Israhell Terrorist Minister Warns of ‘Much Tougher’ Response to Hamas Rockets



20 Jul 2018

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Friday of a “much tougher” response against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas if it fires more rockets from the Gaza Strip.

“If Hamas continues to fire rockets then Israel will respond in a much tougher way than they (the Hamas leadership) think,” Lieberman said in a statement after a spike of violence around Gaza.

Lies, damn lies, and hasbara fiction

Next time you touch down at Ben Gurion airport, Pad Dar, you should kiss the ground and say, “Hi Palestine, nice to see you again.” Israel has no right to it at all – it was stolen in a terror raid, just like Najd/Sderot and hundreds of other Palestinian cities, towns and villages.

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Now targeting young minds…

by Stuart Littlewood

Israel’s propagandists have a training manual that teaches the art of sugar-coating and downright lying so that gullible audiences will easily swallow their poison.

Notice how everything Israelis dislikes, and everything that thwarts their lust for domination, is now labeled “Iranian-backed”. They’d have us all believe we are in mortal danger from Iran and must therefore huddle together in a collective act of aggression orchestrated by Tel Aviv, Washington and London.

The 116-page instruction manual, called the 2009 Global Language Dictionary, was produced by The Israel Project (TIP), which describes itself as “non-partisan” on Twitter but elsewhere says it’s “devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security, freedom and peace”. See here for an evaluation.

TIP provides journalists, leaders and opinion-formers with “accurate information about Israel”. Its purpose is to help the worldwide Zionist movement win the propaganda war by persuading international audiences to accept the Israeli narrative and agree that the regime’s crimes are necessary for Israel’s security and in line with “shared values” between Israel and the West.

And because God, the Great Real Estate Agent in the Sky, gave them the keys to the Holy Land their abominable behavior is deserving of our support.

The manual teaches the propaganda tricks that Israel’s scribblers and drivellers use to try and justify the slaughter, the ethnic cleansing, the land-grabbing, the cruelty and their contempt for international law and UN resolutions, and make it all smell sweet.

Here’s a sample slice of hasbara (i.e. pro-Israel propaganda) from the comments to a recent article I penned about the great American journalist Grace Halsell, who fought tirelessly for justice and did so much to expose the nonsense peddled by Christian-Zionism before she died in 2000.

When it comes to clever con artistry, Israel ranks the top with it’s control of Hollywood and special effects.

Pad Dar · Top Commenter

There is no place called p-stine. My suggestion for p-stinian sympathizers is that you should visit, find out what it is REALLY like there without anyone from either side telling you. REALLY find out what you are supporting. Me thinks this reader [commenter later edited this to ‘writer’] has *NEVER* visited the place called pstine. But, you should. Israel is all over the book of Revelation. There ARE, in fact, close to 300K Messianis and Christians in Israel.

The word of GOD does NOT change, with or without Hagee. God plainly says to ‘bless’ Israel. OF COURSE it matters if their government sticks and that should be reported. But, what this site and millions of others FAIL to do, is narrow it down TO the Israeli govt. But, you don’t, so everyone hates Israelis because of that.

Very unfortunate. VISIT P-stine. Especially near S. ISRAEL, close to Sderot and Ashkelon, and WAKE THE HELL UP. There is NO American that I know that wants rockets shot at them on a DAILY basis. But, of course, GRACE (BAD name for an UN graceful person) you don’t report THAT.

In the back of my Bible there’s a map of “ at the Time of Our Saviour”. An earlier map of the same territory calls it Canaan. True, there’s also a map showing the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel which came to a sticky end in 597BC. Here you’ll see how the Jewish Virtual Library (part of The American-Israeli Co-operative Enterprise) has wiped Palestine off their modern-day map, so let’s hear no more about Hamas or Iran wanting to wipe Israel off the map.

There was even a Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem for nearly 100 years, but we don’t make a big fuss about it.

In any case, who takes the scribblings of ancient scribes – the hasbara myth-makers of their time – without a very large pinch of salt?

Pad Dar gratuitously insults Grace when she’s not here to defend herself, and seems to be saying that Grace never visited the place called “Pstine”. Grace, in one of her own articles says: “By living among Israeli Jews as well as Palestinian Christians and Muslims, I saw, heard, smelled, experienced the police state tactics Israelis use against Palestinians. My research led to a book entitled Journey to Jerusalem.”

