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Charles Frith - Punk Planning: JFK Blocked Nuclear Israel Before His Murder

“Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. The survival of our friends is in danger. And yet no war has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops, no missiles have been fired.”

Here the Jew admits who has the power

Enough power to overthrow the world in 1920

On the 10th of October, 2007, at Hotel Hilton in Tel-Aviv, Israeli President Shimon Peres stated the following:
“From such a small country like ours [Israel], this is almost amazing. I see that we [the Jewish people] are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania, and Poland. And the way I see it, we have no problems. Thanks to our talent, our contacts and our dynamism, we get almost everywhere.”


How many Jews are there in the United States? No Gentile knows.

The figures are the exclusive property of the Jewish authorities.

The government of the United States can provide statistics on almost every matter pertaining to the population of the country, but whenever it has attempted in a systematic way to get information about the Jews who are constantly entering the country and the number now resident here, the Jewish lobby at Washington steps in and stops it.

The American people would be vastly surprised if they could see a
line-up of some of the “American business men” who hold up our
commercial prestige overseas.

They are mostly Jews.

They have a keen
sense of the value of the American name, and when in a foreign port you
stroll up to the office which bears the sign, “American Importing
Company,” or “American Commercial Company,” or other similarly
non-committal names, hoping to find a countryman, an American, you
usually find a Jew whose sojourn in America appears to have been all too

This may throw a sidelight on the regard in which “American
business methods” are held in some parts of the world.

When 30 or 40
different races of people can carry on business under the name
“American,” and do it legally, too, it is not surprising that Americans
do not recognize some of the descriptions of American methods which
appear in the foreign press.

The Germans long ago complained that the
rest of the world was judging them by the German-speaking Jewish
commercial traveler.

 The International Jew, by Henry Ford

Reversing the Zionist agenda

One may safely assume that Zionist organizations and agents in the U.S. are already hard at work with the Biden people to assure that no such reversal takes place.

As the U.S. and the world wait with anticipation for the Biden administration to take office, people with progressive agendas are feeling optimistic.

Teams working on immigration, health care, and the environment, to name just a few, are already at work preparing to move the United States in a new direction.

The one progressive issue where there is little optimism though is Palestine.

This is mostly because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both self-declared Zionists and because there is a history of total U.S. support for Israel.

But even though most American politicians are Zionists, Trump moving out of the White House presents a sense of a new beginning and should be used as an opportunity to change the paradigm on Palestine.

It can easily be demonstrated that Israel is a dangerous, even reckless state and that continued support for it only promises instability.

Israel is an apartheid state that is already on the verge of collapse. With over two million men women and children locked up in the uninhabitable Gaza Strip, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel in the Naqab living without access to water or electricity, crime on the rise, and political instability growing, Israel is likely to become even more dangerous than it is today.

Furthermore, the Netanyahu government is tightly connected to Trump. In fact, one could argue that Trump’s entire foreign policy regarding the Middle East and Iran were dictated by Netanyahu.

Israel will, of course, vehemently oppose any reversal of the actions taken by the Trump-Kushner-Freedman trio.

One may safely assume that Zionist organizations and agents in the U.S. are already hard at work with the Biden people to assure that no such reversal takes place.

Still, Joe Biden will have to show that he stands by some, if not all, of the foreign policy agreements that were reached during the Obama years and later abandoned by Donald Trump.

He will likely have to do this even if it means Israel will be displeased. First and foremost would be a return to the Iran nuclear deal, also known as The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The agreement with Iran was central to the Obama legacy, and Trump dropping out of the agreement pleased Israel to no end.

A return to the agreement will cause friction between Biden and Israel but since the entire spectrum of Israeli politicians – the one exception being the Joint Arab List – made no secret of their support for Trump, one would hope that some political payback is forthcoming.

Biden’s foreign policy team will also have to deal with the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and the consequent moving of the U.S. embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as the U.S. recognition of Israel’s annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

Both were gifts to the Netanyahu government, both were diplomatic blunders that aided Netanyahu, and both will be difficult to reverse.

There are a few things that the Biden team will be able to reverse, though not without serious objections from Israel.

These include a return to funding UNRWA, the UN agency charged with caring for over five million Palestinian refugees.

Those refugees languish in camps throughout Palestine and the surrounding countries because Israel violently expelled them, stole their land and property, and then banned them from returning.

Trump stopped funding for UNRWA in order to satisfy his Zionist-laden foreign policy team.

The reopening of the Palestinian mission in Washington D.C. is another act Israel will not like but one might expect will happen under the Biden administration.

It was on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Oslo Accords that the Trump administration closed down the mission and did so in a manner that could not be less diplomatic, practically throwing out the head of mission, Dr. Husam Zumlot. Needless to say, Zionists were thrilled to see that there was no longer Palestinian representation in the U.S. capital.

Even if a new Biden administration ended up reversing Trump’s implementation of the above-mentioned policies, it would only mean that things had returned to where they were before, which was total support for Israel with a symbolic hint that some small measure of regard is given to the rights of Palestinians.

Progress will only come when it is made clear in Washington that no one can claim to support democracy and human rights while supporting Israel.

