Palestinians Offer Trump $100 Bllion to Remove the Zionists


In a post that was circulated over social media platforms, Palestinians have, sarcastically, offered the U.S. President, Donald Trump $100 billion to deport the Zionists from Palestine and resettle them in the U.S.

Social media users posted, “The Palestinian people offer to Mr. Trump – president of the United States of America.

We are the Palestinian people, offer you one hundred billions dollars for ten years that for collecting all the Zionists from Palestine and their resettlement to the United States.

To pay this amount, each Palestinian will pay $ 7.7 per month for 10 years. So we’re going to take an oath to stop smoking every Friday of every week for 10 years to pay back.
We are waiting for your reply.

The address of the Palestinian people is known to you.”

And take the wall with you!

One thought on “Palestinians Offer Trump $100 Bllion to Remove the Zionists

  1. The workers of iniquity…the synagogue of satan so-called “JEWS”

    get to go to the fiery furnace of truth @ Matthew 13:39-43.

    the gog and magog proselytes to talmudeic judaism can go home to


    eternally annihilate the {{{JEWISH}}} “state” a stool sculpture deity cult compound

    FLUSH….the lies right down to hell

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