And this tribute to her In Washington Report tells us…

In highly acclaimed books such as Journey to Jerusalem and Prophecy and Politics, she described her young years as a Christian and trips to the Holy Land she later took, “disguised” as a follower, with televangelist Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Image result for Najd, palestine

Swigging on beers as they tend their barbecue. They watch Gaza burn from their vantage-point. In Sderot (once the Palestinian village of Najd).

    She revealed the unsavory relationship between Falwell and right-wing Israeli leaders, reporting, for example, that the evangelical Falwell had been provided by Israel with an expensive private plane. And that, despite the fact that some 15 percent of Palestinians are Christian, Falwell’s American Christian tour groups rarely saw or had the opportunity to talk to Middle East Christians.

Or was our hasbara commenter claiming I’ve never visited Palestine? If so, wrong again. The question is, has Pad Dar ever been there?

He/she talks of Sderot and rockets. The hasbara instruction manual has the following advice:

“Humanize Rockets”: Paint a vivid picture of what life is like in Israeli communities that are vulnerable to attack. Yes, cite the number of rocket attacks that have occurred. But immediately follow that up with what it is like to make the nightly trek to the bomb shelter.

Israelis claim 12,000 rockets were fired from Gaza in the 8 years up to the start of Operation Cast Lead. But they never say how many bombs, rockets and shells (including the illegal and prohibited variety) Israel’s F-16s, tanks, armed drones and navy gunboats poured into the densely-packed humanity that is Gaza in the same period.

And they are careful not to mention that the township of Sderot, targeted by Gaza’s rockets and therefore a major propaganda asset of the Israeli regime, is built on the ruins of an ethnically cleansed Palestinian village called Najd, whose inhabitants were forced to flee by Jewish terrorists in May 1948. Najd wasn’t allocated to the Jews in the 1947 UN Partition – they stole it at gun-point.

This is who replaced the Palestinians.

There is NO American that I know, or Brit, who would stand for being thrown out of his home by foreign thugs. So if anyone needs to WAKE THE HELL UP it’s you, Pad Dar! Get a grip on the facts.

Remember too that Ben Gurion airport, which serves Tel Aviv, was formerly Lydda airport. Lydda, shown on my biblical map of Palestine, was a major Arab town and communications hub during the British mandate and designated Palestinian in the 1947 UN Partition.

In July 1948 Israeli terrorist troops seized the town, shot it up and drove out the population. Donald Neff reported how, as part of the ethnic cleansing, the Israelis massacred 426 men, women, and children. 176 of them were slaughtered in the town’s main mosque. Of all the blood-baths they say this was the biggest. See also for lurid details.

Out of a population of 19,000 only 1,052 were allowed to stay. The others who survived the murderous onslaught were forced to walk into exile in the scalding July heat leaving a trail of bodies – men, women and children – along the way.

Who was responsible for this act of infamy? Israel’s great ‘hero’ Moshe Dayan, who later became defence minister and foreign minister.

Next time you touch down at Ben Gurion airport, Pad Dar, you should kiss the ground and say, “Hi Palestine, nice to see you again.” Israel has no right to it at all – it was stolen in a terror raid, just like Najd/Sderot and hundreds of other Palestinian cities, towns and villages. Is this how the Great Real Estate Agent in the Sky hands over the keys to the old kingdom?

Today I received another gem from somebody calling themselves ‘Michelle’…

Your remarks about “Israel occupying the Holy Land” reflects an embarrassingly ignorance of the facts. Israel is the Holy Land, established 3000 years ago by the Jewish People, verified by the archaeological record and Biblical and Quranic texts, in which Israel appears 2500 times. Jesus Christ is called the King of Israel in the New Testament and an entire chapter in the Quran is devoted to “Bani Israil” The Children of Israel.

Your so-called palestinians are merely illegal Arab interlopers most of whom invaded Israel in the early to mid-20th century. The most common “palestinian” surname is al-Masri, “the Egyptian” In fact, Jews are the only indigenous nation ever established in Israel over the course of the last 3,000 years.

