Russia will monitor air traffic in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe from Syria

The advanced defense and surveillance systems which Russia intends to send to Syria will be able to monitor flight movements in Israel, Saudi Arabia and Europe, media reports said.

“We will know not only that someone has entered the airspace in this region, but also that somewhere a plane is only operating on the runway, be it in Israel or Saudi Arabia or even in Europe,” Vladimir Mikheyev, first deputy director of government-owned Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies, told Russia’s Tass news agency

“Systems capable of combating precision weapons-guided bombs and missiles … will be added to the conventional radar protection systems,” he added.

Mikheyev pointed out that Moscow is planning to strengthen its own defense systems which could include the installment of aerosol smokescreens which make airplanes invisible to missiles.

Russia is to send its S-300 defense system to Syria after President Bashar Al-Assad’s air force accidentally downed a Russian plane killing all 15 personnel aboard during an Israeli attack on the Syrian territories.

One thought on “Russia will monitor air traffic in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe from Syria

  1. The Khazar Bully won’t like this. Doesn’t Russia know that Israel has a self-declared right to kill anyone, anywhere w/o consequences?

    So much insanity, hate, greed and stupidity making the world an ugly place. And MOST of that crap can be traced back to that SLC on the eastern Med.

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