Palestinian PM calls to protect Palestinians from brutality of Israeli occupation

August 19 2018

The Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on Sunday called on the countries of the world to take coordinated measures to protect the Palestinian civilians from Israeli occupation and to compel the Israeli entity to abide by the rules of international humanitarian law and the principles of human rights.

In a statement carried by Palestinian news agency (WAFA) on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, Hamdallah appealed to the United Nations, with its specialized organizations and bodies, to ensure the implementation of their principles to provide protection for volunteers and humanitarian and relief workers in refugee camps in the occupied territories, especially in the Gaza Strip, where 80% of the population lives on international aid.

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He also stressed the importance of increasing international support for UNRWA to ensure that it continues to provide services to 6 million Palestinian refugees living in difficult conditions, adding that this aid is ‘the lifeline and one of the pressing responsibilities of the UN and the international community as a whole towards Palestine and its refugees crisis.

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated annually on 19 August to commend the aid workers who risk their own lives in the field of humanitarian services and to mobilize support for those affected by crises all over the world. (QNA)

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