The Global Political Project Imposed on the Occasion of Covid-19

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They’re still winning

By Thierry Meyssan

Regardless of whether the Covid-19 epidemic is natural or has been provoked, it offers an opportunity for a transnational group to suddenly impose its political project without discussion or even exposure.

Within a few weeks we have seen so-called democratic states suspend fundamental freedoms: prohibiting people from leaving their homes, participating in meetings and demonstrations, under threat of fines or imprisonment.

Compulsory schooling for under-16s has been provisionally abolished. Millions of workers have been deprived of employment and automatically placed out of work. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been forced to close down and will no longer be able to reopen.

Without preparation, governments encouraged companies to telework. All communications via the Internet were immediately recorded by the Echelon system.

This means that the “Five Eyes” (Australia/Canada/New Zealand/United Kingdom/USA) have in their archives the means to unlock the secrets of almost all European manufacturers. For that, it is already too late.

None of the societal transformations have a medical justification. No epidemiology book in the world has discussed, let alone advocated, “mandatory generalized containment” to fight an epidemic.

The political leaders of the European Union Member States have been stunned by delirious mathematical projections of a mass murder in their own countries [1] They were then comforted by the ready-made solutions of a powerful pressure group whose members they had met at the Davos Economic Forum and the Munich Security Conferences [2].

“Compulsory generalized containment” had been conceived fifteen years earlier, within the Bush administration, not as a public health tool, but to militarize US society in the event of a bioterrorist attack. And it is indeed this project that is applied today in Europe.

The initial plan, conceived more than 20 years ago around the head of the pharmaceutical laboratory Gilead Science, Donald Rumsfeld, planned to adapt the United States to the global financialisation of the economy. It was a question of reorganizing the planet by dividing the tasks of each person geographically.

Areas not yet integrated into the global economy would be deprived of a state and become mere reservoirs of raw materials; developed areas (including the European Union, Russia and China) would be responsible for production; and the United States alone would provide the world’s arms and police industry.

To do this, a group was created within a think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, the “Project for a New American Century”. The latter announced a rather crude part of its program, but only part of it; that intended to convince major donors to support Gorge W. Bush’s election campaign.

On September 11 at 10 a.m., when two airliners crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, the “Continuity of Government” (CoG) program was declared, although the situation was not at all as foreseen in the texts. President Bush was taken to a military base.

Members of Congress and their teams were taken to a huge bunker 40 kilometers from Washington. And the top-secret Continuity Government, of which Rumsfeld was a member, assumed power until the end of the day.

Taking advantage of the emotional shock of that day, this group passed a voluminous anti-terrorism code drafted long in advance, the USA Patriot Act; created a vast domestic surveillance system, the Homeland Security Department; reoriented the mission of the armed forces according to the global division of labor (Cebrowski Doctrine); and began the “Endless War.

caption: Worse Than 9/11 and the Great Recession Combined

It is in the world they shaped that we have been living in a nightmare for the past two decades.

If we are not careful, the current group, of which Dr. Richard Hatchett is the visible element, will take this agenda from the United States to the European Union.

It will impose over time a mobile phone tracking application to monitor our contacts; it will ruin certain economies in order to transfer their production power to the arms industry; and finally it will convince us that China is responsible for the epidemic and must be contained (Containment).

If we are not careful, the NATO we thought was brain dead will reorganize. It will expand into the Pacific with Australia joining as a trading partner [3].

Morning Joe Rips Trump’s NATO Appearance: ‘We Should Be Frightened’ | Favorite cartoon character ...

If we are not careful, public schooling will be replaced by home schooling. Our children will become uncritical parrots, knowing everything but understanding nothing.

In the new world being prepared for EU Europeans, the big media will no longer be financed by the oil industry, but by Big Pharma.

They will convince us that all the measures taken have been the right ones. Search engines will rate the credibility of the non-compliant media on the headlines of the signatories of their articles, not on the quality of their reasoning.

There is still time to react.

“Misinformation” hampers fight for virus vaccine in Africa

The task of introducing a vaccine for the coronavirus faces an uphill struggle in Africa, where a flood of online “misinformation” is feeding on mistrust of Western medical research.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has flagged earning public trust as an urgent health challenge and warned of an “infodemic” – a deluge of information, including misinformation on social media – that is hampering the COVID-19 response.

The body says concerns that Africa could be abused as a vaccine testing ground are unfounded.

Irate social media users have slammed two French doctors Jean Paul Mira and Camille Locht for saying that treatment for COVlD-19 should first be tested in Africa

Meningitis testing in Nigeria: 1990s

The Pfizer drug Trovan was used in a clinical trial in Kano, Nigeria. The trial compared the new antibiotic (Trovan) against the best treatment available at the time (intravenous ceftriaxone). Eleven children died in the trial: five after taking Trovan and six after taking an older antibiotic used for comparison in the clinical trial. Others suffered blindness, deafness and brain damage, the cause of which is difficult to determine because these disabilities are relatively common outcomes of the disease itself. A panel of medical experts later implicated Pfizer in the incident, concluding the drug had been administered as part of an illegal clinical trial without authorization from the Nigerian government or consent from the children’s parents. This led to a lawsuit from the Nigerian government over informed consent.[2][3] Pfizer countered that it met all the necessary regulations.[2] The drug was approved for general use in the US, and eventually withdrawn due to hepatotoxicity.

