Pompeo’s New War, Two Christian Archbishops Killed On White House Orders

As a partner to both Israel and the extremist rulers of Saudi Arabia, the CIA under Trump’s guidance has begun to slaughter Christian leaders across the Middle East, kidnapping, drone assassinations, car bombs.

By Rev. Andrew Ashdown for VT Damascus

Heart-rending stories from Syria. Everyone is suffering the consequence of sanctions. Whilst America steals Syria’s oil, heating and cooking fuel is running out, the currency is crashing and with average income being between 50-100 dollars a month, people can barely afford to buy food.

Tens of thousands of Syrians have been killed by the terrorist groups the international community have supported. Now the same international governments (including our own) are starving a nation.

Rev. AShdown (right) in Homs, Syria

(We also learned yesterday that the two abducted Archbishops have probably been murdered – by members of a group the British and American governments actively supported. So much for our government’s empty claim to be concerned for the Christians of the region).

As a Syrian Christian said to me in Saidnaya: “The policy of the British government is a crime against humanity.” Another friend of mine in Syria wrote today: “ISIS has killed thousands of us Syrian people .

Archbishop Theodosios -worldly known as Nazar Hanna- of Sebastia of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem was taken to the hospital after being attacked inside the church with, an unknown for the moment, gas. The Orthodox Palestinian Archbishop of Sebastia has repeatedly made statements against the Israeli policy in Palestine, pillorying the repression that both Christian and Muslim Palestinians who live in Jerusalem endure.

USA is starving millions of Syrians to a long sufring death .Who is more evil, ISIS or USA ?”. The British government are equally culpable.

But it seems western political and church leaders – and the media – have sealed their eyes, ears, voices, hearts and minds to these realities. All that matters is to achieve a political goal. The lives, needs and well-being of millions of innocent civilians are irrelevant. Shame on them.

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