Palestine is not a Quagmire

The metaphors that attempt to render Palestine complicated obscure the simple brutality of Zionist colonization.

It’s imperialism, stupid.

Palestine is not a minefield.  Palestine is not complicated.  Palestine is not a morass.  Palestine is not tricky.  Palestine is not a quagmire.  

Palestine is not almost impossible to navigate. 

Israel systematically abuses millions of Palestinians simply because they’re not what the state defines as Jewish.

 Israel came into existence through a massive program of ethnic cleansing that continues into the present.

 Israel prevents millions of Palestinians from returning to their ancestral cities and villages. 

Israel doesn’t allow those who remain the right of free movement.  Israel is central to an ongoing project of Western imperialism. 

Appraise Israel’s position in the world and you’ll always find it aligned with forces of plunder and accumulation.  

Israel is a fundamentally racist entity—an ethnosupremacist settler colony, if you prefer—ruthlessly devoted to conquest and domination. 

The notion of Palestine as doggedly complicated is a spectacular deceit. 

Palestine is a living nation with a discrete history. 

Its people struggle for a future liberated of the misery imposed for decades by an insatiable colonizer.  Palestinians need freedom. 

The conditions in which that freedom can exist are clear and tangible:  dismantling a system of juridical inequality enforced at the barrel of a gun and replacing it with a polity invested in the well-being of all citizens. 

That polity would honor the right of return for refugees and eliminate strictures on movement and participation based on religious and/or ethnic identity.  There’s nothing complicated about it. 

Describing Palestine as perplexing or troublesome offers no benefit to the discourse.

 It obfuscates a clear distinction between victim and aggressor.

  It imagines the audience as incapable of comprehending straightforward concepts of justice and restitution.  

It is an act of cruelty to people often maimed, imprisoned, and murdered in a vigorous struggle for freedom. 

More than anything, it manifests a kind of exegetic cowardice.  

To what end does a speaker describe Palestine as complicated, as a quagmire? 

To implicate Palestinians in their own suffering. 

Palestine serves as the canary in the coalmine. It’s a sign of what’s to come for Americans. Ignore at our peril.

And to absolve Israel of demonstrable barbarity.  The absolution needn’t happen explicitly. 

It needn’t be intentional.  But absolution is the effect of this cryptic diction. 

We see it whenever a star politician boasting socialist credentials suddenly transforms into a dissembling clod (or an outright dick) when the subject of Israel arises. 

The criticism comes, quickly followed, as always, by the rationalizations. 

“There’s no simple answer.” 

“That’s the best response we can hope for.” 

“To be fair, the issue is really difficult.” 

Being fair requires more than an affinity for cliché. 

Deeming condemnation of Israel—or, better yet, of Zionism—difficult or intimidating exonerates the politician of cowardice. 

Palestine’s freedom is a momentous moral issue that deserves nothing less than decisive support. 

We’re inclined to view the politician’s mousiness as pragmatic:  they have to worry about elections; they’re obliged to pander. 

This not only absolves the politician of cowardice, but of intellectual agency: they’re talking nonsense, but they can’t possibly believe it.

Their own rhetoric is unreliable.

If we insist on being fair to the politician, then it seems important to extend the same grace to other demographics. 

What about the politician’s constituents or the general audience?  Do they not deserve any of the honesty they’ve been promised? 

Must their finite energy be taken up haggling with their own heroes?  Begging for recognition from the luminaries who claim to represent them? 

Or what about the Palestinian people themselves?  Is it not unfair that they continue to suffer a military occupation lavishly funded by the dissembling politician? 

Is it not doubly unfair that the politician derived power by pretending to care about them, only to retreat into the usual business of forgetting? 

Let’s abandon this language of being fair to politicians.  When it comes to maintaining the dignity of Palestine’s national liberation movement, antagonism is the only viable sensibility. 

I don’t mean antagonism of an oratorical variety, but as a subject position—a relentless focus on prioritizing the downtrodden above the bourgeois ambitions of social climbers in the West. 

“You can’t get elected in the United States without sucking up to Israel!” screams the advocate of realism.

 It’s long past time for this bit of common wisdom to disappear. Aspiring politicians may oblige themselves to systemic norms, but we suffer no such obligation.  Even where true, though, it isn’t our problem.  I don’t give a single damn if my advocacy for the colonized disrupts somebody’s political aspirations.

 The goal is to liberate Palestine, not to seat more charlatans and chickenshits in Congress.  

On this note, let’s also drop the pretense, exceedingly popular among bluecheck radicals on social media, that these ersatz socialists—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, especially—have betrayed their leftist supporters (Sanders by campaigning vigorously for Joe Biden and ingratiating himself to party bosses, and Ocasio-Cortez by transforming from a socialist dynamo into a bumbling liberal Zionist). 

They betrayed nothing but the ahistorical delusions of a pundit class trying to cash in on fantasies of influence. 

Sanders never pretended he’d do anything but champion the party and Ocasio-Cortez began dissimulating about Palestine before even winning her first election. 

I know because I criticized both of them from the outset for their weak politics, which were fully visible for anyone who cared to see them, and got dragged all over the internet.

 It’s unpleasant to see self-identified radicals boost every new savior appended to the Democratic Party, only to pull a sanctimonious, self-congratulatory switcharoo after dissent has become legible (i.e., behave as liberal disciplinarians when it’s beneficial and then as principled critics when liberal discipline is out of favor). 

The tardiness, like the naivete preceding it, is calibrated to the accumulation of clout—politics not as virtue, but self-indulgence. 

The only thing anyone gets out of being correct from the outset is an undeserved reputation for crankiness. 

The savior always capitulates by design.  The savior is a creation of the very culture he purports to transcend.  

A sincere commitment to Palestinian liberation precludes upward mobility in the U.S. political system. 

Upward mobility always prevails.  Calling Palestine a quagmire facilitates the upward mobility.  Palestine is complicated only insofar as it inconveniences devotees of American exceptionalism.

  On its own, detached from the logic of electoralism, Palestine is a collective responsibility, coherent and unbounded.  We cannot make Palestine intelligible to people obliged by political convention to abandon it. 

Before they became political metaphors, “morass” and “quagmire” were strictly geographical terms, denoting swampland hostile to development and most forms of agriculture.  

The notion of Palestine as a quagmire provided an important dimension to early Zionism, which conceptualized the Holy Land as marshy and barren. 

“Drain the swamp” is now associated with Donald Trump, but for centuries it served as a colonial rallying cry, first in North America and then in Palestine. 

Transforming these promised lands into something productive would be a difficult task, an undertaking nothing less than divine, and couldn’t be left to unindustrious natives. 

The settlers on both continents built roads and cities—planted new flora and extracted resources from the ground—and in the process destroyed the natural environment. 

And now Palestine has again become a swampy trope in the colonialist lexicon. 

Palestine is not complicated, though.  The quagmire comes into existence precisely where the fantasy of American salvation begins. 

Foreign Occupiers must stop imprisoning Palestinians

Khalid Amayreh

Zionism is a virulent philosophy and venomous ideology that has transformed Jews into tormentors, persecutors and oppressors as well as occupiers, liars and land thieves.