HIV/AIDS testing in Zimbabwe: 1990s

AZT trials conducted on HIV-positive African subjects by U.S. physicians and the University of Zimbabwe were not performed with proper informed consent.[4] The United States began testing AZT treatments in Africa in 1994, through projects funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It included testing of over 17,000 women for a medication that prevents mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS. The subjects did not fully understand the testing methods, the effectiveness, the possible dangers, or the nature of a placebo in testing situations.[4] They were also told about the trials under duress.[4] Half of these women received a placebo that has no effect, making transmission likely. As a result, an estimated 1000 babies contracted HIV/AIDS although a proven life-saving regimen already existed.[4] The CDC ended the short course testing in 1998 after they announced they had enough information from Thailand trials.[4]

Forced sexual reassignment in South Africa: 1970s–1980s

In a project headed by Dr. Aubrey Levin during the 1970s to 1980s, the South African Defence Force forced lesbian and gay military personnel to undergo “sex-change” operations. This was part of a secret program to purge homosexuality in the army.[5] It included psychological coercion, chemical castration, electric shock, and other unethical medical experiments. An estimated 900 forced sexual reassignment operations may have been performed between 1971 and 1989 at military hospitals.[5] Most of the victims were males, young 16 to 24-year-old white men who were drafted into the army during the South African Border War. Women were also subject to the experimentation.[5][6]

Forced contraception in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe): 1970s

Depo-Provera was clinically tested on black Rhodesian (now Zimbabwean) women in the 1970s.[1] Once approved, the drug was used as a birth control measure. Women on white-run commercial farms were coerced into accepting Depo-Provera.[7] In 1981, the drug was banned in what was by then Zimbabwe.[7]

Sterilisation experiments in German South-West Africa (now part of Namibia): Late 1800s–1910s

Dr. Eugen Fischer conducted sterilisation experiments on Herero women in German South-West Africa (now Namibia, less Walvis Bay etc.) in the early 1900s.[1][8] His experimentation was largely done on mixed-race offspring in order to provide justification to ban mixed-race marriages.[9] He joined the Nazi party thereafter where he did similar experiments in the Jewish concentration camps. Late stage studies were later continued by Doctor Hans Harmsen, founder of the German branch of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) who is also associated with the compulsory sterilisation in Nazi Germany.


PNAC and the Age of Bioweapons: 20 Years of Psychological Terror

A little over 20 years ago, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) conducted a military exercise that involved a “hypothetical scenario” of hijacked planes flying into both the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

One year later, on October 24-26, 2000, another “hypothetical” military exercise was played out featuring an airline crashing into the Pentagon killing 341 people followed by yet another May 2001 Department of Defense “hypothetical scenario” which saw hundreds of medical personnel training for a “guided missile in the form of a hijacked 757 airliner” crashing into the Pentagon.

What arose from the smoke and debris of September 11, 2001 was unlike anything the sleeping masses or international community expected.

The shock effect so traumatized the masses that quite suddenly, citizens found themselves willing to give up their liberties at home while acquiescing to any retaliatory action desired by their government abroad.

The scale of horror was so great that the international community banded together and showed their love and solidarity towards America in the wake of the tragedy with candlelight vigils across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and South America.

Humanity’s natural tendency to embrace and aid our fellow man in times of crisis expressed itself like a bright light in a world of confused darkness and a hope for a durable peace awoke in the hearts of many.

Alas, as the world came soon to discover, that hope was short lived.

The Neocon Takeover of America

Police State measures grew swiftly with the Patriot Act and mass internal surveillance under the “crisis management” run by the neocon cabal in the White House.

While a new type of regime change war was created abroad, Dangerous protocols for Cheney’s “Continuity of Government” were set into motion and with these procedures, new mandates for Martial Law were created amplifying the powers, financing and deployment of U.S. Military capabilities both within the USA “under crisis conditions” and around the world.

Governments that had no connection to 9/11 were swiftly targeted for destruction using false evidence of “yellowcake” produced in the bowels of MI6, and a broader unipolar military encirclement of both Russia and China was set into motion which President Putin called out brilliantly in his famous 2007 Munich Security Conference Speech.

Of course this should not have been a surprise for anyone who took the time to read the Project for a New American Century manifesto published in October 2000 entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ (RAD).

Under the Chairmanship of William Kristol (a neocon agent today leading the charge to impeach President Trump) and co-authored by John Bolton, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, and Donald Rumsfeld, RAD stated that to “further the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one-absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a new Pearl Harbor”.

Going further to describe its Hobbesian agenda, the cabal stated that “the Cold War was a bipolar world; the 21st century world is- for the moment at least- decidedly unipolar with America as the world’s sole superpower”.

While much has been said about the “inside job” of 9/11, a lesser appreciated terrorist act occurred over several weeks beginning on September 18, 2001 killing five and infective 17 in the form of envelopes laced with bio-weaponized anthrax.

The Age of Bioweapons and PNAC

This anthrax attack led quickly into the 2004 Bioshield Act with a $5 billion budget and mandate to “pre-empt and defend further bioweapon attacks”. This new chapter of the revolution in military affairs was to be coordinated from leading bioweapons facility at the Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick. Since 2002, over $50 billion has been spent on Bioweapons research and defense to date.

