New Rockefeller COVID-19 Action Plan

Before you watch the feature video below, watch this video first, it’s just a few minutes. Then as we watch the feature video… It’s so weird to watch how things are falling into place. I always thought it was a far flung conspiracy not even to happen in my lifetime But here it is.

I watch this video years ago, back when many of us were just waking up from 9/11.

Recently Spiro was joined by Helen Buyniski a journalist for RT, to break down the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 document titled ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.’

The 2010 Rockefeller document, particularly the ‘Lock-Step’ portion, laid out a scenario involving a global health pandemic.

The document ultimately came to the conclusion that the only way to mitigate a global pandemic was by implementing China’s hardcore authoritarian police state lockdown as the model worldwide.

And here we are today, as we find ourselves in this exact scenario, just a coincidence? Just about a month ago, on April 21st the Rockefeller Foundation released another document titled ‘National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities.’

In this report Spiro is joined by Helen Buyniski to break down what the social engineers have in store for us in this Rockefeller blueprint document.

Spiro and Helen also discuss the United Nations New World Order website (yes it is real) in addition to recent reports of the CDC going door to door in Atlanta, Georgia taking people’s blood for antibody tests related to the Coronavirus and much more.

2 thoughts on “New Rockefeller COVID-19 Action Plan

  1. Any pAntifa/ Soros paid rioters in your ‘hood?

    Masterful stroke of subversion. Keep ppl penned up and away from other ppl for moths, then ignite that cauldron with a staged murder.

    Suspicious Man Breaks Window & Starts Minneapolis Riots

    AutoZone, located across the street from Minneapolis police’s 3rd precinct

    “This was the first man to break a window at autozone.

    A move that started the string of looting and damage to businesses. He is seen wearing all black and carrying an umbrella to conceal the hammer he is holding in the same hand.

    No one knew this man, he didn’t protest, when confronted he ran the other way.

    And by the looks of it- his boots- are military grade. Meaning this man is either in some form or militia or he is WITH THE POLICE.”

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