Israel terrorist drone was shot down in Lebanon. HAHA.

In 2006 just before the Israel war on Lebanon I happened to read a small article in an Arabic newspaper where it was reported that Israel had violated South Lebanon airspace and bombed a man and his son at home  …and it was mentioned that the access road and a bridge were also bombed. A few days later in the mainstream news it was reported that Hezbollah has crossed over the Israeli border and kidnapped some armed Zionist terrorists. And then there was a terrible war, Hezbollah being the blame by the media. There is never any context given at the time of Israeli wars….any retaliation is painted as a random attack on Israel by terrorists. I have kept track of incidences ever since.

Israel was seeking to “justify another aggression” with false allegations of missile sites belonging to  Hezbollah

Israel routinely violates Lebanon’s airspace.

Israel has routinely breached Lebanese airspace with warplanes and drones, waters, and borders, which is illegal since it violates Lebanon’s territory and United Nations Security Council Resolution 425 and 1701

Israel has been accused by the UN of committing 550 violations into Lebanese airspace over a period of less than four months.

The global body was forced to issue a statement denouncing Tel Aviv following the routine violations by the Israeli Air Force.

Israel’s unlawful incursions in to Lebanese airspace are said to have increased dramatically. The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli military had increased its almost daily aerial actions in Lebanese airspace by 35 per cent from July to 24 October in what they say is a response to growing concerns over Hezbollah missiles and Iranian activity in the country and neighbouring Syria.

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A record 550 air violations, totalling 2,057 overflight hours, have been calculated by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, which among other things, monitors the cessation of hostilities; accompany and support the Lebanese Armed Forces as they deploy throughout the south of Lebanon.

The matter was discussed in a report by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, which the Security Council in New York debated behind closed doors yesterday without any conclusions.

The previous report covering the period from 1 March to 19 June “recorded 456 air violations, totalling 1,518 overflight hours. Unmanned aerial vehicles is said to have accounted for 368 (80.7

Lebanese President Michel Aoun yesterday Israeli claims of the presence of missiles in populated areas, describing the claims as “false” and saying the claims coincide with Israel’s continued violations of Lebanese sovereignty.

In his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in September, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu presented photographs of what he claimed were “underground precision missile production facilities” belonging to Hezbollah. The sites, according to the Israeli prime minister, are located near Beirut’s airport.

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In response, the Lebanese foreign ministry hosted Western ambassadors at the site.

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said that Israel was seeking to “justify another aggression” with false allegations of missile sites belonging to Iran-backed Hezbollah.*

Israeli warplanes have kept violating Lebanon’s airspace in the past few months, prompting Lebanese President Michel Aoun to call on the United States to pressure Israel to stop such practices.

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  3. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon better have a bomb-proof shelter, cause I bet the ZOF has their coordinates and is getting ready to bomb, shell or otherwise obliterate their position, like they’ve done to so many other UN personnel in that area.

    Their Khazar DNA is thirsty for more blood that they had been satisfying in Syria, but that’s off-limits.
    Looks like Lebanon is in the blood-suckers sights. and there’s always Gaza to satisfy that midnight craving.

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