The earlier October 2000 RAD document emphasized the importance which the neocon cabal placed on bioweapons (and other next generation war tech) stating: “Combat will likely take place in new dimensions: In space, cyber-space and perhaps the world of microbes… advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool”.

Lawyer and bioweapons expert Francis Boyle stated in 2007 that Fort Detrick’s mandate includes “acquiring, growing, modifying, storing, packing, and dispersing classical, emerging and genetically engineered pathogens for offensive weapon programs.”

These new post-9/11 practices fully trashed the 1975 UN Convention Against Biological Weapons ratified by the USA by establishing a vast international network of bioweapons labs coordinated from Fort Detrick which would be assigned the role of doing much of the dirty work that the U.S. was “officially” prevented from doing on its own soil.

Where Hitler used the burning of the Reichstag to justify his enabling Acts, the neocons had their 9/11.

The difference in the case of America was that Cheney failed to achieve the same level of absolute control over his nation as Hitler captured by 1934 (evidenced by pushback from patriotic American military intelligence circles against Cheney’s Iran war agenda). With this neocon failure, the republic lurched on.

The Rot Continues Under Obama

Obama’s rise was seen as a hopeful light to many naïve Democrats who still had not realized how a “false left” vs “false right” clash had been slowly constructed over the post WWII years.

Either camp increasingly found itself converging towards the same world government agenda through using somewhat dissimilar paths and flavors.

It didn’t take long for many of Obama’s more critically-minded supporters to realize that the mass surveillance/police state measures, regime change wars, and military confrontation of Russia and China begun under Cheney not only failed to stop, but even expanded at faster rates than ever.

In the months before Obama left office in July 2016, the classified Directive 40: National Continuity Policy was enacted creating a line of “Devolution authority” for all branches of the government to a “duplicate chain of individuals secreted outside Washington available in a catastrophic emergency”.

Days prior to Trump’s inauguration, Federal Continuity Directive 1 was issued to transfer authority to military forces who could be used to suppress “insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination or conspiracy.”

The Importance of Knowing This History

There are very clearly two diametrically opposing methods of analyzing, and solving the existential crisis threatening our world currently: Multipolar or Unipolar.

While Russia and China represent a multipolar/pro-nation state vision driven by large scale development projects that benefit all- rich and poor alike exemplified by the New Silk Road, Polar Silk Road, Space Silk Road and now Health Silk Road, something much darker is being promoted by the same financial oligarchy that owns both right and left sides of the deep state coin.

These later forces have provably positioned themselves to take control of western governments under crisis conditions and are not afraid to use every weapon in their arsenal to destroy their perceived enemies… including bioweaponry.

This latter uncomfortable reality was asserted quite candidly by leading officials of Iran and even the Chinese Foreign Ministry just weeks ago.

Admittedly, whether or not the current coronavirus pandemic is a bioweapon is not yet fully proven (although growing body of evidence asserts that it is, as seen here and here and here and here). What we know for certain are the following facts:

Numbers are being systematically misrepresented to convey much greater rates of death vs infections as dozens of leading medical experts have proven. Contaminated test kits have started showing up in the UK on March 30 and countless false results are showing up since covid test kits are often not differentiating between covid-19 and the typical coronavirus strains of the flu that average between 7-14% of flu cases every year.

This doesn’t mean that COVID-19 should not be taken seriously, but only that the reported numbers are being artificially falsified to generate heightened panic.

Wizard Of Oz GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The COVID-19 Task Force at London’s Imperial College has been found to be the singular source of the false “left” vs “right” debate poisoning the west’s response to the pandemic.

Teams working out of this British Intelligence nexus have generated BOTH the “do-nothing-and-wait-until-natural-resistance-evolves” herd immunity theory while simultaneously creating the “shut everything down one-size-fits-all” doomsday models being used by the WHO, UN, and leading Deep State assets like Michael Bloomberg, Steve Bannon, Bill Gates and George Soros.

In case you doubt the influence of the Imperial College on world policy, a March 17 New York Times article described them in the following terms: “With ties to the World Health Organization and a team of 50 scientists, led by a prominent epidemiologist, Neil Ferguson, Imperial is treated as a sort of gold standard, its mathematical models feeding directly into government policies.”

Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb’s February 2020 research demonstrated conclusively that DARPA had received funding in tandem with Fort Detrick since 2017 on genetic modification of novel coronaviruses (with a focus on bats) as well as the development of never before used DNA and mRNA vaccines which change the structure of DNA both for an individual and potentially for a whole race.

Lastly, and most importantly, the pre-9/11 military exercises were not merely hypothetical scenarios but exercises which led directly into a new “Pearl Harbor” that modified the behaviour of Americans under terror, panic and misinformation like nothing ever seen before.

The parallels to today’s coronavirus outbreak cannot be missed for anyone who has taken a serious look at the strange case of the Event 201 Global Pandemic Exercise on October 19, 2019 in New York.

Event 201 was sponsored by the Michael Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and World Economic Forum which ran simulations under the “hypothetical” scenario of a novel coronavirus pandemic killing 60 million people.

