Israhell: “The ICC prosecutor has caved in to Palestinian lies and hatred”

The decision flies in the face of anyone who still believes the Israeli claim that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is the “most moral army in the world,” or that Israel does not commit war crimes.

January 1, 2020

Israel attack on the Gaza Strip killed nine Palestinians from the same family 2019 Christmas eve.

Fatou Bensouda, the International Criminal Court’s Chief Prosecutor, said in a statement regarding “alleged crimes” committed in the occupied Palestinian territories that “all the statutory criteria under the Rome Statute for the opening of an investigation have been met.”

The territories in question include the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. These territories constitute the state of Palestine, as it is recognized by the United Nations.

The decision flies in the face of anyone who still believes the Israeli claim that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is the “most moral army in the world,” or that Israel does not commit war crimes.

Issues of Jurisdiction

Under the Rome Statute, the founding document that established the International Criminal Court, it is determined that cases can be heard by the court only if one of the affected parties is a signatory. The state of Palestine has been a signatory since 2015.

Israel, which like the United States never signed the Rome Statute, claims that Palestine is not a sovereign state and therefore the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction to investigate issues related to it.

Yet according to UN General Assembly resolution 67/19, adopted on November 29, 2012, Palestine assumed the status of a UN “non-member observer state,” affording it the ability to accede to international treaties like the Rome Statute, and indeed it didn’t take long for Palestine to become the 123rd state party to the statute giving the ICC the legal right to exercise jurisdiction on its territory.

Clearly anticipating that the ICC jurisdiction over Palestine would be called into questions by Israel, Prosecutor Bensouda said in her statement, the full version of which can be found on the ICC website, that she had filed a request for a jurisdictional ruling on the issue.

“Specifically, I have sought confirmation that the ‘territory’ over which the court may exercise its jurisdiction, and which I may subject to investigation, comprises the West Bank and Gaza,” Bensouda said.

She went on to say that she recognizes that “Palestine does not have full control over the Occupied Palestinian Territory and its borders are disputed.”

The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are heavily controlled by the Israeli government and East Jerusalem has been effectively annexed by Israel.

Image result for US envoy smashes wall dug under Palestinian homes in E. Jerusalem with SLEDGEHAMMER animated gif

Bensouda quite oddly adds that “The Palestinian Authority does not govern Gaza.” Hamas, however, is the party that currently governs Gaza, in as much as Israeli permits it to do so, as it is the party that won the 2006 Palestinian Authority parliamentary elections.”

Bensouda says that although she is of the view that “the Court may exercise its jurisdiction notwithstanding these matters,” she is aware of contrary views, and therefore “requests that a Pre-Trial Chamber I (“the Chamber”) rule on the scope of the Court’s territorial jurisdiction in the situation in Palestine.”

Specifically, Bensouda affirmed, she is seeking confirmation that the “territory” over which the ICC may exercise jurisdiction comprises the “Occupied Palestinian Territory, that is the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.”

She also made it clear that she wants the issue determined before she begins an investigation instead of being settled later by judges after her investigations are completed. It is not clear when a decision will be made on this, but Bensouda said she had asked the court to “rule expeditiously” and to allow potential victims to participate in proceedings.

Israel Responds

Notwithstanding the legal challenges, the decision of the prosecutor is encouraging. In Israel, the reactions to her decision were predictably fast, and not surprisingly, fierce. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to Bensouda’s decision was that it is “baseless and outrageous.”

As expected, he said that “the court has no jurisdiction” because only sovereign states can petition the court, and “there has never been a sovereign Palestinian state.” He added that the ICC’s decision means that Jews living in their historic homeland, the land of the Bible, is a war crime.

National Union chairman and Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich tweeted his response to the ICC prosecutor’s decision saying that that the Prime Minister should give the Palestinian Authority 48-hours to pull its petition to the ICC or else face being “torn down.”

He added that this should have been done long ago when the Palestinians first petitioned the UN for statehood.

Yair Lapid, a co-founder of Israel’s Blue and White party, tweeted, “The ICC prosecutor has caved in to Palestinian lies and hatred.

US/Israel will discredit and disconnect from authoritative organizations that disagrees with Israel.

As a former member of the Security Cabinet and a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, I can testify that the IDF does more than any army in history to prevent civilian casualties.”

Despite the evidence, this is a claim often repeated by Israeli politicians.

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz also attacked the court’s decision. Having served as the IDF Chief of Staff, he is likely to be a major target of any investigation into war crimes.

In his response to the decision, he mentioned his decades of military service, including “serving as the IDF’s 20th Chief of Staff.”

He stated that “the IDF is one of the most moral armies in the world,” and asserted that “The IDF and the State of Israel do not commit war crimes.” Gantz oversaw more than one Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza strip, assaults that saw scores of civilian casualties.

Israeli Fears

Israel has good reason to fear the International Criminal Court’s decision. Moving forward with an investigation into crimes committed in the Palestinian territories will expose both current and former government officials and military personnel to prosecution when they travel abroad.

That fear is not entirely irrational and not without precedent.

In 2011, it was reported that retired Israeli General Danny Rothschild was forced to cut a scheduled visit to London short and cancel two planned lectures there. This after the Israeli Embassy warned him he was in danger of being arrested if he stayed in the country.

The event came a day after Knesset member and former Defense Minister Amir Peretz was forced to cut short a London visit for the same reason.

All roads lead to Israel

Trial International, an NGO that fights impunity for international crimes and supports victims in their quest for justice, reports that on June 30, 2016, former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was in London for a conference and was summoned to the police regarding allegations of war crimes committed between 2008 and 2009.

Livni was ultimately granted diplomatic immunity. Then, on January 23, 2017, Livni was invited to attend a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels when the Belgium prosecutor’s office announced its intention to arrest and question her regarding her alleged involvement in Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s bloody 22-day military assault on the Gaza Strip in 2008. Livini decided to cancel her trip to Belgium.

Matan Kahana is a member of the Israeli “New Right” party. Kahana is a retired colonel in the IDF who served both as a soldier in Israel’s notorious murder squad “Sayeret Matkal” and as a fighter pilot and officer in the Israeli Airforce. He participated in countless “operations” in which Palestinian civilians were killed.

As an airforce pilot, he would have been directly involved in bombing and killing countless defenseless citizens in the Gaza Strip. Kahana made a statement on Twitter following the ICC’s announcement that “if only people knew how careful the IDF soldiers try not to harm “uninvolved persons.”

Gaza is under attack at this moment.

Yet these “efforts” Kahana and other Israeli officials speak of seem to fail time and time again. The number of civilian casualties from Israeli attacks is staggering and has reached the point where one must question the intent of the IDF and those who send it on these so-called missions.

While a thorough investigation will no doubt precede any decision by the International Criminal Court, it doesn’t take a great legal scholar to understand that dropping tons of bombs from fighter jets on a defenseless civilian population constitutes a war crime.

The full report of the prosecutor states that the scope of any formal proceedings is also likely to include an investigation into the “use by members of the IDF of non-lethal and lethal means against persons participating in demonstrations beginning in March 2018.”

The demonstrations the ICC is referring to are the protests known as “The Great Return March.” This means that the enormous efforts Israel makes to justify its attacks on Palestinians — and to claim that they are carried out in self-defense only — may finally be beginning to fail.

Response to Senator Schumer on Anti-Semitism

US and Israel are bound together by greed, lust for power and evil in the world and the Zionist entity is devouring us. The dual citizens among us are the maggots eating us from within.

Interestingly, the Jews who were attacked in Monsey were True Torah anti-Zionist Jews who are very vocal against Israel and the Zionist Entity just after Trump signs executive order combating ‘antiSemitism’ on campus...which means criticizing the crimes of Israel is not allowed.


This is the regime that Schumer is loyal to and protects but he wants the US to aggressively attack those Americans who voice their disapproval.

It happens every night, with or without any apparent reason. It’s always brutal: a violent invasion of the home of a sleeping family, before the eyes of the women and the children, everyone abruptly awakening to a nightmare of dozens of soldiers, sometimes with dogs. An alien presence.

The arrest missions of the Israel Defense Forces, perhaps the most salient sign of the routine of the occupation, are carried out both in times of unrest and periods of quiet. Hardly a night goes by without them.

