Zionist Florida- Another Day Another Shooting

All the other mass shootings have been staged. Why stop now?

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Scott Israel, Jew, Broward county sheriff , Rick Scott gov. official ‘friend of Israel’

Suspected Florida Shooter

Parkland, Florida has a large Jewish community, locals say, and a significant portion of the student body at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where the shooting took place, is Jewish.

“As Broward’s first Jewish sheriff, I carry a heavy burden knowing I am making history.” On the other side, it begins, “My Jewish faith is a central part of my entire life.”

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters that 12 victims died inside the school, three victims died outside, and two died in the hospital after a lone

Related imagegunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Another 14 to 18 people were injured.

The shooting is the 18th school shooting in the US this year, according to gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. It was the sixth where students were wounded or injured.

Florida Orlando shooting false flag: Erdan says that G4s will pay the price for boycotting Israel, next sentence declares Florida gov. Rick Scott a friend of Israel who is helping Israel with the fight against their enemies! RE: “News that a G4S employee was the gunman who killed 50 people at a packed gay nightclub in Florida wiped almost $282.80 million off the value of the world’s largest security firm.”

Father of Orlando Shooter is Long-time CIA Asset

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Applause for Scott’s signing law that preserves support of Israel