Covid-19, Launching Pad for WWIII

Preparing for Financial Chaos

By Charles E Carlson


Bond’s interest may soon be negative if the President gets his way. These investors have complete confidence in the FED‘s continued ability to print as much money as needed, for it controls our money supply.

The President may jawbone, but he has little or no power over the money supply.

Our President does not want depression; he wants reelection, and would likely start a war to achieve it.

The Covid-19 virus has landed at the worst possible time for us consumers and workers.

It is so incredibly untimely it looks like a perfectly planned event, a final stroke to condition us to a banker led dictatorship.

The question is, could our Covid-19 virus be a planned event? 

The World Trade Center destruction was planned to look like Saudi Arabia did it.

Then, retribution was somehow switched to Iraq, justifying the destruction of that country, and its oil production with it. 

Is the Covid-19 virus part of a plan to pull us into a massive war? Could this enemy be one of the world powers?

The only ones left are China or Russia. Or, can we expect another series of smaller conflicts in which the US will leave more of the Middle Easter in shreds?

Warmakers desiring this end could not have timed Covid-19 more cleverly and diabolically.

We Hold These Truths will not grasp at straws in any attempt to prove this point.

It is now only a logical hunch, no matter how clear our thinking seems to be.

Today only the names have changed. The warring factions and financiers are the same, and the FED is the key by providing the war money at the call of our President.

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