The raids take place across the West Bank – including Area A, which is nominally under the Palestinian Authority’s control – and always at night.

Every decent Israeli has the obligation to try to imagine the scene: to be woken up in the dead of night by armed, masked soldiers, their rifles aimed at you and at your terrified children.

Often the troops resort to violence, tying up members of the household and beating them. Sometimes they use live ammunition.

At some point, they take someone, the wanted individual, into custody, with no explanation, no arrest warrant, no judicial oversight. In some cases, they don’t even let their captive get dressed.

Days will pass before the family learns where he is, what his condition is, what the suspicions against him are. Or he might be released after a few days, again with no explanation.

If he’s brought to trial, the charges against him will be revealed; some of them are real, others are invented or political in nature, as is usual in the military courts.

In some raids, the IDF soldiers leave as abruptly as they arrived, not detaining anyone – the raid was apparently launched in order to sow fear or for training purposes. Sometimes they simply get the address wrong.

There’s barely a Palestinian family that isn’t familiar with this practice. Israelis don’t get abducted from their homes. This is a feature of the apartheid system.

Purposeless is a word that is used often in the new Breaking the Silence collection of IDF soldiers’ testimonies from the past 10 years of occupation in the West Bank. Testimony after testimony tells a story of some experience where soldiers harassed, terrorized and “controlled” Palestinians for seemingly no purpose at all. Soldiers would raid a house, arrest an unwanted man or shoot unarmed civilians while forcing families to stand in the cold wearing only night clothes, for no reason whatsoever.

It happened last night and the night before last; it will happen tonight, and tomorrow night, too, while we’re asleep. These are abductions, plain and simple – “arrests” is newspeak.

In contrast to what happens in more benighted regimes, here the disappeared will reappear: The families are eventually able to locate their loved ones. Afterward, they can also see them in court.

Helpless in the face of the juggernaut, the Palestinians have become accustomed to this reality and accept it with seeming equanimity, as an integral part of their lives.

But generations of Palestinian children are growing up with fear, trauma and scars from the terror of those nights. The IDF doesn’t provide data about the scale of the phenomenon, but an unofficial estimate is that the number of people arrested during the past year reached some 2,700.

The army does publish almost daily communiqués about the “booty”: how many were arrested the preceding night. Every person suspected of throwing a stone can expect a night visit of this kind, every Palestinian family can look forward to the unannounced arrival of these uninvited guests.

In some cases no arrest is made; the raid was carried out to collect information, demonstrate control, maintain the troops’ vigilance, keep the local population in a state of constant fear.

No one even thinks of summoning the wanted individuals for questioning – always, they are snatched from their beds, and their families are subjected to brutal treatment.

Nazism or Zionism? Yes to both.

This week, accompanied by Musa Abu Hashhash, a field researcher for the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, we visited two homes to which the IDF paid visits recently.

In one case the soldiers shot and wounded the head of the household; in the other they raided a home where they’d killed the father three years earlier during a similar mission.

In two homes, both in the Hebron area, the testimonies are similar, the questions they raise identical. In Halhul, we were received cordially by the Dawadi family, and in Beit Ummar, by the Abu Marya family. Neither family could understand why the soldiers behaved as they did.

On November 5, a little after 4 A.M., the Dawadi family was awakened by the sounds of a break-in. A staircase surrounded by neglected vines and fig and pomegranate trees leads to the second floor of their two-story house, situated on a hill west of Halhul.

Everyone was asleep, apart from two boys, Mahmoud and Lahmed, who were playing Babaji, the addictive computer war game.

Searchlights illuminated the house as the troops tried to force open the front door by dislodging the lintel above it.

About 30 soldiers surrounded the building and a dozen of them, all masked, burst into the ground-floor apartment, where Mohammed, 27, his wife, Manal, and their 2-year-old son, Nasser, were sleeping.

They handcuffed Mohammed and questioned him about his brother, Muhand, who is 18. He lives on the second floor, Mohammed told them, along with the other unmarried sisters and brothers, and their parents.

An Israeli soldier during an operational activity in Halhul, 2015.
IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Waiting for the soldiers on the second floor were the father of the family, 52-year-old Khaled (known as Nasser at home), and his wife, Nawifa, 50.

Khaled opened the door for the troops before they could break it down, and they streamed in without a word. According to Mahmud, 25, the soldiers became violent immediately, binding family members with plastic handcuffs and hitting them.

They pushed Nawifa and daughter Kinda, 14, into the kitchen, threw Khaled onto a living-room sofa and shut the brothers in another room. Mahmud recalls the story now calmly, in fluent Hebrew; he had worked in Israel for eight years, only one of them with a permit.

The soldiers took Muhand, whom they had identified from a photo they had, into another room; Mahmud says he heard them beating him. Finally they handcuffed Muhand and were about to leave with him.

But he was wearing only underwear, and his mother told the soldiers that she had locked the front door and wouldn’t open it until her son was allowed to get dressed. Mahmud says he asked to speak with their officer.

The soldiers hushed him: “You are terrorists and no one is going to talk to you.” Now he asks, “What law in your country allows you to behave this way? What is this, a mafia?”

Finally, Nawifa managed to give Muhand a shirt and jacket, and the soldiers allowed him to put on pants and shoes. They walked down the stairs into the cold street.

It’s not clear what happened there, but suddenly Mahmud heard a soldier say, “Pump him,” and then saw his father, Khaled, who had followed the soldiers into the street,slump to the ground next to the building’s entrance.

No shot was heard – they must have used a silencer – nor was blood seen at first. Khaled was shot near his knee, at close range. Fortunately, the bullet did not hit the kneecap, only a muscle. He was taken to Aliya Hospital in Hebron and discharged three days later.

During our visit this week, Khaled was in court at Ofer military base, near Ramallah, to attend a hearing for Muhand, who has been in detention since that night on suspicion of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

A vineyard that was set on fire in Halhul, 2018.
Alex Levac

“Put yourself in my place,” Mohammed says, his toddler son sitting on his knees. “My wife wakes me up and says she hears a noise, soldiers break in and aim their rifles at us and at our little boy. Nasser started to cry and a soldier shouted at him to be quiet. How could he yell at a 2-year-old boy?” Since that night, Mohammed relates, his son frequently wakes up at night and shouts, “Yahud! Yahud!” (“Jew! Jew!”)

“Why does the army behave like that?” Mohammed asks. “We worked in Israel and saw that the Israelis can behave differently. What happens to them when they become soldiers? If they’d knocked on the door, we would have opened it. If they had summoned Muhand for questioning, he would have gone.”


A poultry shop in the nearby town of Beit Ummar. Khaider Abu Marya raises chickens in the yard of his house and also buys them in Jericho; he sells them whole for eight shekels ($2.15) a kilo in his store.

On July 23, 2015, Khaider lost his father, Falah, 52, when soldiers invading his home to arrest one of his sons fired three live rounds into his upper body.

From the poultry shop we drive to the home of the Abu Marya family, where the smells of a chicken coop and dead fowl hang in the air.

Inside, the family tells us that Falah was killed after soldiers shot and wounded his son, Mohammed, and Falah had gone out to the balcony to shout for help. The soldiers made no arrests.

This past November 6, the day after the Halhul incident, IDF troops again arrived at the Abu Marya residence. It was 3 A.M. They were looking for another member of the family, Muhi, 21.

They entered the house by force and, according to Khaider, hit his brother Yihyeh.

Their mother, Faika, screamed, terrified that another disaster was about to strike the family. The dozen soldiers were accompanied by a frightening dog.

They demanded the ID cards of the family members, but Faika, utterly distraught, had a hard time finding them. The house was in the midst of preparations for the wedding of another son, Nabil, the following week.

According to Faika, the soldiers attached an electric-shock device to Yihyeh’s chest and back, and beat him on the face until he bled. Hearing the shouting and screams from the floor below, Khaider’s three small children and Mohammed’s 18-month-old infant began to cry with fear.

Eventually the soldiers left, taking Muhi and Yihyeh with them, even though the latter was not on the wanted list. Yihyeh was freed a day later. On the day of our visit to the Abu Marya home, a hearing was held in Muhi’s case, but no one in the family traveled to the Ofer court and he is still in detention.

Asked for comment on the two incidents, the IDF Spokesman’s Unit provided this response: “On November 5, IDF troops entered the village of Halhul in order to arrest a terror suspect.

