his interrogation at New York’s JFK airport, Iliwat was repeatedly asked about Combatants for Peace and about his political affiliations. In a telephone interview with +972 upon returning to the West Bank, Iliwat said that interrogators focused most of their questions on the organization’s activities, asking for information about the its founders, their political beliefs and affiliations, how often Iliwat speaks to them, and whether they have spent time in Israeli prison. Iliwat said the interrogators also asked him about the West Bank tours Combatants for Peace organizes, and which Palestinian political movement he supports.

Palestinian peace activist Osama Iliwat (left) seen in the village of Jeb al-Deeb, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank. (Courtesy of Combatants for Peace)

Palestinian peace activist Osama Iliwat (right) seen in the village of Jeb al-Deeb, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank. (Tatiana Gitlits/Combatants for Peace)

Combatants for Peace was formed in 2006 as an organization founded by both former Israeli soldiers and Palestinian armed fighters committed to nonviolent action against the “Israeli occupation and all forms of violence.” The group leads tours of the West Bank, supports various communities in the West Bank who face violence from settlers and the Israeli army, and has put on an alternative memorial day event for the past 11 years. While the former Israeli soldiers in Combatants for Peace served in an army that receives support from the U.S. government, Palestinian combatants are often seen as former terrorists by both Israel and the United States.

After 12 hours of interrogation, during which his phone was taken away multiple times, the agents asked him to sign a statement confirming the answers he had given them, and that he understood he was being denied entry to the country. Nobody ever told him why, he said.

The border agents then put a red stamp in his passport, annulling his three-year visa to the U.S., and brought him in handcuffs to the plane which took him back to Doha.

“Some of the people in the organization were part of the armed struggle a long time ago — some even sat in prison,” he continued. “But former Israel soldiers are allowed to enter, while Palestinians have problems. I don’t think it’s against me, it’s against the work I am doing and against the organization itself. They’re not interested in us speaking about peace.”

Iliwat said that while the Israeli members of Combatants for Peace have no problem entering the country for speaking tours, Palestinian members of the organization have repeatedly encountered issues. One member was turned back at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul on her way to New York after American officials claimed she did not have the proper paperwork to enter the country. Bassam Arameen, one of the co-founders of Combatants for Peace, who had traveled to the United States multiple times in the past, had his visa application rejected. The same thing happened to both Ahmad Hilu and Nour Shehadeh, two Palestinian members who were invited to participate in a speaking tour in the U.S.

The executive director of American Friends of Combatants for Peace, Beth Schuman, with whom Iliwat was supposed to tour, told +972 that the organization was deeply disappointed he was not able to join. The decision to bar him entry highlights the reality that some voices are welcome in the country while others are not, she added. “We have brought Osama’s voice into every program — all the synagogues, churches, and universities that we were scheduled to speak in.

“I am wondering how the U.S. consulate give me a visa for three years, and I can enter the country four times, and still have my visa cancelled,” said Iliwat. “Why should I be questioned for 12 hours, kept without food for hours and handcuffed? They spent the entire day working on my case – am I really that important that they should devote an entire day to me?”

Israel Says US TSA Is Like A Walk On Sesame Street

“They do it like less than amateurs, they don’t hire the right people and they don’t train them well.”

A Transportation Security Administration officer who was shot and killed at Los Angeles International Airport was remembered Tuesday as a dedicated worker who greeted travelers and co-workers with a “warm smile.”

After the Zionist coup de tat of 9/11/2001, expansive homeland security was created and the TSA program in US  is to be modeled after El Al’s (Isreal) security techniques.
Yeffet says El Al hires former military personnel and others with security experience, trains them on the job for three weeks with experienced security personnel, and “then we test them.” But USA hire “amatures” who smile and are courteous. Agents should all be trained in Israel because we are born to kill.

Belgium Takes Tips from Israel to Step up Brussels Airport

Belgium Takes Tips from Israel to Step up Brussels Airport. Now we’re talking.

Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport [ 1948 Lydda Airport was captured by Zionist terrorists and renamed Lod International Airport. In 1974 the airport was renamed Ben Gurion International Airport]  near Tel Aviv is infamous amongst travellers for being seriously heavy with security. Horror stories of innocent travellers being detained for hours, missing flights and intrusive luggage checks are the norm, and the average traveller is often paranoid about strip searches and heavy interrogations.

A former security director for Israeli state airline El Al  says the manner in which the United States’ Transportation and Security Administration carries out behavior-detection activities at U.S. airports is “worthless.” This criticism comes on the heels of a Government Accountability Office study that found that such behavioral techniques as practiced by the TSA were little better than “chance” in rooting out terrorists.

Isaac Yeffet, a security consultant who served as security director of El Al from 1977 to 1984 and later was deputy director of security operations for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, tells Skift he is a strong proponent of behavior detection, but faults how the TSA is implementing it.

“They do it like less than amateurs, Yeffet says. “They don’t hire the right people and they don’t train them well.”

Yeffet says the TSA’s behavior detection officers spend four days in a classroom instead of lengthier instruction and being tested in the field, and that the TSA should be hiring former detectives and people with high-qualifty security experience to fill these roles.

The GAO cited a study that it reviewed that found that there was little difference in performance between former law enforcement personnel and those without such experience in detecting threats by behavioral means.

The TSA’s plainclothes behavior detection officers are schooled on looking for 94 indicators of deception, fear and stress as they wander around U.S. airports.

“Just to take guys and spend $200 million and to put them in a classroom” is inadequate, Yeffet says.

The TSA program in its rough outlines is modeled after El Al’s security techniques.

Yeffet says El Al hires former military personnel and others with security experience, trains them on the job for three weeks with experienced security personnel, and “then we test them.”

“We give them test after test, and there’s no mercy,” Yeffet says. “You fail the test, you go home. I don’t care who it is.”

“If you don’t know how to treat anyone in a test, it means you don’t know how to treat a man in real time,” he says, adding that hundreds of passengers’ lives could be at stake.

Lockerbie ….Dec 1988Mossad blew up Pan AM 103 and blamed it on Libya. Unfortunately, the plane was late and blew up overland, and all the evidence pointed towards Israel. Israel’s goal was to demonize the Muslims, and lay the groundwork for 9/11.

Yeffet says if the TSA behavior detection officers fail a test, in some cases they continue to work and can take the test again.

Hiring qualified people, giving them proper training and testing are the keys to success, Yeffet says.

“We are not geniuses, believe me,” Yeffet says, referring to Israeli security. “We know what questions to ask. Simple questions.”

The GAO report (embedded below) called for the defunding of the SPOT (Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques) program, and yesterday TSA administrator John Pistole defended it, saying cutting off funding would be a mistake.

Yeffet says Congress shouldn’t eliminate the $200 million that goes to SPOT annually, but should hire qualified people to run the program.

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He scoffs at the notion that although behavioral detection techniques have proven a success in Israel, they don’t translate to a much larger U.S.

He said the basic procedures at U.S. and Israeli airports are similar.

When Yeffet was El Al’s security director, the behavioral detection techniques didn’t muck up operations.

“We didn’t cause one flight delay,” Yeffet says, adding that someone under suspicion wouldn’t board and the flight could proceed on time.

Yeffet argues that the U.S. should give behavioral detection another try, albeit with a revamped program.

Says Yeffet: “If you fail and see it is mission impossible, at least you tried and saw it doesn’t work.”