Reviewing just one of Event 201’s many recordings openly available on their official site features some very disturbing parallels to the events unfolding today:

Kissinger foreshadows the world after Covid-19

The US has imposed economic sanctions against 39 countries.  In many cases, this denies them access to medicine and medical equipment as well as access to world markets for food and other necessities.  During the coronavirus crisis the US, with the highest death count in the world, has upped the sanctions against countries like Iran and Venezuela, and has tried to weaponize COVID-19 to bring down governments that will not follow the dictates of Washington and Wall Street.  The UN has asked that sanctions be loosened during this crisis but the US has done the opposite.  Many US allies have broken with them and sent medical aid to some of these countries. 

Coming after former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s article in the Financial Times [1], it was former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s to advocate through the Wall Street Journal [2] for a New World Order brought on by the Covid-19 crisis.

Both men follow the same logic: it will not be possible to restore the global economy after the epidemic without the required authority. Both belong to the same club, the very select Pilgrim’s, chaired by Queen Elisabeth II.

Dr. Kissinger had published a similar announcement on 11 September 2001 on the Washington Post online [3], just minutes before the transfer of power from General Ralph Eberhart to President George W. Bush and the latter’s “Endless War” speech.

Henry Kissinger and the man he controlled and eventually destroyed, President Richard Nixon. According to Robert Dallek, the author of “Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power,” the former President doubted that Kissinger, as a Jew, could be objective on Mideast policy.

Author Adam Bilzerian sheds light on a secret 1975 Memorandum of Understanding masterminded by Henry Kissinger, whereby the U.S. guaranteed all Israel’s oil needs in the event of a crisis, even at the risk of a domestic shortage.

Renewed, in principle, every five years and theoretically still in force, its potential impact in the current Middle East context does not need to be explained.

However, other examples of U.S. subservience to Israel’s interests abound, the latest one being the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, which ensures Israel’s “qualitative military edge” over all of its neighbors at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

With World Distracted by COVID, Netanyahu Bombs Syria, Prepares Seizure of West Bank

By Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D

Israel will become much bigger

Zionist Rahm Emanuel, up until recently the mayor of Chicago and before that a top advisor to the president in the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama White Houses and still earlier a volunteer in the Israeli Army, famously once commented that a good crisis should never be allowed to go to waste.

He meant, of course, that a crisis can be exploited to provide cover for other shenanigans involving politicians.

It was an observation that was particularly true when one was working for a sexual predator like Bill, who once attacked a “terrorist” pharmaceutical factory in Sudan to divert attention away from the breaking Monica Lewinski scandal.

To be sure, the United States government is focusing its attention on the coronavirus while also using the cover afforded to heighten the pressure on “enemies” near and far.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, the Trump White House and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have increased the ferocity of their sabre rattling, apparently in part to deter Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela.

Ironically, of course, none of the countries being intimidated are actually threatening the United States, but we Americans have long since learned that perceptions are more important than facts when it comes to the current occupant of the oval office and his two predecessors.

The latest bit of mendacity coming out of the White House was a presidential tweet targeting the usual punching bag, Iran. Based on an incident that occurred two weeks ago, Trump threatened “I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.”

Iran’s flying gunboats are clearly a formidable force but it is certainly reassuring to note that naval anti-aircraft fire has been directed to deal with them.

The U.S. Navy ships in question are, one might also observe, in a body of water generally referred to as the Persian Gulf, where they are carrying out maneuvers right off of the Iranian coast.

Meanwhile, Iranian flying gunboats have not yet been observed off of New Jersey, but they are probably waiting to be transported to the Eastern Seaboard by those huge trans-oceanic gliders that once upon a time were allegedly being constructed by Saddam Hussein.

Given the cover provided by the virus, it should surprise no one that Israel is also playing the same game. The Jewish state has been continuing its lethal bombings of Syria, with hardly any notice in the international media.

 In a recent missile attack, nine people were killed near the historic city of Palmyra. Three of the dead were Syrians while six others were presumed to be Lebanese Shi’ites supporting the Damascus government.

Israel de facto regards any Shi’ite as an “Iranian” or an “Iranian proxy” and therefore a “terrorist” eligible to be killed on sight.

But the bigger coronavirus story has to do with Israel’s domestic politics. Benjamin Netanyahu and his principle opponent Benny Gantz have come to an agreement to form a national government, ostensibly to deal with the health crisis.

The wily Netanyahu, who will continue to be prime minister in the deal, has thereby retained his power over the government while also putting a halt to bids from the judiciary to try and sentence him on corruption charges.

As part of the deal with Gantz, Netanyahu will have veto power over the naming of the new government’s attorney general and state prosecutor, guaranteeing the appointment of individuals who will dismiss the charges.

And more will be coming, with the acquiescence of Washington. U.S. elections are little more than six months away and Donald Trump clearly believes that he needs the political support of Netanyahu to energize his rabid Christian Zionist supporters, as well as the cash coming from Jewish oligarchs Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer.

Republicans, Christian Zionism and The Apocalypse | gettingonmysoapbox

So, it is time to establish a quid pro quo, which will be Israeli government behind the scenes approaches to powerful and wealthy American Jews on behalf of Trump while the White House will look the other way while Israel annexes most of the remaining Palestinian West Bank.

Pompeo has welcomed the new Israeli government and has confirmed that the annexation of the Palestinian land will be “ultimately Israel’s decision to make,” which amounts to a green light for Netanyahu to go ahead.

A vote on West Bank annexation will reportedly be taken by the Knesset at the beginning of July followed immediately by steps to incorporate Jewish settlements into Israel proper.