When they arrived at their destination, violent disturbances began inside the suspect’s house. To carry out their mission, the fighters had to restrain three males who were behaving wildly.

“On their departure from the house, a disturbance broke out that threatened the lives of the soldiers, who responded by shooting at the lower part of the body of one of the individuals leading the disturbance.

“On November 6, while special forces of the Border Police were carrying out an action in the village of Beit Ummar, aimed at arresting a terror suspect, a member of the suspect’s family attacked the fighters.

The soldiers responded by using a taser to hold him off, and, as he continued to present a danger to the force, he was arrested after attacking a policeman. Despite your claim to the contrary, no violence was used vis-à-vis other family members.”

Nabil’s wedding took place as planned, on November 17, without his incarcerated brother. The family says they have no idea what Muhi is suspected of. A photograph of the late father of the family looks down on us from the wall of the living room in his house.

Israel to reinstitute ‘assassinations policy’

Despite now officially about to be investigated for warcrimes, Israeli minister boasts the israeli killer army will continue its never-ending ‘assassinations policy’ against Palestinians!

December 26, 2019

Israel’s foreign minister on Thursday said Tel Aviv would return to “the policy of assassinations” against Palestinian resistance figures in the Gaza Strip, Reuters reports.

In statements he made to Israel’s army radio, Yisrael Katz indicated that there was “an intelligence effort to identify the rockets’ launchers and work to eliminate them.”

He stressed: “Intelligence efforts are currently focused on determining who is responsible for ordering missile launch instructions in order to work to eliminate him.”

On Wednesday evening, Israel’s iron dome anti-missile system intercepted a missile reportedly fired from the Gaza Strip towards the country’s south while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was attending an election rally in Ashkelon province.

According to Israeli media, security forces transferred Netanyahu to a “protected area” while security forces responded by bombing several sites in the Gaza Strip without any casualties.

Israel fears ICC could issue global arrest warrants for top officials

If Israeli officials and military personnel have not committed any war crimes in the West Bank, Gaza, or East Jerusalem, why would they be so scared of such a probe. Why would not the Israeli government cooperate to prove the Palestinian claim is false???
It is always the guilty who is afraid and does not want any investigation into their actions. Simple fact.

PM, defense ministers, IDF chiefs, low-level soldiers could all face prosecution if probe launched; minister: Netanyahu should give PA ultimatum — pull ICC appeal or be torn down

Israel fears the International Criminal Court’s decision to move forward with a potential investigation into crimes allegedly committed in the Palestinian territories by Israel will open up current and former government officials and military personnel to prosecution on the global stage, according to a report Saturday.

With Israel planning to refuse to cooperate with a potential investigation by the ICC, officials fear top officers of the Israel Defense Forces, as well as low-ranking soldiers, could face international arrest warrants, Israel’s Channel 12 reported.

The prime minister, defense ministers, IDF chiefs and the heads of the Shin Bet security service over the past five years could all face the danger of prosecution.

The ICC deals with the prosecution of individuals for alleged crimes, rather than states.

Regarding the question of whether Israel will cooperate with the ICC’s pre-trial chamber in the coming 120 days, an official in the PMO said: “A decision will be reached after the legal teams make their recommendations.”

Meanwhile diplomatic sources told Channel 12: “There will be no cooperation with the court… certainly not if it will eventually be decided to open an [official] probe.”

Private Israeli organizations could potentially defend those prosecuted but the Israeli government would not work with a probe in any formal capacity, they said.


Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit of Saturday evening called ICC top prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s decision to move forward with an investigation as “unreasonable” and “rash.”

He said Israel “is a democratic state of law, obligated and committed to respecting international law and humanitarian values. This commitment has stood strong for decades, through all the challenged and tough times Israel has faced. It is rooted in the character and values of the State of Israel and guaranteed by a strong and independent justice system…there is no place for international judicial intervention in such a situation.”

The probe will apparently cover Israel’s policy of settling its citizens in the West Bank, its actions during the 2014 war in Gaza and its response to the Palestinian protests on the Strip’s border held since March of last year. It will also look at Hamas’s targeting of Israeli civilians during the 2014 war and its use of Palestinian civilians as human shields.

Bensouda has now referred the matter of the probe to the Hague-based tribunal to rule on the specific territory over which it has jurisdiction, as Israel is not a member of the court.

On Saturday, National Union chairman and Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to give the Palestinian Authority a 48-hour ultimatum to pull its petition or see the Ramallah-based political authority “torn down.”

Smotrich slammed the ICC as “anti-Semitic” and said Netanyahu should have issued the ultimatum to the PA years ago when it filed the request to open the probe in 2015.

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz also attacked the court’s decision. Citing his decades of military service, including as the IDF’s 20th chief of staff, Gantz “unequivocally” stated that “the IDF is one of the most moral armies in the world.”

He asserted that “The IDF and the State of Israel do not commit war crimes.”

Gantz argued that there was “no basis” for the ICC top prosecutor’s demand that a criminal probe be opened into “the situation in Palestine.”

Gantz argued that Bensouda’s decision had been politically rather than legally based.


“I want to be clear: In the fight for Israel’s international legitimacy: there is no coalition or opposition. We will all fight for justice and for our fundamental right to defend the State of Israel and the citizens of Israel,” the Blue and White chairman said.

New Right MK and former justice minister Ayelet Shaked called the move “a political, hypocritical and predictable decision.”

Repeating the official Israeli line on the matter, Shaked said the ICC “has no authority” to open the probe. She then called on the government to “fight the court with all the tools at its


But on the left, lawmakers remained largely silent in the more than 24 hours since Bensouda announced there was a “basis” to investigate alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories.

Democratic Camp chairman Nitzan Horowitz retweeted a post by an Israeli reporter who pointed out that Netanyahu was warned last month that the probe could be imminent after Bensouda wrote her office was watching with “concern” following the premier’s announcement of his plans to annex the Jordan Valley.

Bensouda said Friday that in addition to there being grounds to probe Israel, there was also a “reasonable basis” that Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups committed war crimes by targeting civilians and torturing individuals.

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat said Saturday that the PA would file a list to the ICC with the names of all “the Palestinian victims” of the conflict.

Israel was built on a lie and everything that comes from it is a lie.

In the Gaza Strip, a Hamas spokesman praised the announcement, even though Bensouda said there were also grounds to probe the terror group for war crimes.

The ICC announcement has been widely praised by Palestinian leaders, with PA President Mahmoud Abbas calling it a “great” and “historic” day.

“We have achieved what we want, and from this day on, the ICC machine will start accepting the cases that we have previously presented,” he was quoted saying by the official Wafa news agency at an event for his Fatah party in Ramallah.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu called it “a dark day for truth and justice.”

It was also condemned by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said the inquiry “unfairly targets” the Jewish state.

Netanyahu expressed astonishment that Bensouda “says it is a crime, a war crime, for Jews to live in their homeland, the land of the Bible, the land of our forefathers.” Bensouda had said Israel’s policy of settling its civilians in the West Bank could constitute a crime.

Anticipating Bensouda’s announcement, Israeli officials had earlier made public a legal opinion by Mandelblit arguing that the court has no jurisdiction for an investigation. He claimed that by turning to the ICC, the Palestinians were seeking “to push the Court to determine political issues that should be resolved by negotiations, and not by criminal proceedings.”

According to the Foreign Ministry’s legal adviser, Tal Becker, “There is a Palestinian effort to criminalize the conflict, where only the Israelis have legal obligations and only the Palestinians have rights. But as history has shown, that will only drive the two sides further apart.”


ICC was launched in 2015 after the PA signed the Rome Statute and formally accepted the court’s jurisdiction over its territory. It probes Israeli construction beyond the Green Line, the 2014 Gaza War and the so-called March of Return Gaza border protests.

Bensouda has in the past indicated that the question of whether the court has jurisdiction was a complicated one, which is why the attorney general last year decided to issue a paper explaining Israel’s point of view, said Roy Schöndorf, the deputy attorney general for international law at the Justice Ministry.

The attorney general’s report only deals with the ICC’s supposed lack of jurisdiction. Mandelblit did not address other matters that the prosecutor has to take into account as she weighs opening an investigation, such as whether the alleged crimes are grave enough to merit the court’s involvement, or if local courts are reliable to investigate them.

