Israeli families “attacked” by Arabs after “entering” Arab “new home” in Old City of Jerusalem

By Israel fake world News

“Two Israeli families “entered” a house “purchase”‘ from an Arab on Ma’alot Ha-Prachim Street in the Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City, on Tuesday. Shortly after they “entered” the home, situated near Herod’s Gate, dozens of Arabs surrounded the house and attempted to break into it. They threw rocks and rioted.”

MORE! ‘Because she was a Jew’: Teen’s killer indicted for murder:When Arab saw Jew girl  he said in Arabic, “I am an Arab.”  (lol) After he saw that she didn’t understand him, he decided to rape and kill her. They say he stabbed girl three times with the knife he had brought with him. The ‘ol knife mantra.  Israel destroyed his home as they do with all alledged “terrorists”. Cui bono? one more space for Israel, headlines to keep Israeli citizens frightened of Arabs. Ha! What a story.

Israel inverts truth for it’s tribe of termites. Can’t believe one word they say.

When a Palestinian boy loses half of his home to Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem, he joins his community in a campaign of nonviolent protests. Efforts to put a quick end to the demonstrations are foiled when scores of Israelis choose to stand by the residents’ side.

Glass shatters in the pre-dawn darkness as uniformed men break into people’s homes, shouting “Get out! Hurry! Get out!” Old women and children are pushed and shoved; mothers weep as they comfort their children. “In blood and fire,” shout men in religious garb, smiles on their faces, “we’ll kick the Arabs out!” Watch the full film here.

Fake Headline: Dutch textbook omits Jewish connection to Jerusalem

A Dutch publisher that previously created school textbooks accusing Israelis of ethnic cleansing has released a new volume omitting Jerusalem’s significance to Jews.

‘Ignoring’ Jewish ‘links’ to Muslim holy site!

What they mean is that Zionism is omitted and ignored! Palestinian Jews have always existed in Palestine!

JTA — A Dutch publisher that previously created school textbooks accusing Israelis of ethnic cleansing has released a new volume omitting Jerusalem’s significance to Jews.

The omission occurred in a textbook about social issues titled “Plein M” by Nordhoff Publishers for preparatory middle-level applied education level schools, including public schools. It states Jerusalem is holy to Muslims and Christians, but does not mention its holiness to Jews.

It also states that Jews and Christians were “mostly treated well” by Arabs throughout history.

1000+ images about antisemitism on Pinterest | Nazi ...

Perfect illustration of how Israel inverts the truth. Their target audience is the ignorant.

In 2015, the same publisher defended a history book that states that David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, declared statehood after “Jewish militias carried out murders in Arab villages, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled and settled in refugee camp across the border.” That book does not mention Arab atrocities during the same conflict.

The Dutch education ministry has a relatively liberal policy as to which textbooks may be used as teaching materials, placing such choices at the discretion of schools and, at times, individual teachers.

It’s not a theory… Israel owns us

Trump calls Ilhan Omar to resign
After outrage over US legislator’s anti-Semitic remarks about AIPAC, president says if she doesn’t step down, she should ‘certainly resign from the foreign affairs committee’

President Kennedy wanted Israel’s foreign lobbies to register as foreign agents but he was assassinated first.

Everyone gets fired if they say ANYthing about Israel or Israel’s interests unless it’s “I love Israel”. That’s all anyone is allowed to say or they get the axe. And to be called to resign by the president?! Doesn’t get any worse than that I don’t think. Our president and everybody else has to jump on it fast and hard to please Israel. Why, what will Israel do? Well that’s not the right question. The right question is who owns Israel and is making up the rules? Someone I read in a comment asked and answered the right question: “Why doesn’t someone just kill all the Rothschild’s already?”

But the Rothschild Zionists leaders in Israel [occupied Palestine] are allowed to make up their own stupid rules. That’s what I think. They are the warriors for Rothchild Satanists. Any other leader on the planet serves Israel, if they are to survive. It doesn’t seem that anyone can do anything about it. But someone could at least tell the Rothschilds and their minnions that they’re not fooling the thinking people anymore.

Trump calls Ilhan Omar to resign
After outrage over US legislator’s anti-Semitic remarks about AIPAC, president says if she doesn’t step down, she should ‘certainly resign from the foreign affairs committee’

She tweeted:

It’s all about the Benjamins baby 🎶

— Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) February 10, 2019

Controversy over the tweet continued to grow overnight and Monday morning, and on Monday afternoon, Democratic Congressional leaders issued a statement condemning Omar’s comments:

Is it really anti-Semitic to criticize AIPAC?