For many years now, Israel has been dumping Palestinians behind bars, or sending them to agonize in open-ended detainment in desert detention camps, purely for political reasons.

In hundreds of cases, there are absolutely no legal grounds, nor even according to the Israeli military laws, for the incarceration of indisputably innocent Palestinians.

Israel often doesn’t even try to justify this flagrant, vindictive and oppressive policy.

It just contents itself with invoking the security mantra, utterly ignoring the most elementary considerations of equity and justice.

In countries around the world, let alone countries that consider themselves civilized and democratic, a person is arrested, charged and prosecuted.

If found innocent, he is released, if not he is sentenced to jail terms or receives other forms of punishment.

In the Occupied Palestinian territories, however, detaining Palestinians at will is the backbone of the occupier’s policy toward the occupied, the Palestinians.

Palestinians are arrested and kept away from their families for years without justifiable reasons.

An individual’s ideological preference is often a sufficient ground for administrative detention that may linger for many years.

The fact that the wronged individual has done absolutely nothing wrong, has violated no laws, and committed no crimes has very little weight in the calculations of the Israeli occupation authorities.

For the Israeli political-military establishment, security whims and vagaries justify anything, including inflicting gross injustice on innocent people.

This shows that the ultimate purpose behind this brazen injustice is to torment individuals and activists Israel views as non-conformist. In other words, the motivation is pure sadism on Israel’s part.

The injustice meted out to the victims of Israeli detention policy is especially conspicuous with the so-called administrative detainees.

These people are effectively abducted from their homes and families and dumped into crowded concentration camps in the Negev desert.

One detainee, Mustafa Shawar, from Hebron in the southern West Bank , told this writer that he was imprisoned for more than 8 years without knowing the reason.

“I appealed to the Israeli military Judge to let me know the reason or reasons behind my incarceration at the Ktza’aout detention camp.

But the judge would never let me know of these reasons.

“I asked the judge how I could not repeat the crime or felony I had presumably committed if I don’t know what it is.

The judge simply told me he wouldn’t allow me the privilege of knowing why I was in jail.”

Shawar is just one example of thousands of Palestinians who are made to languish in Israeli dungeons, solitary cells and concentration camps for years without knowing the reason for their detention.

Israel Edges Closer to Imprisoning East Jerusalem Children | News | teleSUR English

Ismael Awawdeh, 46, is a civil engineer from the small town of Dura near Hebron.

He, too, had been victimized by frequent detainments, each lasting for 6 months to two years.

All in all, Awawdeh has spent more than 70 months in administrative detention.

He is still languishing in jail without knowing the reason.

One of his relatives told this writer that “it seems that the only democratic state in the Middle East decided to keep him in jail for at least six months per year.”

Many of the detainees are actually prominent figures in their respective communities.

They are University professors, medical doctors and outstanding religious leaders and many of them are active in charitable works and helping the poor.

In general, one exaggerates little by saying that the detainees constitute the crème de le crème of the Palestinian society.

In many instances, Israel behaves and acts very much like a criminal gang rather than a real state where the rule of the law is upheld.

The Israeli treatment of elected Palestinian lawmakers perfectly fits this description.

Indeed, ever since the Palestinian general elections in 2006 which the Islamic liberation movement Hamas won to Israel’s and America’s chagrin (both states had okayed the organization of the elections), Israel has been ganging up on as many as 50 of these lawmakers, accusing them of supporting a terrorist organization.

Needless to say, Israel is probably the last entity under the sun which is qualified to accuse others of being terrorists.

Israel, after all is probably one of the ugliest embodiment of terrorism in the whole world.

Besides, resisting a Nazi-like foreign occupier is anything but terror. In fact, one would be fornicating with language if one called those who fight for their freedom terrorists.

In the final analysis, however, a person should never ever be imprisoned for years for his emotions, sentiments and opinions.

In Israel, rabbis and others routinely publish books and deliver lectures and give homilies stating that the lives of Muslims and Christians and all other non-Jews have no sanctity and that they can be murdered without the slightest compunctions.

And when arrests are made, the Jewish inciter in question is questioned for five minutes in a chummy-chat style before allowing him to return home with all his dignity intact.

It is a stigma of shame on the forehead of Judaism to inflict this pornographic injustice on non-Jews just because these unfortunate people happen to be weak, vulnerable and defenseless.

But Zionism is also a cancer upon the conscience of Judaism; it is a virulent philosophy and venomous ideology that has transformed Jews into tormentors, persecutors and oppressors as well as occupiers, liars and land thieves.

I have no doubt that the dehumanizing oppression meted out to the Palestinians and others by Israel will speed up the corrosion and dissolution of the Zionist entity.

I am sure that the wise among Jews realize this eventuality very well.

If Israel has committed no war crimes, then why does it refuse the ICC probe?

Israeli occupation state has committed so many crimes against the Palestinian people, but it does not want any internal or external body to look into and expose these crimes.

Prof Kamel Hawwash

On 5 February, Palestinians saw a long tunnel open and a light flicker in the distance for justice.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) Pre-Trial Chamber I “decided, by majority, that the Court’s territorial jurisdiction in the Situation in Palestine, a State party to the ICC Rome Statute, extends to the territories occupied by Israel since 1967.”

The ICC now has jurisdiction to investigate crimes the Palestinians say were perpetrated by Israel in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda had previously called for investigations, saying there was “a reasonable basis to believe” war crimes had happened.

Reactions in both Palestine and Israel were as predicted.

Palestinian kids

The Palestinians welcomed the decision. Palestinian Justice Minister Mohammed Al-Shalaldeh welcomed the ICC decision and considered it “historic”.

“The International Criminal Court decision is historic and means immediate commencement in investigating the grave violations on the Palestinian occupied territory,” Al-Shalaldeh said.

He added that three files are prioritised for the court, the Israeli war on Gaza in 2014, the Israeli settlements, and the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the decision in a written statement.

“Today, the International Criminal Court has proven once more that it is a political body and not a judicial institution,” Netanyahu said.

“In this ruling, the tribunal violated the right of democracies to defend themselves against terrorism, and played into the hands of those who undermine efforts to expand the circle of peace,” he added.

Anyone expecting a change of American position from the new Biden Administration was quickly disappointed.

In a call with Netanyahu, American Vice President Kamala Harris told him that the US opposes ICC investigation into possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories, the White House said.

This followed an announcement by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in which he said that Washington “firmly opposes and is deeply disappointed” by the ICC decision.

He emphasised that “Israel is not a party to the ICC and has not consented to the Court’s jurisdiction, and we have serious concerns about the ICC’s attempts to exercise its jurisdiction over Israeli personnel,” Blinken said in a statement.

Israel would have been a little confused but certainly disappointed that the same administration recently lifted the sanctions on ICC personnel imposed by Biden’s predecessor, Trump in December 2020.

Blinken’s team said: “These decisions reflect our assessment that the measures adopted were inappropriate and ineffective.”