According to the Israeli liberal newspaper Haaretz, the planned annexation has raised some concerns among a few liberal American Jewish organizations because it will convince many progressives in the U.S. that Israel has truly become an apartheid state.

J Street warned that annexation “would severely imperil Israel’s future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people, along with the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship” and has even suggested cutting U.S. aid if that step is actually taken.

Most other ostensibly liberal groups have adopted the usual Zionist two-step, i.e. condemning the move but not advocating any effective steps to prevent it.

And it should also be noted that the largest and most powerful Jewish organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) have not raised any objections at all.

Unaffiliated individual liberal Jews, to include those who consider themselves Zionists, have generally been concerned about the move, though their argument is quite hypocritical, based on their belief that annexation would pari passu destroy any possible two-state solution, damaging both Palestinian rights and “Jewish democracy.”

Some have even welcomed the change, noting that it would create a single state de facto which eventually would have to evolve into a modern democracy with equal rights for all. Such thinking is, however, nonsense.

Israel under Netanyahu and whichever fascist retread that eventually succeeds him regards itself as a Jewish state and will do whatever it takes to maintain that, even including dispossessing remaining Arabs of their land and possessions, stripping them of their legal status, and forcing them to leave as refugees.

That is something that might be referred to as ethnic cleansing, or even genocide.

And those Americans of conscience who are hoping for some change if someone named Joe Biden defeats Trump can also forget about that option. Biden has told the New York Times that “I believe a two-state solution remains the only way to ensure Israel’s long-term security while sustaining its Jewish and democratic identity.

It is also the only way to ensure Palestinian dignity and their legitimate interest in national self-determination.

And it is a necessary condition to take full advantage of the opening that exists for greater cooperation between Israel and its Arab neighbors. For all these reasons, encouraging a two-state solution remains in the critical interest of the United States.”

Unfortunately, someone should tell Joe that that particular train has already left the station due to the expansion of the Jewish state’s settlements.

Nice words from the man who would be president aside, Biden is bound to the Israel Lobby for its political support and the money it provides as tightly as can be and he will fold before AIPAC and company like a cheap suit.

He has famously declared that “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist – I am a Zionist” and “My Name is Joe Biden, and Everybody Knows I Love Israel.”

His vice-presidential candidates’ debate with Sarah Palin in 2008 turned embarrassing when he and Palin both engaged in long soliloquys about how much they cherish Israel. Indeed they do.

Every politician on the make loves Israel.

Wait! Don’t get that flu shot!

Must Watch!

From Phrma:

In these unprecedented times, we are coming together to achieve one shared goal: the eradication of COVID-19. The decades-long investments we have made in new technology, research and treatments have prepared us to act swiftly:

  • We are rapidly screening our vast global libraries of medicines to identify potential treatments and have numerous clinical trials underway to test new and existing therapies
  • We are dedicating our top scientists and using our investments in new technologies to speed the development of safe and effective vaccines
  • We are sharing the learnings from clinical trials in real time with governments and other companies to advance the development of additional therapies
  • We are expanding our unique manufacturing capabilities and sharing available capacity to ramp up production once a successful medicine or vaccine is developed
  • We are collaborating with government agencies, hospitals, doctors and others to donate supplies and medicines to help those affected around the world
  • We are working with governments and insurers to ensure that when new treatments and vaccines are approved they will be available and affordable for patients

The Evils of Big Pharma Exposed

What’s wrong with America is what’s wrong with Big Pharma. And what’s wrong with Big Pharma is what’s wrong with America.

This circular reality is aimed to be thoroughly covered in this presentation. This is the story of how Big Pharma seeks enormous profits over the health and well-being of the humans it serves, and how drug companies invasively corrupted the way that the healthcare industry delivers its vital services.

This is neither a new nor unique story. In fact, the story of Big Pharma is the exact same story of how Big Government, Big Oil, Big Agri-Chem Giants like Monsanto have come to power.

The controlling shareholders of all these major industries are one and the same. Big Money belonging to the global central banking cabal own and operate all the Fortune 500 companies in addition to virtually all national governments on this earth. The Rockefellers privatized healthcare in the United States back in the 1930’s and has financed and largely influenced both healthcare and Big Pharma ever since.

Keep Reading…

Their 50 Year Plan Found- CORONAVIRUS…

This is a must see website: Advancing Global Digital Content Safety

Online content has the power to influence minds, incite action, and shape the fabric of society. What is posted and shared on digital platforms has proliferated substantially, leading to questions of how harmful content should be governed to uphold the safety of society while considering diverse stakeholder interests and responsibilities across the media ecosystem. [In other words, inhibit free thinking and knowledge sharing]

Advancing Global Digital Content Safety is tackling the spread of harmful content online, including anti-vaccination content and coronavirus content which does not align with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The project will focus on:

    • Developing a framework of public-private cooperation and principles for online content moderation, including basic standards to define harmful content, accountability, and performance targets  
    • Reducing the spread of harmful content online by identifying complementary set of regulatory, technical, process, product, and business-driven solutions 
  • Identifying ways to increase literacy and promote safe digital experiences / spaces 

Panic and Political Absurdity in the Face of the Pandemic

This is perhaps the first global crisis in more than a century where no one is even looking for Washington to lead.

Remember when everyone knew pro wrestling was fake and they finally admitted it and the fans didn’t care and continued to watch anyway? We’re almost there with politics and the media.

