Malaysian PM to United Nations: “Israel is the Origin of Modern Terrorism”

“The absence of monitoring and transparency [has] for decades let Israel supply equipment and defense-related knowledge to questionable states and dictatorial or unstable regimes that have been shunned by the international community.”

Eight such “questionable” states were named in Amnesty’s report, including South Sudan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Mexico and UAE, some of which were under sanctions and weapons-sales embargos at the time Israel sold its arms.*

Israel Linked to Myanmar Coup, Genocide, Child Sex Slavery

Israel’s first friend in Asia was not China, but Burma as the country was formerly called. 

Both Burma and Israel gained independence from Britain in 1948, and early on by 1953 had established diplomatic relations.

Burma was one of the first countries to recognize Israel’s independence. In 1955, U Nu became the first foreign prime minister in the world to visit Israel on a state trip.

In 1958, Moshe Dayan and Shimon Peres visited the country, followed by Ben-Gurion in 1961, and a year later Golda Meir in 1962—the same year the Burmese military took control of the government through a coup d’etat.  Make of all that timing what you will.

Per FTN, Burma gave Israel proximity to China and India, countries with whom Israel at the time had limited relations.

In a classic case of working both sides, Israelis apparently maintained their longstanding relationship with the military regime even as they offered substantial support to Suu Kyi.

Israel is the #1 weapons dealer to Myanmar. Companies like TAR Ideal Concepts, Gilat Satellite Networks, or IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) didn’t stop providing the military with weaponry, money, and training by Mossad just because a new democratic leadership entered the picture.

  In 2017, Israel gifted the Myanmar military with two attack frigates. This was the same year during Suu Kiy’s tenure that the military engaged in genocidal attacks on the Muslim Rohingyas.

A petition was brought before the Supreme Court of Israel against Israeli arms sales to Myanmar, a notorious violator of human rights for their repression of the Rohingyas. 

No one knows the results of that petition because the Supreme Court put it under a gag order.   Israel claimed it stopped selling advanced weaponry to Myanmar’s military since 2017.

However, a Myanmar envoy to Israel revealed that Israel was still selling weapons to Myanmar, and Myanmar officials were spotted in June 2019 at a Tel Aviv weapons expo

To sanitize their name, the Israeli government publicly claims they no longer sell weaponry to Myanmar.

Instead, as FTN describes the M.O., private companies owned, staffed, or operated by current or former IDF officials ensure plenty of back and forth between the Israeli private and public sectors.

In other words, a nominally private company underwritten by the government takes over the arms sales.

In addition to standing down as the military viciously set upon the Muslim minority, SuuKiy’s party also engaged in cultural repression such as denial of the use of the term “Rohingya,” a name the group has used since pre-colonial times.

Myanmar rulers, including Suu Kyi, have instead long referred to the community as “Bengali illegal immigrants.”

Israel never condemned Myanmar for its persecution of the Muslims, and went along with not calling the Rohingya by their name.

 In FTN’s opinion, wherever in the world you see violence against Muslim communities, you’ll find the hand of Israel.

It is well known that Myanmar has one of the world’s worst records on human rights for raw, brute trafficking in sex and slave labor, including of children.

These crimes were carried out under the Suu Kyi government with little to no consequences.

Suu Kyi’s husband, Dr. Michael Aris, was a Jewish scholar in Tibetan culture and literature. 

 He died of prostate cancer at 53 in 1999.  In 1982, Isabel Maxwell, sister of Ghislaine, produced a PBS documentary on Bhutan in which Aris was an advisor and writer.

One wonders if Michael Aris’ wife remains in the Maxwell family Rolodex.

Sweetheart weapons deals, human rights violations, a Muslim genocide, trafficking in child sex slavery.

How deeply embedded are the Israelis with the dark side of Aung San Suu Kyi’s administration?

Shame on the West for hypocritically condemning the Myanmar military regime when their proclaimed paragon of democracy seems to be swirling in sleaze with some of the world’s premier sleaze miesters.

The creation of Israel by seizing Palestinian land and expelling its 90 per cent Arab population is the root cause of terrorism, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in his UN speech.

“Since then, wars have been fought in many countries, many related to the creation of Israel.

And now we have terrorism when there was none before, or at least none on the present scale,” he said in his statement at the General Debate of the 74th UN General Assembly.

“Military action against acts of terrorism will not succeed. We need to identify the cause and remove it.

But the great powers refuse to deal with the root cause,” he added.

The prime minister added that Malaysia accepted the state of Israel “as a fait accompli”.

“But Malaysia cannot accept the blatant seizure of Palestine land by Israel for their settlements as well as the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel.

The Palestinians cannot even enter the settlements built on their land.”

He added: “Because of the creation of Israel, there is now enmity towards the Muslims and Islam.

Muslims are accused of terrorism even if they did nothing… Muslim countries have been destabilized through the campaign for democracy and regime change.

Muslims everywhere have been oppressed, expelled from their countries and refused asylum.”

Dr. Mahathir also said that the application of the rule of law has been selective.

“Friends may break any law and get away scot-free. Thus, Israel can break all the international laws and norms of the world and it will continue to be supported and defended.

The unfriendly countries can do nothing right. There is no justice in the world,” he added.

Mahathir Mohamad also highlighted the situation of the Rohingyas in Myanmar.

“Many colonies of the West, upon independence, expelled non-natives in their countries. But nowhere have they been as brutal as Myanmar.

Even natives massacred, brutally killed and raped in full view of the world backgrounded by the burning houses and villages of the victims.

They were forced to migrate and now they dare not return to Myanmar even when offered.

They cannot trust the Myanmar military unless some form of non-Myanmar protection is given.”

Mexico Arrests Ex-Chief of Israeli, US-Trained Elite Unit Over Disappearances

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Benjamin Netanyahu with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Israelis trained Civil Force officials.

A former high level police officer from the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz was arrested Wednesday over charges of “forced disappearances” during his tenure as the head of an elite unit called Civil Force, which has received training from U.S. and Israeli agencies.

Federal and state agents captured Roberto González Meza, former director of the Civil Force of Veracruz, an elite unit that included 2,000 highly trained agents during the administration of Governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa between 2010 and 2016. Duarte himself is in prison and faces charges related to organized crime and money laundering.

Official documents from both federal and state prosecutors show that in the state of Veracruz, where violence is widespread due to warring drug cartels, a total of 145 cases of “forced disappearances” have been investigated where police officers of various levels of government are allegedly involved, between 2013 and 2016.

Meza is accused of ordering the elite unit to carry out many of the forced disappearances, local media reported and added that he has already appeared before a judge in his home state.

The Civil Force includes 2,000 agents who receive specialization and training courses from the several Mexican military agencies as well as institutions in countries such as Canada, United States, Spain, France, Guatemala, Israel, Italy and Czech Republic, local media reports.

Among the unit’s essential tasks is the fight against organized crime groups, the containment and reduction of common crimes, and the assistance to the population in cases of natural disasters.

Local media also reported that José Nabor Nava Holguín, the unit’s former sub-secretary of operations, was arrested among other former agents.

The news comes as activists and critics of the government of President Enrique Pena Nieto say the newly approved Internal Security Law will bring more militarization and impunity to the country’s police forces while giving the army more role in civilian affairs.