Oliver Stone, the Most Honest 3 minutes

I also roll my eyes whenever people hate on one president! As if one is destroying the country above the others. Isn’t it obvious we are being had?

This is a choice?


Ever since the revolution, the government of the United States of America has shown hostility towards the Islamic Republic during terms of different presidents.

Therefore, no one should say that a particular plot was hatched during the time of one president, and not during the time of the current US President. They’re all the same.

The plots that have been hatched against Iran have occurred under various US presidents. But they’re all of the same nature. 

First, they provoked ethnicities in Iran to turn against each other, then they launched a coup, and after that they made Iraq attack Iran.

The next thing that they did was to help our enemy–which was the regime of Saddam–in his war against us, and after the war they imposed sanctions on us.

Then, they provoked all world media networks, and they made them align themselves against the Islamic Republic.

All of these things had been carried out during the time of different presidents of the US, and now, too, these things are being carried out.

During the 2009 sedition, one of the social networks, which could be used to further the goals of the sedition and those who provoked the chaos, needed to fix some technical problems.

The US government asked them to postpone fixing the technical problems because they hoped to overthrow the Islamic Republic with the help of media activities and networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

They had these foolish delusions. Therefore, they did not let this network fix its technical problems, and they asked them to postpone it, attending to this task which is more important.

They used all kinds of methods against the Islamic Republic: sanctions are one of these methods. From their viewpoint, this method is aimed at defeating the Islamic Republic.

Their mistake is that they do not know the Iranian nation. Their mistake is that they do not know about the element of faith and unity among our people. Their mistake is that they did not learn a single lesson from their past mistakes.

‘The US Has Become a Force of Evil’: Oliver Stone


  “What happened with the Soviet Union will happen to the US.”

Oliver Stone considers that Trump has done “horrible things” like pulling out of the Paris climate accords and the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. However, he argued that at least, he had the merit to ask why the U.S. needs to fight with Russia, alarming thus the mainstream media who kept on attacking him from the first day.

“It’s all right-wings fighting with right-wings […] Democrats are no better than Republicans,” Stone said, adding that “there is no party in the United States, no democratic voice except third parties that are small, that would say ‘Why are we fighting wars?’”

“Hillary Clinton and her group, and Joe Biden, are just as pro-war as any Republican Dick Cheney.”

In short, the U.S. is “the greatest hypnosis the world has ever seen (…) It sells the same story, again and again, that it is the best country in the world,” the filmmaker claimed adding that all evidence shows the opposite and the U.S. has been responsible for the death of millions of people all around the world, from Iraq to Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, among other countries.

Correa and his guest also evoked the documentary film ‘Al Sur de la Frontera’ (South of the Border) made by Stone, released in 2009, in which the filmmaker interviewed then progressive leaders of Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Cuba, and Ecuador.

“[Hugo] Chavez was the base, the nucleus, who introduced me to all the leaders: we went to visit Lula, Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Kirchner, [Fernando] Lugo in Paraguay, and you in Ecuador, and Cuba … And Bolivia … it was an experience that opened my eyes,” Stone said, adding that the documentary was totally ignored by the mainstream media in the U.S.

“I was an enemy,” he said, recalling that he was once invited to the New York Times where journalists asked him how he had come to respect Chavez.

“It was then clear to me: there is no way to win the debate on South America,” he noted, describing events such as those that occurred in Brazil when former President Dilma Rousseff was impeached and Lula imprisoned, as a “comedy.”

Stone concluded that what happened with the Soviet Union will happen to the US.

“Something is going to happen because we have pushed ourselves to the limit, we are completely corrupting history. Unfortunately, because I want my country, we have become a force of evil. A force of evil against people. Against people who want reforms, who want to change things.”

Oliver Stone Talks About Columbia and Venezuela

Oliver Stone criticizes the new Colombian government, praises FARC and gives his opinion about Venezuela. 

“The US government  is the world’s biggest distributor of Colombian cocaine.”

US backed forces will be happy to do in Venezuela what they did in El Savador.

“The major walked over, scooped a little boy from a crowd of kids, flung him into the air, and speared him with a bayonet as he came back down.

“The boy was one of over eight hundred slaughtered that day and the next.”

Remember El Mozote

Venezuela supports the Palestinians.

Neocons [Israel agents] lining up to support regime change

The U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is leading an interventionist campaign against Venezuela against a false "humanitarian crisis" claim.

The U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [above]-Israel firsters, are leading an interventionist campaign against Venezuela against a false “humanitarian crisis” claim.

The Trump government is trying to do to Venezuela what Israel does to Gaza.

In the case of Gaza, “Israel blocks exports and imports, forbids fishing in the Mediterranean and drip-feeds the captive Palestinians with ‘humanitarian aid’.

“Israel made the EU pay for the humanitarian aid to Gaza AND made the EU buy the aid stuff from Israel.

“This made Gaza an important source of profit for the Jewish state.

“So in Venezuela they follow an old script.

“London stole over a billion in gold ingots Venezuela had trustingly deposited in the cellars of the Bank of England.”

Starving Venezuela into Submission – Global Research

At a rally in 2010, Chavez alleged that Israel was “financing the Venezuelan opposition” against him.

“There are even groups of Israeli terrorists, of the Mossad, who are after me trying to kill me,” he said.

Venezuela’s Guaido says he’s working to restore ties with Israel.