Support in congress

Support for Palestine is growing in the U.S. House of Representatives and with it the understanding that Zionist foreign policy, which dominates U.S. foreign policy, is flawed. Furthermore, there is a growing understanding that supporting human rights includes supporting Palestinian rights.

People are growing weary of the U.S. arming and financing Zionist ambitions, and it is not hard to see that Israel does not violate international law and human rights, but rather Israel is itself a violation of international law and human rights.

Every day that Palestinian refugees languish in camps is a violation of human decency as well as international law and the basic human rights of over five million people.

The fact that the homes, land, and property of these refugees were stolen by Israel after they were forced to flee by armed Zionist terror squads – that is an ongoing violation of international law.

Each day that Palestinians in Gaza remain locked up in the world’s largest open-air prison is a violation of international law and the human rights of the over two million people who live in the Gaza Strip.

These are just a small sample of the many examples that demonstrate why no one can be progressive while supporting Israel.

Moving past Anti-Semitism

Israel has armed itself with the weapon of “anti-semitism” and it is wielding it with great mastery.

The use of the IHRA definition of anti-semitism and its acceptance by countless governments and non-governmental organizations has created a shield that protects Israel from criticism.


This shield also holds prisoner any organization that has adopted the definition.

Having adopted the definition prevents the possibility of ever expressing legitimate criticism of Israel without being accused of anti-semitism.

In the U.S., this definition has been adopted across the board, even the United States Department of State has adopted it.

Still, when the facts are laid out clearly, even the weaponization of anti-semitism cannot protect Israel.

There is a change in the air in the United States and although the Biden-Harris duo has declared themselves Zionists, there is an opportunity to push forward an aggressive pro-Palestine, pro-justice agenda.

A long time ago it seemed that U.S. support for a country by the name of South Vietnam (yes, there was a country by that name once) was unwavering and would never end.

There was also a racist, apartheid regime that ruled over most of Southern Africa, and the U.S. government as well as American corporations fought hard against any attempts to boycott and bring it down.

Yet, South Vietnam fell, as did the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Biden and Harris may be supporters of Zionism today, but that can change.

It is the duty of those who care for Palestine to make their voices heard now louder than ever before, to organize better and push as hard as possible. Millions of lives are at stake.

Feature photo | Joe Biden, projected on screens, is applauded by the audience as he addresses the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2013 Policy Conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, March 4, 2013. Susan Walsh | AP

Miko Peled is an author and human rights activist born in Jerusalem. He is the author of “The General’s Son. Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,” and “Injustice, the Story of the Holy Land


Israel: Lying for your fake country

“One clear day they will open the windows and they [Zionists] will see ‘no more State’.” ~Rabbi Avraham Yishaya Karelitz,
author of Chazon Ish (1878-1953)

The 16th and 17th century English author and diplomat Henry Wotton described an ambassador as someone “sent abroad to lie for his country”.

Nowadays, the principle of “lying abroad” enables Israel to hammer home its message and drown out that of the Palestinians throughout Western media…

It is not surprising that nations use propaganda to cover up their sins. What is surprising is that so-called intelligent, informed journalists report Israel’s fabricated stories time and again, and rarely dig deeper…
By taking at face value anything said by Israeli politicians or spokespeople without independent corroboration, the press is presenting Israel in the best possible light, a stated aim of Israel and Zionism.

Yitzhak Shamir, the seventh prime minister of Israel famously said: “It is permissible to lie for the sake of the Land of Israel.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Irrespective of whether you’re right or not, you must always present your side as right.”

Akiva Eldar, an Israeli journalist, also wrote: “In Israel, lying has become the norm among the army, the legal establishment and the diplomatic corps.

Lying has become a way of life for commanders and soldiers, lawyers and clerks, most of whose views are far from being right-wing, and who loathe the occupation.”

Real Jews are not Zionists at all and must oppose it

There is an all-pervasive willingness to accept Israel’s own excuses for even the most criminal and inhuman acts…

The media fail to spot – or choose to ignore – that all of Israel’s accounts of its actions aim to deceive.

It is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of anyone who might otherwise believe the Palestinian arguments for justice, freedom and an end to persecution.

“Some of them believe that the Zionist movement cooperated with Nazi Germany in order to cause Jews to emigrate and establish their state and entity in Palestine after WWII.
[The Zionist movement] strives to revive the memory of the ‘Holocaust’ lie on the 27th of January, every year. It made itself a representative of the Jews of the world – both the living and the dead.

Israel demands reparations from Europe in its entirety.”

“Some of them believe that the Zionist movement cooperated with Nazi Germany in order to cause Jews to emigrate and establish their state and entity in Palestine after WWII.

[The Zionist movement] strives to revive the memory of the ‘Holocaust’ lie on the 27th of January, every year.

It made itself a representative of the Jews of the world – both the living and the dead. Israel demands reparations from Europe in its entirety.”

“The Zionist Movement Managed To Occupy Palestine Based On A Bunch Of Myths – One Of Those Myths Was The Holocaust”

Narrator: “The Zionist movement managed to occupy Palestine based on a bunch of myths. One of those myths was the Holocaust.

The word ‘Holocaust’ is used to describe the mass extermination of Jews by Nazis in WWII, according to what the Zionists claim.

