Florida Has a New Zionist Congress-hag

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Newly elected Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack has, in her first week in office, communicated a threat against her colleague Rashida Tlaib, who is in the neighboring office.

On the morning of 6 January, she tweeted, “I’ve made a pledge to plant Israel’s flag outside my door right next to the American flag.” In passive-aggressive language, she added, “I think it’ll be very helpful as [Tlaib] walks past both every day.”

Yechezkel Moskowitz, a backer of an expansionist Israel and grandson of the late Irving Moskowitz, a major funder of Israeli settlements, then tweeted a violent gif – a brief video – of a woman walking away from an exploding building, along with Cammack’s tweet targeting Tlaib.

Cammack then retweeted the gif – indicating she thought it was something worth sharing with the world.

Moskowitz – @ymosko – deleted his Twitter account at some point on 7 or 8 January.

Hours after Cammack’s 6 January retweet, right-wing supporters of President Donald Trump and his autogolpe attacked the US Capitol Building.

Cammack was not given pause by the right-wing and police violence of the day and the effort to overturn the democratic will of over 80 million Americans.

Instead, she voted to reject the certification of the votes of the people of both Arizona and Pennsylvania within 24 hours of promoting violent imagery against Congresswoman Tlaib.

For a staunchly conservative anti-Palestinian member of Congress to promote violence against a Palestinian American colleague comes as no surprise following years of reckless rhetoric from Republicans, Fox News and President Trump that led to the deaths of five people from the storming of the Capitol Building on Wednesday.

Cammack’s approach suggests she thinks she has nothing to learn from Congresswoman Tlaib.

Cammack shows no interest in learning the Palestinian history of dispossession or anything about the Israeli occupation Tlaib’s Palestinian family has endured.

Evidently, the Florida congresswoman is satisfied that she already knows everything she needs to know about Palestinians.

Consequently, she’s quickly stooped to stoking violence against her congressional neighbor.

A congressional investigation should immediately be launched. Sadly, that likely won’t happen. That being the case, at the very least Congresswoman Tlaib’s Democratic colleagues should vigorously stand up for her and speak out on behalf of Palestinian freedom and equal rights.