Some politicians therefore surround themselves with people who have advanced science in the past, appoint them as “experts” on what they do not yet know, and use them to say how much good they think of their policies. For them, the aim is not to save lives, but to act to guarantee their Power.

by Thierry Meyssan

In history, the great epidemics that wiped out national economies were almost all followed by numerous overthrows of the executives.

The one at Covid-19 should be no exception to this rule, no matter how many deaths it may cause.

That is why political leaders around the world are making decisions that they know are unnecessary, just to show their fellow citizens that they have done everything in their power.

Social psychology shows that fear is not proportional to the danger, but to not being able to assess and control it.

When an unknown disease occurs and there is no telling how many men it will kill, Science tries to know about it by doubting everything.

Politicians, on the other hand, have to make decisions without knowing more than researchers.

Some politicians therefore surround themselves with people who have advanced science in the past, appoint them as “experts” on what they do not yet know, and use them to say how much good they think of their policies.

For them, the aim is not to save lives, but to act to guarantee their Power.

NBC News has been promoting celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz as the most visible member of the Today show’s so-called “Coronavirus Crisis Team.”


The media are trying to convince their fellow citizens that their own Executive has taken the same measures as the others and therefore cannot be accused of laxity.

They obscure the debate by falsely claiming that 3 billion people are simultaneously confined for medical reasons.

This is an amalgamation of very different situations and lies about their objectives.

The term “lockdown” as it is used today refers to:
- Quarantine. That is to say the confinement in an airlock, usually a boat, by customs, until they are sure not to allow sources of disease to enter the country.

This measure was invented by the Duke of Milan in 1374. This is what Japan did in February with the liner Diamond Princess.

- A sanitary cordon. It is the isolation of a sick neighbouring country or a sick population group so that it does not transmit the disease to the rest of the population.

Healthy people are then at risk of being infected by the sick. In the seventeenth century, Italy and Spain had the army isolate sick population groups, with orders to shoot on sight if individuals tried to leave. This is what China did with the population of Hubei.

- The confinement of people at risk. It is the designation of a category of citizens as potentially sick and its prohibition to meet the rest of the population so that they cannot be infected, nor infect others.

This is what France does, for example, by prohibiting entry into institutions for the elderly and residents from leaving them.

- Assigning an entire population to house arrest without distinction. This measure was not required by infectious diseases doctors, but by statistical epidemiologists in order not to saturate hospitals with a massive influx of patients in a short period of time. It has no historical precedent.

Only measures to prevent a disease from infecting a territory have sometimes been successful, as in 1919 in the United States Samoa Islands, which effectively protected itself from the Spanish flu that ravaged New Zealand Samoa. However, closing a border is no longer worthwhile when the disease is already present.

However, measures to slow down an epidemic have never succeeded in lowering the mortality rate. Worse, by spreading the disease over time, they make the population vulnerable to a second and then a third wave of contamination, until a vaccine is made available on a massive scale and requires at least 18 months of preparation.

While populations that refuse to be placed under house arrest gradually acquire herd immunity that protects them during new waves of contamination.

Mad As Hell Howard Beale GIF - MadAsHell HowardBeale Angry ...

Contrary to the dominant discourse, current forms of confinement are therefore likely to increase the number of deaths considerably over time.

Since some countries do not practise these measures, such as South Korea or Sweden, it will be possible to compare the results when new waves of contamination occur.

The hyper-precautionary policy of political leaders may then backfire.

In the past, videoconferencing was used to bring together people who could not meet. Today they are used to prevent any physical contact between them.

Decline of civilization

It is not possible to live together if we are afraid of each other. Civilization cannot be based on mistrust.

It is therefore, for example, not humanly acceptable to forbid accompanying sick people on their deathbed. We cannot accept being deprived of our freedom without good reason.

The European Convention on Human Rights of November 4, 1950, which was signed by all the states of the European continent from the United Kingdom to Russia, “lawful detention of a person likely to spread a contagious disease” (Article 5e), not for the purpose of managing the influx of patients in hospitals.

The European Union Treaties raise the bar even higher by stating that the “right of movement of persons” is part of the EU’s identity.

De facto, several member states have placed themselves outside this fundamental rule, starting the disintegration of the supranational state.

Some governments have chosen to turn citizens into enemies. In doing so, they deprive the state of legitimacy in their regard, since the state also becomes their enemy.

In France, the prefect of police in Paris, Didier Lallement, said that the people who are being resuscitated today are the same people who yesterday violated the confinement orders.

On another continent, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, before changing his mind, had ordered his police to “shoot and kill” any citizen who tried to break the containment rules.

If everyone is aware of the exorbitant economic cost of current politics and if everyone discovers its destructive psychological impact on the weak, few people are aware of the political bill to come.

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Covid-19 suits in Wuhan. When will NBC suits be available?

Placebo measures

Ignorant of the new disease, medical and political authorities advocate placebo measures to keep the morale of their fellow citizens high.

JPEG - 32 kb
Costume of a plague doctor. His mask has remained today as an accessory to the Venice Carnival.

In the seventeenth century, plague doctors wore a kind of suit made of linen, leather or waxed cloth and a mask with a long nose which allowed them to breathe through various fumigations of mint, camphor etc. Invented by the King of France’s physician, it spread throughout Europe.

