End to US-Zio Law of the Jungle

American defense planning of 21st century is based upon “America is the nation at war” doctrine intended to run outdated unipolar hegemony by hook and crook.

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China and Russia Sign Military Cooperation Roadmap


The U.S. led “Law of the Jungle” has created the series of endless wars and regional conflicts. More than 60 independent and sovereign states were destroyed directly and indirectly by Washington interference to usher the uni-centric World Order with Western allies in this 21st century. American defense planning of 21st century is based upon “America is the nation at war” doctrine intended to run outdated unipolar hegemony by hook and crook.

Therefore America has not only executed “law of the jungle” to run world affairs unilaterally  but now to save Washington power-centric hegemony, it is using third degree methods to keep control over world nations. But this hawkish rhetoric has fueled chaos all-around the world from Africa to Asia.

 America has involved in attempts to bring regime change in different countries around the globe to achieve its geopolitical objectives through color revolutions. While in many countries it has launched direct military option to install puppet regimes.

The situation in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan is the witnessed of it that how America assaulted unilaterally on these sovereign states to alter regional map.  Now it has trying to extend ground based strategic defense missile system from Europe to Asia with the construction of American defense system complex also known as European Interceptor Site (EIS) in Poland for Europe and the installation of THAAD on South Korean soil for Asia.

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This is Zionism

Bluntly speaking, the U.S. is attempting to breakdown of world peace by posing nuclear war threat with global missile program which is a direct threat to Eurasian superpowers Russia and China.  Although the US has projected this global missile system hosted by Poland and Korea for defense purposes but the fact is that this is a deliberately attempt to undermine or weaken Russia and China’s strategic nuclear deterrent.

Both countries agree that the deployment of such ground based American defense systems in Europe and Asia is simply sharp-cut venture to tear down the geostrategic balance of the power that guaranteed the safety of humanity from the major conflict, over past 71 years.

Now America on the name of defense is fueling aggression with the installation of ground based missile systems having ability to penetrate distance of up to 1000 Km and then further depends on the advancement of technology. This is a clear cut massage that America is going to violate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty negotiated by President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachov in 1987.

First time publicly Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin discussed briefly to secure the peace of world by adopting new global security model for multipolar world during the Chinese President’s recent state visit of Russia.  Both have not only opposed THAAD installation but declared it against the common security of the Asia-pacific.

Hence why both are filling the international leadership vacuum  with the construction of a multipolar world security framework and new mechanisms for international relations featuring win-win cooperation through  defeating the “law of the jungle” which was imposed by the US/NATO on the world.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his address to 70the session of UN General Assembly, already issued a loud warning in saying that the “law of the jungle” should not be the way for countries to conduct relations – warmongering will backfire.  Now both countries have rejected the shrill American call for global action to a global threat because both have already assembled world nations with their international and regional multipolar institutions.

Interlinking EEU and OBOR together with multipolar institutions 

Put simply, Russia and China have created a new window of opportunities for the world by zipping their respective dreams of “Grand Eurasia” and “Modernization of the Ancient Silk Road” together with multipolar international institutions. Therefore, they are shaping the future of the new world through extending and strengthening multipolar world institutions i.e. BRICS, SCO and AIIB as alternates to unipolar institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, NATO and ADB.

In fact the US’ global Hybrid War strategy against China’s Silk Road known as One Belt One Road (OBOR) and Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) brought China and Russia close together in establishing an alternative security system resisting the US/NATO-led Cold War mentality. Both Moscow and Beijing have promised to end-up the US dominance over seas and skies.

First time in history, Chinese naval ships participated in Russian hosted naval wargames from Baltic Sea to Mediterranean Sea while both have vowed to protect each other sovereignty from Black Sea to South China Sea. Hence why both are not only ready for an imminent war but they are also collaborating on different ways to minimize possible damage to the security of multipolar world.

Both Eurasian powers have joined hands to protect world as they are developing and proposing a substantive mechanism in Eurasia with multilateral institutions, which will include security issues, development of relations between the states, organization of the economy, social sphere, management system and search for new drivers of the growth.

For this purpose they are making institutional arrangements to interlink EEU and OBOR together intended to cover common economic space.  Russia, Kazakhstan and China have already framed trilateral mechanism to boost the process of interlinking Eurasian Economic Union with Belt Road Initiatives. Although it needs a lot of work and it will take a time but the process has begun to fill the room with mutual collaboration.  If it happens it would be a great geopolitical significance as the part of wide economic integration contour.