Fact or hasbara fiction, Michelle? Are you by any chance another one of the hundreds of cyber-scribblers hired and trained by the Tel Aviv lie machine?

Meet the hasbara experts

Image result for doll spinning head gif

The Israel Project among other things offers students a Media Fellowship with 9 weeks training and a stipend of $2500. One of the fellowships is in Web Advocacy and Outreach under Brandon Gray, who has former connections with the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) campaign training institute in Washington. The tasks it covers include

  • online pro-Israel advocacy by updating TIP’s Twitter and Facebook accounts

  • Posting TIP videos on Facebook and YouTube

  • Monitoring anti-Israel Web sites and news outlets

TIP’s ‘David Project’ is designed to “educate and prepare college students to assume leadership roles and support their efforts to deliver Israel programs and events to thousands of students on their campuses. Our ground-breaking Israel education curricula and our unique programs are present in more than 130 Jewish high schools and middle schools, laying a foundation for pro-Israel attitudes and advocacy in college and beyond.”

Sinister. Imagine the situation in, say, 5 years’ time. The Arabs and Iranians and specifically the Palestinians set their face against media training and communications long ago.

They are amateurs, and in the case of the Palestinians not even that. Lazy, shiftless, unresponsive and a closed shop. Writers like me have no access, receive no support. Why do we bother? Good question. It now has more to do with resisting the tide of Zionism that swamps our own country.

TIP’s executive director, Marcus Sheff, served in the IDF for 25 years – “the world’s most moral army”. Did he dream that one up, by any chance? He was a prominent spokesperson for the IDF during the second Intifada and the Lebanon War. Today, he trains senior IDF officers in media skills.

Josh Block is CEO and president of TIP, and a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute. He’s dead against the Palestinians gaining statehood and wrote in Politico.

that the Obama administration and Congress were right to stand against unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State and must vigorously lobby other countries, large and small, to join in pressuring the PA to call it off. If Palestinians go ahead it would undermine the quest for peace and risk anti-Israel terrorism.

Block says another reason for opposing the Palestinian move is that “recognition of this Palestinian government would be the recognition of a terrorist state — given the Hamas-Fatah unity pact…”

There are the legal reasons too, he says. “These underscore that the fictional Palestinian state conjured up for the United Nations doesn’t meet international law standards…”

Screamingly funny, that, considering that Israeli law falls well short.

“…And it doesn’t have defined territory… Perhaps most important, it would be a terrorist ‘state’, ruled by Hamas, which the EU, the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries have designated as a terrorist organization.”

The article simply oozes hasbara. Block throws in other reasons such as economic stability and political institutions, reliance on $1 billion from donor states and another $1.5 billion in tax revenue collected [but often withheld] by the Israeli government, and how “the Palestinian Authority is in the midst of a financial crisis”.

Those things of course couldn’t have anything to do with the illegal occupation and strangulation of the West Bank and the illegal blockade of Gaza by Block’s nice friends, could it?

And isn’t Israel in receipt of billions of American tax dollars disguised as aid?

No prizes for guessing that Block is the former spokesman for AIPAC.

Thanks to Gaza protests, Israel has a new crop of ‘battle tested’ weapons for sale

Life is too short!

Israel maintains robust arms trade with rogue regimes. Israel tries out weapons in the West Bank and Gaza and then presents them as “battle proven” to the international market.

A new report reveals how Israel is using the protests in Gaza to test and showcase its arms industry. From grenade-carrying and skunk water-carrying drones to “smart fences” and more, Israel is profiting from the carnage it is causing in Gaza.

In an interview earlier this past April, Sa’ar Korush, who until recently served as the CEO of the company that built the wall surrounding parts of the Gaza Strip, told Bloomberg that “Gaza has become the showroom for the company’s ‘smart fences,’ as customers appreciate that the products are battle-tested.”

For Israel’s arms industries, the Great Return March, which began two weeks before Koresh spoke to Bloomberg, likely gives them an opportunity to develop new means to put down demonstrations, and to sell these new products abroad.

Korush’s remarks can be found in a new report put out by Hamushim, a joint project of Coalition of Women for Peace and American Friends Service Committee, which works to expose the true human price of the Israeli military industry and arms trade, as well as to mobilize against it.