Israel’s Torture Industry

Israel is a haven for criminals and a university for budding crooks.


It is not only doctors in the Shin Bet and the Israel Prison Service that collaborate with torture. Doctors in emergency rooms across Israel write false medical opinions in accordance with the demands of the Shin Bet.

Take, for example, the case of Nader Qumsieh from the West Bank city of Beit Sahour. He was arrested in his home on May 4, 1993 and was brought to Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva five days later. There a urologist diagnosed him a hemorrhage and a torn scrotum.

Qumsieh testified that he was beaten during his interrogation and kicked in his testicles.

Israel is the torture expert and teaches others how to torture around the world.

Ten days later, Qumsieh was brought before the same urologist for a medical examination, after the latter had received a phone call from the Israeli military.

The urologist wrote a retroactive letter (as if it had been written two days earlier), without actually conducting an additional examination of the patient, in which he said that “according to the patient, he fell down the stairs two days before he arrived in the emergency room.”

This time, the diagnosis was “superficial hematoma in the scrotal area, which corresponds to local bruises sustained between two and five days prior to the examination.” The urologist’s original letter, written after the first examination, disappeared from Qumsieh’s medical file.

History teaches us that doctors everywhere easily and effectively internalize the regime’s values, and many of them become loyal servants of the regime. That was the case in Nazi Germany, in the United States, and in various countries in Latin America.

The same goes for Israel. Qumsieh’s case, along with countless others, reflects the ethical, moral, and practical failure of the medical establishment in Israel vis-à-vis torture.

Palestinian boys dressed up as prisoners protest for the release of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails, Gaza City, April 21, 2007. (Ahmad Khateib/Flash90)

Palestinian boys dressed up as prisoners protest for the release of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails, Gaza City, April 21, 2007. (Ahmad Khateib/Flash90)

Already back in the 18th century, jurists — rather than doctors — published legal opinions accompanied by proof that there is no connection between causing pain and getting to the truth. Thus, both torture and confessions exacted through pain were legally disqualified.

One can only assume that the heads of the Shin Bet, the army, and the police know this bit of history.

And yet, torture — which includes both mental and physical cruelty — continues to take place on a large scale. Why? Because the real goal of torture and humiliation is to break the spirit and body of the prisoner. To eliminate his or her personality.

The legal understanding for forbidding torture is based on the utilitarian idea that one cannot arrive at the truth through inflicting pain . But doctors are committed — first and foremost — to the idea that anything that causes physical or mental harm to a patient is prohibited.

The Shin Bet medical eligibility document allows for sleep prevention, it allows interrogators to expose prisoners to extreme temperatures, to beat them, to tie them for long hours in painful positions, to force them to stand for hours until the vessels in their feet burst, to cover their heads for prolonged periods of time, to sexually humiliate them, to break their spirits by severing their ties to family and lawyers, to keep them in isolation until they lose their sanity.

The Shin Bet’s medical eligibility form is not the same as the one used to check eligibility to join the air force or even to drive a car. This kind of “eligibility” leads the prisoner directly into the torture chamber — and the doctor knows this.

The doctor knows to what kind of systematic process of pain and humiliation he or she is lending their consent and approval. It is doctors who oversee the torture, examine the tortured prisoner, and write the medical opinion or the pathology report.

Israeli activists participate in an action protesting the use of torture, 2011. (photo: Oren Ziv/

Israeli activists participate in an action protesting the use of torture, 2011. (photo: Oren Ziv/


The white robe passes through the torture chamber like a lurking shadow during interrogations. A doctor who cooperates with Israel’s torture industry is complicit in that very industry. If a prisoner dies during interrogation, the doctor is an accomplice to his or her murder.

Doctors, nurses, medics, and judges who know what is taking place and prefer to remain silent are all accomplices.

We must unconditionally oppose all forms of torture — without exceptions. We, citizens of a democratic state, must refuse to cooperate with the crime of torture, and all the more so when it comes to doctors.

We must also not hide behind the idea that torture is a symptom of the occupation while telling ourselves that the practice will disappear when the occupation ends. Torture is a worldview according to which human rights have no place or value.

It existed well before the occupation and it will continue to exist if we do not change that worldview.

Violent and cruel investigative practices do not benefit national security even if they are committed on its behalf. Torture causes a spiraling destruction of our very social fabric. Not only do those who carry out this terrible kind of “work” lose the values of morality, human dignity, and democracy, but also all those who remain silent, unwilling to know. In fact, all of us.

Another Israel Gov OP Atrocity In Occupied Palestine

 Today: Dozens of Palestinian Faction Members Arrested for Planning West Bank Terror Attacks. 

The Israel Defense Forces initiated Operation Brother’s Keeper (Hebrew: מבצע שובו אחים‎, Mivtza Shuvu Ahim) in search of the three teenagers.[10] As part of the operation, in the following 11 days Israel arrested around 350 Palestinians,[11][12][13] including nearly all of Hamas‘ West Bank leaders.[14] Five Palestinians were killed during the military operation.[15][16][17][18]


It could be a total fake or these teens could have actually been murdered by Israeli gov. The Zionist Jews have been using Jews for false flag operations since ww2.

Evidence that came to light after Israel removed its gag order on information regarding the June 12 kidnapping and murder of three Jewish Israeli students suggests that it could have been an Israeli government operation that was intentionally used to punish Hamas and break up the new Palestinian unity government.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had immediately accused Hamas of the kidnapping — without presenting any evidence — and proceeded to “conduct a search” throughout the entirety of the West Bank until the bodies were reportedly found on June 30th.

The “search” entailed arresting and beating up about 600 Hamas members (including legislators) and trashing about 2100 homes; Israeli forces killed at least 7 Palestinians. Israel also heightened its daily air strikes on the Gaza Strip, which has been under the Israeli blockade since Sept. 2006.

The Gaza government appealed to the UN for relief, which responded by condemning the kidnappings rather than the massive abuse of the Palestinian population. And then urging “all parties” to show restraint.

On July 1, Israel removed a gag order on information about the kidnapping that revealed shocking facts:

The Israeli government had informed members of the press around June 15th that it was aware that the students had been killed (1) but placed a gag order on that information: the government must thus have known where the bodies were.

The brutal “search” was merely cover for punishment of members of Hamas, the democratically-elected party of Palestinians throughout the occupied territories. The Israeli media played along with the pretext for the abuse.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were only called in 8-9 hours after the first call to report the kidnapping. One of the students placed a call to the police emergency hotline 10 minutes after they accepted a hitchhiking ride home, with the message that he was being kidnapped.

The statement was followed by what sounded like several gunshots, groans and silence; the call lasted for 49 seconds. Police ignored the call. The teen’s father called police 5 hours later, at 3:30 am, to report his son missing. “Several hours” after that, after an exchange of 54 phone calls, the IDF and Shin Bet finally became involved.

Despite possession of all of the evidence of the kidnappings and murders, the Israeli government has offered no evidence that indicates responsibility for the acts. Those with any direct connection to the phone calls or the finding of the bodies have remained unidentified.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has used this event for huge political gain:

to create divisions within the new “unity government” of Fatah and Hamas,

to physically punish Hamas members and the cause of Palestinian resistance,

to get legislation passed through the Knesset to block the return of East Jerusalem to Palestinians (1),

to try to foment a third intifada to legitimate further attacks on Palestinians (1) and

to whip up such hatred of Palestinians that it has become dangerous for them to be seen on Israeli streets.

The Israeli government is continuing to harass and attack Palestinians until it supposedly finds the killers. The two young Hebron men named as the accused have been missing since June 12th.

The uncovering of this deception should arouse world condemnation.

The Homosexualisation of Christmas

Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities mentioned in the Book of Genesis and throughout the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and in the deuterocanonical books, as well as in the Quran and the hadith. The whole area surrounding the Dead Sea to this day, is a hot, dry, saline desert, exactly as described in the Tanach. The ashen remains of what seems to be once big and prosperous cities, can be found in the areas around the Dead Sea. The sea is called “dead” because its high salinity prevents macroscopic aquatic organisms, such as fish and aquatic plants, from living in it.
One of the most prevalent sins in Sodom was the homosexuality of the men, engaging in sexual relations with the other men and boys. Sodom is where we get the term “sodomy and sodomites” named after this widespread sin of the town.

