Israhell Terrorist Minister Warns of ‘Much Tougher’ Response to Hamas Rockets

There has never been a Country called Israel nor is there any Bible prophecy predicting a homeland for Zionists Zionism is a less than 100 year old Cult and has nothing to do with Judaism!

Yesterday, Israeli snipers murdered a teenage boy who attempted to climb the fence Israel installed.  Israel claims it must defend its territorial sovereignty.  First, it’s unclear how an unarmed teenage boy endangers anyone, let alone Israeli sovereignty.  Second, Israel has refused to define its border with Palestine, including Gaza.  It has also refused to recognize the rulers of Gaza, Hamas.  In order for a nation’s sovereignty to be recognized and respected it must negotiate borders with its neighbors.  Israel has repeatedly refused to do so, not just with Palestine, but with Lebanon and Syria as well.  No countries recognize Israel’s conquest of the West Bank, Gaza or Golan.  Thus no international border can be negotiated.

Fake Jew assessing Rocket damage after after a beloved Palestinian family member(s) have been raped and murdered by ‘IDF’

‘Israel’ retaliates

20 Jul 2018

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Friday of a “much tougher” response against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas if it fires more rockets from the Gaza Strip.

“If Hamas continues to fire rockets then Israel will respond in a much tougher way than they (the Hamas leadership) think,” Lieberman said in a statement after a spike of violence around Gaza.

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