The administration continues “to disagree strongly with the ICC’s actions relating to the Afghanistan and Palestinian situations” and to object to ICC “efforts to assert jurisdiction over personnel of non-States Parties such as the United States and Israel.”

The US made this decision despite the investigations that may target US military personnel for crimes committed in Afghanistan.

One might have expected Israel to follow suit and accept that the ICC is an independent court and that the chief prosecutor has painstakingly consulted before it was ruled that the court had jurisdiction over the Occupied Palestinian Territory and that it would investigate crimes committed by any party, including Palestinian parties going back to 2014.

However, those familiar with Israel’s attitude to necessary external scrutiny won’t have been surprised with its formal rejection of the ICC decision to investigate its leaders’ crimes.

Israel is clearly worried about the ICC decision.

Following a meeting of its top brass it decided to send a letter to the court to convey its refusal to cooperate.

At the meeting were the prime minister, foreign minister, defence minister, strategic affairs minister, education minister, water minister, attorney-general, National Security Council head, and army Chief Military Advocate, among others.

Israel will not cooperate with the International Criminal Court’s investigation for alleged war crimes and will argue that the court has no jurisdiction to open the probe, consistent with Israel’s longstanding position.

At the meeting, Netanyahu argued that “While IDF soldiers fight with supreme morality against terrorists that commit war crimes daily, the court in The Hague decided to denounce Israel”.

“There is no other word for this than hypocrisy. A body established to fight for human rights turned into a hostile body that defends those who trample human rights.”

In the letter to be sent to the ICC, Israel will argue that it has its own ‘independent judiciary’ capable of trying soldiers who commit war crimes.

Palestinians would beg to differ as investigations by Israel of its own crimes have yielded no justice.

Take the example of the investigation of the 2018 killing of 21-year-old Palestinian paramedic Razan Al-Najjar near the fence in Gaza.

An Israeli investigation stated that “during an initial examination of the incident that took place on June 1st, 2018, in which a 22-year-old Palestinian woman was killed, it was found that a small number of bullets were fired during the incident, and that no shots were deliberately or directly aimed towards her”.

Commenting on the investigation Al-Haq Human Rights organisation stated: “The hastily concluded preliminary examination highlights Israel’s inability to conduct an independent, effective and impartial investigation into alleged war crimes.”

It further stated: “The Israeli military effectively operates with impunity. Between 2005 and 2009, out of 800 submitted complaints of war crimes, only 49 investigations led to indictments.”

Israel therefore cannot be trusted to conduct its own investigations impartially and that is the reason why external investigation is needed.

Furthermore, it has a history of denying impartial international investigating teams’ access to investigate potential war crimes going back decades.

In 2002, the Amnesty International team to investigate potential crimes committed by Israeli troops in the Jenin refugee camp were denied access to the camp.

Professor Derrick Pounder, who was part of the three-person team sent to investigate human rights abuses, said: “The refusal to allow us to conduct or even to assist in enabling others to conduct such investigations is very serious and gives rise to questions about the authorities’ motives.”

In 2009 the team led by Judge Goldstone to investigate possible crimes committed during the 2008/9 war on Gaza was denied visas by Israel and had to enter Gaza through Egypt.

His report eventually found Israel and Palestinian armed groups were guilty of war crimes.

The report also referenced that Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and B’Tselem had been denied entry to carry out their investigations in Gaza.

In 2014, Israel again denied entry to teams that were tasked with investigating potential human rights abuses.

The UNHRC investigating team found that both Israel and Palestinian armed groups had committed war crimes. [resistance and even armed struggle against a colonial occupation force is not just recognised under international law but specifically endorsed.]

Israel has also denied entry to UN Rapporteurs Richard Falk and Michael Link, UN special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories.

Whether it is about its war crimes during repeated wars against the helpless, entrapped Palestinian population in Gaza or its illegal settlement enterprise, or moving its population into illegally occupied areas, moving Palestinian prisoners into its own territory from occupied territory.

What about house demolitions, family evictions?

With that torrid track record, justice requires that Israeli violations are examined, and it faces accountability for them.

Its leaders should answer for their alleged war crimes in person and must have their day in court at The Hague.

Otherwise, its leaders will continue to commit crimes, safe in the knowledge that they will not have to answer for them.

The wheels of justice need to move more quickly, and then Israeli war criminals won’t be able to sleep soundly every night thinking they can just get up in the morning and commit more crimes with impunity.

Kennedy’s Assassination Is The Coup d’état That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Since the Kennedy Assassination (1963), the CIA runs the United States, not the President.

‘If the United States ever experiences a [coup], it will come from the CIA and not from the Pentagon.’ Added another, ‘[Members of the CIA] represent tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone.

by Greg Felton


From the outset, Kennedy had to fight an insurrection within his administration from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA, which were looking for any excuse to start a war.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, when medium-range ballistic missiles were spotted in Cuba, Kennedy faced almost unanimous opposition to a non-military response.

Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay, the most outspoken belligerent, typified the contempt Kennedy faced: “This blockade and political action, I see leading into war.

I don’t see any other solution for it. It will lead right into war. This is almost as bad as the appeasement at Munich.”

In the end, a naval blockade and a missile trade off convinced Khrushchev to pull the missiles out, thus sparing the world the spectre of nuclear war, but despite this success Kennedy’s refusal to be stampeded into nuclear war further alienated the military-industrial complex, as President Eisenhower called it, which thought such a war inevitable and necessary.

It was Kennedy’s enlightened Vietnam policy, though, that sent the warmongers over the edge and points to a motive for assassination.

In a lengthy piece to Rolling Stone, Robert Kennedy Jr, gave a candid account of that policy:

On September 2nd, 1963, in a televised interview, JFK told the American people he didn’t want to get drawn into Vietnam.

‘In the final analysis, it is their war,’ he said. ‘They are the ones who have to win or lose it. We can help them, we can give them equipment. We can send our men out there as advisers, but they have to win it, the people of Vietnam.”

Exactly one month later, Kennedy told a National Security Council meeting that there would be a partial withdrawal of 1,000 military personnel by the end of 1963 and a complete withdrawal by the end of 1965, regardless of the military circumstances.

The thought of pulling out of Vietnam sent the warmongers into a frothing rage. As RFK Jr. further recounts:

Journalist Richard Starnes, filing from Vietnam, gave a stark assessment in The Washington Daily News of the CIA’s unrestrained thirst for power in Vietnam.

Starnes quoted high-level U.S. officials horrified by the CIA’s role in escalating the conflict.

They described an insubordinate, out-of-control agency, which one top official called a ‘malignancy.’

He doubted that ‘even the White House could control it any longer.’

Another warned, ‘If the United States ever experiences a [coup], it will come from the CIA and not from the Pentagon.’ Added another, ‘[Members of the CIA] represent tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone.


That coup was the assassination.

Four days afterwards, Lyndon Johnson, promulgated National Security Action Memorandum 273, which authorized covert operations against North Vietnam, and these in turn would lead to the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which led to the widening of the war that was known to be lost before it started.