Despite this Russia and China are also shaping the new future of world by repelling the US led trade wars with their regional and global multilateral intuitions. As I wrote in one of my article about Eurasian Multilateral institutions that Russia and China have founded the one Eurasia’s powerful geo-strategic alliance, known as Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which considers the security guard of Eurasia while the West also views SCO as alternative to the NATO. Now with the submission of Pakistan and India, SCO has become more powerful than NATO by keeping four nuclear powers; Russia, China, India and Pakistan under one umbrella.

To minimize the monopoly of Western international institutions World Bank and IMF, Russia and China have formulated the powerful economic institution of the BRICS. The world fastest growing economies, Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa are the part of it. Like SCO, the BRICS is also on the expansion mode as China has proposed BRICS plus idea to align other world fastest growing economies with BRICS. Not sure but my calculation lead me that BRICS is the interested to collaborate individually and collectively with the NEXT 11 also known as N-11 emerging economies.

 Russia and China have already great strategic and economic influence on these rising economies of 21st century which includes Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, South Korea, and Vietnam. If Russia and China succeeds to work with these nations, then it will give positive geographical diversification covering Europe, Latin America, Africa, South-East Asia, and the Middle East. For this purpose, BRICS New Development Bank can invest on infrastructure projects in these countries to replace IMF and World Bank.  Beside this for the development in Asia, China has also established the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as alternate to Japan-led Asian Development Bank (ADB).

               Trade wars and New Multipolar Investment Regime System

Thirsty blood sanctions war against multipolar world countries; Russia, Iran, North Korea hinted that America is using existing international investment regime system dominated by WTO, IMF and WB as tool of trade war to destroy the economy geopolitical opponents.  Beside these countries, the US trade war against China has also become visible and there is an also a threat sooner or later sanctions would also be extended to the enormous economic power of China.

Being the architectures of multipolar world, China and Russia were aware of such bloody economic war, therefore they had already formulated an alternative mechanism of international trade and economic law through bypassing Washington controlled international economic institutions. They had already challenged the monopoly of dollar as international currency by establishing the international trade in national and local currencies with their alternative economic institutes. BRICS has given preference to national currencies while Russia and China are also working on de-dollarization by introducing petrogold instead of petrodollar.

Russia being the one of biggest oil and gas exporter has introduced alternative energy trade system to minimize petrodollar hegemony over the organization of petroleum exporting (OPEC) countries. In 1975 all of the OPEC nations had agreed to sell their oil in the US dollars in exchange for American weapons and military protection. Unfortunately this “oil for dollars” system created the artificial American dominance around the globe due to demand for the US dollars.

But with the passage of time, oil exporter countries realized that oil for dollars was a biggest global blunder because they were accepting worthless paper currency for their worthy oil. Russia raised a voice against this petrodollar system by introducing an ancient wisdom; trade in gold. Russia’s proposed Oil for Gold attracted many oil exporters. Today, Russia, Iran, Syria and Venezuela appeared as pressure group on OPEC. They have chosen their national currencies and gold for energy supply. Additionally, like other nations China and India as the biggest energy importers also given a preference to pay in their own currencies.

In fact Dollarization of world appeared immediately after the WW2 with aim to regulate war-torn international economic system by establishing the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD, later known as the World Bank), The International Monetary Fund and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT, later known as the World Trade Organization, or WTO). In all this institutional process, the US Dollar played a central role and these economic institutions introduced new fixed exchange rate regime with Dollar.

Hence why, all global currencies were pigged to the US Dollar.  But today, the de-dollarization trend has become very popular. This trend was accelerated by the common efforts of Moscow and Beijing as they formulated anti-dollar alliance. Russian President Putin was personally behind the establishment of anti-dollar alliance as in 2014, he sent the governor of the Russian Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina to Beijing for the establishment of a system of multilateral swaps.

Ruble-Yuan swap deal turned BRICS into anti-dollar alliance. Therefore now currency swaps between the BRICS central banks are facilitating trade financing while completely bypassing the dollar. This new alternative system will also act as a de facto replacement of the IMF, because it will allow the members of the alliance to direct resources to finance the weaker countries. In other words, Russia and China by using the potential of BRICS have got success to replace existing international investment regime system with new multipolar investment regime system.

Nuttyahoo: Israel is ‘shielding’ Europe from terrorism

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The Bologna railway station bombing (August 1980), the Israeli London Embassy bombing (July 1994), four trains detonated in Madrid (March 2004), four explosions in London (July 2005), the Heathrow Airport “terror plot” (August 2006), the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol crotch bomber (December 2009), the Oslo “Breivik” terror attack (July 2011), the London Drummer Lee Rigby (May 2013), the Ukraine MH17 shoot-down (July 2014), Charlie Hebdo (January 2015), Bataclan theater (November 2015), Brussels Airport (March 2016), Nice and Munich (July 2016).