Today some people also wear plastic or rubber suits against coronavirus with surgical masks. The wearing of these masks began for the general public during the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 in Japan. People’s confidence was rebuilt by being dressed as Western surgeons.

It gradually became established in Asia and spread to the rest of the world during the Covid-19 epidemic of 2020. However, never before has the effectiveness of plague doctors’ suits or surgical suits and masks for all been proven against an epidemic.

Anyway, by recommending the use of the surgeon’s suit to protect oneself from the disease, the Chinese medical authorities, and then the political leaders of the world, are proposing a solution to a problem that no one can solve at present. The main thing is to act, not to prevent and even less to treat.

“israel” is using coronavirus to implement the deal of the century

By Fareed Taamallah

The global spread of coronavirus has necessitated movement restrictions around the world, including in Israel and Palestine.

As the occupying state, Israel controls all entrances to and exits from the occupied West Bank and Gaza. Last week, it closed off Palestinian-administered areas under the pretext of “limiting the spread” of coronavirus. Bethlehem has been fully locked down for weeks.

It is clear to Palestinians that Israel is taking advantage of Covid-19, exploiting the West Bank lockdown to accelerate the annexation of Palestinian land, while allowing Israeli settlers to attack Palestinian civilians – further complicating Palestinian efforts to combat the pandemic.

Movement restrictions

The Israeli army is using the pretext of coronavirus to impose further closures and movement restrictions on Palestinians.

This ought to be a matter of public health, and the restrictions should apply equally to Israelis, as anyone can get infected – but the Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank, who live just a few hundred metres from the locked-down Palestinian communities, are not facing the same restrictions.

Israelis apparently believe they can take advantage of the current situation to implement the US “deal of the century”. Israel’s imposition of restrictions on movement in bantustan-like Palestinian areas is an early warning of how things would work if US President Donald Trump’s deal were to be implemented.

The current restrictions could cause serious problems for chronically ill Palestinians, including my daughter

For me, as a Palestinian born and raised under the Israeli occupation, the new ban on movement brings back memories of the curfews and siege imposed by the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian territories, especially during the Second Intifada, under the pretext of security.

During that time, the Israeli army locked down Palestinian communities and turned our lives into an unbearable nightmare, subject to severe repression.

In 2002, in my hometown of Qira in the northern West Bank, my newborn daughter Lina got a viral infection that caused severe diarrhea and fever for several days – but we couldn’t take her to a hospital or doctor, due to the Israeli-imposed curfew.

A year later, we discovered that this untreated infection had caused chronic kidney failure, and a kidney transplant was needed to save her life. The current restrictions could similarly cause serious problems for chronically ill Palestinians, including my daughter.

Collective punishment

While the world struggles to face the coronavirus pandemic, the Israeli army scrambles to uproot olive trees.

So far, more cases of coronavirus have been reported in Israel than in the West Bank. More than 2,500 cases have been recorded in Israel, compared with fewer than 100 in the Palestinian territories.

Yet, despite the unprecedented health crisis and widespread social isolation measures, Israeli police “have chosen now, of all times, to escalate their abuse and collective punishment” of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, according to the human rights group B’Tselem.

The level of violence perpetrated by Jewish settlers has simultaneously increased, with reports citing a campaign of attacks against Palestinian shepherds and farmers. In the Bethlehem area, where Palestinians live under strict quarantine, settlers recently uprooted hundreds of trees belonging to Palestinians.

 The Israeli army also recently allowed Jewish settlers into an archaeological site in the village of Sebastia in the northern West Bank, despite a Palestinian Authority decision to close down tourist sites and ban gatherings in an effort to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

In the meantime, Israel has started building roads for settlers near my home village south of Nablus – a clear attempt to define bantustans and ghettos for Palestinians. The settlers, under the protection of the Israeli occupation army, do not miss an opportunity to cause more suffering to the Palestinian people, using various pretexts and excuses.

In Gaza, which has registered just a handful of cases of coronavirus, there are serious concerns over the capacity of the healthcare system, which was already in crisis due to the Israeli-imposed blockade.

Dirty and overcrowded prisons

Israeli authorities recently reported that four Palestinian prisoners had been infected with coronavirus in an Israeli prison, after contact with an Israeli investigator who had Covid-19.

More than 5,000 Palestinians, including women and children, are currently being held in Israeli prisons, which are notoriously old, dirty, overcrowded, and lacking in basic hygiene supplies. If Israel cares about prisoners’ safety, it should release them.

In 1991, during the First Intifada, I was arrested by the Israeli army at the age of 17. Investigators tortured me for 39 days, using all means of physical and psychological torture.

I witnessed firsthand the solitary confinement conditions in a very tiny, dirty cell without windows; my health was neglected.

Palestinians today are trapped and fighting on two fronts: one against the pandemic, and the other against Israel’s brutal military occupation.

Yet one positive outcome of the recent lockdown is that it may draw attention to the daily movement restrictions that are omnipresent in Palestinians’ lives, but which most of the world doesn’t care about, or even know to exists.

Covid-19: Vaccine Kingpin Bill Gates Pedophile Scandal: Jeffrey Epstein

 All my enemies are on top of the Virus. Or…should I say, at the bottom of it. Both. Trump blah blah blah, Pompeo blah blah blah, Pence blah blah blah. Henry Kissinger blah blah blah. And on and on. This is a nightmare scenario!

