Oops! Proof Israel is a fraud

Even if the Biblical accounts were true, The ‘New Jews’ in occupied Palestine would have no connection to it. The forked tongue is a constant in the history of Zionism.

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You just need to believe in the absurd and ignore what’s been disproven, and SEND MONEY

A senior archaeologist at Tel Aviv University has cast doubt on the alleged Jewish heritage of Jerusalem. Israel Finkelstein’s claims have been made in the face of official Israeli and biblical claims to the occupied city.

Professor Finkelstein, who is known as “the father of biblical archaeology”, told the Jerusalem Post that Jewish archaeologists have found no historical or archaeological evidence to back the biblical narrative on the Exodus, the Jews’ wandering in Sinai or Joshua’s conquest of Canaan. On the alleged Temple of Solomon, Finkelstein said that there is no archaeological evidence to prove it really existed.

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According to Finkelstein’s university colleague, archaeology lecturer, Israel is supposed to find something if it digs for a period of six weeks. But, Greenberg told the Jerusalem Post, Israelis have been excavating the so-called City of David in the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan for two years to no avail.

Professor Yoni Mizrahi, an independent archaeologist who has worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency, agreed with Israel Finkelstein. He said that the right-wing Elad Association has not found anything “saying welcome to David’s palace” although that was taken for granted by Elad, as if the group depended on scriptural texts to guide them in their work.

Senior Israeli archaeologist casts doubt on Jewish heritage of Jerusalem

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