The most important theme emerging is a pattern of activity revealing the State of Israel as by far the foremost practitioner of state-sponsored terrorism in the world today-followed by the U.S.-which conducts staged attacks to instill fear in the public to make citizens more amenable to manipulation in promoting the government’s political agenda. This has included restrictions on the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to endless wars of aggression in the Middle East, motivated by the orchestrated attacks of 9/11-for the benefit of Israel-by taking out the modern Arab states that constrained its domination of the region by creating “Greater Israel,” from the Tigris-Euphrates to the Nile.

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 11 November 2018  timesofisrael.com

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said Israel was “shielding” Europe from the spread of Islamist terrorism and the Continent should therefore be less “hostile” to the Jewish state, as world leaders gathered in France at an event marking 100 years since World War I.

“Israel is Europe’s shield in the Middle East [from terrorism], and without us it would spread and and many more people would push into Europe,” said Netanyahu at a press conference on the sidelines of the commemorations in Paris. “When we protect ourselves, we are also protecting Europe.”

The prime minister also suggested European leaders should “change their approach to us” as a result of this alleged protection.

Around 70 leaders, including the Russian and US leaders, traveled to the French capital to mark the centenary of the 1918 Armistice.

The comments came after Israel, in recent years, began to credit its intelligence-sharing with allied nations for helping thwart terror attacks in Europe.

Last month, Israeli officials said the Mossad intelligence service provided its Danish counterpart with information concerning an alleged plot by Tehran to assassinate three Iranian opposition figures living in the Scandinavian country.

In July, Hebrew media reports said Israel’s Mossad spy agency thwarted a terror attack in a Paris suburb a month earlier, giving authorities in France, Germany, and Belgium crucial intelligence that led to arrests of a cell headed by an Iranian diplomat.

In January, Netanyahu indicated that Israel has prevented hijacked airplanes from crashing into European cities.

“We have, through our intelligence services, provided information that has stopped several dozen major terrorist attacks, many of them in European countries,” he told foreign diplomats in Jerusalem.

“Some of these could have been mass attacks, of the worst kind that you have experienced on the soil of Europe and even worse, because they involve civil aviation. Israel has prevented that, and thereby helped save many European lives,” Netanyahu said, apparently referring to plane hijackings.

The prime minister in recent years has also stepped up his criticism of the European Union over its position on the Palestinians and the Iran nuclear deal. In July 2017, he was caught on a hot mic calling the 28-nation bloc’s policies on Israel “crazy.”

AIPAC ‘Happy’ Statement on Congressional Elections

There will be more Jewish lawmakers, more Jewish women and lots of pro-Israel Senators and members of the House of all shades; most of the overt ‘anti-Semites’ (non-Zionists) lost.

AIPAC applauds the election yesterday of a solidly pro-Israel Congress. At a time of intense partisan polarization, candidates from both parties overwhelmingly expressed their support for Israel’s security and her efforts to reach peace with all of her neighbors.

The 116th Congress will include many new members, as the American people elected over 90 new members of the House and Senate. Virtually all of the victors in this year’s election have issued position papers and statements reflecting their strong commitment to strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship. Support for the U.S.-Israel relationship on Capitol Hill is strong, and we are committed to continuing to work on a bipartisan basis with the 116th Congress to further galvanize support for the alliance.
We congratulate and welcome all who won election. We look forward to working with them to deepen the bonds between the United States and Israel.*

WASHINGTON (JTA)— The first-glance Jewish takeaway the day after the congressional midterms is that the number of Jewish lawmakers appears to have increased — in the US House of Representatives to 28 from 23, and to eight in the Senate from seven.
But dig a little deeper and there’s more to it than a busier than usual Hanukkah party at the Library of Congress: Jews figured disproportionately in Democratic upsets. Jewish candidates also figured noticeably in the broader trends among Democrats: an increase in women and in former national security officials.
The centrist and right-wing pro-Israel communities could breathe a sigh of relief — for now. Two candidates in close races targeted by conventional pro-Israel money for being soft on or critical of Israel went down to defeat, and a stalwart who seem threatened survived.