The report, titled “A Lab and a Showroom: The Israeli Military Industries and the Oppression of the Great March of Return in Gaza,” details the new weapons Israel used against the protesters, as well as the attempts to profit from them.

Image result for jews weapons dealers

The newest weapon used against protesters on the Israel-Gaza fence has been “Sea of Tears,” a drone that can hold and drop tear gas canisters. The drone was originally designed by Da Jiang Innovations (DJI) and was adapted by Aeronautics, an Israeli company that specializes in reconnaissance drones, following a request by Border Police Commander Kobi Shabtai.

According to Israel Police Spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld, the drone was used in the weeks leading up to the demonstrations; once they began, it was used much more frequently.

“Beyond the fact that it neutralizes all danger to our forces, it allows us to reach places that we had yet to reach,” Shabtai told Channel 2 news. Hamushim’s report, however, states that despite the army’s claims that the drones allow for better accuracy, in at least one case the army dropped tear gas canisters on a tent full of women and children in Gaza.

Another video shows a scene in which gas canisters are dropped on journalists covering the protests.

Following the first day of protests in late March, likely due to the drones’ “success” in suppressing the protests, the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure, known in Hebrew as Ma’fat, purchased hundreds of drones.

“We operated quickly and made immediate purchases of many drones from abroad,” a nameless source from Maf’at told Ynet. “We learned how to improve their response during the fighting.

Image result for atom bomb gif

The devil’s mission

Our first task was to use drones as a platform for ‘non-lethal’ weapons. We conducted field tests around the clock and developed a combat doctrine. The drones are a groundbreaking tool, easy to operate, and have tremendous operational potential.”

According to Hamushim’s report, the use of drones for monitoring protests was first used by the Jerusalem municipality to track Palestinian demonstrators who tried to damage the city’s light rail, following the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir in 2014.

In May of this year, the Defense Ministry issued a tender to develop drones that would replace the ones produced by DJI.

Drones developed by Aeronautics are already being used to disperse protests. In Gaza, Aeronautics drones were used to spray “skunk water,” a foul-smelling liquid, at demonstrators.

On May 16th, two days after the IDF killed over 60 protests, the Defense Ministry released a video on Twitter showing off its latest development: the “Shocko Drone” — a UAV that is able to release bags containing skunk water.

Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist confirmed that the drone was manufactured by Aeronautics, and a day before the Twitter update, the company signed a contract with the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture valued at 4.87 million euros.

Aeronautics drones have also been used to shoot down so-called “fire kites” that are sent from Gaza. According to the report, there have been reports of drones firing warning shots at groups of Palestinians preparing to launch “burning balloons” at Israel. The Israeli government denies using drones to harm people.

In June, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) showed off a new grenade-carrying drone that could “commit suicide” on enemy targets to a foreign customer. The drones can fly ten kilometers, spend half an hour in the air, and it are so light that a single soldier can carry three of them at once.

That same week, it was reported that the IAI signed a deal with the German army to provide it with $600 million worth of drones.

The report warns that the “use of drones to attack is a dangerous strategy that can be used in the future against protestors and passerby civilians in Palestine, without any accountability.” These drones, says the report, have the ability to “re-shape the reality in the occupied territories. Today, Israel already sells those drones, for example, to five different armies using them in Afghanistan. However, use in Gaza and in the West Bank are new developments.”

A new security drone seen flying near a Palestinian village, May 6, 2018.

The report ends by describing the scene that took place on May 15th, a day after the bloody protests at the fence. Israeli magazine Israel Defense put on a conference titled “Fire, Maneuvering, and Intelligence in a Complex Environment” at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, with around 1,000 Israeli security officials, members of the Israeli military industries, and foreign representatives.

Among the keynote speakers were Yoav Galant, who previously headed the IDF Southern Command during Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009, former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon, and Maj. Gen. Kobi Barak, the Commander of GOC Army Headquarters.

At the conference, sponsored by Elbit Systems, Aeronautics, and others, attendees enjoyed a fancy cocktail party and learned about the latest developments in Gaza.

According to the report, “the elaborate expo reveals that in times of conflicts, as Palestinians grieve, the Israeli military industry continues their business as usual, aggressively marketing their products, signing new deals, and mingling with government officials.”