The Washington post wrote:
Why is AIPAC influential?
AIPAC’s influence stems from several factors beyond money, some of which predate its emergence as a lobbying powerhouse in the 1980s.

“It operates in a very favorable political environment. Americans have been sympathetic to and approving of the Jewish-Israeli position over the Arab and Palestinian position for decades. Israel is viewed by a majority of Americans as being close to the United States in cultural, religious and political terms. A swath of the U.S. public views Israel as “like us.” This is also clearly demonstrated by the high levels of support for Israel among the evangelical Christian community.”

Today this is a complete lie! It may have USE TO BE true. Certainly not today since the Israeli war criminals and war crimes and the Zionist 5th column have been outed via the internet and activism.

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, executive director of the Council for the National Interest wrote about AIPAC: 

Pro-Israel organization should not get a pass.

The power of the Israel Lobby and of AIPAC is not cost free for the American public. The current $3 billion plus that Israel, with a thriving first world economy, receives in military assistance is on top of the $130 billion that it has received since 1949. Protecting Israel in international organizations like the United Nations has sometimes marginalized the U.S. in such bodies and the lobby’s influence over American foreign policy has often been noted. In 2010 General David Petraeus stated that Israeli policies were putting American military personnel in the Middle East in danger. He quickly recanted, however.

FARA Registration for AIPAC and Congress Is Washington’s Interest
In reality, the security of the U.S. part is a bit of a sham as AIPAC in no way works to strengthen the United States or benefit the American people. Quite the contrary. The bilateral “special” relationship is a one-way street that has done considerable damage to the United States in terms of its international standing and national security.

AIPAC is all about Israel and always has been. Its hundreds of staffers lobby Congress and the White House daily to support legislation and policies favorable to Israel and damaging to its enemies and critics. It works closely with the Israeli government to obtain maximum benefit from the U.S. Treasury and Pentagon, to the detriment of American citizens and genuine national interests.

Gideon Levy: I Feel No Sympathy for the Settlers (illegal squatters on Palestine land)

Of course, for me, all of what they call Israel is Palestine. Every inch. The difference between the Palestinians and Native Americans is that the Palestinian genocide is currant and ongoing and we know about it as it’s happening. How do we ignore it?
Gideon Levy is at least a conscientious Jew in occupied Palestine.

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Israel, a western imperial outpost of hate. Children Of Israeli Settlers Learn ‘Weapons Training’ In Summer Camp

Beneath the veil of sanctimonious and hypocritical unity, and the media’s fake show of national grief to advance its own commercial goals, the truth must be told: Their tragedy isn’t ours.

I do not sympathize with people who profiteer from tragedy. I have no sympathy for robbers. I have no sympathy for the settlers. I have no sympathy for the settlers not even when they are hit by tragedy. A pregnant woman was wounded and her newborn baby died of its wounds – what can be worse than that? Driving on their roads is frightening, the violent opposition to their presence is growing – and I feel no sympathy for their tragedy, nor do I feel any compassion or solidarity.

They are to blame, not I, for the fact that I cannot feel the most humane sense of solidarity and pain. It’s not just that they’re settlers, violators of international law and universal justice; it’s not just because of the violence of some of them and the settling of all of them – it’s also the blackmail with which they respond to every tragedy, which prevents me from grieving with them.

But beneath the veil of sanctimonious and hypocritical unity, and the media’s fake show of national grief to advance its own commercial goals, the truth must be told: Their tragedy isn’t ours.

Their tragedy isn’t ours because they’ve brought the tragedy upon themselves and the entire country. It’s true that the main blame goes to the governments that gave into them, either eagerly or out of weakness, but the settlers cannot be absolved of blame, either. The extorter – and not just those who have given into extortion – is also to blame.

But they are there, generations born on stolen land, children raised in an apartheid existence and trained to think it is biblical justice, and with government support. Perhaps we cannot blame those who are sitting on land usurped by their parents. But their tragedy is not ours because they exploit every tragedy to advance their aims in the most cynical of ways.

When a baby dies they install trailer homes, when soldiers are killed defending them – they do not seek forgiveness from the families of these soldiers, despite their blame for the lives that have been cut short – they only present demands so as to whitewash their crimes. And with these demands the appetite for revenge grows: to imprison even more of their neighbors, to destroy their homes, to kill, to arrest, block roads and exact more revenge.

