Book: The All Lies Invasion

“I will give you the glory of these kingdoms and authority over them,” the devil said, “because they are mine to give to anyone I please.”

Books: The All Lies Invasion- excerpts

If the people only knew


“It is not true that I wished for war in 1939, neither I nor anyone else in Germany.
War was provoked exclusively by those international statesmen who were of Jewish
race or who worked in the interests of international Jewry.” ~ Adolf Hitler Last Will
and Testament.”*

General Robert Wood testified that in 1936 Winston Churchill told him that Germany is getting too strong and must be smashed (p.130). Bernard Baruch, the American banker agreed in an interview with F. D. R. Roosevelt: “If we
Baruch, the American banker agreed in an interview with F. D. R. Roosevelt: “If we keep prices down there is no reason why we shouldn’t get the customers from belligerent nations that they had had to drop because of the war. In that event Germany‟s barter system will be destroyed.” ~ New York Times 14 September 1939.*

Winston Churchill was a dilettante. His sexual preferences were ambiguous. It has been confirmed that before, during and after WW2, Churchill and many members of the establishment were regular patrons of homosexual clubs and orgies where pedophilia was openly practiced.  Churchill’s visits to Morocco and the South of France were said to be the places where Churchill took breaks to indulge in his pastime as an artist. they were nothing of the kind. These two locations provided further opportunity for pedophilia activities away from the public eye. Wartime Premiere Winston Churchill was despised at Marrakesh, Morocco where he was delivered of small Arab boys for his depraved pleasures.*

War is good for some, bad for most.

Image result for Henry Kissinger raped 5 US soldiers in Cambodia.

Henry Kissinger raped 5 US soldiers in Cambodia. Kissinger told at least one of the soldiers that if he reported it “That will be the end of you.” Kissinger raped the three sons of a Saudi royal.-

4 thoughts on “Book: The All Lies Invasion

  1. Jesus, how far back does this pedos being in charge of govts go? I don’t believe in the Devil taught me in Catholic School, but now I’m beginning to wonder. There’s so much of this sick insanity going on in govts that one can’t just write off to greed, stupidity, arrogance and sexual deviants, there must be a demonic aspect to this shit.

    Found this odd sounding comment at the my blog posting–link below. If it’s a compliment, cool. If it’s a threat, that’s even cooler, since I’m hitting all the right places.

    Anonymous August 31, 2018 at 6:14 PM

    And…there are …”very many” watching out for Goon Squad that even Greg knows nothing about.
    Very many.

  2. Actually Greg, that comment would scare me.
    About the book: Rulers fascinate me and what goes on in elite circles. Remember in the movie Gladiator where the guy wins favor and is offered boys as a gift? And so many other movies of those ages where debauchery is the norm in elite circles. Why would we think it isn’t the same now?
    And then I remember the biblical verse what Satan said to Jesus: “I will give you the glory of these kingdoms and authority over them,” the devil said, “because they are mine to give to anyone I please.” I actually don’t know the equivalent in the Quran in just a few words.
    The love of wealth and power attracts evil people and nothing good will come from them. Thus, a F*cked up world! They are certainly no one to trust, not a one of them!

  3. Actually Greg, that comment would scare me.

    It got my attention, by I’m not going to let a deranged bully terrorize me. Been getting these kind of threats–and worse, one threatened to send a Mossad hit team to take me out.

    Fuck them. I’m not a Palestinian kid or mother they like to shoot. I’ve taken precautions, but I bet it’s only a frustrated Zionist bully that’s PO my blog gets the truth out about those sadistic bastards and is mad that I don’t live in Palestine or Lebanon, because if I did, I’d already be dead.

    One day last Winter, proudly wore my Palestinian scarf, that black and white colored one with patterns–can’t spell it–into Wal Mart.

    No one really noticed, except one lady, about 35 who was pretty, but the look of hate she got on her face when she saw me turned her face ugly, it was that twisted. She started walking towards me, but stopped about 8′ away. Guess she figured that since she didn’t have a band of thugs backing her up, there wasn’t much she could do.


    • Oh hell yeah, I wear my Palestine gear everywhere I go! I haven’t tagged my car at all, someone can hurt my car behind my back. I may be quiet when I’m out and about, but I wear Palestine t shirts, scarves, wrist bands…not all at once just one Palestine -tag- a -day! My Arab friends say I am more Palestinian than the Palestinians. When we went camping last summer I tagged the camp site.I should probably add that I didn’t tag myself in Jerusalem because I can’t defend myself against armed thugs and they DO notice. To make up for it I have this nice leather Jerusalem backpack that I wear here in ‘little Israel’ with my Palestine travel label on it. I’ve never had problems to my face on any occasion. Never. But online I am beginning to feel vulnerable.Probably because we can’t see them.

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