Palestine on the edge of being wiped out 100%

More than 50 years ago, the state of Israel shocked the world when it seized the remaining Palestinian territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, as well as the Syrian Golan Heights and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, in a matter of six days. With US backing, Palestine is soon to become empty of Palestinians. Thus far, atheist and fake religious Zionists move forward with no impediments. Historical Palestine will become little more than a man made theme park.  Travelers who are interested in history and authenticity will only find a fake place with fake citizens.

Just prior to a United Nations Human Rights Council meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict this week, a UN legal expert has declared that Israel is moving closer to formal annexation of the West Bank.

“After years of creeping Israeli de facto annexation of the large swathes of the West Bank through settlement expansion, the creation of closed military zones and other measures, Israel appears to be getting closer to enacting legislation that will formally annex parts of the West Bank,” UN official Michael Lynk said.

Lynk’s warning was posted on the web site of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHRC) — the rights monitoring body that both the United States and Israel are boycotting, with the US recently stunning the council by announcing its pullout last monthciting a general anti-Israel bias.

The UN statement highlighted Israeli expansion: “This would amount to a profound violation of international law, and the impact of ongoing settlement expansion on human rights must not be ignored,” Lynk continued. “This is my third mission to the region since I assumed the mandate in May 2016, and the reports I received this week have painted the bleakest picture yet of the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,” he said after returning from an information gathering mission to the region.

Israel genocide regime forcibly evicts an elderly Palestinian woman from her own home in the West Bank

The statement also highlighted restriction on Palestinian movement, night raids and the lack of building approvals, and what the UNHRC has called a creeping de facto annexation of West Bank territory. Lynk will deliver a full and final presentation of his findings before the UN General Assembly 73rd session in October — this as a formal UN investigation into the recent shootings of hundreds of Palestinian protesters in Gaza by Israeli security forces is simultaneously underway, an inquiry which was also condemned by the United States and Israel in a May vote.

This week will likely only serve to confirm in Ambassador Nikki Haley’s mind that the UNHRC is in her words issued in June, a “cesspool of political bias” as at the UNHRC on Monday a number of countries spoke under Agenda Item 7, which mandates consideration of Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians as a permanent agenda item, and which the Haley unsuccessfully tried to defeat at the General Assembly before deciding to quit the council.

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

The US State Department has noted in an official statement“No other nation has an entire agenda item dedicated to it at the Council. The continued existence of this agenda item is among the largest threats to the credibility of the Council.”

However, Monday’s session reveals that the firm US stance and behind the scenes diplomatic pressure may be having an impact. The Jerusalem Post reports that Western nations held a de facto boycott of the Agenda 7 debate in Geneva on Monday:

  • Only 22%, 43 nations out of the 193 UN countries who could have taken the floor, stood up to condemn Israel. France, which had initially signed up to speak, changed its mind at the last moment and was not present in the room when its name was called.

  • The silence marked a slim sign of continued success for the Israeli and US campaign to abolish the UNRHC mandate that requires a debate on Israeli actions against the Palestinians at every council session under Agenda Item 7.

Neither the US nor Israel, nor France were the room for the deliberations.

The Palestinian delegation, however, welcomed those states engaged in the “general debate of Item 7 [against] the will and wish of the occupying power to not participate in the debate on this item which deals with the illegal practices of the occupation and the refusal to comply with international humanitarian law.”

Palestinian Authority Ambassador Ibrahim Khraishi said, in words clearly directed at Israel and the US and their allies, that violators of Palestinian rights “should withdraw from the council and not come back until they change this approach that is destructive of law and morality and principles, and adds more radicalism and promotes terrorism.”

Some analysts have predicted that US absence from the UNHRC will give the Palestinian and Arab side more influence at the council; however, time will tell if more countries, like France this week, will eventually bow to US pressure.

Defense for Children International condemns the unlawful killing of Children in Gaza

United Nations
The United States withdrew from a “hypocritical and self-serving” United Nations Human Rights Council over what it called chronic bias against Israel and a lack of reform, a move activists warned would make advancing human rights globally even more difficult.

Here for all the speakers, these are just a few.