And if that, too, is not enough, their own wild militias raid the Palestinians, throw stones at their vehicles, set their fields on fire and wreak terror on their villages. They are not satisfied with the collective punishment imposed by the army and the Shin Bet security service, exercised with cruelty and sometimes criminality. The settlers’ lust for revenge is never satisfied. How is it possible to identify with the grief of people who behave like that?

It’s impossible to identify with their bereavement, because Israel has decided to avoid looking at all that is done there in the land of Judea. When you are capable of being indifferent to the execution of a psychologically impaired young man by soldiers, you can also be indifferent to the shooting of a pregnant woman by Palestinians. When you ignore the goings on at the Tulkarm refugee camp, you can also ignore what takes place at the Givat Assaf junction.

It’s moral blindness to everything. Yesha isn’t here, that’s the price being paid for the lack of interest in what is going on in the territories and for ignoring the occupation, under whose sponsorship the settlements are based. Giant budgets are poured out there without any public opposition – so there is also indifference to the fate of the settlers and their tragedies. The piece of land they have taken over doesn’t interest most Israelis living in the land of denial, and that’s the price.

We have no reason to apologize for the lack of interest and identification. The settlers have brought it on themselves. Those who have never shown any interest in the suffering of their Palestinian neighbors, which they have caused, those who preach all the time that the iron fist must always be tightened, to torture them even more – don’t deserve to be identified with, not even in the hour of their grief.

I take no joy in their suffering but I have no sympathy for their pain. The real pain is borne by their victims, those who moan submissively and those who take their fate in their hands and try to resist a violent reality violently and sometimes also murderously. The Palestinians are the victims deserving of pity and solidarity.

The ceasefire with Gaza was Zionist political ploy

Israel decides to make genocide of Palestinians unnoticed and invisible again to the outside world and cleverly avoid bad PR  and obligatory international condemnations.

As much as Israel wishes for the demise of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance, the shift in Netanyahu’s strategy must be taken into account, as it will, in the long term, result in a scenario of unfolding events rather than an elaborate sequence of human rights violations. With political actors willing to assume and declare open complicity with Israel, what need is there for Netanyahu to attract international condemnation when murdering and displacing Palestinians can be accomplished as an established routine practice?

update : Ministers say Israel close to retaking Gaza, Hamas leaders’  (democratically elected gov) days are numbered. Security cabinet members call for targeted killings of terrorist group’s leaders 

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Israel’s latest negotiated ceasefire, which it broke within hours as the Israeli army murdered a Palestinian fisherman in Gaza, has been the subject of much disagreement.

For Palestinians, the ceasefire signified a halt to the bombing which, some speculated, might have been the prelude to another prolonged and visible massacre, like Operation Protective Edge.

Israelis, on the other hand, viewed the ceasefire as a sign of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s purported compromise. Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman even resigned over it, stating in an interview with YnetNews, “You cannot manage a security strategy for the State of Israel by buying quiet; that just allows Hamas to strengthen its forces.”

 The Israeli settler population took a similar stance, with the media promoting a speech by right-wing former Knesset Member Sharon Gal in which he declared, “if I become defence minister [Hamas leader Ismail] Haniyeh will be dead within 48 hours”. For Israel’s right-wing politicians and a percentage of its settler population, anything short of completely destroying Gaza was labelled as cowardice.

The ceasefire, therefore, carries connotations of surrender and opportunities in terms of internal political wrangling which may threaten Netanyahu’s colonial strategy. Four years since Operation Protective Edge, the memory of such destruction – and the international community’s refusal to hold Israel accountable – still reverberates. The incessant bombing exposed not only the Israeli government’s near-complete destruction of Gaza, but also the alliance between the government and the settler-population.  

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Israel’s maneuvering of bombing Gaza at intervals upon the pretext of alleged retaliation and subsequent ceasefires are globally acceptable tactics

Rhetoric since then focused on the elimination of Hamas by Israel, until US President Donald Trump overtly expressed support for colonial expansion, unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the reframing of the Palestinian refugees’ narrative to eliminate the Palestinian right of return.

The shift from Netanyahu’s talk of eliminating Hamas to focusing on other diplomatically-acceptable strategies that have the backing of the international community and provide opportunity for manipulation, sidelined the more aggressive rhetoric in favour of a long-term strategy.