JFK abhorred nuclear weapons, and wanted to rid the world of them.

He was determined to conclude a peace treaty with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, with whom he had been keeping a secret correspondence, and to implement a unilateral test ban.

Most significantly, JFK refused to sell Israel nuclear weapons and demanded that Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona be completely open for inspection.

On July 5, 1963, Kennedy wrote a letter to Prime Minister Levi Eshkol (né Shkol’nik) to that effect.

The request was contemptuously ignored; four months later Kennedy was dead.

Johnson proceeded to turn Kennedy’s rational policy on its head and put the U.S. on the long humiliating road to becoming Israel’s bitch. As historian Laurent Guyénot wrote:

Johnson increased [aid to Israel] from 40 million [dollars] to 71 million and to 130 million the following year.

While the Kennedy administration had authorized the sale of a limited number of defensive missile batteries to Israel, under Johnson more than 70% of the aid was earmarked for military equipment, including 250 tanks and 48 Skyhawk offensive aircraft.

Military aid to Israel reached 92 million in 1966, more than the total of all previous years combined.

Regarding nuclear matters, Johnson turned a blind eye to Dimona and allowed Mossad agents to begin stealing 269 kg of enriched uranium from the Numec nuclear facility in Apollo, Pennsylvania.

Johnson’s support for Israel would lead to an overt act of treason on June 8, 1967, when he abetted Israel’s premeditated 75-minute assault on the intelligence-gathering ship USS Liberty that included torpedoes, rockets, napalm and 30mm gunfire fire, even at life rafts.


Thirty-four servicemen died and 172 were wounded. Presidential speechwriter Grace Halsell explains the familiar motive for why Johnson sucked up to Israel:

In 1967, President Johnson felt he needed all the support he could get to ‘win’ in Vietnam.

Many American Jews were liberals outspokenly opposed to the war there.

Johnson was told if he gave all out support to Israel… influential Jewish Americans would stop opposing his Vietnam policies.

In a memo to the president, [speechwriter Ben] Wattenberg… said flatly that if the president came out with strong support for Israel, he would win American Jewish support for the war in Vietnam.

Many American Jewish leaders are ‘doves’ on Vietnam, Wattenberg wrote, but ‘hawks’ on a war with Arab states.

No investigation of the attack has ever been carried out and the lame cover story offered up by Israel—mistaken identity—is still endorsed by official Washington.

Israel also had a political motive to kill Kennedy because of his Middle East policy.

Angry Animated GIF

He was determined to uphold international law in Occupied Palestine, and so the U.S. delegation to the UN called for the implementation of UNGA Resolution 194, by which Israel, as part of the terms of its admission to the UN, agreed to allow the 800,000 Palestinian refugees expelled from their neighborhoods and villages in 1947-48 to return.

That was on November 20, 1963. Kennedy was assassinated two days later.


No event in living memory altered the course of history as profoundly or as destructively as did the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

When he died, so did the idea of a just, democratic America and a world without the threat of nuclear war.

In its place arose a militaristic usurper state that would be directly responsible for a half-century of wanton slaughter, despoliation, stupidity and incompetence.

Our modern corporatist police states are the offspring of the assassination, and the Military-Industrial-Zionist Complex, our political clergy, are waging total war on civilization so that we the people do not become informed, enlightened heretics and seek to reclaim our countries.

It can’t be coincidence that the 9/11 attacks followed the same script as the Kennedy assassination: an attack on American soil, a ludicrous cover story, patsies to take the blame, media propaganda, corrupt legislation to permit war on an industrial scale, a complicit White House, and censorship of dissenters.

We know for a certainty that warmongers in the government and pro-Israel Jews were involved in that attack.

It stands to reason that they were involved in the JFK assassination. No wonder, it got such little respect.



US judge dismisses lawsuit linking Palestine solidarity group to ‘terrorism’

Crowd clapping applauding - gif | Gif, Cumprimentos, Sábias palavras

‘The smearing of human rights advocates as terrorists is a troublingly common and dangerous tactic’

– Diala Shamas, lawyer

By Ali Harb
30 March 2021

A US judge has dismissed a lawsuit that aimed to link a Washington-based Palestinian rights advocacy group to “international terrorism”, in a decision that activists hailed as a victory for free speech.

In a ruling released on Monday, federal judge Richard Leon rejected a claim that the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) is liable for militant attacks against Israelis because of its support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and Gaza’s Great March of Return.

The lawsuit was led by the Israeli government-aligned Jewish National Fund and group of US citizens living in Israel.

They argued that the USPCR aided and abetted acts of “international terrorism” by supporting the Great March of Return and the BDS National Committee (BNC).

The plaintiffs sought a jury trial demanding compensation under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), a US law that allows victims of terrorism to sue accomplices in militant attacks for damages.
‘Not convincing’

Image result for John kerry animated gif

Sen John Kerry: “The Palestinians have done an extraordinary job of remaining committed to non-violence. And in fact when the intifada (in 2015) took place they delivered non-violence – in the West Bank.”
However, Kerry said this was “overlooked by the general population because it’s not a topic of discussion. Why? Because the majority of the cabinet, in the current Israeli government, has publicly declared they are not ever for a Palestinian state.”

Leon tossed the lawsuit, rebuffing the attempt to equate support for BDS with material support for Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist organisation by Washington.

He also said the plaintiffs failed to establish a direct link between the US-based group’s activities and actual attacks against Americans.

“While the plaintiffs make broad allegations that the US Campaign provided financial assistance to Hamas, they fail to plead factual allegations sufficient to support these claims.

The more specific factual allegations involving the BNC and other groups are simply too removed from a terrorist act or organization to state a claim under the ATA,” the judge wrote in his ruling.

Israel Now Arming Seven Terrorist Groups in Syria - Report | The Liberty Beacon

Israeli Weapons Used in Genocide Against Rohingya Muslims

“Plaintiffs’ argument to the contrary are, to say the least, not convincing.”

USPCR executive director Ahmad Abuznaid lauded the ruling.

He said the lawsuit reflected Israeli efforts to collectively punish Palestinians for their activism, even those living abroad.

“This reinforces that not only is justice on our side, but also affirms our constitutional rights and ability to continue to fight for the freedom of the Palestinian people,” Abuznaid told MEE.

The Great March of Return started in 2018 as a peaceful protest campaign along the fence separating the Gaza Strip from Israel.

It demanded an end to the blockade on the Palestinian territory and emphasized the right of return for Palestinian refugees who were displaced from their homes in what is today Israel. Gaza is home to 1.9 million Palestinians who are mostly refugees.

Israeli forces killed more than 180 Palestinians, including medics and journalists, during the Great March, which lasted for months.

Protesters responded by lighting up balloons, kites and condoms and flying them into Israeli territories.


The JNF lawsuit described the Palestinian balloons as “arson terrorism” that caused emotional suffering and material damage for the US citizens suing the USPCR.

Judge Leon said that while he empathises with the plaintiffs’ “suffering”, he cannot conclude “that the law provides the relief” that they seek.

