Biden: Commitment to Israel ‘engraved in stone’

[admin] Not that I believe “Israeli” media, but I keep an open mind because these people are so bizarre I am always surprised!

“Israeli” media report that after Biden knelt, “the two presidents spoke at length about the commitment to strengthen relations between the two countries.”

Biden announced [translated by Google from the Hebrew]: “My commitment to Israel is known and engraved in the rock.”

Biden has called himself a Zionist and has a long history of support for Israel, consistently voting to give the country billions of dollars of U.S. tax money.

In 2014 he helped give Israel an additional quarter of a billion dollars during its 2014 onslaught against Gaza.

Also reportedly at the recent White House meeting were Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Middle East and North America Coordinator, Bart McGrack, Senior Adviser to the Middle East and North Africa, and Julie Schweier, Adviser in charge of Israeli and Palestinian.

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