The pink mafia are now out to destroy Christmas as well:

If the rainbow warriors have their way, nothing, I repeat, nothing, will be able to elude the radical homosexual juggernaut. The militants do not want anything to escape the clutches of their nefarious agenda.

The activist attempt at the gayification of everything is now even reaching into Christmas – the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Nothing is sacred for the pink mafia. And given that they fully realize that the last obstacle to their complete hegemony is the Christian church, it is no surprise that they are going after it full throttle. And targeting Christmas is a big part of this.

Let me offer you a number of recent examples of this from around the world. I begin in Brazil with this shocker:

Netflix has just released a “gay Jesus” Christmas special called The First Temptation of Christ. The Brazilian comedy group Porta dos Fundos (which literally translates to “back door”) appears to have a real hang-up about our Lord and Christianity in general.

Last December the group released The Last Hangover on Netflix, a movie that blends Christ’s Last Supper with his disciples and The Hangover into a night of drunken debauchery where Jesus disappears.

This year, in this new Christmas special, Jesus turns 30 and brings his gay boyfriend home to meet Mary and Joseph. Already, 1.14 million Brazilians have signed a petition asking Netflix to remove the movie.

Now over 1.6 million people have signed the petition, and you can too:

And then in America we have the Hallmark Channel – a once family-friendly outfit – bowing to pressure from the militants to have a homosexual Christmas show:

Bill Abbott, CEO of Crown Media Family Networks, Hallmark’s parent company, said the network is “open” to the idea of making the TV Yuletide gay. “Have you talked about incorporating stories about same-sex couples at Christmas?”

Occupied Holy Land

The Hollywood Reporter asked in an episode of its TV’s Top 5 podcast recorded November 15. “We’re open to really any type of movie of any type of relationship,” Abbott replied. Hallmark is the leading name in holiday entertainment.

A petition against this has already reached nearly 45,000 signatures:

And a good news story is that Hallmark has pulled a homosexual ad after pressure from conservative groups:

The Hallmark Channel has pulled a commercial featuring brides kissing during a same-sex wedding ceremony, just days after a conservative group launched a campaign calling on the network to pull the ad. The commercial from the wedding planning website, Zola, features a lesbian couple celebrating their nuptials.

The ad first debuted on Hallmark on Dec. 2. Earlier this week, One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association that claims its mission is to “stop the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media,” launched a petition urging Hallmark to stop airing the commercial and other LGBTQ content.

Sir Elton John claims Jesus was gay

And then in the UK it seems that Santa has gone gender-neutral:

A viral Facebook post caused a festive controversy on the social media platform when a mom claimed that she received backlash for not using a “gender-neutral” term for Santa Claus, sparking a heated debate.

The story originates from an unnamed mom in Plymouth, England, who claims that she was shamed on a Facebook group after referring to Santa Claus as Father Christmas, the Plymouth Herald reports.

The woman told the outlet, “Santa is now seen as gender-neutral. I was only referring to the book ‘Father Christmas’ by Raymond Briggs, but it’s left me a little confused/on edge about what we are aloud [sic] to say.”

And now we have homosexual nativity scenes depicting Jesus with two dads:

One image of a gay “nativity scene” depicting “Jesus” with “two dads” has been making waves around the internet. The image, which was published by Cameron Esposito, an LGBTQ activist on Twitter, has conservative Christians up in arms over the blasphemy and idolatry of it.

John Travolta, the ‘Homosexual Jewish Men’ Who Control Hollywood .

Apparently the picture was taken at the home of one of Esposito’s neighbors — apparently the entire neighborhood is gay.

It seems that homosexual nativity scenes are just peachy, but normal ones are now verboten:

An Oklahoma public elementary school removed its third-grade live Nativity scene from its annual Christmas production after receiving a threatening letter from an atheist group.

On May 17th, 2016, a day recognized by the federal government as “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia”, an edict emanated forth from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office (PMO) stating that the Liberal government was planning to make additional changes to the “Hate Propaganda” laws (Sections 318 to 320) of the Criminal Code of Canada in order to “protect” the nation’s sexually deviant members.

In Australia things are no better. Consider these last two items. The first comes from Sydney:

Santa has landed in Sydney’s Erskineville, but instead of a white beard and black boots, this Santa wears 20cm heels and fake lashes. And they are offering a twist on the traditional Christmas photo.

Oliver Levi Malouf has transformed the role of Santa Claus into a drag queen, taking time to apply glitter, lashes and lipstick in addition to the big red costume. The Imperial Hotel in Erskineville draws big crowds for its drag shows and this season, it’s introducing Christmas queens.

Finally, consider what appears to be a homosexual Santa in an Australian toy store in Melbourne. Toy Kingdom in Eastland in Ringwood has a large rainbow Santa in its display window.

As far as I could ascertain, there were six colours – which accords with the homosexual rainbow.

I went in and asked what gives with Santa’s red suit going missing, and the young gal said, “Its rainbow now.” She did not reply when I asked her why the change was made. I wonder if other Toy Kingdom stores also have this. If you see one, please let me know thanks. It seems we now may have a sodomy Santa – for children!

These are just some examples of the homosexual war on Christmas. And this has been going on for a while now. As but just one case from a few years ago we had more assaults on our children and on Christmas:

Get ready to see Santa Claus in a new (and refreshingly diverse) light this holiday season, courtesy of a forthcoming parody children’s book. On March 28, publisher Harper Design announced plans to release Santa’s Husband, which re-casts Kris Kringle as a black man in an interracial, same-sex relationship.

Slated for an October release, the book will follow Santa’s life in the North Pole, except in this version, he’ll have a white husband who fills in for him at shopping malls around the world.

The activists want everything to fall under the reach of the rainbow agenda. Nothing is off limits, and Christians are especially being targeted – as are our children.

And they kept insisting that they just wanted to be able to do their own thing in the privacy of their own bedrooms. And they told us nothing would change when homosexual marriage is legalized.

Yeah right. This is the complete transformation of society as they attempt to remake absolutely everything in their own hyper-sexualised image.

Trump is completely controlled by criminal Zionists

Trump is a shabos goy.

US President Donald Trump is completely controlled by criminal Zionists and he “happily does their bidding,” according to Walt Peretto, an American writer and sociopolitical analyst in Washington.

Peretto made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday while commenting on a report which said the US State Department has barred the former Saudi consul general in charge in Istanbul last year when Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered and dismembered within the consulate building.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during his visits in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, October 16, 2018. REUTERS/Leah Millis/Pool – RC15EE5EA250

“Trump has been largely indifferent to his heinous act citing that billions of dollars in arms sales to the Saudis means something to him. This relationship between the Saudi and US governments is one of many contradictions. Like hinting that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11 yet conducting business as usual,” Peretto said.  

“Evidence has proven that the 9/11 attacks were planned, carried out, and covered up by neocon factions in the US government with heavy Israeli impetus.  Yet the official narrative still implicates 19 fictional hijackers of which 15 were said to be Saudi nationals,” he added.

“In recent years, hint, after suggestion, after innuendo, has been put forth by US politicians and controlled media that the Saudi government played a major role in the attacks,” he stated.

“In the aftermath of 9/11, the US and its allies have destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, while they are teaming with the Saudis to destroy Syria and Yemen. While Iran has been attacked economically and through rhetoric and further innuendo,” he noted.  

“This US foreign policy makes no sense objectively or strategically if we use the premise that these operations are being carried out in the name of US security and national interests,” he said.  

‘Israel dictates American foreign policy’

Vote on which face and voice is the less likely to make you vomit..2016 election was a rock and a hard place!

“However, these operations make perfect sense for Israeli foreign policy. Since Israel has Trump, the Congress, and the official press wrapped around its finger, Israel simply dictates American foreign policy. 9/11 was used to cement this dominant/submissive relationship in place,” the analyst said.

“The ruse is that Saudi Arabia does not officially recognize Israel, yet in reality they are staunch allies. Therefore the US will continue to conduct normal relations with the Saudis despite this latest move by the State Department,” he said.  

“The US spreads the blame for 9/11 by sprinkling innuendo around among Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and Afghanistan, the Saudis, and even Saddam Hussein and Iraq to a minor degree. Yet, there isn’t one shred of credible evidence that any of these factions had anything to do with this attack on America and its people,” he said.  