However, those who would challenge orthodoxies on support for Israel also have reason for hope. Candidates endorsed by J Street, the Jewish group that has made a two-state outcome its central plank and supports US pressure on Israel to bring it about, did well. Further to the left, there are four new members of the House who have either been harshly critical of Israel or would challenge pro-Israel stalwarts on legislation.
‘White supremacists’ fell by the wayside, with a notable exception, but the numbers who voted for them could be a cause for concern.
Here are five takeaways:
Run Jews early and often pickups and counting — projections say the number could reach 35.
What’s astonishing is how many of the upsets — as many as seven — are by Jewish candidates.
Elissa Slotkin in Michigan’s 8th District, Susan Wild in Pennsylvania’s 7th, Elaine Luria in Virginia’s 2nd, Dean Phillips in Minnesota’s 3rd and Max Rose in New York’s 11th are certain Democratic pickups in Republican districts.

Mike Levin in California’s 49th and Kim Schrier in Washington state’s 8th also appear headed for victory. Jacky Rosen wrested Nevada’s Senate seat from an incumbent Republican, Dean Heller.

Andy Levin will preserve Michigan’s 9th District for Democrats: He succeeds his father, Sandy Levin, one of three Jewish House members who is retiring.
What brought these candidates to the table? A variety of factors, although health care featured prominently in many of their “why I’m running” bios, including Slotkin, Schrier and Rose. Phillips, Wild, and Rosen emphasized education, and Levin was focused on the environment. Levin and Schrier during their campaigns also said they were motivated by their concerns about bias — including anti-Jewish bias. The Jewish candidates all emphasized gun control
Service leads to service

Democrats for years have hoped to reclaim the national security mantle from Republicans, and President Donald Trump’s suspicions of the national security establishment accelerated a mutual admiration between the Democratic Party and the State Department, the Pentagon and other agencies..
Democratic congressional recruiters sought candidates with national security backgrounds, and three of the Jewish winners on Tuesday came from the security community: Luria is a former Navy commander, Rose is a former Army officer and Slotkin was employed by the CIA.
The women will rise

Democrats also actively recruited women, ascertaining that Trump’s past coarse comments on women, allegations of sexual assault and his policies that rolled back reproductive rights and protections for women who bring assault allegations would bring out women voters.

According to exit polls, there were results: Women broke 59 percent to 40 percent for Democrats. Of the new class of Jewish Democrats in the House, there likely will be 10 women among 28 members. Jacky Rosen joined Dianne Feinstein of California to bring to two the number of Jewish women Democrats (out of eight Jewish Democrats) in the Senate.
AIPAC is happy. J Street is happy. The left is happy. The right is happy
With a split decision, naturally, everyone — including Trump — declared victory, and within the pro-Israel community it was no different.
But the sides each had genuine reasons to take heart.

A pro-Israel official told JTA that the mainstream community was especially happy that Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., perhaps AIPAC’s best friend among Senate Democrats, pushed back against a surprisingly strong challenge and was re-elected. They were also pleased that Leslie Cockburn, a Democrat who co-wrote a book in 1991 that was sharply critical of the US-Israel alliance, lost her race in central Virginia.

“Virtually all of the victors in this year’s election have issued position papers and statements reflecting their strong commitment to strengthening the US-Israel relationship,” AIPAC said in a statement. “Support for the US-Israel relationship on Capitol Hill is strong, and we are committed to continuing to work on a bipartisan basis with the 116th Congress to further galvanize support for the alliance.”

J Street also had reason to celebrate: Of the 163 candidates it endorsed, 122 won. The group still claims support from more than half of the Democratic Party’s House and Senate caucuses. The group exulted in a poll it published that found that 84 percent of Jewish respondents saw no contradiction between being “pro-Israel” and criticizing the Israeli government’s policies — a finding that comports with other recent polling.

An absolutely huge night for J Street-supported candidates.
Whether you donated, campaigned, voted or all three — thank you! pic.twitter.com/DNLKi89ElR

— J Street (@jstreetdotorg) November 7, 2018

Attacks on Democrats as not sufficiently pro-Israel didn’t get it done, J Street’s president, Jeremy Ben-Ami, told JTA.

“This whole line of attack from the right on candidates on Israel issues isn’t going to work on Jewish voters,” he said.

The Republican Jewish Coalition scored wins in races where it invested heavily, including in the North Dakota Senate race, where incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp lost. The RJC ran ads scoring Heitkamp for backing the 2015 Iran deal.

It also ran ads in Pennsylvania’s 1st District, where Scott Wallace, who led a charity that once funded anti-Israel groups, lost, and in Cockburn’s district. RJC deployed grassroots campaigns in Florida, where Republican Ron DeSantis won the governorship and Republican Rick Scott had a slight lead in his bid to oust incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

“We sent a message about the RJC holding Democrats to account on issues of concern about Israel,” Executive Director Matt Brooks told JTA.