Diala Shamas, a staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, which helped represent the defendants, said she hopes the ruling would be a “turning point” against efforts by private actors to weaponise terrorism laws to silence critics.

“The smearing of human rights advocates as terrorists is a troublingly common and dangerous tactic. The JNF’s complaint perversely cites our clients’ human rights advocacy in an attempt to support their ultimately fruitless effort to hijack US courts,” Shamas said in a statement.

Anti-BDS efforts

Abuznaid said the lawsuit is part of a broader effort to silence Palestinian rights activism, including laws penalizing individuals and companies that boycott Israel.

“But we have constitutional rights in this country, rights that Israelis are obviously denying us in our ancestral homeland, but that they cannot deny us here in the US,” he told MEE.

‘The smearing of human rights advocates as terrorists is a troublingly common and dangerous tactic’

– Diala Shamas, lawyer

Dozens of US states have anti-BDS laws on the books. Federal courts have struck down such legislation in Kansas, Arizona and Texas for violating free speech rights.

Earlier this year, a court of appeals also ruled that an anti-BDS law in Arkansas is in violation of the First Amendment.

The ruling in favour of the USPCR comes weeks after a judge in California dismissed a defamation lawsuit brought by a former Israeli soldier against a Palestinian rights activist.

Abuznaid said he hopes these legal victories would convince US politicians to stop the crackdown on Palestinian rights activism in the United States.

“They cannot silence us. They cannot stop us. I want to keep fighting for a day where freedom and liberation truly includes the Palestinian people,” he said.

Israel warns there will be consequences for Palestinian actions at ICC

Scott Farkus | Find, Make & Share Gfycat GIFs

MARCH 22, 2021

“The Palestinian leadership has to understand there are consequences for their actions,” the Israeli official said.

Ties between Jerusalem and Ramallah will not be “business as usual,” in light of the Palestinian Authority’s successful appeal to have the International Criminal Court  investigate Israel for alleged war crimes, a senior Israeli official said on Monday.

“The Palestinian leadership has to understand there are consequences for their actions,” the Israeli official said.

Asked if Israel rejected recent proposals by other countries to launch joint economic projects with the Palestinians unless the PA says it will not cooperate with the ICC, as first reported by KAN, the official said: “For them to suppose that they can go to the ICC and it will be business as usual from Israel is a very questionable proposition.”

The remarks came a day after the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) confiscated PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki’s VIP border crossing pass, upon his return from a meeting at the ICC in The Hague.

Malki retains his rights as a resident of the PA, but will no longer have any special privileges that had been granted to him as a top official.

“No one has limited his freedom of movement,” the official said, “but he is using the extra privileges he received from Israel to seek to prevent the freedom of movement from Israelis as we travel abroad.
Did he really expect us just to sit on our hands?”

Sources in the Foreign and Defense ministries said the move to confiscate Malki’s VIP status was not coordinated with them.

The Shin Bet, which is under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office, declined to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, the National Security Council has reportedly made recommendations opposite to sanctioning Palestinian officials and blocking projects to further cooperation with the PA.

The ICC and Israel’s Charge of Anti-Semitism

We are at a critical historical juncture in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to criticize Israel without being branded an anti-Semite.

You are an anti-Semite if you support the International Criminal Court’s recent ruling that it has jurisdiction to open a war crimes investigation against Israel.

But you are also likely to be called an anti-Semite if you reject the logic informing the court’s decision.

Target List

The ICC is on Israel’s target list. This becomes clear when searching for the terms “ICC ruling” and “Israel” together; instantaneously, an ad pops up at the very top of Google’s list of 1,390,000 results: “ICC & Israel: No Standing. No Jurisdiction. No Case.”

Clicking the ad, will take you to a slick blue and white website (i.e., the color of Israel’s flag) called “ICC Jurisdiction” with the large “No Standing….” slogan at the center of the page.

Under the slogan one reads that “The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established as a court of last resort to try the perpetrators of some of the world’s worst crimes.

It has been widely recognized that the ICC has no jurisdiction over Israel. Any other conclusion is the outcome of a politicized process which upholds a wrong interpretation of international law.”

Israel’s official view, then, is that the ICC has no standing to investigate alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories that Israel had occupied in 1967. Israel, so the claim goes, is not a party to the Rome Statute that established the ICC; moreover, the Palestinian Authority is not sovereign and therefore cannot delegate jurisdiction and request that the ICC intervene on its behalf as required by the Statute.

This is why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily rejected the ICC’s recent ruling that paves the way for a war crimes probe, averring that “The decision of the international court to open an investigation against Israel today for war crimes is absurd. It’s undiluted antisemitism and the height of hypocrisy.”

Several Israeli allies, including the US, Germany, and Hungary, appear to agree with Israel’s analysis. Although US Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not invoke the anti-Semitism charge, he did parrot Israel’s Prime Minister when he declared that “the Palestinians do not qualify as a sovereign state and therefore, are not qualified to obtain membership as a state in, participate as a state in, or delegate jurisdiction to the ICC.”

Avoiding Hypocrisy

Yet, if one insists that the Palestinians have no standing before the ICC since they lack sovereignty, then the only way to avoid Netanyahu’s accusation of hypocrisy would be to infer that the entire area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River as well as the people living in it are controlled by Israel.

This, however, would mean agreeing with Israel’s foremost human rights organization B’tselem, which has claimed that the Palestinian territories are ruled by one regime – namely, Israel.

B’tselem goes on to explain that this regime is “organized under a single principle: advancing and cementing the supremacy of one group – Jews – over another – Palestinians.”

The human rights organization concludes that “a regime that uses laws, practices and organized violence to cement the supremacy of one group over another is an apartheid regime.”

But the claim that one regime controls the entire area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River is also considered anti-Semitic.

After the publication of B’tselem’s report, professor Eugene Kontorovich, head of the Kohelet Policy Forum’s International Law Department, said that the rights organization’s charge of apartheid was akin to an anti-Semitic “blood libel.”

In a similar vein, NGO Monitor claimed that B’Tselem’s report is informed by anti-Semitic tropes, while specifically flagging the phrase from the “River to the Sea” as extremely disturbing.

Of course Palestinians who have dared to talk about “Israeli apartheid” or students who have organized an “Israel Apartheid Week” on campuses have frequently been subjected to similar accusations.

Parallel Universe

There is, of course, one way to speak about Israel without being cast as an anti-Semite.

But to do so one would have to have a very creative imagination or live in some kind of parallel universe, where Israel does not have a colonial project, where Palestinian rights are not continuously violated, and where, in fact, Palestinians do not even exist.

Neve Gordon teaches human rights and international humanitarian law at Queen Mary University of London and is the co-author of Human Shields: A History of People in the Line of Fire. You can follow him @nevegordon.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club

There are currently 4,500 of them, including 160 children, and 360 “administrative detainees” – that is, those held indefinitely without charge or trial.

The release of leading Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activist Mahmoud Nawajaa last month was a welcome reminder that people power can work.

When Nawajaa was kidnapped by a gang of Israeli soldiers in the middle of the night at the end of July, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee in Palestine rallied its global supporters.

