“israel” is an illusion

The uncomfortable truth is that Israel is an artificial country. It was created by decree by some very powerful imperial interests. When “isreal” becomes a liability the powers will step back and leave the “israeli” people on their own against the Arab world. THAT’S an uncomfortable prospect!

Israel is a disputatious political entity which is violently occupying land in violation of all naturalistic moral and humanistic values.

They have defended their occupation with the requisite violence that emanates from their very presence on forcefully expropriated land.

Both their actual presence and their understandable survivalist violent behavior used to secure their physical safety presents an existentially paradoxical condition that defines Israel as an undesirable pariah.

2 thoughts on ““israel” is an illusion

  1. If you haven’t already read this book, beg, borrow or steal a copy to see how Jews became the mob that took over the USA.

    It’s Called “Supermob” by Gus Russo. It details how Sidney Korshak helped build this mob.

    It starts with the Jews getting out of the Pale of Settlement, and moving to NYC. Some went straight, some went into gangs.

    Then some moved to Chicago and they ran their own mob their, “The Syndicate” Which made tons of of loot off bootlegging and the rackets.

    They were looking for a way to launder that lucre and found it in Hollywood, investing in the movie and music business.
    At the time, California had lax laws regarding the origination of money. Take it one step further and in Beverly Hill, you start your own bank and police force.

    Korsak made sure plenty of money go to Israel, he even had Israeli security guards.

    This book is making me shake my head at all the corruptions.


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