“Although the violent events that took place in WWII claimed both Jewish and non-Jewish victims, Zionist propaganda propagated the term ‘antisemitism,’ which denotes the resentment of the West towards Jews, but not towards others, and limited the events of the Holocaust to Jewish [victims] only.

“Many Israeli historians believe the Holocaust to be a lie employed in the service of the Zionist enterprise in Palestine.

“Some of them believe that the Zionist movement cooperated with Nazi Germany in order to cause Jews to emigrate and establish their state and entity in Palestine after WWII.

Jews, money and antisemitism: How the hate myth was born | Middle East Eye

[The Zionist movement] strives to revive the memory of the ‘Holocaust’ lie on the 27th of January, every year.

It made itself a representative of the Jews of the world – both the living and the dead. Israel demands reparations from Europe in its entirety.”

“The Holocaust Industry Has Become A Profitable Business Today, As Well As A Means Through Which Israel Extorts The Western Countries”

“The Holocaust industry has become a profitable business today, as well as a means through which Israel extorts the Western countries. Israel applied pressure on Germany until the German government agreed to pay reparations to the Jews.

“Israel played with the numbers, and inflated the number of Jews in Germany at the time of the Nazis, purporting that there were six million Jews there.

“In order to obtain more money, Israel invented stories about the Nazis using gas chambers for the mass murder of Jews.”

Trump Admin Moves $10 Billion Weapons Sale to Israel’s friends in UAE

Fight hard and be strong in the battle against the Zionists and the Nationalist Council, which has risen up against us and against the holy Torah. We must especially fight their latest sins, in which they take precious souls, refugee children from Poland or Yemen, orphaned of both father and mother, and force them to abandon their faith. Wage a bold war with them, and G-d forbid to come to an agreement with them. (Hachomah, 1 Sivan 5704) Rabbi Dovid Baharan of Jerusalem,(d. 1946)

“It is time for this region to enjoy peace, stability and development,” Al Kaabi remarked.

A Congressional aide told Reuters on Friday that the State Department informally notified Congress of its intent to sell $10 billion in military equipment to the UAE. The $10 billion sale includes precision-guided munitions, non-precision bombs, and missiles.

The informal notification was sent to Congress late Thursday after the Trump administration did the same for a $2.9 billion drone sale to Abu Dhabi.

News of the potential drone sale and munitions sale comes shortly after the State Department told Congress of its plans to sell F-35 fighter jets to the UAE, a sale that was agreed to as part of Abu Dhabi’s normalization with Israel.

Arming the UAE to the teeth could draw concern from Congress over Israel’s military superiority in the region, known as the Qualitative Military Edge (QME). Congress is required by US law to uphold Israel’s QME, and some lawmakers have introduced legislation to slow the F-35 sale.

For their part, Israel has essentially given the US the green light to sell advanced weapons to the UAE in exchange for more arms. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he received strong assurances on “the American commitment to preserve Israel’s military qualitative edge” when discussing the F-35 sale last week.

In earlier comments, Netanyahu said Israel would not oppose the sale of “certain weapon systems” to the UAE after discussing the issue with US officials.

The US plans to sell 50 F-35 fighter jets to Abu Dhabi, estimated at $10.4 billion. Including the drones and munitions, the UAE stands to gain about $24 billion in new weapons for normalizing with Israel.

New Zionist Friends UAE relaxes Islamic laws to allow alcohol consumption, sex outside marriage

Signs of the appearance of the Dajjal:

People will stop offering prayers
Dishonesty will be the way of life
Falsehood will prevail
Blood of innocents would be shed
The oppressed will be proud of their actions
The rulers will be corrupt and fools
Women will dress like men and men like women
Women will compete with men in doing business
Widespread of Adultery.
Sins will be committed openly
False testimony will be accepted.

The UAE has moved to revise its Islamic personal laws, loosening restrictions on alcohol and cohabitation of unmarried couples as well as scrapping lenient penalties for “honor killings,” the state media said.

The changes, which were announced on Saturday by the government-run WAM news agency, are intended to “consolidate the UAE’s principles of tolerance” and improve the Gulf nation’s economic and social profile. However, the agency didn’t specify when the new relaxed rules will go into force.

The UAE is going to make enemies out of it’s own populace

Penalties for alcohol consumption, possession and sales for those 21 and over will be eliminated in the Muslim country, which positions itself as a more Westernized tourist hotspot than other areas in the region. UAE citizens previously required a special license to drink beer and other liquors at bars or at home.

The reform will also allow “cohabitation of unmarried couples.” Such behavior has been considered criminal in UAE for a long time, though the law was rarely enforced against expats living in the financial hub of Dubai and other emirates.

‘Israel’ in place of Palestine. Israel is a filthy place.

The reform comes amid the US-brokered normalization of ties between longtime regional foes UAE and Israel, which is expected to bring investment and numerous Israeli tourists to the Gulf country.

Dubai is also hosting the World Expo in 2021-22. It’s planned that some 25 million people will visit the country for the major international event, greatly boosting economic activity in the UAE.

The expo was initially scheduled to take place this year, but was moved due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why are ‘israelis’ different from everyone else?