Jewish Voice for Peace, meantime, celebrated the victory of Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian American elected to Congress in Michigan. Tlaib has called for cutting funds to Israel and rejects Israel’s status as a Jewish state.

“It’s a new hopeful day in Congress!” said the group, which embraces Jewish non- and anti-Zionists.

The anti-Semites lost

The good news? Anti-Semitic and racist outliers who managed to seize Republican nominations, often to be repudiated by the GOP establishment, lost, with one exception. The bad news? Lots of people voted for them.

Arthur Jones, running in Illinois’ 3rd District, comprising Chicago suburbs, once was an actual neo-Nazi and despite now abjuring the title, still peddles anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Incumbent Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski won, but Jones garnered a quarter of the vote — 56,000 people.

Seth Grossman, a Jewish candidate in the southern part of New Jersey, lost national party support for peddling racist theories. He gave the Democrat in the 2nd District, Jeff Van Drew, a run for his money, eventually garnering 45 percent of the vote — 110,000 people.

In Iowa, Rep. Steve King, the incumbent Republican in the 4th District, narrowly kept his seat. He was repudiated by the party establishment for his white supremacist ties.

Brooks likened King to past outliers in both parties who reveled in their isolation on the margins and had limited influence.

Mileikowsky aka Netanyahu: ‘Might is Right’

“We will establish ourselves in Palestine whether you like it or not…You can hasten our arrival or you can equally retard it. It is however better for you to help us so as to avoid our constructive powers being turned into a destructive power which will overthrow the world.”- Chaim Weizmann Judische Rundschau, No. 4, 1920.

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If Israel thinks she is about to go under to utter destruction, it will take the rest of the world with it.

“We always thought that if we solve the Palestinian problem, this will open doors to peace with the Arab world”

Israeli airstrikes damage buildings, including hospital in Gaza-OCT. 27, 2018

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told lawmakers in his governing Likud party on Monday that powerful countries can occupy territories and transfer populations without consequence, in an apparent reference to ostensible Arab indifference toward Israel’s control over the West Bank.

“Power is the most important [component] of foreign policy. ‘Occupation’ is baloney. There were huge countries that have occupied and transferred populations and no one talks about them,” Netanyahu was quoted by Army Radio as saying Monday, in the closed-door Likud faction meeting. The remarks were also carried by the Yedioth Ahronoth daily on Tuesday morning.

“Power changes everything and it changes our policies vis-a-vis Arab states, and there are other countries on the way,” he reportedly added, apparently referring to states that have covertly expressed interest in forging diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

“Contrary to the notion that concessions will bring about agreements with the Arabs, concessions will only bring about slight and short-term changes and nothing more,” Netanyahu said, seemingly referring to ceding territory to the Palestinians. “What we need to do is advance [talks] on shared interests with Israel based on technological power.”

Netanyahu’s reported comments came after he visited Oman last month in the first official meeting between the leaders of the countries since 1996.

On October 26, Netanyahu’s office unexpectedly announced that he and his wife Sara had just returned from an “official diplomatic visit” to Muscat, during which they met with Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office called the trip “a significant step in implementing the policy outlined by Prime Minister Netanyahu on deepening relations with the states of the region while leveraging Israel’s advantages in security, technology and economic matters.”

Netanyahu has for years boasted about warming ties with key Arab states that have no diplomatic relations with Israel. But those ties — still largely unpopular among the Arab public — were rarely visible.

In another sign of warming ties with Gulf countries, Sports Minister Miri Regev was in the United Arab Emirates last week for an international judo competition, while Communications Minister Ayoub Kara attended a communications conference in Dubai last week.

Netanyahu has long argued that normalization with the Arab world could precede a peace deal with Palestinians, while analysts have argued Arab leaders would be hard-pressed to openly embrace Israel without a solution to the conflict.

“We always thought that if we solve the Palestinian problem, this will open doors to peace with the Arab world,” the prime minister said earlier in October. “But it also likely true in equal measure and maybe more, that if we develop ties with the Arab world and normalize relations with them, this will lead in the end to the possibility of reconciliation and peace with the Palestinians.”

How people consent to anything which they do not forcibly resist

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Regardless if your candidate campaigned on a peace platform, you “consented” to any wars he might subsequently start or support . Regardless if your candidate promised to end federal crackdowns on marijuana , you “consented” to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s raids on medical cannibis cooperatives.

Regardless if your candidate promised to end deficit spending, you “consented” to trillions of dollars of additional federal debt. Regardless if your candidate promised transparency and honesty, you consented to the government keeping millions of secrets and shrouding its worst abuses.