Human Rights Council

38th Regular Session | 2 July 2018

Statement delivered on behalf of Defense for Children International

Palestine (DCIP)

Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces with live ammunition and crowd control weapons

Defence for Children International welcomes the opportunity to speak in this session.

Between January 2013 and June 2018, Israeli forces and settlers killed at least 649 Palestinian children

in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza

Strip, according to documentation

collected by Defence for Children International

Palestine (DCIP).

While the majority of these deaths occurred during the summer 2014 Israeli military offensive on

Gaza, known as Operation Protective Edge, Israeli forces

killed at least 106 Palestinian children outside

of this military assault across the Occupied Palestinian Territory with live ammunition or crowd control


Analysing these specific incidents shows Israeli forces increasingly targeted Palestinian

children with

live ammunition to quash protests beginning in 2014.

In subsequent years, the increasing use of live ammunition combined with complete lack of

accountability has created a situation where Palestinian children are routinely shot and killed with

impunity in circumstances that do not justify the use of intentional lethal force.

In the first six months of 2018, Israeli forces killed at least 21 Palestinian children with live ammunition

or crowd control weapons in the West Bank and Gaza, including 1

6 Palestinian children killed between

March 30 and June 18 along the Gaza perimeter fence during the

“March of Return” protests.

Therefore, Defense for Children International urges all members of the Human Rights Council to:

Condemn Israeli forces’ use of

excessive force against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank,

including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip;

Urge Israel to provide access to all United Nations

human rights mechanisms and special

procedures to enable impartial monitoring and advance accountability,

including the

independent International Commission of Inquiry to investigate all violations of international

humanitarian law and international human rights law, including recent killings of Palestinian

protesters in the context of recent protests in Gaza, established at the 28th

Special Session of

the Council in May 2018; and

Take urgent action to end of all forms of collective punishment caused by the ongoing

blockade on Gaza 2007,

which significantly affects the human rights of the civilian

population including children.

The Real Story Behind Israel’s “Blooming Desert”

With Israel now facing the consequences of its mistreatment of the land and its resources, the historical revisionism once used to sell the disparity between Israeli and Palestinian agricultural prowess has become ineffective. For that reason, Israel must now use other tactics — chemical warfare through toxic agrochemicals, the physical destruction of Palestinian agricultural infrastructure, and illegal blockades – in order to keep the artificial narrative alive, creating the illusion of primitivism and scarcity where none exists.

Though the official narrative of the state of Israel claims that it has turned the land it occupies from an empty desert into a lush, agricultural wonder, the actual fate of the land following Israel’s establishment in 1948 tells a very different story.

It has often been said that Israel, since its establishment in 1948, has presided over the “miracle” of making the country’s “desert bloom.” That heavily promoted narrative — which asserts that the Palestinians have long lacked the capacity, knowledge or desire to properly develop agriculture in the region — has often been used as a legitimizing factor in Israel’s establishment. As former Israel Prime Minister Shimon Peres once said, “The country [Palestine] was mostly an empty desert, with only a few islands of Arab settlement; and Israel’s [cultivated] land today was indeed redeemed from swamp and wilderness.”

Were it not for Israel, the desert would have remained unproductive and fallow – or so the story goes.

There is, however, another side to this story, one that shows that the “blooming desert” of Israel is a convenient disguise for the degradation and destruction of Palestine’s natural resources, a means of obfuscating the worst of occupation by wrapping it in the cloak of Zionist mythology.

While a central theme of Zionist mythology has long been the need for the Jewish Diaspora community to re-establish itself by returning to agricultural labor, the truth of Israel’s agricultural “success” involves the unsustainable use of occupied resources and the deliberate destruction of the land and water still used by Palestinians today.

Erasing a rich history

Image result for palestine before zionism

Though the official narrative of the state of Israel claims that it has turned the land it occupies from an empty desert into a lush, agricultural wonder, the actual fate of the land following Israel’s establishment in 1948 tells a very different story. Indeed, prior to 1948, the historical record demonstrates that Palestinian farms were very productive and that both Palestinian Arabs and Jewish settlers were successful farmers.