The thieves took their little children along telling them “all this belongs to us…there isn’t anyone else” after the Arabs were chased and murdered out of their homes and neighborhoods. Is it any wonder the same children and their children see this as a normal way of life and the rest of the world does not, and I think these Israelis don’t realize that the rest of us are not taught this way and don’t see life this way…and worst of all, they are deceived about their identities. I know I’m of European decent in America, European ‘israelis’ have been taught to believe that they are Middle Easterners [just don’t happen to look like the rest of them]. How pathetic is that?

“The Eastern European Zionists are not Semites (though the Arabs are), have no Semitic blood, and their remote forefathers never trod Palestinian earth.” The British journalist Douglas Reed, former chief Central European correspondent of the Times, 1950.

Al-Musrara is relatively a small neighborhood that was built in different phases from the 1860 onward as the first residential blocks outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem.

it witnessed a flourishment in 1920, due to the number of the primary and secondary schools, and most notably the constitutional School founded by Khalil Sakakini in 1909.

Two-thirds of the neighborhood was occupied in 1948, while one-third remained close to Bab al-Amoud “Damascus Gate” with the Arabs.

Golda Mabovitch aka Golda Meir lived in a stolen Palestinian’s home in Palestine. As did they all!

Before and after Nakba, many of the attacks occurred on the city’s dividing line where this neighborhood is located.

The occupation authorities settled Jews from the Arab Maghreb in that occupied part of Musrara after Nakba. Dozens used to live in one house.

For example, the Palestinian house, which was consisted of four rooms, used to be inhabited by 40 Eastern Jews, 10 per room.

This continued until the authorities took them out of these houses and placed them in overcrowded dwellings and housings that were built to accommodate them and settle the Western “Ashkenazi” Jews in the beautiful Arab houses instead of the Eastern Jews.

Not Semitic ancestry

The majority of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from prehistoric European women, according to study published today (October 8) in Nature Communications. While the Jewish religion began in the Near East, and the Ashkenazi Jews were believed to have origins in the early indigenous tribes of this region, new evidence from mitochondrial DNA, which is passed on exclusively from mother to child, suggests that female ancestors of most modern Ashkenazi Jews converted to Judaism in the north Mediterranean around 2,000 years ago and later in west and central Europe. In other words, they are not from a Semitic people.

This caused anger and resentment among the Eastern Jews. Which eventually led to the establishment of the Black Panthers movement in 1971, with the aim of bringing up a social revolution in the Israeli society due to the feeling of oppression, discrimination and racism of the Easterners in employment and services unlike the Westerners.

However, this movement and its rebellions were suppressed as well as ended in 1973.
The house in the picture was built in the late 19th century.

After Nakba, the israelis turned it into a religious school called Beit Ya’akov and later became a photography and Media School.

However, Israeli sources mentions something, when talking about this house:
(Perhaps a house for a rich Ethiopian man who built it for his lover or a house that belongs to a Palestinian family), and here we refute this narrative and emphasize the Palestinian property..

In 1925, Minister Arthur Balfour visited Palestine for the first time after giving the ominous promise of eight years.

There were widespread protests among the Palestinians, and the residents took part in demonstrations and declared a total strike.

They raised the black flags in the streets, alleys and houses.

Attached in the first comment the picture of the house owner raising the black flags on his balcony, refusing the visit of Balfour to Palestine!


‘Israel’ watches Election Day in the US

On the eve of the U.S. presidential election, leaders of Israeli settlers in the West Bank gathered in the occupied city of Hebron, Palestine to pray for victory for President Donald Trump.

It was a highly symbolic move by the settlers, who have been among the biggest beneficiaries of the president’s Mideast policies.

Monday’s gathering took place in front of a holy site revered by Jews and Muslims as the burial place of the biblical patriarch Abraham, a gesture to the Trump-brokered deals between Israel and Arab countries known as the “Abraham Accords.”

“We are grateful for his first term, and we pray that he may be elected for another four years of blessed endeavors,” said Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, mayor of Hebron’s ultranationalist Jewish community.

It was almost certainly the first time settler leaders, long ostracized by the U.S., have publicly prayed for victory for a sitting American president.

But Trump is unlike any of his predecessors. He has embraced Israel’s religious and nationalist right wing and showered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a string of diplomatic gifts: withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, offering a Mideast plan that would allow Israel to annex large swaths of the West Bank, including all of its settlements.

Netanyahu, while careful not to openly take sides, made little secret of his preference when he said this week he hopes Trump’s policies “will continue in the coming years.”

The Palestinians, sidelined and humiliated by Trump, have been even clearer that they are pulling for Joe Biden.

The Democratic challenger has already signaled he will scrap Trump’s approach toward Iran and the Palestinians. That has raised concerns in Israel, especially on the right.

Elie Pieprz, an American-Israeli consultant who lives in the Karnei Shomron settlement, said Trump has been a “tremendous success” by rejecting policies of the past.

He said, if Biden wins, he hopes he will “learn the proper lessons.”

With this accord, I thee normalize

“It’s okay to celebrate, writes Ari Shavit in Yedioth. “You can lift your head up from the coronavirus, from politics and shame and see how history is starting to flow in a new, secure channel. The Israeli-Arab conflict starts to end today. Peace.”

“Anyone who really ever wants peace with the Palestinians should also be pleased. Because that will happen only when the Palestinian leaders recognize that their tactics have failed.