The call went out and people around the world answered, calling for his release. He was released after a 19-day detention without charge or trial.

“The Israeli occupation and the settler-colonial apartheid regime arrested me to obstruct the BDS movement, distort its image and intimidate its activists,” Nawajaa expressed.

“Pressure works. Sustained global pressure works even better. I am deeply grateful to all those who pressured apartheid Israel to release me, your solidarity gave me strength and kept alive my hope to be reunified with my loving family and the wider BDS family.”

As happy an event as this was, Nawajaa is only one of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners held under the gravest conditions in Israeli dungeons.

Palestinian prisoners’ rights group Addameer says that there are currently 4,500 of them, including 160 children, and 360 “administrative detainees” – that is, those held indefinitely without charge or trial.

One of them was Daoud Talat Al-Khatib, who died on Wednesday at the age of only 45, of an apparent stroke.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club blamed Israel for the medical neglect of Al-Khatib. He had been only months away from the end of his 18-year sentence.

It was a stark reminder that Palestine’s political prisoners under occupation continue to suffer, year after year, month in, month out. The outside world forgets their names, but the Palestinian people themselves hold the prisoners of their liberation struggle in the highest regard.

This struggle takes all sorts of forms.

Remember the name Mohammed El-Halabi?

He has now been trapped in Israeli jails for the past four years, for the “crime” of charity work.

This is not prison... "Qalandia Israeli checkpoint near Ramallah city which Palestinians must ...

Read: 115 Court Appearances and Counting: Father of ‘Humanitarian Hero’, Mohammed El-Halabi Speaks Out

El-Halabi is the Gaza programme director of the Christian charity World Vision. According to his family, El-Halabi is being tortured into making a “confession” that he funded “terrorism” in Gaza.

His father, Khalil El-Halabi, is a veteran of UNRWA, the United Nation’s agency for Palestinian refugees. He told The Electronic Intifada that he had insisted on the inclusion of teaching both human rights and Holocaust studies at the agency’s schools.

“We raise our children to respect humanity regardless of race or religion,” he explained. “That respect is not granted to my son, who is in jail where he is being physically and psychologically tortured for something he hasn’t done. Is this the peace that Israel talks about?”

Palestinian journalist Amjad Ayman Yaghi reported from Gaza that: “Khalil is convinced that Israel is using his son to target humanitarian programs in Gaza.”

It will be far easier for Israel to curb international aid programmes to Gaza if they have a “confession” from El-Halabi (no matter how coerced), that he had been misappropriating a major international charity’s funds.

Israel’s charges against El-Halabi are transparently fabricated, and have not been tested in open court. He has been subjected to almost 150 court appearances – mostly secret – over the last four years and his lawyer has been subjected to unprecedented restrictions. He has been offered a plea-bargain, but has refused.

Amnesty International has condemned his internment, stating: “Secret trials are the most flagrant violation of the right to a public hearing. Holding these court proceedings behind closed doors would render any convictions obtained unsound.”

The charges against El-Halabi were not even fabricated with much effort. They are transparently concocted and fictitious.

He has been accused of diverting tens of millions of dollars in aid money to Hamas, the ruling Palestinian political party in the Gaza Strip, which also has an armed wing.

But there is one major hole in this story: according to World Vision, the amount he was accused of stealing was actually more than twice the entire budget of the charity’s programme in Gaza.

It would have been impossible for such an amount to “go missing”.

Both World Vision and the Australian government (which has funded the charity) have conducted thorough, forensic investigations and found the Israeli allegations to be baseless.

In 2017, the Australian Foreign Affairs Ministry cleared World Vision and El-Halabi. “Our own ongoing forensic audit has not uncovered any money subverted and to hear DFAT [the ministry] say their investigation hasn’t either is consistent and is very good news,” disclosed the head of World Vision Australia.

For El-Halabi to hold out this long against the pressure of his Israeli torturers is an act of resistance to Israel’s occupation regime, no less heroic than armed resistance.

3 years and no conviction: Israel’s prosecution of World Vision staffer drags on

How ‘IsraHell is shaping Biden’s Iran policy

First published … March 10, 2021

While Joe Biden the candidate wanted to quickly normalize relations with Iran and re-enter the JCPOA, Joe Biden the president has, as the developments that have happened so far, deviated from his stated course of action.

To a large extent, Biden has appropriated Trump’s “maximum pressure” strategy and has refused to lift sanctions on Iran and simply make the US a part of the Iran nuclear deal.

To a significant extent, this dramatic change in policy, while not completely surprising for the Iranians, is a result of the way Israel is pushing the Biden administration away from reconciliation and normalisation.

In fact, a crucial reason for Biden’s appropriation of Trump’s “maximum pressure” strategy is the way the Israelis have very quickly implanted their own discourse vis-à-vis Iran in the mindset of the Biden administration.

Echoing what the Israelis have been saying for years, Anthony Blinken recently remarked that Iran was only “weeks” or “months” away from making a bomb.

Blinken and constituents

Although there is a huge difference between having the capacity to build a bomb and actually building and using a bomb, the US sees this [doubtful] proximity to building a bomb as a crucial factor that has made the Biden administration change its plans from re-joining the JCPOA to emphasising renegotiations. It has led it to refuse to lift sanctions.

The hard-line position that the Biden administration has taken feeds directly into the Israeli narrative.

What Blinken said matches perfectly with what Israeli officials have also recently claimed.

According to a recent assessment issued by Israel’s Militray Intelligence Directorate, “Iran may be up to two years away from making a nuclear weapon if it chooses to do so.”

The report further says that Iran’s current enrichment level brings it closer to various “breakout” estimates about how quickly it could enrich uranium to 90%, and also begin to build better missiles and a weapons system that might lead to a nuclear weapon.

For Israel, therefore, it is of utmost importance that the US remains focused on the “violations” that Iran has committed by enriching uranium beyond the limits imposed by the JCPOA.

A recent report of The Jerusalem Post thus sums Israel’s current approach.

It says, “What is important for Israel is that the brinkmanship continue, and that Iran’s violations and Israel’s concerns continue to be recognized.

For that to happen, it is also important for close US-Israel cooperation and discussion in order to prevent nuclear proliferation by the Tehran regime.”

The report refers to an IDF intelligence officer Maj.-Gen. Tamir Heiman who said in a briefing on the IDF assessment that Iran is at an unprecedented low point and is “battered, but on its feet,” following actions carried out by Israel and the US.

Tehran is banking on the Biden administration for some breathing room. It is incumbent on the US – and Israel – to make sure that is not allowed to happen for nothing.”

Now, the fact that the Biden administration has refused to take a step back and lift its sanctions to pave the way for the US’ re-entry shows how closely the US and Israel are already coordinating their policies vis-à-vis Iran.

The Biden administration’s announcement that the US would not re-join the agreement or even lift sanctions unless Iran halts enrichment dovetails perfectly with what Netanyahu had said just before the US elections.

To quote him, “There can be no going back to the previous nuclear agreement. We must stick to an uncompromising policy of ensuring that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons.”