Israel, after all, is in no haste. Which is why, for example, Netanyahu has preferred to focus on colonial expansion rather than draw attention to Israel with another massacre of magnitude such as Operation Protective Edge.The imbalance of power is still working in Israel’s favour due to the international ostracising of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance.

Blaming Hamas will not be completely eliminated from Israel’s rhetoric, but it will be used strategically and the manifestation of such blame – be it incursions into Gaza, further restrictions on the enclave, or sporadic bombing – will not satisfy politicians calling for an immediate bloodbath.

As much as Israel wishes for the demise of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance, the shift in Netanyahu’s strategy must be taken into account, as it will, in the long term, result in a scenario of unfolding events rather than an elaborate sequence of human rights violations.

Related image

Bombing Gaza to destruction and prolonging its humanitarian deprivation are both detrimental to Palestinians.

The latter will undoubtedly inspire additional complacency within the international community – Israel’s maneuvering of bombing Gaza at intervals upon the pretext of alleged retaliation and subsequent ceasefires are globally acceptable tactics as there is potential for circumventing the accountability that comes with blatant demonstrations of breaking international law.

Since Operation Protective Edge, which also ended following a brokered ceasefire, Israel has flouted the agreement countless times, to the point that there is no longer a ceasefire to speak of.

The latest broken ceasefire already renders the agreement void. How does the ceasefire rhetoric hold when it is nullified? The answer lies in the nature of its negotiation – a ceasefire is a diplomatic vantage point that can be manipulated. Indeed, the agreement was flouted but Netanyahu has already been hailed, albeit erroneously, as having chosen peace”.

 This is the fine line that Netanyahu has embraced, while knowing that his strategy will, in the long term, reap a multitude of invisible victims. If constant aggression is normalised within mainstream discourse, the scrutiny over human rights violations will become even more isolated.

Israel is already in contempt of the remaining vestiges of human rights concern in the international arena – the slow tally of murdered, injured and forcibly displaced Palestinians will be dismissed both in terms of alienation, as well as the preoccupation of keeping up with the next violation.

There are other factors that contribute to Netanyahu’s strategy, and which align the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, when the Obama administration voiced its preference of PA control over Gaza, and Trump’s support for Israel at an international level. There is a correlation that goes beyond what has been termed as US hostility against the PA following the closing down of its diplomatic mission and expulsion of its ambassador.

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Anything short of completely destroying Gaza was labelled as cowardice

While Israel’s illegal blockade and colonial violence have forced Palestinians in Gaza into a deprived existence, both in terms of politics and humanitarian needs, the PA has willingly contributed through its imposed sanctions to gain control of Gaza by means of coercion.

Meanwhile, Trump’s altering of the Palestinian narrative at an international level is also reminiscent of PA concessions, especially when it comes to the Palestinian right of return.

With political actors willing to assume and declare open complicity with Israel, what need is there for Netanyahu to attract international condemnation when murdering and displacing Palestinians can be accomplished as an established routine practice?

Furthermore, the international community’s non-response validated Netanyahu’s stance while mocking not only Palestinians, but all who called for an international deployment to protect Palestinians.

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The imbalance of power is still working in Israel’s favour

Netanyahu is no pacifist – his exclusion of Palestinians may not be “by all means” in terms of the Plan Dalet which set the pace for the 1948 Nakba.

The ceasefire was a calculated political ploy exposing the fact that Palestinians have no recourse to protection and that human rights as implemented by the international community will never take precedence over colonial complicity.

Ceasefires, therefore, are a form of displacement preferred by mainstream media narratives and the international community.

It was only speculation over the possibility of another ongoing massacre in Gaza that sustained international attention for the briefest time span.

In reality, the recent bombing was the latest in a series of ongoing targeting that failed to garner any form of attention from the international community.

Ramona Wadi is an independent researcher, freelance journalist, book reviewer and blogger specializing in the struggle for memory in Chile and Palestine, colonial violence and the manipulation of international law. 

Gideon Levy: Life by the Sword Has Paid Off

The occupation transforms Jerusalem into a military barracks on the eve of the transfer of the US embassy.

These are days of great victory for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for the right wing and for nationalistic Israel. These are days of victory for their path, the path of force, and of their faith, the faith in the chosen people who can do anything they please.

Iran has been publicly humiliated, the Palestinians are crushed, and on Monday they will be stomped on with pomp and circumstance as the American Embassy opens in Jerusalem. Gaza is besieged, and Israel is rejoicing. On Sunday, Jerusalem Day, innocent people might be killed in Gaza and Jerusalem.

