Jews poisoning wells, spreading plague, truth or antisemitism?


According to the Jews, there are anti-Semites all over the world, and all throughout history the anti-Semites have been creating absurd accusations about Jews simply because they hate Jews. However, it makes more sense to explain these endless accusations as being the result of people who became victims of Jewish criminals, or who personally witnessed the disgusting behavior of Jews.

The beasts, demons and ogres in European fairy tales always look like Jews with a connection to blood libel, clever thieves, money hoarders and con artists. These are the same European Jews who invaded Palestine and are destroying the world.

Photographs of military armored vehicles uprooting and crushing trees and vegetation within the Gaza Strip are not foreign to Israelis, but what is less widely known is that since 2014 Palestinian fields are also being  razed through the use of herbicides sprayed from the air — as first publicized by the website 972. Officially, the spraying is only done on the Israeli side of the fence, but as Palestinian farmers on the other side, along with the Red Cross, have testified, the resulting damage can be seen deep inside Palestinian territory.

Palestine Acre Aqueduct feeding the city was poisoned by typhoid injected by Zionists in May 1948

“The air spraying is carried out only over the territory of the State of Israel, along the security obstacle on the border of the Gaza Strip,” the Defense Ministry told Haaretz. “It is carried out by legally approved spraying companies, in accordance with the provisions of the Plant Protection Law, 5716-1956 and the regulations thereunder, and is identical to the aerial spraying carried out throughout the State of Israel.”

The IDF Spokesman said, “The spraying is done using standard material used in Israel and in other countries, which causes existing vegetation to wither and prevents the growth of weeds. The spraying is carried out near the fence and does not cross into the Gaza Strip.”

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Gaza victims of Israel’s chemical weapons attacks

However, the standard material used in Israel is intended to assist farmers to grow their cash crops. In Gaza, it’s destroying crops.

M., 67, a resident of the Shujaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City, inherited some 60 dunams (15 acres) of land east of the city. He leases out most of it, he told Haaretz, and some 30 farmers make a living from it. This year he noticed the crop dusters while on his land, in early February and early March. He was under the impression that they were spraying inside Gaza territory. That’s also what H, another farmer from Shujaiyeh, who cultivates 19 dunams, thought when he saw the spray planes in early January.

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In the recent years, the zionist settlers have repeatedly poisoned the wells of the Palestinian villages in reported news killing hundreds of goats, sheep and cows where the the Palestinians herd their cattle, and the surprise is that none of the zionist settlers was arrested or accused in any crime.

Israel is NOT ready to give up its chemical weapons (CWs), and is NOT ready to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC); no, in addition, Israel has even an arsenal of about 300 nuclear weapons and it did not join the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), and it even does NOT allow the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect their nuclear facilities.

The ogre’s yellow hat was worn by Jews in the 16th century. It was believed that Jews used children in blood rituals. Truth or Antisemitism?

Here’s another Kindlifresserbrunnen in the 21st century. Do we just hate Jews?

  • Poisoning Acre water supply and ended with the collapse of the city, the depopulation of its inhabitants, and its occupation by the Jews, whetted their appetite to try this crime again.


    Two weeks later, after their “success” in Acre, the Zionists struck again. This time in Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of refugees had gathered after their villages in southern Palestine were occupied.


    The Illicit Use of Biological Agents since 1900, dated February 2001, Dr W Seth Carus of the Center for Counterproliferation Research, National Defence University, Washington, DC, lists the following subtitle, p.87: Case 1947-01: “Zionist” Terrorists 1947-1948.

    Under this section, he mentions that the cholera outbreaks in Syria and Egypt received extensive attention in the international press. The first report about the cholera in Egypt was published in the Times of London on 26 September, 1947, p4. By the time the final cases appeared in January 1948, 10,262 people died.

    He also states that the outbreak in Syria is much smaller. It was limited to two towns, about 60 kilometres south of Damascus, i.e. close to Palestine border. The first report appeared in the New York Times on 22 December, 1947, p5.

    The Syrian army formed a cordon sanitaire and the casualties were limited to 44, including 18 deaths. Soon after, the Beirut French-language newspaper, Orient, reported that several Zionist agents, who employed cholera to disrupt the mobilisation of the volunteers’ army, were arrested. Their destiny is unknown.

    These incidents, together with Gaza poisoning, Carus states, were described in the AHC complaint to the UN and quotes the report in saying that:

    The Jews plan to use this inhuman weapon against the Arabs in the Middle East in their war of extermination.

    The stories about nerve gas applied against school children abound. So are the cases in which CBW are used. Neil Sammonds lists these cases:

    * Chemical defoliants against Palestinian crops in Ain Al-Beida in 1968, Aqraba in 1972, Mejdel Beni Fadil in 1978 and Negev in 2002.

    * Chemical Weapons, including hydrogen cyanide, nerve gas and phosphorous shells in the 1982 war on Lebanon.

    * Lethal gas against Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners.

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