Peace will arrive when the Palestinians acknowledge the limits of their identity, as well as the legitimacy of the Jewish state,” he writes.

“The peace deal with the Emirates brings us closer to the Palestinians recognizing that.”

79 percent of the Sudanese people oppose normalization. The weeks ahead and the outcome of US elections will decide whether Palestinians and the Sudanese will have any chance of confronting this forced normalization avalanche.

It happened a few days after the flamboyant signing ceremony at the White House of ‘peace deals’ between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel.

White House National Security Council’s senior Director for Gulf Affairs, Brig. Gen. Miguel Correa and UAE’s National Security Advisor Tahnoun Bin Zayed boxed in Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok and his justice minister, who also happens to be a US citizen, in the UAE for trilateral talks.

The focus was Sudan’s coveted goal: getting delisted from the US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism in exchange for normalisation with Israel.

Already, the US secretary of state had informed rulers in Sudan during his August visit to Khartoum that they had until the end of October to reach this deal; conspicuously timed to benefit Trump’s re-election chances.

The extortion was clear and public. Sudan must pay $335 million in compensation to the United States and make friends with Israel in order to receive up to $2 billion in urgently needed food and oil assistance as well as help repaying its crushing $62 billion foreign debt.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia had pledged to assist Sudan with $3 billion after the overthrow of Omar Al-Bashir, but such unconditional support was no longer in play.

Interestingly, Omar Al-Bashir had warmed up to both states towards the end of his rein.

He had even sent a military contingent to fight alongside Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen, led by none other than Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan.

But this was not enough to sustain his grip on power.

When the protests in Sudan started, the UAE and Saudi Arabia moved in to secure that a post-Bashir regime would strictly gravitate in their orbit.

The Creation of the Modern Middle East > The Middle East in Bible Prophecy

By 2020, it was time to collect on the political debt Al-Burhan and the rest of the military figures owed.

Dizzy with normalization fever, the UAE pressured Al-Burhan towards acquiescence in exchange for financial assistance.

This approach served two purposes. On the one hand, the UAE does not want to be alone on the normalisation train.

Bahrain, being a satellite Saudi state, is not exactly company that carries enough regional weight.

On the other hand, the UAE rulers understand that extending this service would gain them more of Trump’s favour.

After all, the US president is packaging these ‘peace’ deals as grand achievements that his Evangelical base and right-wing donors are overly eager to support during the increasingly tight race for the White House, especially with more such deals promised ‘soon.’

After the Trump announcement about the ‘deal’, the acting Foreign Minister Omar Gamareldin, a technocrat, was quick to admit that the military and civilian rulers of Sudan lack the legitimacy and mandate to make this decision.

Under the transition to civilian rule agreement in Sudan, the yet unformed legislative council would have to endorse the normalization deal before it becomes formal.

But a critical look at the happenings in Sudan clearly shows that the balance of power is now tipping in the direction of the generals, not civilians.

After all, it is the generals who are signing peace deals to end civil wars inside Sudan, sharing a stage with the international and regional big guns, and securing what Sudan needs most: economic relief.

Sudan’s economy is in tatters. In addition to crippling debt and civil strife, the African Union projects that GDP will contract by 1.6 percent in 2020 and 0.8 percent in 2021, with inflation now at 61.5 percent and expected to go higher next year.

Meanwhile, the IMF forecasts economic stagnation for Sudan.

The announced deal with Israel and the United States, along with funding and political support from the UAE and Saudi Arabia will only strengthen Al-Burhan and his military allies in Sudan, possibly setting the stage for a new form of military rule in the country only this time with international blessings.

It is a covert political overthrow of the fragile new social contract Sudanese civil society and political parties were hoping to forge following the overthrow of Al-Bashir.

In this grand play for power, the popular sentiment and political opposition in Sudan have been disregarded.

According to the Arab Opinion Index, 79 percent of the Sudanese people oppose normalization.

Not surprisingly, political parties and professional associations represented, including those in the governing coalition have decried the deal as illegitimate.

In response to the overwhelming opposition, the deputy head of State and feared general, Mohammed Hamdan “Hemeti” Dagalo said “Sudan needs Israel.”

No surprise given that Hemeti, who made his fame by being the pro-Bashir military man in Darfur, is also interested in cleansing his political credentials from any Western objections.

Upcoming US elections could complicate things for the generals in Sudan and the Gulf rulers eager to further advance their military, political, and economic partnership with Israel.

A Biden administration will support normalization with Israel but not at any cost.

Particularly, the UAE and Saudi Arabia could face significant pressure from a Democratic administration to end their brutal war in Yemen and their military exploits elsewhere in the region.

Such a change could alter the political calculus and dynamics in Sudan.

In Palestine, the sentiments towards the Sudan announcement are more nuanced than the unequivocal anger regarding the deals signed between the UAE and Bahrain with Israel.

Palestinian intellectuals and politicians are aware of the punishing circumstances in Sudan and the bullying it faced to make this move.

Many described the deal as a confession extracted under torture. Despite decades of autocratic rule, Sudan boasts a vibrant political and civil society scene that has longstanding relations with Palestinian partners.

