Looters–Palestine Tourism (Israel, the Lie Series)

As Google has buried deep non-Zionist articles on Palestine because obviously they are trying to hide the history from the newer generations.  I am going to bring some back to life from my old posts.

Staged holocaust , fake Israel. That’s Hollywood  director Billy Wilder accidentally stepping onto scene while filming

A Report by Brian Johnston, Member of a group from the Pittsburgh Palestine Solidarity Committee which visited Palestine in August 2007

Jerusalem , viewed from a distance, looks as if some indignant heave of the land would send it toppling into the precipitous valleys that surround it, fulfilling the biblical promise: ” Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low.”

The city’s streets following irregularly wherever the difficult terrain dictates, recall the other part of that promise: “and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain”.

The city reflects the political divisions of the country at large. The Jewish Quarter exists as an act of violence against the Palestinians.

To dispossess a people, steal their land, demolish their buildings and then complacently inhabit the confiscated space in reciprocal view of the victims requires a carefully cultivated myopia apparent at all levels of Israeli discourse.

The Chief Architect of the District of Jerusalem, Elinoar Barzacchi, after returning from Europe, enthused, “In Rome I lived in the Old City.

In Paris I lived in Montmartre. Here, in the [Jewish] Quarter it looked to me like the most Jerusalemite thing there is, the most authentic, the most multicultural it can be.”

Eyal Weizmann comments, “Rather than a multicultural city centre the Jewish Quarter might better be described as an artificial, ethnically homogenous, gated neighbourhood, whose construction was made possible by the forced displacement of its inhabitants.

Image of ( tal al rabeea ) in 1928 .. the Israeli entity changed its name to Tel Aviv

It is a ‘biblical’ theme park, sending out further tentacles of Jewish housing and enclaves and religious study centers into the Muslim Quarter to which it is connected above street level via protected and exclusive roof paths.

The separation of this enclave from its surroundings is further enforced by the fact that all entrances and exits to the Jewish Quarter are guarded by border police, providing access, after body and bag scans, only to Jewish residents/settlers, tourists, and the Israeli army and police .

The “most Jerusalemite thing there is” is a space emptied of its native people. In the Palestinian section of Jerusalem , always under threat as more and more of its land is confiscated and its buildings seized or demolished, people go to work uncertain if their houses will still be standing when they return.

One reason the government gives to justify house demolitions is the lack of a building permit, that costs two thousand dollars and is almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain.

As the householder is not permitted to add to his house on his own land he is forced to build illegally as his family grows.

Then the Caterpillar bulldozers arrive without notice and, even with a family inside the building, begin destruction.

Often, only minutes are given for a family to be made homeless.

In a further sadistic twist, the householder is then exorbitantly billed by the municipality for the cost of the demolition. 18,000 houses in Palestine have been demolished in this way since 1967.

We met with members of the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions who showed us sites of such demolished houses, mounds of rubble where once a whole family lived and its children played. ICAHD’s goal is the Sisyphean task of rebuilding all demolished houses.

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