On May 14, the day of the embassy move, innocents will certainly be killed in Gaza and the West Bank; the day after, Nakba Day, many more will be killed.

The Israeli victory, a brief biography: piles of bodies of Palestinians, whom the world has stopped caring about, a siege on Gaza which also doesn’t interest anyone, Iranian bases bombed without response, Iran under sanctions and an American Embassy in Jerusalem, a gift to the occupier and a slap in the face of the occupied. There is good reason for the joyous cries of victory in Israel.

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Seventeen Palestinians In The West Bank

First the settlers won and decided the fate of the state and the regime; then U.S. President Donald Trump won and gave Israel license to do whatever it feels like, and now Netanyahu has been declared the great victor. These are days of a win of his doctrine and a victory for his Israel. We should admit it.

The prophecies of doom, that this would all blow up in our faces one day, the admonishments that the occupation won’t stand forever and the warnings that Israel cannot live only by its sword, and that Iran is very dangerous, have been shown to be false for now. Nothing blew up, life by the sword has paid off, the end of the occupation has grown distant and so has the end of right-wing government.

This depressing forecast is the more optimistic one. The alternative is war with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas and who knows whom else. That’s the way it is when there’s no real alternative, no ideas and no leadership. Shooting at demonstrators in Gaza and the continued siege? Everybody’s on board. Canceling the agreement with Iran and bombing in Syria, everybody’s cheering.

And almost everybody is celebrating the move of the embassy to Jerusalem, including the female lawmaker from the “left” who is begging for an invitation. Tomorrow America will tell the Palestinians that it doesn’t care about their fate anymore, that in America’s eyes, they have no rights, that the two-state solution is dead. To Iran America said: Netanyahu was right. The agreement is bad and should be abolished. Two free gifts for Israel.

These achievements are corrupting. They prove to Israel that force is worthwhile, that there is no need to consider the other side, that international law doesn’t apply here. Today Israel is celebrating the day East Jerusalem was conquered, and tomorrow it will celebrate its perpetuation. Two repulsive flag marches will take place one after the other, the first Israeli and the second American, and they are both cocky and aggressive.

Moving the embassy while crushing what is left of the Palestinians’ dignity is a clear American signal to Israel: Keep up the killing, the crushing and the ignoring of their rights. America not only permits, arms and funds it – it even encourages it.

Yes, moving the embassy is a reason for a party only for the right. All the rest, a negligible minority, should mourn this unilateral step. The same is true for the Syrian bombings, which a tweet on the right called a “concert” with enthusiasm reserved only for bombings in Israel. A direct line connects the embassy move, the exit from the Iran deal and the bombings in Syria: Israel First. Only Israel.

And what’s the alternative? It wasn’t even discussed. Instead of opening an American Embassy in Jerusalem, part of which is occupied, to establish two embassies in the city. Instead of massacring protesters in Gaza, to respond to Hamas’ signals and reach an agreement to lift the blockade; instead of quitting the Iran deal, to preserve it with Israel’s encouragement; and instead of bombing Iranian bases, to try to dialogue with Iran, directly or indirectly. That is not as exciting as rousing as bombing, not as thrilling as showing off a haul of binders from Iran. But these could have been Israel’s true victories.

Stay away from fellow (traveling) Israelis

“Israelis” really aren’t like anyone else

A rather befuddled “Israeli” mother’s personal story.  She doesn’t want her daughter to travel and huddle with only like Israelis, she would like her to mix and mingle, branch out get to know other people. But this mother was born in US, the daughter is raised in “Israel”. She is in the occupation force. Her favorite topic is the holy- only to Jews, -especially Israelis, Holocaust.  These people raised in occupied Palestine they call “Israel” are in a loss in the big wide world. They are brainwashed and isolated, and take that with them wherever they go. They can only trust each other since they are taught that they are ‘chosen ones’ and everyone else wants to kill them, so they kill everyone else first. Who else on the planet thinks like this?

If this was off a personal blog I would not post it. But it is shared public reading.

“I just got to Antigua, Guatemala,” Gabriella tells me, “and I met a bunch of Israelis.”

It’s been the same refrain throughout my daughter’s entire Central America trip. Gabriella participated in a chocolate workshop in Cusco with Dana from Petah Tikvah and went hiking around a Nicaraguan volcano with a large group of compatriots. And every time she’s related this traveling detail to me, I’ve said the same thing:

“Why don’t you seek out people from other countries?”