“All the credible, independent, and objective evidence proves that Israel and the United States were behind 9/11. Despite the fact that the Zionist controlled US mainstream media simply ignores all the evidence,” the commentator noted.

“The only mention of the evidence in the mainstream is simply dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’ and is now being used as an excuse to attack the First Amendment by taking initiatives to censor the free flow of ideas on the internet and in social media specifically,” he said.

“These initiatives are often under the guise of fighting anti-Semitism as Trump recently signed an executive order to attack anti-Semitism on college campuses. The ultimate goal is to make any criticism of Israel or Zionism, and mentioning 9/11 evidence, punishable by law,” he said.

“Donald Trump is completely controlled by these criminal cabals and happily does their bidding. Donald Trump ran for office on a platform of ‘America First.’ His actions the last 3 years have clearly shown he is ‘Israel first,’” he concluded.

Zionism turns Orwell’s ‘thoughtcrime’ into reality

We are living with a new kind of regime that didn’t exist in Orwell’s time. It combines hard nationalism—the diversion of frustration and cynicism into xenophobia and hatred—with soft distraction and confusion: a blend of Orwell and Huxley, cruelty and entertainment.

The state of mind that the Party enforces through terror in 1984, where truth becomes so unstable that it ceases to exist, we now induce in ourselves. Totalitarian propaganda unifies control over all information, until reality is what the Party says it is—the goal of Newspeak is to impoverish language so that politically incorrect thoughts are no longer possible.

Today the problem is too much information from too many sources, with a resulting plague of fragmentation and division—not excessive authority but its disappearance, which leaves ordinary people to work out the facts for themselves, at the mercy of their own prejudices and delusions.

In his novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” author George Orwell fictionalizes about a repressive state called Oceania, in which “Big Brother” punishes citizens for a variety of crimes, including those you do and those you only think about.

Orwell calls the harshest of these “thoughtcrime” — the crime of thinking something that is disallowed by Big Brother, who constantly monitors you and your actions.

It is not really a coincidence that Orwell wrote this dystopian and very frightening novel less than one year after Israel was created, violating the terms of the UN’s Partition Plan by forcibly occupying West Jerusalem and half of the lands set aside for the proposed “Arab state.”

To justify its existence, Israel’s government has embraced Orwell’s disturbing propaganda language strategy, “Newspeak.”

This includes terms and phrases that define Oceania’s authoritarian lifestyle, restricting freedom for the privileged while imposing an oppressive alternative lifestyle for the not-so-privileged.

Israel also imposes laws through Orwell’s concept of “doublethink,” disguising policies that treat Jews favorably and non-Jews harshly.

Like Big Brother, Israel has a war machine that censors every printed word. Since 1948, Israel’s military and government has required that everything published inside Israel that may “challenge” the foundation of the nation — Orwellian Newspeak for “criticize” — must be approved by the censor.

I have seen this first-hand. As a reporter writing for one of America’s 10 largest daily newspapers (the Chicago Sun-Times), the editors were reluctant to publish my accounts of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation during the First Intifada in 1990.

The newspaper relented, but only after removing one story that detailed how Israel’s government literally deletes paragraphs of reporting from Palestinian newspapers.

The Palestinians would publish anyway, leaving a blank space where the Israeli censors removed text.

Today, they still delete paragraphs of content from the news media but, instead of leaving the “holes” in the reporting, the mainstream news media just plays along with Israel’s Orwellian rules.

In 2017, Israel censored and redacted 2,358 news reports, including prohibiting news agencies from reporting on 271 specific stories it felt were damaging to Israel’s public perception. And the media just lamely goes along.

Israel scrutinizes all of the critical reporting by the news media to identify Orwellian “malquotes” and “misprints,” which are “flaws or inaccurate depictions” of its Big Brother-like practices.

Orwell could not have predicted the evolution of communications into the computer age, but his disquietingly oppressive fictional society has found a comforting home in Israel, which has expanded its Newspeak process to encompass the scrutiny and censorship of Facebook.

Earlier this year, Ayelet Shaked, who heads up Israel’s Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” (the Israeli Justice Department), introduced a law to the Knesset that would force social media companies to remove any content that could “incite terrorism.”

Shaked is described as one of the most vicious anti-Arab officials in Israel’s government, and has used the most inflammatory rhetoric to criticize Palestinian actions and provoke violence from Israelis.


A Match Made in Hell: Israel and the Military Industrial Complex

The group that became the center of neoconservatism started with Jewish intellectuals

Israel’s wars have become major parts of the MIC’s business plan. Every bomb Israel drops; every missile the US fires, every Muslim country the US invades makes money for the MIC. Israel receives over $3 billion in military aid from Washington every year. Most of this money immediately returns to US military corporations to buy weapons. They’re partners.

“The conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence of the Military-Industrial Complex [MIC] — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government.” President Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell address, January 17, 1961.

Dissident Voice

Why exactly does the US government go to war with so many of Israel’s enemies? Why has the US destroyed Iraq and half of Syria? The costs were enormous, the results horrible, the rewards imperceptible.

The Iraq war not an outlier; it was the second in a long series of US invasions, bombings and destructions of majority-Muslim states. It’s still going on now, with Israel the only obvious beneficiary. How does this happen? Is the Israel lobby that powerful, and even if it is, why has the rest of the US establishment gone along?

The explanation lies in the MIC and a deeply sinister marriage that has grown between them and Israel. Israel’s wars have become major parts of the MIC’s business plan. Every bomb Israel drops; every missile the US fires, every Muslim country the US invades makes money for the MIC.

Israel receives over $3 billion in military aid from Washington every year. Most of this money immediately returns to US military corporations to buy weapons. They’re partners.

Eisenhower warned us, on his last workday in office

Where most Americans heard Eisenhower’s speech as a warning, Israeli leaders and their militant American supporters saw an opportunity. By allying with the MIC, this group which became known as the Neoconservatives set out to reshape the world.

The Pentagon and military corporations already had powerful lobbying programs in place. But industry lobbying typically takes the form of ‘Buy our product;’ ‘Try this weapon system.’ They didn’t lobby for new wars. Some Israel loyalists realized that if they could provide the wars, the MIC would reap the profits, strengthening Israel in the process.

From the 70s onward, the MIC and the Neoconservatives recognized and built on their mutual interest. The Neocons provided the intellectual and public relations muscle the MIC lacked. It is this alliance of corporations, think tanks, media organizations, and military agencies that pulls the US into war after war, specializing in destroying Israel’s enemies, but by no means limited to them.

The Armchair Warriors’ Club

The group that became the center of neoconservatism started with Jewish intellectuals, many of them followers of Leo Strauss and Albert Wohlstetter at the University of Chicago. Strauss was a philosopher who had escaped the Nazis in 1937 and had observed Stalin’s purges of mostly Jewish Bolsheviks.

Wohlstetter was a New York-born researcher who became a leading light at the RAND corporation, consulting with the Pentagon on intelligence and weapons systems. He was a constant advocate for more weaponry and a less conciliatory attitude toward the USSR.

From their beginning, the causes of America and Israel appeared inseparable in Neocon writings. According to former CIA officer Phil Giraldi of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), the neocons have two unshakeable beliefs: “First is their insistence that the United States has the right or even the responsibility to use its military and economic power to reshape the world in to terms of its own interests and values…

The second principle, inextricably tied to the first, is that Washington must uncritically support Israel no matter what its government does, which makes the defense of all things Israeli an American value.”

Their third core value has been virulent opposition to the Russians (then the Soviets.) According to History Commons, “[In the 1970s] Neocons saw the Soviet Union, not the Israeli-Palestine conflict, as the chief threat to US interests in the Middle East and the control of that region’s oil fields. They see a strong, powerful Israel as essential to their plans for US domination of the region.”

The neocons set out to popularize these ideas among the American people and government. Young disciples of the founders went to work for Senators Henry “Scoop” Jackson (D-Wash) and Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY,) both strongly pro-MIC Democrats.

Wohlstetter, with his military connections helped young neocons Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz get jobs with Jackson, known as the “Senator from Boeing” for his constant advocacy of increased military spending and opposition to nuclear weapons treaties.

