Israeli filmmaker uncovers horrific new evidence of the Deir Yassin Massacre

The history and the massacre that took place in Deir Yassin are now buried under shopping centres, bus depots, religious Jewish schools, and a psychiatric hospital in the Orthodox neighbourhoods of Givat Shaul Bet and Har Nof.

The Massacre of Deir Yassin is only a single incident out of so many it’s too much to cover. The Lehi and the Irgun dissolved into the newly established Israel Defense Forces, a citizen’s army, which became Israel’s military backbone. Israel has never gotten worse, it’s never changed. The history and the massacre that took place in Deir Yassin are now buried under shopping centers, bus depots, religious Jewish schools, and a psychiatric hospital in the Orthodox neighborhoods of Givat Shaul Bet and Har Nof.

The majority of the massacre victims were women, children or people over the age of 60, despite claims by the Zionist movement at the time that the dead were Palestinian fighters who attacked the militia as they entered the village.

On April 9, 1948, Zionist militias, Irgun and Lehi (a.k.a Stern Gang), attacked the village of Deir Yassin, killing over 100 people including women and children.

Reports stated that the residents of the small village were mutilated, decapitated, disemboweled and raped. [The Lehi and the Irgun dissolved into the newly established Israel Defense Forces, a citizen’s army, which became Israel’s military backbone.]

In an article published recently by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, hidden evidence and shocking new testimonies regarding the massacre have been released.

Neta Shoshani, an Israeli filmmaker who has been researching the history of the massacre, entitled her most recent film “Born in Deir Yassin”.

Shoshani interviewed and gathered testimonies from people who were present during the massacre, and evidence from Israeli archives that are hidden from the public.

April 10, 1948 – Dar El Tifl Orphanage & School, East Jerusalem. “In April 1948, Hind al-Husseini [1916-1994], a 31-year-old teacher, came across 55 young orphaned children—most under the age of nine—wandering near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. They were survivors of the massacre in the Arab village of Deir Yassin. Husseini immediately rented them two rooms. Subsequently, she established an orphanage in her Jerusalem home, a mansion built by her grandfather in 1891… Until Israel recently closed off the West Bank’s access to Jerusalem with walls & checkpoints, Dar al-Tifl al-Arabi (“The House of the Arab Child”) was the largest Palestinian orphanage, serving over 1500 pupils. Today, it stands virtually empty.

She showed the evidence to the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz. The film shows “A young fellow tied to a tree and set on fire. A woman and an old man shot in the back. Girls lined up against a wall and shot with a submachine gun.”Among those who testified was Yehuda Feder, former member of Lehi. “In the village I killed an armed Arab man and two Arab girls of 16 or 17. I stood them against a wall and blasted them with two rounds from the Tommy gun.” Who was responsible for Israel’s 1967 massacre? He told Shoshani, adding “We confiscated a lot of money and silver and gold jewelry fell into our hands.”Former Jerusalem commander of Lehi, Yehoshua Zettler, said “They took dead people, piled them up and burned them.”, and described the residents of the village saying “they ran like cats.”

April 10, 1948 – “The Stern Gang received money collected under the name [of the] American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel. Mr. Shepard Rifkin was executive director after the UN Partition of Palestine & prior to the creation of Israel in May 1948. Rifkin solicited Albert Einstein to help the Stern Gang raise American money for arms to drive out the Arabs & help create a Jewish state. On April 10th, the day after the infamous massacre of Arabs at Deir Yassin, Einstein replied calling the Stern Gang terrorists & misled criminals.” Text of Einstein’s letter: “Dear Sir: When a real and final catastrophe should befall us in Palestine the first responsible for it would be the British and the second responsible for it the Terrorist organizations build up from our own ranks. I am not willing to see anybody associated with those misled and criminal people. Sincerely yours, Albert Einstein.”

The attackers cut through the village using explosives, blowing up houses, and “within a few hours, half the village wasn’t there any more” said Zettler.Mordechai Gichon, before he died last year was a lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army; a Haganah intelligence officer at the time. He was sent to Deir Yassin after the massacre. “When the Cossacks burst into Jewish neighborhoods, then that should have looked something like this,” he said – comparing Deir Yassin to Jewish pogroms. “My impression was more of a massacre than anything else. If it is a matter of killing innocent civilians, then it can be called a massacre.” He told Shoshani.Yair Tsaban, a member of the Youth Brigades at the time, was sent to bury the corpses in fear of the Red Cross showing up “at any moment, and it was necessary to blur the traces [of the killings] because publication of pictures and testimonies about what had happened in the village would be very damaging to the image of our War of Independence.”Tsaban stated that during that process, he did not at all encounter a corpse of an armed man but “mostly women and old men.” He also testified to seeing civilians shot in the back, “An old man and a woman, sitting in the corner of a room with their faces to the wall, and they are shot in the back.”A member of the Information Service of the Haganah at the time, Shraga Peled, told his story Personally to Shoshani. “When I got to Deir Yassin, the first thing I saw was a big tree to which a young Arab fellow was tied. And this tree was burnt in a fire. They had tied him to it and burned him. I photographed that.” Peled was sent to document the events, and later gave the film to his superiors. He hasn’t seen it since then.Also hidden in Israeli archives, and featured in Shoshani’s film, is a scene of orphaned children whose parents had been killed at Deir Yassin. This, along with a mammoth amount of looted and hidden history, remains in the Israeli military’s archives. Shoshani’s petition against hiding the archives, which was supported by Haaretz, was rejected by Israel’s High Court and finally by the Supreme Court in 2010.

“The state explained that publication of the pictures was liable to damage the state’s foreign relations and the ‘respect for the dead,” stated Haaretz.

The Massacre of Deir Yassin is only a single incident. Seventy years of history remain censored by the state of Israel.