Government agencies structure their policies to make even more absurd presumptions of “consent” in daily life.

Because you traveled abroad, you supposedly consented to Department of Homeland Security agents examining and copying all the records on your cell phone or computer when you return to the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups are fighting this policy in federal court but this Obama-era policy remains the law of the land.

Because you bought an airline ticket, you supposedly consented to being pawed by a Transportation Security Administration agent, including an “enhanced patdown” that often includes vigorously groping Americans’ groins (regardless of TSA’s incompetence at discovering actual threats).

Because you chose to use the Washington or New York subway, you have consented to a warrantless search of your backpack or purse by local police who receive a federal grant to conduct security theater performances.

Because you drive on government roads, you supposedly consented to federally-funded license plate scanners compiling a dossier of when and where you travel. And for anyone who objects to federal, state, and local agencies tracking them at almost all times (including when they visit gun shows ), remember that “those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.”

Presumed consent entitles government to do as politicians please. Because Americans “consented” to George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s presidential candidacies, their appointees authorized the National Security Administration to create massive databases compiling details on all the phone calls they made or received.

In millions of cases, NSA also vacuumed up Americans’ emails and web browsing history . Even though presidents denied they were illegally spying on Americans, voters still presumably “consented.” Americans may be shocked in the coming months and years to learn of illegalities they purportedly “consented” to when Trump was elected.

Political consent is defined these days as rape was defined a generation or two ago: people consent to anything which they do not forcibly resist. Anyone who does not stone city hall presumably consented to everything the mayor does. Anyone who does not jump the White House fence and try to storm into the Oval Office consents to all executive orders.

Anyone who doesn’t assail the nearest federal office building consents to the latest edicts in the Federal Register. And if people do attack government facilities, then they are terrorists who can be justifiably killed or imprisoned forever.

Ironically, the Founding Fathers proffered a notion of political consent much closer to what #MeToo activists are championing nowadays. The Bill of Rights provided bright lines which politicians were prohibited from crossing regardless of vote counts. The Bill of Rights was a sacred pledge that politicians admitted they had no right to censor the press, confiscate private firearms, suppress religion, or inflict cruel and unusual punishment on citizens. The fact that politicians routinely often violate Americans’ constitutional rights does not make the Bill of Rights any less binding.

Regardless of the outcome of the midterm congressional elections, we should remember that members of Congress and the president took oaths promising to honor and defend the Constitution. In the same way that consenting to a dinner date does not entitle someone to bind and beat another person, consenting in a voting booth does not entitle politicians to ravage Americans’ rights. A strict adherence to the Bill of Rights is the surest way to reduce perils after Election Day.

Israel Participant in Yemen Genocide

“It is well-known that everything that is happening in our region serves the interest of one party – the Zionists and the US.”

There’s a side to the relationship between the U.S. and Israel which goes much beyond just the sentimental links and the links forged by supporters of Israel in this country. What we say, what we explain is that there has been since almost the earliest days of the Israeli state and the earliest days of the CIA a secret bond, a secret link between them, basically by which the Israelis — the Israeli intelligence — did jobs for the CIA and for the rest of American intelligence. You can’t understand what’s been going on around the world with American covert operations and the Israeli covert operations until you understand that the two countries have this secret arrangement.-Andrew Cockburn

5th column: Unofficial Zionist organizations based in Israel and Jewish communities throughout the world also give aid to Israel operations when needed.

Putin: “The politicians on the predominantly Jewish Soviet government “were guided by false ideological considerations and supported the arrest and repression of Jews, Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims and members of other faiths.”

The Israeli Army has seen combat throughout every decade since its founding.

The leader of Ansar Allah, the Houthi rebel movement, accused Israel of taking part in the war in Yemen directly by fighting the war, and indirectly, by training and inspecting the Saudi forces fighting against the Houthi rebels.

In a speech he delivered in commemoration of the twelfth anniversary of the killing of Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, the founder of the Houthi movement, the movement’s current leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi said: “It is well-known that everything that is happening in our region serves the interest of one party – the Zionists and the US.”

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Trump Backs Off From Ongoing Public Yemen Genocide

-Yemen, a War for Profit, Saudi Genocide Backed by Obama to Trump. We are bombing Yemen back into the stone age, starving kids & blockading the nation.

-In a speech he delivered in commemoration of the killing of the Houthi movement’s founder, the movement’s current leader said: “everything that is happening in our region serves the Zionists.”