Gabriella, who’s on her post-army trip, insists she’s not avoiding them. She strolled around Grenada, Nicaragua with James, a Liverpudlian, and had a fascinating discussion about the Holocaust with Kimi, a German girl she met in Salento, Columbia. She and her boyfriend, Din, spent an especially memorable evening in Lima double dating with a Muslim, Iraqi refugee living in Australia and his Australian-born girlfriend.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” I enthused. “Meet more people like that.”

Because to my way of thinking it’s simple: an Israeli abroad who predominantly travels with other Israelis is no different than one who primarily eats hummus abroad. Both activities deprive the traveler of the full travel experience.

When I took my own backpack abroad some 30 years ago, the last people I wanted to meet were other Americans. I can still recall being on a cable car near Interlocken Switzerland, a tableau of striking beauty with pristine, snow-covered mountains, waterfalls and glaciers. The spell was broken when the stranger sitting alongside me said in American-accented English:

“Where are you from?”

When we landed on the other side, I made it a point to get as far away from him as possible. I hadn’t come all this way to hang out with an American.

The highlights of my trip abroad were the afternoon strolling around Paris with a desolate young Iranian refugee studying in Turkey. On the island of Skye, I formed part of a raucous girls’ quartet: A South African farmer’s girl, a curly-haired prelaw student from Melbourne and a soft-spoken girl from New Zealand whose accent made her English barely intelligible.

But Gabriella, like so many of her fellow sabras, readily admits it: she prefers hanging out abroad with Israelis. She loves the commonality of their experiences and that they can always find someone they know in common.

“The Israeli travelers also want the same things I do,” she says.

“Really?” I asked. “The Israelis are the only people in the world who like hiking and clean and cheap lodgings?”

I got her there, I think.

But the main reason, and the one I can’t completely refute, is that traveling with other Israelis makes her, a lone traveler, feel secure. When Israeli meets one of his own abroad there is a tacit assurance that they will look out for one another. It’s a beautiful concept and alien to my own experience. When I met Americans abroad, I didn’t trust them any more than any non-Americans.

To illustrate the point, Gabriella related the tale of the two nights she suffered from traveler’s tummy. The first night she was in a room of foreigners who barely acknowledged her discomfort and one of whom even complained that my daughter’s constant bathroom trips kept her up. When she was in a room of Israelis they brought her bottles of water and made sure she was comfortable the next day.

As the worried mother of a lone backpacker flitting around the Third World, I obviously like knowing that someone is looking after my daughter. And yet. A stomach ache usually lasts only a day or so. Our travel experiences can last us a lifetime.

The tendency of Israelis to travel in packs also has adverse effects back home. Israelis are exceptionally well-traveled compared to many nationalities. But this hasn’t translated into a corresponding curiosity and openness to different cultures residing within our own country. As someone who immigrated here, I have found many Israelis completely uninterested in learning about the culture I left behind. An interest in the “other” is something that can be learned and cultivated during all these post-army trips that are so popular with our young people.

I have suggested to Gabriella that she will be spending the rest of her life with Israelis. Now is the time to learn about the rest of the world’s denizens. So, if she’s in a youth hostel and hears the familiar strains of Hebrew, I would urge her to smile in recognition at the familiar sounds, but turn towards those speaking unfamiliar languages. That way when she returns home she’ll feel that she really traveled.

US plan to open embassy in Jerusalem on Nakba Day

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I’ll bet Trump didn’t make this date and didn’t have any idea what this day meant and heard of it just now, like the rest of us. They are always making a fool out of him! No US president has to show off his power or antagonize anyone for the fun of it! Nope, that is strictly a Zionist thing. He doesn’t need this. They always feel the need to show off by doing nasty things unencumbered.

In order to heap further humiliation on Palestinians, the US plans embassy move to coincide w/the NAKBA anniversary when 800,000 Palestinians were driven out of their country in 1948.

In 1948, a new state — “Israel” — was established inside historical Palestine.

Around 15,000 Palestinians were killed, some 800,000 displaced, and 531 Arab villages destroyed in attacks by armed Jewish groups at the time.

The Palestinian diaspora has since become one of the largest in the world. Palestinian refugees are now scattered across Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and other countries, while many have since settled in refugee camps in Palestine’s West Bank and Gaza Strip.

According to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), there are currently more than 5 million registered Palestinian refugees.