He was also militantly pro-Israel, sharing all the core neocon foreign policy positions. Perle and Wolfowitz were soon followed by colleagues Douglas Feith, Elliott Abrams, and Abram Shulsky.

As Senators Jackson and Moynihan’s leadership shows, neoconservatism is not just a Jewish thing. Researchers Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould wrote on Truthdig “Although clearly acting as a political front for Israel’s interests and an engine for permanent war, neoconservatism would never have succeeded as a political movement without the support and cooperation of powerful non-Jewish elites.”

Many neocons have been non-Jewish, and their numbers grow year by year. Secretaries of Defense, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were early adopters, as were UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and by now thousands of others.

Neoconservatism has become dominant in the Department of Defense and increasingly at the State Department and CIA and has tremendous influence in Israel and the UK.

Neoconservatism gained this influence through decades of setting up think tanks and commissions and serving on them as “fellows,” “scholars,” and directors. They move between these jobs and positions in the Departments of Defense and State, or in the White House or on Senators’ staffs, or defense corporations, becoming known as “experts.”

They write position papers and op-eds; they appear on TV and testify before Congress. They lie. The work constantly to control the narrative.

Early neocon dominated formations were the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), founded in 1976 and the Committee for the Free World (CFW), founded in 1981. Both advocated strenuously for nuclear buildup aimed at the USSR.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, military spending dropped, threatening MIC profits. They needed new enemies to replace the USSR, and Israel was happy to provide theirs, and Neocons set up new formations to target these enemies. Current think tanks founded by the Neocons include:

JINSA, the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs; AEI, the American Enterprise Institute; WINEP the Washington Institute for Near East Policy; FDD. the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and a dozen others. These groups collaborate with longer-standing Israel advocacy groups like AIPAC and Stand with Us.

They share staff and funders and rent space from each other. One of the most influential, PNAC, the Project for a New American Century met in offices rented from AEI and included at least six men who later served as leaders in the Bush administration as well as Bush’s brother Jeb.

Two Neocon Documents that Exploded World Peace

Neocons created two documents crucial to the endless 21st century wars. In 1997, neocons meeting with the Jerusalem-based think tank Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies wrote a paper for the Likud Party called A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.

Clean Break proposed that Israel no longer try to make peace with Arab neighbors such as Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, but push them back, destabilize them, and ultimately change their regimes for ones who embraced Israel. The recommendations in Clean Break have largely been carried out using Israeli and American military force.

In 1999, PNAC wrote a similar paper, Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources for a New Century, advocating massive growth of the US military budget, seeking the ability to wage multiple simultaneous wars and police actions. Authors Donald Kagan, with former Pentagon consultant Gary Schmitt, and Thomas (now Giselle) Donnelly, a former director at Lockheed Martin, called the paper a “blueprint for maintaining global US pre-eminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.”

Both of these papers turned out Earth-shattering. Where there had been global consensus, at least in word, that aggressive wars and unprovoked attacks were illegal and that conflicts should be resolved diplomatically, the Neocons said that might literally makes right, and invading and occupying countries were legitimate options if no one could stop you.

The US Military budget rose from $287 billion in 2001 to $722 billion in 2011. As former Vice-President Al Gore said, “We have replaced a world in which states consider themselves subject to law” with “the notion that there is no law but the discretion of the President of the United States.”

Map of US wars from The Nation magazine

Where international stability had been considered one of the highest goals in foreign affairs, championed even by war criminals like Henry Kissinger, the Neocons promoted chaos and destruction. Neocon Michael Ledeen called for “turning the Middle East into a cauldron.”

The Israeli and US governments have adopted these attitudes, and NATO countries have followed to varying degrees. International stability is a thing of the past. This was no small accomplishment. It took years of media manipulation, lies, false flags, and lobbying to do it, starting with the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

How to Start a War

Unlike major 20th Century American wars, the invasion of Iraq did not masquerade as defense. There was no Tonkin Gulf Incident, no story of North invading South, no Lusitania sinking, no Pearl Harbor. Without such an excuse, gaining support for an unprovoked war on a country that posed no threat posed a formidable challenge. War advocates, led by neocons in and out of government, came at it from all sides.

The Bush Administration came into power in 2001 fully determined to smash Saddam Hussein. With six PNAC members holding high administrative offices, they had still to win support of the rest of government. In 2001, both the CIA and the State Department opposed invading Iraq, as did much of the military, Congress and millions of American people. That resistance had to be overcome.

In Rebuilding America’s Defenses, PNAC had written that, because of public resistance, their plans for expansion and military expression of US hegemony would take a long time “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor”.

On Sept. 11, 2001, they got (or created) their Pearl Harbor and swung into action. On September 19, 2001, PNAC sent an open letter to President Bush that called for pushing the war on terror “beyond al Qaeda to Syria, Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Palestine Authority and Iraq.”

They established the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, founded by PNAC member Bruce Jackson, a former Lockheed Martin Vice-President. CLI promoted the voice of Ahmad Chalabi, founder of a group of exiles known as the Iraqi National Congress, and promoted him as the legitimate ruler of Iraq, though he had no following in-country.

Chalabi fabricated stories of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda, which were uncritically accepted and disseminated by British and American media and government officials.

A steady drumbeat of Iraq WMD stories ran in Western media and were widely believed, though all turned out false. Neocons were the source of many of these stories. Donald Rumsfeld had set up the Office of Special Plans (OSP) in the Pentagon to create “intelligence” that better served war goals than the more accurate intelligence found by the CIA. OSP was a Neocon operation.

Michael Ledeen and Doug Feith were employed by OSP when they collaborated with Italian intelligence to pass off forged Italian documents implicating Saddam Hussein in buying uranium in Niger.

The string of WMD lies included ‘Hussein purchasing aluminum tubes’ that were said to be suitable for uranium-enrichment centrifuges. These claims were reported as true in a UK government dossier which was cited by President Bush.

Much of the Brits’ information came unedited and unsourced from the Middle East Review of International Affairs, a publication of Barry Rubin, an American-born Israeli neocon who regularly published very questionable intelligence as true.

Older readers might remember the rest of the nonstop campaign. Saddam discriminates against Kurds and Shi’a; Saddam is brutal and corrupt, Saddam is an abuser of women. Saddam is an ally of al-Qaeda and was responsible for 9/11. The Shi’a are rising; the people are fed up.

American troops will be greeted as liberators. Nearly all these claims were lies or huge exaggerations, and the Neocons had a lot to do with creating and spreading them.

Eventually, CIA and State were overridden, Congress went along, and the millions marching against the invasion were ignored. The war went forward with the horrific results we have all seen. The Neocon/MIC alliance, no longer faces much resistance from the intelligence agencies.

Extreme neocon Mike Pompeo has been head of CIA and is now Secretary of State, and the even more extreme John Bolton is President Trump’s chief foreign policy advisor.

The alliance is now lying the US into attacking Syria and Iran, along with Venezuela, using the same strategy used in Iraq, demonizing a country’s rulers and grossly underestimating the difficulties. After Iran, perhaps Russia? The corporate media present whatever pro-war forces say as facts.

No matter how many times their predictions turn out absurdly wrong or their facts are exposed as lies, they keep being hired as commentators, experts, or pundits on corporate media platforms including NPR and PBS. This is true for retired Generals as well as Zionist intellectuals.

America and Israel combine forces

Their linked goals of American world dominance, Israeli regional dominance, and MIC profits are moving ahead. The US military and the IDF hold joint military maneuvers. Each new American administration deepens US connection with and support for Israel and its wars. The neocon playbook for regime change is being applied in Latin America as well. What will it take to stop them?

Erdogan calls on Muslim countries to unite and confront Israel

The heroic story of Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Osman (Uthman) who founded the Ottoman Empire. Why Every Muslim Should Watch Dirilis: Ertugrul (it’s on Netflix right now)  – Islamic History

Turkish president tells OIC leaders that Israel must be held accountable for the killing of Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

Istanbul, Turkey – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Muslim leaders to unite and confront Israel, days after scores of Palestinians were killed by Israeli snipers as they marked 70 years of Israeli occupation.

Speaking at an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Friday, Erdogan said Israel should be held accountable over the killings which drew widespread international condemnation and triggered a wave of protests from Asia, through the Middle East, to North Africa.