-The sabotage of the bank, which left millions of public employees and the extreme poor with no income, was done with permission and in close collaboration with the World Bank and the ‘Quad Group’, US, Saudi, UAE and UK governments ( www.irispdf), as a continuation from an earlier funds blockade and with full knowledge of the genocidal consequences.

-An American bomb made by Lockheed Martin struck a Yemen school bus recently, killing 51 people. Earlier, American bombs killed 155 mourners at a funeral and 97 people at a market.

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Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have abruptly called for an end to the Saudi-backed quagmire in Yemen, after years of backing the war over alleged Iranian involvement.

Speaking at the Congressionally mandated US Institute for Peace on Tuesday, Mattis said according to the BBC that Washington had been watching the Yemen war “for long enough.” He added, “We have got to move towards a peace effort here, and we can’t say we are going to do it sometime in the future. We need to be doing this in the next 30 days.” He said all sides should to meet with UN special envoy Martin Griffiths in Sweden.

Mr Mattis added that all sides should meet UN special envoy Martin Griffiths in Sweden in November and “come to a solution.”

Pompeo asked the Houthi government of north Yemen to cease its rocket attacks on Saudi Arabia and urged the Saudis to stop bombing populated areas from the air.

Pompeo said, “It is time to end this conflict, replace conflict with compromise, and allow the Yemeni people to heal through peace and reconstruction . . .”

How to explain this American initiative on Yemen? Well, it is very murky and unexpected but here are some considerations that may have led to this Trump admin. about-face:

1. The murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Istanbul Saudi consulate on Oct. 2 has much weakened the Saudi government, so that the US and France and others may now see this moment as a prime one for pressuring Riyadh.

2. The UN is now warning of an enormous die-off in Yemen of millions of people if the war continues at its present pace. No administration wants that sort of catastrophe to come about on its watch, more especially if it is itself partially responsible for the starvation.

3. There could be a massive refugee exodus across the Red Sea and up to Europe. France is also pressuring Riyadh to end the war.

4. The administration may anticipate losing the House of Representatives to the Democrats next Tuesday. Prominent Dems have already introduced resolutions for the US to get out of Yemen. This congressional pressure is likely to be much strengthened if the Dems are in a position to launch investigations and subpoena officials.

5. The Khashoggi murder made the Saudis abruptly disliked by even the Republican rank and file, and the administration may fear that their being joined at the hips with Riyadh may play poorly in the upcoming midterms.

6. US intelligence may have finally gotten through to Mattis and Pompeo that the Houthis are an indigenous protest movement and not actually very tied to Iran, which practices a different form of Shiism and has other regional priorities.

But to tell you the truth, I find this sudden coordinated maneuver on Yemen among the Trump high officials to be a little baffling and there may be more factors driving it than are apparent on the surface. One thing is certain, they aren’t doing it for their health.

Israel Leads Assassinations and Massacres/Genocide in The World

Since World War II, Israel has used assassination and targeted-killing more than any other country in the West. Some plans were more elaborate. Inspired by the movie “The Manchurian Candidate,” the Israelis spent three months in 1968 trying to transform a Palestinian prisoner into a programmed killer. Within five hours of being released to carry out his mission, he had turned himself in to the local police, handed over his pistol and explained that Israeli intelligence had tried to brainwash him into killing Arafat.

Poisoned toothpaste that takes a month to end its target’s life. Armed drones. Exploding mobile phones. Spare tyres with remote-control bombs. Assassinating enemy scientists and discovering the secret lovers of Muslim clerics.

A new book chronicles these techniques and asserts that Israel has carried out at least 2,700 assassination operations in its 70 years of existence. While many failed, they add up to far more than any other western country, the book says.

Ronen Bergman, the intelligence correspondent for Yediot Aharonot newspaper, persuaded many agents of Mossad, Shin Bet and the military to tell their stories, some using their real names. The result is the first comprehensive look at Israel’s use of state-sponsored killings.

Mr Bergman writes that Mr Arafat’s death in 2004 fit a pattern and had advocates. But he steps back from flatly asserting what happened, saying that Israeli military censorship prevents him from revealing what – or if – he knows.

The book’s title comes from the ancient Jewish Talmud admonition, “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” Mr Bergman says a huge percentage of the people he interviewed cited that passage as justification for their work. So does an opinion by the military’s lawyer declaring such operations to be legitimate acts of war.


Despite the many interviews, including with former prime ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, Mr Bergman, the author of several books, says the Israeli secret services sought to interfere with his work, holding a meeting in 2010 on how to disrupt his research and warning former Mossad employees not to speak with him.

He says that while the US has tighter constraints on its agents than does Israel, President George W Bush adopted many Israeli techniques after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 and President Barack Obama launched several hundred targeted killings.