Today: Getting into Palestine:

Both Palestinian territories – the West Bank and Gaza – are confined by a large, military separation wall which allows Israeli forces to control what, and who, goes in and out. If you wish to enter or exit either of the territories, be you foreign or Palestinian, you will first have to successfully pass through checkpoints controlled by the Israeli military.

There are no direct flights to either the West Bank or Gaza. In 2000 the airport at Qalandia was closed for civilian travel and the Israeli Defence Forces took over control.

Instead, you must fly to either an Israeli airport or that of a neighbouring country (such as Jordan) before entering via an Israeli checkpoint.

Flying to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, Israel is the fastest, ‘easiest’ way to enter either the West Bank or Gaza. However, the vast majority of Palestinian nationals possess only a green identification card and not a blue one. This forbids them from entering any area now considered to be Israel. Therefore, most Palestinians living in the West Bank that wish to travel must do so via Jordan.

“Israel” Converts Historical Mosque Into A Zionist Party House

The Israeli municipality in Safed has turned Al-Ahmar Mosque into a bar and events hall. Zionists don’t do “good” or “nice.”

This reveals much about the psychology behind the Holocaust Storytellers, and how they view the world.

Like Dirty settlers strutting the Al-Aqsa mosque sanctuary. They have no business there, Muslims don’t strut across their Kodex. The heavily armed IDF every now and then likes to go inside the mosques with their boots on and trample the clean prayers rugs. The Muslims don’t go near their stuff and never have.

The mosques they destroy are claimed to be abandoned…after the village is razed and the inhabitants run out! 

The Christian Zionists, another freak tribe.

The Israeli municipality in Safed has turned Al-Ahmar Mosque into a bar and events hall, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported yesterday.

Safed was once home to 12,000 Palestinians who were forced out of their homes in 1948.
Tabari said that the mosque is now open for use for everything except prayers by Muslims.

The village of Deir Yassin


Today, the village of Deir Yassin still stands, although it has been renamed as the Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center, a mental asylum for Jews. Visitors to Yad Vashem will look out directly at the massacre site from the front of the “Holocaust Memorial.”

It has to be the ultimate act of Chutzpah: to locate a memorial to an alleged Jewish holocaust at the site of a very real holocaust carried out by Zionist terrorists against Palestinians.
The siting of Yad Vashem at this spot reveals much about the psychology behind the Holocaust Storytellers, and how they view the world.

The Zionist boy next door.

At least ten houses were dynamited, and the local cemetery bulldozed.
Within months, the area was resettled with Jews from Poland, Rumania, and Slovakia—who had all “miraculously” escaped the “gas chambers”—and the village was renamed Givat Shaul Bet.
 One survivor recounts how the Zionists tossed the bakers baby into the oven.
Deir Yassin was wiped off the map. As Jerusalem expanded, the land of Deir Yassin became part of the city and is now known simply as the area between Givat Shaul and the settlement of Har Nof on the western slopes of the mountain.
Twenty-five male villagers were loaded into trucks, paraded through the Zakhron Yosef quarter in Jerusalem in front of cheering Jewish crowds, and then taken to a stone quarry along the road between Givat Shaul and Deir Yassin and shot to death. The remaining residents were driven to Arab East Jerusalem.
A final body count of 254 was reported by The New York Times on April 13, a day after the dead were buried.

The massacre at Deir Yassin took place on April 9, 1948, when around 120 Zionist terrorists from the Irgun Zevai Leumi and Lohamei Herut Israel Zionist groups attacked the Palestinian-Arab village of around 600 people to ethnically cleanse the region around Jerusalem of non-Jews.

Hundreds of unarmed villagers were gunned down by the Jewish terrorists, including women and children, while others were killed when hand grenades were thrown into their homes.

Several villagers were taken prisoner and were killed later after being paraded through the streets of West Jerusalem in front of cheering Jewish crowds.

The murder sparked widespread panic among the Palestinian community and many thousands fled, helping to establish Jewish demographic supremacy in large parts of Israel.

Zvi Ankori, who commanded the Zionist Unit at Deir Yassin gave this statement on April 9, 1982:

“I went into 6 to 7 houses. I saw cut off genitalia and women’s crushed stomachs. According to the shooting signs on the bodies, it was direct murder.” (New York Jewish Newsletter in October 1960)

The Zionists had bayoneted the wombs of pregnant Palestinian women and crushed the heads and bodies of dozens of children and babies.

And then in the ultimate chutzpah, Zionists purposely publicized their horrific crimes.

Menachem Begin was actually proud of Deir Yassin.

He boasted that the massacre he ordered induced the terror that the Jews needed to help ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from the new Zionist State. Quote:

“The massacre was not only justified, but there would not have been a state of Israel without the victory at Deir Yassin.” (New York Jewish Newsletter in October 1960)

700,000 men women and children were terrorized and driven from their homes.  The Jewish extremists accomplished this by mass murder, torture and terror.

centerToday, the village of Deir Yassin still stands, although it has been renamed as the Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center, a mental asylum for Jews.

Many of the buildings which remained intact after the Jewish terrorist attack, have been incorporated into the hospital, and can be seen to the present day.

The massacre site is exactly 2000 feet away from Israel’s holocaust museum Yad Vashem, and visitors will actually look out at the massacre site as they leave the museum.

It is a typical act of Jewish chutzpah to locate a memorial to their suffering on a site which overlooks the place where they inflicted so much suffering and misery on other people.

The siting of Yad Vashem on a site which overlooks Deir Yassin is  symbolic of the way that Jewish Supremacists treat all other people on earth: first, by inflicting injury upon other people, and then claiming that they are the ones who actually suffered and who, alone among all people, deserve sympathy.