Between Jerusalem and Khartoum, there is shared concern that this deal only entrenches the hegemony of Israel, bankrolled by Gulf dollars.

The weeks ahead and the outcome of US elections will decide whether Palestinians and the Sudanese will have any chance of confronting this forced normalization avalanche.

Nour Odeh is a political analyst and public diplomacy consultant. A former award-winning journalist, Odeh was also Palestine’s first female government spokesperson

Follow her on Twitter: @nour_odeh

We Grow, They Bulldoze, We Re-Plant

By Eva Bartlett

February 10, 2013

Tawfiq Mandil, 45, stands amongst hundreds of Palestinian farmers, activists, and international supporters in the Gaza Strip’s eastern Zeitoun district, about half a kilometre from the border with Israel.

They are renewing a call for the boycott of Israeli goods.“The Israeli army destroyed my house and my five dunums of land (a dunum is 1,000 square metres) on the last day of the attacks in 2009, as well as 20 other homes,” he says.

With signs reading ‘Boycott Israeli Agricultural Products’ and ‘Support Palestinian Farmers’, Mandil and others protesting Israeli oppression of Palestinian farmers joined together Saturday to plant olive trees on Israeli-razed farmland and to implore international supporters to join the boycott of Israeli agricultural produce.

Mandil believes that the boycott is his only hope for justice for Palestinian farmers being targeted by the Israeli army and oppressed by Israel. “We hope that it will put pressure on Israel to stop targeting us and allow us to farm our land as we used to.”

ITS THOSE EVIL ZIONISTS! : forwardsfromhitler

With an Israeli surveillance blimp hovering above and within sight of a remotely-controlled machine gun tower, the significance of the rally’s location near the ‘buffer zone’ was not lost.

Israeli authorities prohibit Palestinians from accessing the 300 metres flanking the Gaza-Israel border.

In reality, the Israeli army regularly attacks Palestinians up to two kilometres from the border in some areas, rendering more than 35 percent of Gaza’s farmland off-limits.

“By engaging in the trade of settlement produce, states are failing to comply with their obligation to actively cooperate in order to put the Israeli settlement enterprise to an end.

Therefore, a ban on settlement produce must be considered amongst those actions that third party states should undertake in order to comply with their international law obligations.”

The Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq released a position paper last month condemning the Israeli settlement produce trade.

The paper, ‘Feasting on the Occupation: Illegality of Settlement Produce and the Responsibility of EU Member States Under International Law’ highlights the means by which Israeli settlements benefit from the oppression of Palestinian farmers.


We are all Palestinians!

“While the EU has been quite outspoken in condemning settlements and their expansion, they continue to import produce from these same settlements and in doing so, help to sustain their very existence,” Al-Haq director general Shawan Jabarin notes in the Al-Haq press release.

“More than 80 Palestinians have been injured and at least four Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks in the border regions since the November 2012 ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian resistance,” says Adie Mormech, 35, a British activist living in Gaza.

This is in addition to the many Palestinians killed and hundreds injured in previous years of Israeli army attacks on the border regions.

“There is simultaneous action happening in the occupied West Bank,” says Mormech. “They’re planting near Yitzhar colony, which is notorious for its violence against Palestinians.

Quds News Network on Twitter: "Zionist quotes that should never be forgotten on the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. (2/2) #Nakba #Nakba72… "

Around the world, an estimated 30 countries are holding actions in solidarity with Palestinian farmers and fishers.”

Um Abed, 65, from Zeitoun is defiant. “Today we’re planting olive trees. God willing next year we’ll plant lemon, date and palm trees. We grow, they bulldoze, we re-plant.”

The boycott action follows a growing number of initiatives emerging in recent years from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian students in Gazan universities stepped up the Boycott call in 2012, releasing Youtube videos calling for political action, not aid, from international supporters.

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has attracted international support, including the backing of numerous UK and North American universities and scholars.

Increasing numbers of cultural and religious associations, such as the Quakers’ Friends Fiduciary Corporation, are divesting from corporations that profit from or support Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.

The United Church of Canada endorsed the boycott of goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements in August 2012.

Quotes about Zionism (70 quotes)

Dr Haidar Eid, professor at Gaza’s Al-Aqsa University and PACBI member, outlines what BDS entails.

“We are calling for implementation of UN Security Council resolution 242, which calls for withdrawal of occupation forces from the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and east Jerusalem.

The second demand is the implementation of the United Nations resolution 194, the return of all Palestinian refugees to the towns and villages from which they were ethnically cleansed in 1948.

The third demand is the end to Israel’s apartheid policies in Palestine 1948. We want equality.”

While civil society and students have been in the forefront of BDS actions in the Gaza Strip, the Hamas government has also taken steps calling for boycott.

Joe Catron, an American activist based in the Gaza Strip, explains one recent government-led campaign.

“The Adidas campaign began in March 2012, when Adidas was sponsoring a marathon through parts of Jerusalem, including parts that are internationally recognised as occupied.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports here called upon the Arab League to boycott Adidas in response to this, which a number of countries did.”

In September 2012, Gaza’s Ministry of Agriculture decided to ban most Israeli fruits entering Gaza.

“Palestinian farmers can grow the fruits we consume,” said marketing director in the ministry Tahsen Al-Saqa.