“The command-and-control systems, the war rooms, the methods of information gathering and the technology of the pilotless aircraft or drones, that now serve the Americans and their allies were all in large part developed in Israel,” Mr Bergman writes.

I wish we could mourn Pittsburgh as one Jewish people — but we can’t


I have taken excerpts from original post.

By Simone Zimmerman

I want to mourn with all of my beloved Jewish people, but as the Israeli Right exploits this tragedy for their political gain, aided by their apologists in the American Jewish establishment, it is clear that even in our mourning, we are divided.

Deflecting and scapegoating 

Following the massacre, Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted, “They were killed because they are Jews… We must never forget that. We are one,” and thanked President Trump for his support of the victims.

In an interview with MSNBC, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer deflected a question about Trump’s anti-Semitic dog whistles by justifying criticism of George Soros before pivoting to criticizing campus pro-Palestine activists and Louis Farrakhan. He insisted that anti-Semitism, “has been going on for many many centuries,” and that Trump’s election had nothing to do with what happened in Pittsburgh.

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s diaspora and education minister, who flew to Pittsburgh to participate in the memorial hosted by the local federations, said, “From Sderot to Pittsburgh, the hand that fires missiles is the same hand that shoots worshipers. We will fight against the hatred of Jews, and anti-Semitism wherever it raises its head. And we will prevail.”

[The present day Sderot was built on farmland belonging to another Palestinian Arab village called Najd, its 422 Muslim inhabitants living in 82 homes, growing citrus, bananas and cereals. They shared the same fate as the people of Huj. On 12 and 13 May 1948, the Negev Brigade of the Israeli army – again, according to Morris – drove them out. They, too, were sent into exile in Gaza. Thus did the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, as another Israeli historian, Illan Pappé, calls it bluntly, wipe from history the people who farmed the land on which Sderot would be built.]

The Israeli prime minister has made clear in the last two years that when faced with the choice, he will prioritize his alliances with far-right nationalists like Trump and Hungary’s Viktor Orban over the needs and safety of world Jewry.

This is dangerous precisely because the violent, xenophobic nationalism espoused by Trump is the same kind espoused by Netanyahu and Bennett, who repeatedly incite against Palestinians, African asylum seekers, and leftists. Groups like AIPAC and the ADL — in refusing to call out the GOP’s white nationalism, in conflating all Jews with Israel, and in unfairly scapegoating Muslims — are giving them cover and distracting us from what is actually happening.

It is utterly dizzying to watch all of this play out. I keep desperately hoping to be proven wrong, to see that in such an extreme moment like this, that our Jewish leaders will take one moment to do what they always said they are here to do — to defend Jewish lives when we are under attack. I keep hoping to hear them give American white supremacy the impassioned, unequivocal condemnation it so desperately deserves. I want to believe that there are still some things so clear cut that our whole community can stand together against them.

But they haven’t. Worse, they have covered and deflected and justified. And so, we can’t mourn together.

Our fear and pain cannot be treated as a-political, because this tragedy is political. Not reacting accordingly relinquishes power to those who have fanned the flames of hatred that have led us to this moment. In 2018, it is long past time to stop ceding politics to the far right because it is literally killing our people.


Sexbots Are Coming To Help The Losers

Who can tell the difference these days anyway?

While sex robots are currently quite primitive, a new report published in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy argues that before long they will be able to look, speak and act like real people – and will be specifically designed to fulfill a person’s desires.

The report’s authors, Neil McArthur and Markie L. C. Twist, from the University of Manitoba, Canada, argue that we need to be ready to deal with the phenomenon when it comes to fruition.

“There is no question, then, that sexbots are coming,” McArthur and Twist say“Our view is that they will represent a different sort of sexual experience from what existing technologies offer. First of all, people will form an intense connection with their robot companions.”

“These robots will be tailor-made to meet people’s desires, and will do things that human partners cannot or will not do. For this reason, significant numbers of people will likely come to use robots as their primary mode of sexual experience.”

© Vincent Kessler

The pair, who also co-authored the book “Robot Sex: A Book for the Enlightened Sapiosexual,” argue that the rise of digisexuality will bring benefits, including potentially saving human relationships.

They also say that digisexuality will have a positive impact, particularly for people who experienced sexual trauma in the past or for those who have difficulty forming human relationships.

However they warn that  it will also bring a slew of difficulties and argue that doctors must be prepared to deal with digisexuality and have a framework for how to approach it.

Noel Sharkey of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR) recently argued against sex robots being used by the elderly in care homes.

Image result for elderly with a sexbot