Beginning in 2011, Mr. Gates met with the key insider in all of this devil-doing, Jeffrey Epstein, & continued to do so on numerous occasions, according to the NYTimes.

This included “at least three times at Mr. Epstein’s palatial Manhattan townhouse, & at least once staying late into the night, according to interviews with more than a dozen people familiar with the relationship, as well as documents reviewed by The New York Times.

“Employees of Mr. Gates’s foundation also paid multiple visits to Mr. Epstein’s mansion.
And Mr. Epstein spoke with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & JPMorgan Chase about a proposed multibillion-dollar charitable fund — an arrangement that had the potential to generate enormous fees for Mr. Epstein.”

COVID Spells End of US Globalist Horror Show …

Russia and China Are Equal Players Now

It really doesn’t matter who, it doesn’t matter if we like them or not. What’s needed is a balance of power in the world.

The balance of power theory in international relations suggests that states may secure their survival by preventing any one state from gaining enough military power to dominate all others.[1] If one state becomes much stronger, the theory predicts it will take advantage of its weaker neighbors, thereby driving them to unite in a defensive coalition. Some realists maintain that a balance-of-power system is more stable than one with a dominant state, as aggression is unprofitable when there is equilibrium of power between rival coalitions.[1]

The days of the US as the number one international superpower are finally over. There is nothing more symbolic of that than the US accepting humanitarian aid from Russia and China.

This is going to bring hell on earth for all of us, but it does feel great to see the system that brought us such things as child trannies, endless wars, multiculturalism, feminism and Rise of Skywalker finally ending.

And it is poetic that it is ending in a nonsensical panic over

Russia is sending a plane filled with medical equipment to the United States to help fight the coronavirus following a phone conversation between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

The Russian Embassy Tuesday posted on its social media channels that “Russia may send a plane with medical equipment and protection gear to the United States already on Tuesday,” citing the Russian news agency TASS.

 Reuters later reported that Russian state TV was saying the flight had taken off early Wednesday morning.

This comes after Trump indicated, without much context, that Russia was sending some sort of medical aid in his Monday coronavirus task force briefing.

“And I have to say, we’ve had great relationships with a lot of countries,” Trump said. “China sent us some stuff, which was terrific.

 Russia sent us a very, very large planeload of things, medical equipment, which was very nice.”

The American government’s “aid” regime was the symbol of its global dominance. Now it is the one receiving aid. And Russia is going to get a lot more opportunities for this.

They have made the decision to not completely collapse their economy. And due to the sanctions that have been going on since 2014, as well as the nature of Russia, their economy is not unstable in the way the US economy is unstable.

They also do not have tens of millions of brown people to create endless chaos in their country if something goes wrong.

Of course, the Jew media knows what this means, and they’re mad, implying it is some sort of plot.

It’s not a plot.

You people wanted to keep the cold war going, and you turned a victory into a loss.

The jig is up.

It will be so much fun to watch the realization set in among the media class of just what they have done.

The time of it mattering if they don’t like Russia, or don’t like something else, or want a war in Syria or Iran, or want more child trannies – that is all over.

Nothing they say is going to matter anymore.

Bonus video

William Powell Lear was an American inventor and businessman. He is best known for founding the Lear Jet Corporation, a manufacturer of business jets. He also invented the battery eliminator for the B battery, and developed the 8-track cartridge, an audio tape system.
Concerned About Nuclear Weapons Potential, John F. Kennedy Pushed for Inspection of Israel Nuclear Facilities, unaware that no one has such authority over the Jews. All the actors (Kennedy was against their interests) beyond them worked under the authority of the Jews. LBJ, Bush, Dulles and all the people working under their authority. So I believe Lear on this topic.

UK extends its ‘immense gratitude’ to US Enemy

Chavez, Castro

During Operation Braemar, I witnessed the many qualities of the Cuban people, their humanitarian principles, kindness and hard-working attitude; facets of the Cuban character that I have come to know and love since I came to the country.

I assure those who return home today that their great gesture of solidarity will last in the memory of the passengers and crew of the Braemar, their family and friends, who are now reunited thanks to their effort.

UK ambassador to Cuba Dr Antony Stokes has formally thanked the Cuban government for taking in British cruise ship MS Braemar.

The vessel, with a number of people infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) onboard, was refused permission to dock in the Bahamas and Barbados.

UK ambassador to Cuba Dr Antony Stokes has formally thanked the Cuban government for taking in British cruise ship MS Braemar.

But the Cuban government offered to take it in and, as a result, 43 Cuban workers who helped had to go into quarantine for two weeks. Most of the ship’s 600 passengers were from the UK and have now been allowed to return home.

A ‘great gesture of solidarity’

In a letter dated 2 April and addressed to “those who helped in Operation Braemar”, Stokes said that he wanted to express his “and my country’s immense gratitude to the 43 Cubans” who assisted in Operation Braemar.
His letter concluded with a handwritten note extending “a big (virtual) hug to all”.

Cuban solidarity

 Cuba’s humanitarian efforts have been extensive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout March, Cuba sent scores of doctors to countries most affected by the virus. By 26 March, Cuba had reportedly “sent 144 health workers to Jamaica, 136 doctors to Venezuela, and 50 doctors to Suriname”, as well as dozens to Italy.

Despite its humanitarian efforts, Cuba remains under a brutal US blockade which extends back to the Cold War era.