The Biden’s administration’s capitulation to Israel’s uncompromising policy vis-à-vis Iran has led Iran to stick to its own path. An official Iranian statement released on February 28 said that:

“the way forward is quite clear. The US must end its illegal and unilateral sanctions and return to its JCPOA commitments.

This issue neither needs negotiation, nor a resolution by the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Islamic Republic of Iran will respond to actions with action and just in the same way that it will return to its JCPOA commitments as sanctions are removed…”

The hardening of US and Iranian position serves Israeli interests in the best possible way. An unresolved nuclear power tussle in the Middle East would keep Israel at the centre stage of regional politics.

Given Israel’s recent rapprochement with the UAE and other Gulf states, tensions in the Gulf would not only reinforce Israel’s direct security ties with these Gulf states, but the scenario could very well make other Gulf states join The Abraham Accords.

Tensions with Iran, therefore, could allow Israel to establish itself as the new regional hegemon.

Israel has already got supporters in the form of not only the UAE but Saudi Arabia as well.

They have both stated that they would be open to a deal only if it went well beyond the previous one. According to them, any deal, in addition to putting limits on Iran’s nuclear program, must include provisions aimed at reversing Iran’s ballistic missile program, ending its “meddling” in other countries and the militias it supports in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.

Israel, as it stands, is already leading the Gulf states in lobbying the US for an agreement that not only limits Iran’s nuclear program, but also curtails its national power potential in many other ways.

As some reports in the US mainstream media show, the Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen, and a team of experts will soon travel to Washington to brief senior American officials about what they see as the threats still posed by Iran, hoping to persuade the US to hold out for harsher restrictions on Iran in any deal.

Iran, on the other hand, is unlikely to change its position vis-à-vis any new deal, especially the one that tends to force it into a virtual capitulation.

China and Russia continue to support an unconditional US return to the JCPOA in exchange for Iran’s return to full compliance with the deal.

An unconditional return “is the key to breaking the deadlock,” said Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry, in a recent news conference.

But “breaking the deadlock” is not what Israel and its allies in the Gulf are seeking to achieve.

They are pushing the US to adopt a policy that keeps the deadlock alive unless Iran’s power and regional influence can be fully and permanently curtailed.

For the Israelis, the path to Iran’s capitulation demands a US capitulation to Israel first so that they can shape the US policy in a way that best serves their interests. So far, the Israelis have been successful.

Victory for BDS as judge SLAPPS down Zionist attempt to stifle free speech

An Israeli soldier who launched a $6 million defamation action in America against a Palestinian Christian has seen her legal efforts backfire spectacularly.

Although her lawyer urged the US judge to apply Israeli defamation law, which punishes criticism of the Zionist State by up to one year in prison, Rebecca Rumshiskaya lost her case.

Californian Judge Craig Griffin rejected and dismissed the lawsuit as well as the attempt to apply Israeli laws in his Orange County Superior Court.

In his ruling, the judge also granted Palestinian Suhair Nafal’s anti-SLAPP motion and said that Rumshiskaya must pay the defendant’s legal costs.

The anti-SLAPP laws are designed to deter people from using the US courts, and potential threats of a lawsuit, to intimidate people who are exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech.

A “strategic lawsuit against public participation” (SLAPP) is one intended to deter freedom of speech, and which the plaintiff usually doesn’t really expect to win.

Suhair Nafal was banned for publishing this post on Facebook

The outcome of this particular lawsuit is a major blow to Israel’s ongoing efforts around the world to silence the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, especially on social networks.

It is also a major victory for Nafal and her supporters. She insisted, however, that this was a victory for all pro-Palestinian activists, both on social media and on the ground.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are tireless and will not give up until we see justice served.”

Californian Rumshiskaya, 26, went to live in Israel in 2012 and enlisted in the Israel Defence Forces as an instructor in the Education and Youth Corps.

She sought advice from “lawfare” specialists Shurat HaDin two years after a photograph of her fully armed and in uniform was posted by BDS activist Nafal on her Facebook page in 2018.

The Palestinian had downloaded the image of the IDF poster girl from the military’s own official Facebook page.

Nafal’s post was about heroic 21-year-old Palestinian paramedic Razan Al-Najjar, who was killed by an Israeli sniper while she was on duty as a volunteer helping the wounded during the peaceful Great March of Return demonstrations that took place near the nominal Gaza Strip border in 2018.

To draw a comparison between the two women, Nafal uploaded Rumshiskaya’s promotional photograph next to that of the young paramedic.

There was absolutely no suggestion that this particular Israeli soldier was involved in the killing of Al-Najjar.

She had left the IDF three years earlier. However, some pro-Israel supporters tried to twist the narrative and say that Nafal’s post claimed that Rumshiskaya was responsible for the medic’s death.

Nafal contacted the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) for assistance in the case and she was represented by Attorney Haytham Faraj, an ADC national board member.

According to Faraj, the primary work of the firm representing the Israeli soldier in the lawsuit was to focus on silencing and threatening BDS activists, critics of Israeli human rights violations, and violations of international humanitarian law.

In the statement of the claim presented by Shurat HaDin to the California court last year, Rumshiskaya’s lawyers said that the “accusation” was clearly false since she’d never served in the Gaza Strip during her military service.

They added that their client worked for human rights and took part in joint delegations of Israelis and Arabs in Jordan and the occupied West Bank.

In a dramatic statement that bordered on hysteria, Israeli lawyer Nitsana Darshan-Leitner said in the statement: “It seems like we’re going back to [infamous forgery] The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and to the anti-Semitic blood libels that belong to the past. Rebecca and her family have received death threats, only because she decided to join the IDF.”

Darshan-Leitner, the founder of Shurat HaDin Israeli Law Centre, added: “The war on anti-Semitism has expanded to the legal sphere as well, and Rebecca’s lawsuit is the spearhead of our struggle against the global boycott movement against Israel.

This is a message to all BDS activists, who should know that they too may be held responsible for their anti-Zionist activity and may even need to pay a heavy price.”

In some ways the Shurat HaDin lawyer was right. This legal case has certainly sent out a strong message to BDS supporters, which is that they should carry on with their vital and entirely peaceful efforts to bring Israel to account for its human rights abuses.

US lawyer Faraj said that the ruling by Judge Griffin preserved the First Amendment rights of Arab American and Palestinian communities to free speech, including political speech.

Pointing out that, “America is not Israel,” he added: “The former Israeli soldier who sued Ms Nafal sought to have the court apply Israeli law, which punishes criticism of Israel by up to one year in prison. The judge rejected the lawsuit and the attempt to apply Israeli law.”

The attorney said that by granting Nafal the Anti-SLAPP motion, the judge sent a clear message that the US tolerates and values the diversity of opinions and political views, and those who seek to improperly silence political criticism will have a price to pay.

One can only hope the case in California will have an impact here in Britain, where Zionists are leading a witch hunt to try to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

The pro-Israel lobby uses the discredited “definition” of anti-Semitism drafted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) to try to block any and all discussion of the state of Israel and its contempt for international laws and conventions.