“We need to support and protect our own farmers. They’ve been economically devastated by the Israeli ban on exporting since 2006.”

“Boycott is the key, and it is growing,” says Adie Mormech. “The momentum is so much now that it is not going to stop. It’s going to be like South Africa.”






Are You Feeling Safer? ‘War of the Worlds’ Pits U.S. and “israel” Against Everyone Else


Estimates of how many civilians have been killed directly or indirectly as a consequence of the so-called Global War on Terror initiated by George W. Bush are in the millions, with roughly 4 million being frequently cited. Nearly all of the dead have been Muslims.

Philip Giraldi

The media being focused on an upcoming election, coronavirus, fires on the West Coast and burgeoning BLM and Antifa unrest, it is perhaps no surprise that some stories are not exactly making it through to the evening news.

Last week an important vote in the United Nations General Assembly went heavily against the United States.

It was regarding a non-binding resolution that sought to suspend all economic sanctions worldwide while the coronavirus cases continue to increase.

It called for “intensified international cooperation and solidarity to contain, mitigate and overcome the pandemic and its consequences.”

It was a humanitarian gesture to help overwhelmed governments and health care systems cope with the pandemic by having a free hand to import food and medicines.

The final tally was 169 to 2, with only Israel and the United States voting against.

Both governments apparently viewed the U.N. resolution as problematical because they fully support the unilateral economic warfare that they have been waging to bring about regime change in countries like Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

Sanctions imposed on those countries are designed to punish the people more than the governments in the expectation that there will be an uprising to bring about regime change.

This, of course, has never actually happened as a consequence of sanctions and all that is really delivered is suffering.

When they cast their ballots, some delegates at the U.N. might even have been recalling former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s claim that the death of 500,000 Iraqi children due to U.S. imposed sanctions had been “worth it.”

Clearly, a huge majority of the world’s governments, to include the closest U.S. allies, no longer buy the American big lie when it claims to be the leader of the free world, a promoter of liberal democracy and a force for good. 

The vote prompted one observer, John Whitbeck, a former international lawyer based in Paris, to comment how “On almost every significant issue facing mankind and the planet, it is Israel and the United States against mankind and the planet.”

The United Nations was not the only venue where the U.S. was able to demonstrate what kind of nation it has become.

In an Emmy Award-winning 1996 interview on CBS program “60 Minutes,” the Clinton-era secretary of state was asked whether the deaths of half a million Iraqi children was worth it. “The price is worth it,” Albright bluntly replied.

Estimates of how many civilians have been killed directly or indirectly as a consequence of the so-called Global War on Terror initiated by George W. Bush are in the millions, with roughly 4 million being frequently cited. Nearly all of the dead have been Muslims.

Now there is a new estimate of the number of civilians that have fled their homes as a result of the worldwide conflict initiated by Washington and its dwindling number of allies since 2001.

The estimate comes from Brown University’s “Costs of War Project,” which has issued a report Creating Refugees: Displacement Caused by the United States Post-9/11 Wars that seeks to quantify those who have “fled their homes in the eight most violent wars the U.S. military has launched or participated in since 2001.”

The project tracks the number of refugees, asylum seekers applying for refugee status, and internally displaced people or persons (IDPs) in the countries that America and its allies have most targeted since 9/11: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya and Syria.

All are predominantly Muslim countries with the sole exception of the Philippines, which has a large Muslim minority.

The estimate suggests that between 37 and 59 million civilians have become displaced, with an extremely sharp increase occurring in the past year when the total was calculated to be 21 million.

The largest number of those displaced were from Iraq, where fighting against Islamic State has been intermittent, estimated at 9.2 million. Syria, which has seen fighting between the government and various foreign supported insurgencies, had the second-highest number of displacements at 7.1 million.

Afghanistan, which has seen a resurgent Taliban, was third having an estimated 5.3 million people displaced.

The authors of the report observe that even the lower figure of 37 million is “almost as large as the population of Canada” and “more than those displaced by any other war or disaster since at least the start of the 20th century with the sole exception of World War II.”

And it is also important to note what is not included in the study. The report has excluded sub-Saharan Africa as well as several Arab nations generally considered to be U.S. allies.

These constitute “the millions more who have been displaced by other post-9/11 conflicts where U.S. forces have been involved in ‘counterterror’ activities in more limited yet significant ways, including in: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Niger, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia.”

Yemen should be added to that list given U.S. military materiel assistance that has enabled the Saudi Arabian bombing attacks on that country, also producing a wave of refugees.

There are also reports that the White House is becoming concerned over the situation in Yemen as pressure is growing to initiate an international investigation of the Saudi war crimes in that civilian infrastructure targets to include hospitals and schools are being deliberately targeted.

And even the United States Congress has begun to notice that something bad is taking place as there is growing concern that both the Saudi and U.S. governments might be charged with war crimes over the civilian deaths.

Reports are now suggesting that as early as 2016, when Barack Obama was still president, the State Department’s legal office concluded that “top American officials could be charged with war crimes for approving bomb sales to the Saudis and their partners” that have killed more than 125,000 including at least 13,400 targeted civilians.

