The Jews are the major war criminals of World War II, not the Nazis.’
— ‘Capitalism and communism are Jewish institutions.’

Without a detailed study at the Old Testament, i,e. Torah, we can neither find the solution to those Jewish aspirations bent on capturing world power nor understand the events of the present day. Those who are not intimate with the first five books of the Old Testament, i.e. the Pentateuch, might readily conceive doubts that any such Jewish intentions exist at all, and they will usually dismiss any references thereto as “anti-Semitic” delusions. Such people are unable to realize that Jewry is standing on the threshold of total world domination.

Since the end of the Second World War and the defeat of German National Socialism they will label anybody a Nazi who dares to refer to these appalling facts; he will be accused of preparing a new dictatorship and, perhaps, planning another massacre. By making the word “Jew” taboo they are suppressing the freedom to express one’s opinion and thoughts and at the same time making sure that people all over the world will not be able to see clearly in the moment of danger. The accusation of Nazism is handy, cheap and popular! The so-called man in the street knows as much about National Socialism as the big Jewish press organs find fit for him to know and, therefore, in his ignorance he considers Jewry a “persecuted race” and to him the mere utterance of the word “Jew” represents “anti-Semitism”.

So having his mind poisoned by propaganda, the man in the street, is disinclined to realize that everything which he now curses and condemns in German National Socialism, those principles for which its leaders were hanged in Nuremberg in the name of “world-conscience,” have existed for the last three to four thousand (11) years.

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The Jewish race-protection laws of those days and Jewish tribal nationalism have survived to outlive the leader of German National Socialism himself. For the conception of racial superiority, together with its religious and political culture are not Hitlerian inventions. When Hitler, Goebbels and Rosenberg availed themselves of a racial conception they were doing nothing else but using against Jewry the weapons of Jewry.

Everything that world-Jewry, under the disguise of the flag of the Allied Powers condemned, was actually of its own make and device. Jewry actually hanged itself at Nuremberg. For the laws relating to and establishing racial segregation were first published in the books of the prophet Ezra and Nehemiah, and not in the Rassenschutz-Gesetz (Race Protection Act) of Nuremberg. The first concentration camps were devised not by Heinrich Himmler but by King Solomon. The motto of total ” annihilation ” and total ” extermination ” of the defeated enemy first appeared in the orders of Moses, the Jewish Fuhrer.

And so we nearly always find Jews making headway all over the world, either as poets, bankers, English Conservatives or Portuguese revolutionaries, all believing they arc predestined to reign over the peoples of the earth. So far they have succeeded in everything. It is clear, therefore, that the tenets laid down in Torah, the Talmudical principles and the Jewish secret institutions created during the Middle Ages are still effective instruments serving towards the achievement of world power.

” It is our vocation to rule the world,” proclaims this aggressive minority. “Either as American banker or as Soviet Commissar we form but one nation.”

It is the chief purpose of this book to show that Capitalism and Bolshevism, the two great ruling systems of our modem age, are not two opposing movements but that they rather present two different forms of expression of the same Jewish ambition to obtain (24) world power. One of them, possibly, is more cautious than the other, nevertheless, both are the same. The attempt to bring about a conflict between Capitalism and Bolshevism is therefore a most terrible deception. The enmity directed towards Christians and Arabs proceeds from both these systems.

The ” man in the street ” as the symbol of the uneducated and uninformed masses, may think that the capitalist world will be able ” to fix ” Bolshevism all right but the true fact is that the latter is nothing else but an extension of the former. Bolshevism is the offspring of Capitalism or, perhaps, it is the result of the blunders of Capitalism. Boshevism is the adopted child of the Jewish Liberal capitalist system. Those wbo try to find some difference or contradiction between the two systems must never forget that in Hitlerian National Socialism, the big German capitalist entertained the most friendly relations with German socialist workers. Why therefore could not the Jewish Bernard Baruch have been on the best possible terms with Lazar Kaganovitch or even with the small Communist leader of Brooklyn?

“We are one nation “, stated Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism. “We are neither American Jews nor Soviet Jews, but only Jews! “

By the turn of the last century, having regard to the results achieved, it appeared as if the unity of the holy seed and its calling to win world power had begun to crystallize into reality. This was visualized in the imagination of the Jewish authors, poets, bankers, socialist revolutionaries and Communist apostles. A world-conquering nationalism had arrived. The ” anti-Semites” themselves failed to notice and evaluate this development, and the events of 1945 had to transpire before a realisation came concerning the indisputable mental and racial unity of “capitalist democracy”, on the one hand and of Soviet “peoples’ democracy” on the other.

It is hardly necessary to remark that this realization was attained by an exceedingly small minority. The anti-Semites saw and understood the Jewish ” racial solidarity “, the ” dishonest business methods” and the “Judaisation” of their own countries only. Meanwhile, what was considered by some to be a ” Jewish crime ” was a virtue in the estimation of Jewish nationalism. The racial consciousness of the master race, i.e. Mosaic nationalism, attained its (25) present form by the end of the 19th century. Its slogan forged for Bolsheviks and bankers alike was: ” Let us march independently and be victorious together! “

So the world conquerors began their march and set out to subjugate the globe and to become rulers of all nations.