Netanyahu bullshit allegations about obtaining secret Iranian nuclear files

Since last spring when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his country had seized secret Iranian nuclear files, including hundreds of documents, CDs and other media, from an undisclosed warehouse in early 2018, Israeli and US officials have pushed for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to take action.

News emerged in early April that it had done so. Nuclear proliferation experts believe that the archive contains nothing new about Iran’s past proliferation activities. But it seems a paradox arises when a member state reports intelligence to the IAEA which the IAEA is not able to confirm.

“There is already good knowledge of Iran’s past nuclear weapons program and it’s not necessary for the IAEA to continue to investigate it.”

It can’t be confirmed because the new allegation is too ambiguous. And Also US-Israel won’t agree on IAEA results if it’s not what they want. So the bs goes on and on and on.

“The Iranian nuclear deal has been on the rocks since US President Donald Trump announced last spring that the United States would withdraw from the agreement.”

“As things stand today, it seems politically untenable for the nuclear-related restrictions built into the accord to be allowed to end in 2023 absent a credible broader conclusion, something that seems less likely than before in the context of Israel’s allegations.”

So on unproven allegations alone US-Isreal is going to keep lying about Iran’s nuclear threat, which mainstream media will keep touting as fact keeping Iran in disrepute.

This way they can play with Iran any way they want for as long as they want. Maybe get their war on.


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