“To take action for Palestinians massacred by Israeli bandits is to show the whole world that humanity is not dead,” Erdogan told the group of Muslim leaders gathered in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul.

The Turkish president described Israel’s killing of Palestinians as “thuggery, atrocity and state terror,” and said the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would inevitably haunt it.

Istanbul, Turkey – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Muslim leaders to unite and confront Israel, days after scores of Palestinians were killed by Israeli snipers as they marked 70 years of Israeli occupation.

Speaking at an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Friday, Erdogan said Israel should be held accountable over the killings which drew widespread international condemnation and triggered a wave of protests from Asia, through the Middle East, to North Africa.

“To take action for Palestinians massacred by Israeli bandits is to show the whole world that humanity is not dead,” Erdogan told the group of Muslim leaders gathered in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul.

The Turkish president described Israel’s killing of Palestinians as “thuggery, atrocity and state terror,” and said the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would inevitably haunt it.

The Gaza Strip has been transformed into a large concentration camp for millions of people who are deprived of their most basic rights to travel, education, work and medical treatment.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar’s Emir


‘Collective punishment’

On Monday, as the United States went ahead with the controversial relocation of its embassy to Jerusalem, 62 Palestinians, including five children, were killed and more than 2,700 wounded as the Israeli army fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters who had assembled hundreds of metres from a 1949 armistice line between Gaza and Israel.

The protesters in the besieged enclave had gathered for Nakba Day – a commemoration of the events of 1948 when Zionist paramilitaries ethnically cleansed Palestinian cities and towns. About 750,000 people were forcibly expelled from historical Palestine.

Several heads of state attended the Istanbul summit, but Saudi Arabia, the host of the 57-member OIC, sent only a senior foreign ministry official. Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE also sent lower-level ministers.

Speaking at the conference, Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani said the Palestinian cause had “become a symbol for oppressed peoples everywhere” and condemned Israel for the “brutal massacre” of peaceful demonstrators.

“Who among us does not know the declared siege forced on the Gaza Strip and the collective punishment against its population?” the emir said.

“The Gaza Strip has been transformed into a large concentration camp for millions of people who are deprived of their most basic rights to travel, education, work and medical treatment.

“When their sons take arms they are called terrorists, and when they stage peaceful demonstrations, they are called extremists, and are shot dead with live ammunition.”

‘US part of the problem’

For his part, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said the US had become “part of the problem and not the solution” and called the relocation of the embassy “an act of aggression against the Islamic nation, against Muslims and Christians”.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II urged the adoption of urgent measures to back “the resistance of Palestinians”, while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for economic and political measures against the US and Israel.

Late on Friday, the OIC issued a final communique calling on the United Nations to launch an international investigation into the killings in Gaza, the creation of an international protection force for Palestinians, and for the OIC to place economic restrictions on any countries, companies or individuals who recognise Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem.

Protesters waved Palestinian flags and carried a variety of colourful placards and banners [Faisal Edroos/Al Jazeera]

Thousands protest in solidarity with Palestine

Earlier in the day, Erdogan told a raucous crowd of more than 10,000 people in Istanbul’s Yenikapi fairground that the Muslim world had to unite and “pull themselves back together”.

“Muslims are way too busy fighting and disagreeing with themselves, and shy away when confronted by their enemies,” he told the audience.

“Since 1947, Israel has been free to do what it likes in this region. They do whatever they feel like. But this reality can be undone … if we unite.” 

Earlier this week, Turkey recalled its envoys to Israel and the US following the killings of Palestinians and the relocation of Washington’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


Preparing the Stage: A War With Iran to Save Netanyahu Legacy

Events suggest that Netanyahu wants to seal his legacy by persuading the US to join with Israel in an attack on Iran.

The CIA used similar tactics – violent attacks on shops – to escalate the protests in the 1953 overthrow of PM Mosaddegh, in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of the Shah.

The Iranian government is not teetering at any ‘brink’


An Iran-focused treaty was to be a key issue on the agenda of hurriedly-arranged talks with Secretary Pompeo, in Lisbon this week – a ‘summit’ that followed in the wake of a notable flock of very high-level, US Defense officials visiting Israel in recent days.

In Lisbon, Netanyahu said that his talks with Pompeo had focused on: 1. Iran; 2. Iran, and number 3: Iran.

The protests in Iran – and the ‘message’ being promoted by the main-stream media which has the “regime” teetering at the brink of collapse, and obliged to use unprecedented violence to quell mass unarmed protests, in the wake of an extraordinarily ineptly managed, fuel-price hike.

What is wrong with this version? Well, what is right is that the hike triggered protests across 100 cities on the Friday, 15 November.

The protests were widespread, and the poorer segments of the population (traditional supporters of the state) were heavily represented. But they were not violent.

The rest of the narrative is wrong.

On the day of the truly mass protests against the fuel hike, no one was killed. And, on the following day, the protestors almost wholly vanished from the streets.

Instead, small groups of pre-prepared, armed and violent activists – not protestors – attacked the strategic hubs of state infrastructure: banks, petro-chemical plants, the gas network, and fuel storage.

These hubs were attacked using rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and sub-machine guns.

Other groups took out banks (100s of them), armed with guns, swords and iron bars. (One of these latter groups attacked six banks in the space of just one hour.) Nothing here was spontaneous or ‘populist’.

The security forces reacted militarily – arresting and killing many insurgents. And yes – the internet was shut down. But, not the internal Iranian internet – only the global internet.

So, the Iranian equivalent of WhatsApp and Telegraph, and Iranian news channels were still accessible – though the global internet was not.

The overseas anger at the external internet shut-down possibly reflected surprise and irritation that Iran had this capability. Likely, it was not a capacity that Iran was thought to possess.

So what was going on? The Iranian government, it seems, had prior knowledge of plans to stage attacks by ‘activists’, as a part of an (externally formulated and resourced) disruption plan.

But that original plan indicated that the start of these actions would take place early next year.

What seems to have happened is that when the fuel hike protests began, these ‘activists’ were given the go-ahead to ‘seize the moment’.

In other words, they activated all their pre-prepared plans prematurely. This was exactly what the Iranian security forces wanted, and had sought.

It enabled them to ‘smoke out’ the plot, and to arrest, or kill the ring-leaders.

In other words, the Iranian government is not teetering at any ‘brink’ – and later internal Iranian polling shows popular anger directed principally towards the violent gangs, and to a lesser extent, towards the Rouhani Administration, for its mis-handling of the fuel-price hike – but not against the state, per se.

The latter result is not so surprising as older Iranians will remember how the CIA used similar tactics – violent attacks on shops – to escalate the protests in the 1953 overthrow of PM Mosaddegh, in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of the Shah.

Here is the question: Have the various instigators of these deliberate, violent attacks, ‘come clean’ about the failure of their plan – and of the unraveling (the arrests and disruption) of their Iranian ‘networks’ to President Trump?

Or, is he being presented only with the Netanyahu ‘narrative’ of an Iran cornered ‘and at the brink’?

Iran is not at the brink; its economy is not imploding, and it has not – at least not yet – been cornered in the region.

The arm-wrestling between the US and Iran in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon is engaged, but not over. It is not the moment for Israel ‘to count its chickens’ with respect to an imploding Iran.

The other question then, is with all this swelling max-pressure, financialised ‘war’ operations mounted by the US, Israel, and certain Gulf States, across the Middle East, is there a way out? Or, is it likely to end in war?

The momentum, as matters stand, must be towards escalation. To avoid that disaster, one or other of the parties must row back.

One ‘off-ramp’ might be that whilst Trump (ignominiously) might be ready to contemplate the disruption, the distress and hardship being administered to the people of Lebanon, Iraq and Syria in the interests of weakening Iran, he may not want to proceed to that ultimate step of war.

US polls show no popular appetite for war with Iran. Yet climbing down from his Iran ‘tree’ for Trump, will not be easy. The other off-ramp might be that Netanyahu does not remain as PM for these vital, coming six months to ‘write history’ and seal his legacy.

Gif: Roman columns crash all around Netanyahu.

It would be both “scary and dangerous”, for sure, were Netanyahu (and close associates) to conclude that Netanyahu needs such a war to survive – as Ben Caspit was so clearly warned.

But what is not so likely, is that Iran buckles or implodes.