Amnesty: Israel carried out extrajudicial executions, tortured children

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Director of the human rights organization al-Haq Shawan Jabarin argued that the killing exposed an Israeli policy of opening fire on Palestinians who do not pose a lethal threat, which is routinely followed by a fabricated statement from Israeli authorities claiming the victim had intended to carry out an attack.

Eyewitnesses have also said in a number of cases that Israeli security forces planted knives on slain Palestinians to claim that they were acting in self-defense during an alleged stabbing attack

Israeli authorities and armed forces carried out extrajudicial executions, tortured Palestinian prisoners and targeted human rights defenders, Amnesty International’s new annual report says.

2018 marks the 71th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of  Palestine

“Israeli authorities intensified the expansion of settlements and related infrastructure across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and carried out a large number of demolitions of Palestinian property, forcibly evicting more than 660 people,” the report states.

“Many of these demolitions were in Bedouin and herding communities that the Israeli authorities planned to forcibly transfer.”

Meanwhile, Amnesty also slammed “Israel’s air, land and sea blockade of the Gaza Strip”, which it says is “collectively punishing Gaza’s entire population of approximately 2 million inhabitants”.

Image result for  Palestinian youth killed in stabbing attacks

Palestinian teenage girl shot dead after alleged knife attack

Addressing the use of lethal violence, Amnesty International noted that Israeli forces killed 76 Palestinians and one foreign national in 2017, adding that “many, including children, were shot and unlawfully killed while posing no immediate threat to life”.

Some killings, Amnesty continued, “appeared to have been extrajudicial executions”.

Image result for Palestinian girls killed in stabbing attacks

Israeli forces shot two Palestinian teenage girls, killing one and wounding the other, after they were allegedly involved in a stabbing attack


Across the occupied territories, “Israeli forces, including undercover units, used excessive and sometimes lethal force when they used rubber-coated metal bullets and live ammunition against Palestinian protesters”, killing “at least 20, and injuring thousands”.

Amnesty’s annual report notes the killing in December of “wheelchair user Ibrahim Abu Thurayya”, who “was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier as he was sitting with a group of protesters near the fence separating Gaza from Israel”.

Image result for Palestinian girls killed in stabbing attacks

Israeli police shoot 16 yr old girl after alleged knife attack in Jerusalem

The new report also commented on Israel’s use of mass incarceration as a tool of political repression, documenting how “Israel detained or continued to imprison thousands of Palestinians from the OPT, mostly in prisons in Israel, in violation of international law”.

Israeli authorities also “continued to substitute administrative detention for criminal prosecution”, says Amnesty, “holding hundreds of Palestinians, including children, civil society leaders and NGO workers, without charge or trial under renewable orders, based on information withheld from detainees and their lawyers.”

Furthermore, “Israeli soldiers and police and Israel Security Agency [Shin Bet] officers subjected Palestinian detainees, including children, to torture and other ill-treatment with impunity, particularly during arrest and interrogation.”

Amnesty International also accused Israeli authorities of using “a range of measures, both in Israel and the OPT, to target human rights defenders who criticized Israel’s continuing occupation.”

Other topics covered by the report, in relation to Israel’s ongoing rights violations, included the lack of accountability, “more than three years” later, for “evidently unlawful attacks including war crimes” committed by the Israeli military in its 2014 assault on the Gaza Strip.

Source: Amnesty International

Military tourism in Israel: learn how to kill Palestinians for $115 a day!

Just when you thought the Israelis couldn’t possibly cram any more items into an already overflowing repertoire of preposterous behavior…

 Part-propaganda and part-morbid amusement lSRAEL ONLY ATTRACTS LIKE-MINDED  SCUM AND SICKOS

The Israeli monopoly over the terror lexicon itself – which permits Israel to slaughter Palestinians by the thousands in alleged “self-defense” while any act of literal self-defense by Palestinians is condemned as terrorism – has been terribly rewarding not only in terms of facilitating Israel’s political and territorial objectives, but also in terms of international opportunities for Israeli individuals and entities to capitalize on the country’s repressive expertise.

This is how, for example, Israeli firms win contracts to help fortify the US-Mexico border.

In the case of the “anti-terror fantasy camps”, the business simultaneously generates a profit for those involved and assists in the global dissemination of pro-Israel propaganda under the guise of cool, alternative tourism.

Call it killing two birds with one stone – while Palestinians continue to be killed with more destructive equipment.