Some of the examples of “anti-Semitism” cited in the IHRA document — which even the person who drafted it has said is a “working definition” — relate to criticism of Israel. Academics have criticised the definition, which has been described as “not fit for purpose“.

BDS is facing a lot of challenges from Israel’s allies who allow it to act with impunity.

Ironically, some of those allies are real anti-Semites who are left free to do their racist worst in this world every time that the pro-Israel lobby weaponises anti-Semitism against the people of Palestine and their supporters in the struggle for peace and justice. Some people just never learn.

Suhair Nafal said: “This victory was not just a victory for me, it was a victory for all pro-Palestinian activists, both on social media and on the ground,” she added.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are tireless and will not give up until we see justice served.”

Rumshiskaya vs. Nafal minute order

BDS 'verges' on anti-Semitism? ... - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

BDS ‘verges’ on anti-Semitism? … – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

Guinea Pigs United

Not many countries are brave or reckless enough to execute a vast medical experiment on their entire population and put vulnerable people at risk. Britain and Israel did.

On December 8, Britain was the first Western country to start “immunising its population.”

Two weeks later, just a few days before Christmas, Britain grasped that it was in serious trouble.

Covid-19, the virus that was supposed to disappear from our lives, mutated into something else.

On December 19, PM Boris Johnson admitted that British scientists had identified a new Covid-19 mutant that is ‘70% more transmissible’ than its ancestors.

Britain introduced tighter local restrictions, yet despite these, along with the vast vaccination campaign, the numbers of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths kept rising.

They are escalating exponentially on a daily basis.

 Israel launched its mass vaccination campaign a few days after Britain.

Within the next two weeks, Israel managed to vaccinate nearly 20% of its population.

Israel is by far the world winner when it comes to the mass vaccination contest, but the country is also in big trouble. 

Like Britain, Israel is facing a huge Covid-19 surge.

Its national health system is on the brink of collapse and the inevitable question is if these similar (if not identical) health crises are related to them both pioneering vast covid-19 vaccination campaigns.

Today, In the biggest Israeli news outlet News12, Israeli computer scientists revealed that the British Mutation is about to become the dominant Covid-19 strain in Israel.

You may wonder how the British mutant strain managed to make Aliya and settle so comfortably in the Jewish State.

The News 12 article may answer the question. “Cases in Israel aren’t rising uniformly: there is a significant slowdown in the (Israeli) Arab sector, which in the past was the main area of concern.

On the other hand, there is a major outbreak in the (Jewish) ultra-Orthodox sector.

This week 1.3% of all ultra-Orthodox came out verified, and the rate of increase in cases of children (63%) this week was almost double that of adults.

Among the ultra-Orthodox sector, there was a 16-fold increase in the number of verified people within four weeks: this is a doubling every week – from 100 verified people per day (per million people) to 1,600 verified people, and all within a month.

Such a growth rate is not seen throughout the plague and is probably due at least in part to the British mutant.

It is estimated that the British mutant is about 20% of all ultra-Orthodox verified.”

This must raise eyebrows. Why would the British mutant strain spread so vastly amongst orthodox Jews? Why doesn’t it spread as quickly in the Arab population?

We may be able to stumble upon a very crucial piece of information here. Israeli Arabs may be doing better on the Covid-19 front because many of them seem to be reluctant about the vaccine. 

The Israeli Marker’s headline on 27 December stated: “A cause for concern: (Israeli) Arabs do not come to get vaccinated.”

The Marker pointed out that Jewish citizens from all over Israel travel to Arab villages and cities to receive the vaccines that were designated to Arabs.

According to a duty manager of a vaccination centre in Nazareth, 70-80% of the those who come to receive the vaccine were Jewish. Some of them travel as much as 50 km to do so.

But the story doesn’t end here. On January 3, the Israeli news website Walla reported that  “the  ultra-Orthodox are leading the population vaccination campaign.” 

Walla confirmed that ‘the percentage of people vaccinated against corona among ultra-Orthodox society is higher than the rest of the population of all ages.’

It is beyond me why the Israelis decided to become guinea pigs in this reckless unscientific experiment in human lives.

One option that can’t be dismissed is that Israel is once again heading towards an election and it is more than likely that Israel’s leaders believed that a mass vaccination campaign may translate into an electoral success.

As things stand at the moment, it is hard to deny the possibility of a correlation between mass vaccination and a sharp spike in Covid-19 cases in both Israel and Britain.

It is hard to deny the fact that Israeli Arabs who at large avoid the vaccine are doing far better than the Jewish orthodox who seem to also believe in Pfizer. 

Alongside the revelations about the British strain, we also learned about a South African strain that is highly dangerous and possibly resistant to the current vaccines.

 It takes very little research to figure out that South Africa, together with Brazil and Britain, had been the testing ground for new vaccine trials since September. 

It is hardly a secret anymore that this was at roughly the same time that the new mutants were discovered in Britain at least.

I point here at the devastating possibility of a link between mass vaccinations and Covid-19 spikes.

I am not qualified to support or explain the science that may cause this correlation. My facts are supported by data that is available to the wider public through mainstream news outlets.

 I am not an epidemiologist or a virologist and I really hope that people with the appropriate scientific training can refute the issues raised above. 

Sometimes I really wish to be wrong.   

Extending Israeli Sovereignty Promotes Regional Stability and Other Lies

History denied does not make it so.

 These refugees did originate from this area. It’s an act of historical antisemitism to deny it.

While you want to explore whether or not these people were residents of Palestine, At the same time, keep in mind – Who denies it and what is the benefit?

There are many historical documents that detail their history, but maybe you will believe your own eyes with pictures.

Viewing these pictures, it’s striking to me all of the history and culture that has been lost, and it’s such a shame because it was exotically beautiful.

The Zionist narrative:

In 1948, when five Arab militaries invaded the newly independent Jewish state, hundreds of thousands of Arabs found themselves displaced.

Rather than following standard protocol to resettle the refugees among neighboring populations who shared their culture, the U.N. created a class of multi-generation “Palestine refugees” to include the descendants of any non-Jews with ancestors living between 1947 and 1949 in the territory of Mandatory Palestine.

The U.N. then created a new bureaucratic agency—UNRWA—whose entire existence and budget was contingent upon ensuring that they remain refugees.

The 20-plus Arab states, who should have welcomed their Arab brethren, chose to weaponize them instead.***

People who’s ancestors never stepped foot on Palestine land. EVER. the Arab armies were no match for the Rothschild backed Jewish army.

The Jews had trained for years already and accumulated and smuggled weapons through the Jewish mob.

When they chased off the British, the British left an established government, convenient for these foreign Jews* and they left weapons behind as well.

An established government and an army. Then the Jewish refugees poured in from boats and lived in the Palestinian’s fully furnished homes after the Palestinians were massacred and pushed out into West Bank villages like Gaza.

Rabbi Israel Zolli coordinated the exodus of hundreds of thousands of British Empire “Jews” from Germany, Poland, and Hungary to Palestine.