Rabbi quotes against Zionism

Zionism is only around 100 years old. It is the transformation from religion to nationalism, to materialism created by non-religious Jews who hated their religion. The reason why they use the name Israel, the Star of David, hijacking, stealing the identity of Judaism and the Jewish people is in order to gain a legitimacy for their existence that should lead people to say, ‘oh, it is God given to them’ and that they should use fear and intimidate people from speaking out against their actions because they will call those that do anti Semitic; it couldn’t be anything further from the Truth. ~Yisroel Dovid Weiss*

We must announce in the streets before the eyes of all the gentile nations that the Zionists are not the leaders of the Jewish people, that they have no right whatsoever to speak in the name of the Jewish people, and that there are still Jews left who are faithful to G-d and His Torah. We must let all this be heard with a powerful voice, not a weak voice. (Ketzei Hashomayim, p. 56) Rabbi Refoel Blum 2005*

Here in the Holy Land people are constantly getting wounded and killed, and thousands upon thousands of young people have already died in the Zionists’ wars, yet nobody cares. And today we see the “great benefit” of the state: there was never so much anti-Semitism and hatred toward the Jews in the entire world as there is today. And ever since this state was founded, Jewish blood has been spilled here in rivers, because the evil inclination, the Satan and the Angel of Death are all one and the same. Zionism is the evil inclination, and therefore it is also the Angel of Death. But the number of casualties doesn’t bother anyone; they continue life as usual. ~Yeshiva of Brisk *

Someone came to tell me that they announced the massacre on the radio, and a second later they said, “Now we return to the basketball stadium,” as if nothing happened. The person came to me in a state of shock. “Why are you so shocked?” I asked him. “The leaders here don’t care about anything. For a little glory, they are constantly killing people. Like that wicked man (Ben-Gurion) and the one with the missing eye (Moshe Dayan) made the war in Sinai in order to go down in history. They murder in a terrible way. What copious tears the Satmar Rebbe cried over the blood that was shed! That’s how everything goes. Everything is their personal calculations and they don’t care about anything. They are exactly like the worst of the nations, on the lowest level. It’s terrible! They have taken power here and they do whatever they wish. ~Rabbi Dan Segal, the Mashgiach (Speech given to his students on Monday, March 10, 2008)*

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