That conclusion preceded the steps undertaken by the Donald Trump White House to make arms sales to the Saudis and their allies in the United Arab Emirates central to his foreign policy, a program that has become an integral part of the promotion of the “Deal of the Century” Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Given that, current senior State Department officials have repressed the assessment made in 2016 and have also “gone to great lengths” to conceal the legal office finding.

A State Department inspector general investigation earlier this year considered the Department’s failure to address the legal risks of selling offensive weapons to the Saudis, but the details were hidden by placing them in a classified part of the public report released in August, heavily redacted so that even Congressmen with high level access could not see them.

Democrats in Congress, which had previously blocked some arms sales in the conflict, are looking into the Saudi connection because it can do damage to Trump, but it would be far better if they were to look at what the United States and Israel have been up to more generally speaking.

The U.S. benefits from the fact that even though international judges and tribunals are increasingly embracing the concept of holding Americans accountable for war crimes since the start of the GWOT, U.S. refusal to cooperate has been daunting.

Last March, when the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague authorized its chief prosecutor to open an investigation into U.S. crimes in Afghanistan the White House reacted by imposing sanctions on the chief prosecutor and his staff lawyer.

And Washington has also warned that any tribunal going after Israel will face the wrath of the United States.

Nevertheless, when you are on the losing side on a vote in a respected international body by 169 to 2 someone in Washington should at least be smart enough to discern that something is very, very wrong. But I wouldn’t count on anyone named Trump or Biden to work that out.

Bahrain opposition rejects Israel normalization, calls for resistance

Thousands of Bahrainis have flocked to the streets of Manama today in what they called “The Friday of Resisting Normalization” in protest against the normalization deal between their regime and the occupation state. The protesters raised the flag of Palestine and chanted slogans in solidarity with Palestine.

Although of the strict security measures, thousands of Bahrainis took part in the protests that started following Friday prayers and marched throughout the capital.

The protesters held signs that read “normalization is betrayal” and “we reject humiliation and surrender to the dictates of the US and UK”.

The kingdom of Bahrain has signed an agreement to normalize ties with the occupation state last September, following another deal between the UAE and the occupation state.

A group of Bahraini political and civil society associations, including the Bahrain Bar Association, on Sunday voiced their opposition to the deal in a joint statement.

“What results from normalization will not enjoy popular backing, in line with what generations of Bahrainis have been brought up on in terms of adherence to the Palestinian cause,” the statement said.

Did You Know? Israelis Run US Treasury

And Uses it to Punish Israel’s Enemies

The sanctions he said would be unilateral because nobody else agreed with them, and the rest of the world rejected them, but they would then be multilateral because the rest of the world would have to impose them anyway.

And so, that’s what’s happened now. Pompeo thought he could push these things through the Security Council to make his unilateral sanctions at least a little bit multilateral but basically, nobody agreed with him.

The entire world rejected Pompeo’s position and delivered him a solid kick in the rotund and flabby posterior.

So since then, Pompeo has not noticed reality he sees descend deeper into madness.

Pompeo travels to Zionist Entity to give U.S. blessing to annexation of West Bank land

And so now that the US sanctions have been summarily rejected with extreme prejudice by the entire world, there might have been one tiny island nation, you know with the GDP about the same as a 10 square mile area of a moderately prosperous Central African nation that probably went along with the US in return for some bribes but essentially the entire world sent an obscene gesture in Pompeo’s face.

There’s never been a more straightforward rejection as to any unilateral proposal in the whole history of the UN, and yet here’s Pompeo claiming against all evidence that somehow the world is going to enforce the sanctions that get rejected.

Now what will actually happen here, of course, is that Pompeo will strong-arm the rest of the US government and especially the Zionist occupied Israeli run so-called Treasury Department and the sanctions section of the Treasury Department, which for a while it was run by an Israeli lady named Seagal Mandelker, and then they had to get rid of her because she was too obviously Israeli, but the whole sanctions program in the Treasury Department has been run by Israel forever, and it’s used to punish Israel’s enemies at the expense of American interests.

Do Zionists / Israel Control the US Government?

And that’s what they’ll be probably doing here.

The Israelis in our Treasury Department will be trying to steal money from anybody who doesn’t obey these sanctions, and it’s been specifically private companies and so on more than governments and so they’ll be threatening all of the private companies around the world that if they continue to do business with Iran, then the US Treasury Department will basically use its control of the international financial system, and steal their money.

This is gross piracy. It takes us back to the days of course heirs and the age of other great pirates.

But it’s going to be of limited effectiveness today because the world is fed up with this kind of bullying, and all of the countries of the world including the so-called allies in Europe have been working on finding ways to evade these idiotic US sanctions or this, you know, to call it what it is this American piracy.

Just as in the past, countries figured out ways to defend themselves against pirates, today, they’re figuring out technological solutions to enable them to trade outside of the US dollar system and the institutions that sustain it, that are penetrated and largely controlled by the Treasury, allowing the Treasury to steal anybody’s money that it wants to.

So the world is getting out of the dollar institutions finding workarounds, and there probably will be a global currency reset sooner rather than later that’ll take down the US dollar as the international trade currency and create some alternative. In the meantime, the demise of the dollar is going to start accelerating largely because of these idiotic policies imposed by the State of Israel through their agents like Mike Pompeo.