For example, a UN report on agriculture in Palestine between 1945 and 1946 recorded that Palestinian-grown crops accounted for nearly 80 percent of Palestine’s total agricultural yield that season, with Palestinian farms producing over 244,000 tons of vegetables, 73,000 tons of fruit, 78,000 tons of olives, and 5 million liters of wine.

Two years later, when the majority of Palestinians were forced from their land during the “Nakba” that founded the state of Israel, the farms and orchards that had previously been tended by Palestinians were left abandoned, as their owners fled under the threat of death at the hands of Zionist militias.

As Israeli historian and journalist Meron Benvenisti detailed in his book Sacred Landscape: The Buried History of the Holy Land Since 1948:

By April 1948 Jewish farmers had already begun harvesting the crops that had ripened in the abandoned fields and picking the citrus fruit in Arab groves. […] by mid-1949 two-thirds of all land sown with grain in Israel was abandoned Arab land.”

Thus, it was land theft that was largely responsible for Israel’s initial agricultural production, not the labor or agricultural expertise of Zionist settlers.

In addition, the claim that Israel turned an undeveloped desert into an agricultural wonder seems to be – in part – projection on the part of the Israeli state. Indeed, as Benvenisti noted, following the removal of Palestinians, the vast majority of centuries-old fruit orchards that had long been maintained by the native inhabitants of the land were untended, neglected and, in some cases, bulldozed to make room for ever-expanding settlements.

According to Benvenisti’s research, that neglect led to a situation in which “entire tracts of productive citrus trees, especially in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa area, were earmarked for the construction of housing developments,” as was the case for Palestine olive groves and pomegranate orchards that the land’s new occupants considered “an annoyance.”

Image result for palestine before zionism

Before the Holocaust, the movement’s central aims were the creation of a Jewish national home and cultural center in Palestine by facilitating Jewish migration. Thanks to the Holocaust, the great migration to Palestine manifested to achieve the Zionist goal.

Part of the reason for the destruction of the land was that it would weaken Palestinian claims to return to the land, as keeping agricultural infrastructure intact “might have made possible the absorption of the returning refugees.”

Current Israeli government policy, particularly its support for the construction of illegal settlements on Palestinian land, is the continuation of this effort to erase Palestine’s history by targeting its agricultural heritage as well as its natural wonders.

Indeed, Israeli newspaper Haaretz noted back in 2011 that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s steady push for Israeli expansion into Palestinian territory had been coupled with “his insistence on seeing nature and landscape as no more than an obstacle to the realization of his settlement vision.”

Covering a crime with water-sucking pines

Another project central to the “desert bloom” mythology is Israel’s “afforestation” of the desert, which has helped “turn the desert green” through the planting of non-native pine trees. These forests, largely planted by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), have been touted as a “miracle.”

Yet, the pine stands, much like Israel’s treatment of Palestine’s agricultural legacy, have been motivated by a need to cover up the events that led to the creation of the Israeli state.

Indeed, more than two-thirds of all JNF forests and sites lie on top of the ruins of Palestinian villages demolished during and after the founding of Israel, and the group’s continuing afforestation efforts are aimed at acquiring land in the occupied West Bank to prevent “trespassing” and “conceal” Palestinian villages in order to prevent the return of Palestinian refugees.

Moreover, the effort to maintain a forest of non-native trees – regardless of whether its chief aim is to cover up the true history of Palestine or “green” a desert — has come at a great cost to the natural environment. As journalist Max Blumenthal has noted:

Most of the saplings the JNF plants at a site near Jerusalem simply do not survive, and require frequent replanting. Elsewhere, needles from the pine trees have killed native plant species and wreaked havoc on the ecosystem.”

They also become fodder for forest fires that have caused major damage and mass evacuations throughout Israel over the years.

Another ecological consequence of JNF forests is their likely effect on Israel’s horrendous drought, considered to be the worst the region has faced in over 900 years. As studies have shown in other countries where non-native pine plantations have been introduced in vast numbers, pines consume a significant amount of water – leading to droughts and even the disappearance of entire rivers – as well as fundamentally alter and degrade the soil.

While these forests have been presented as an ecological miracle, they are instead destroying the environment and degrading the land’s resources, suggesting that the main driver behind the long-standing project is aimed at covering up the ruins of Palestine.

Continuing the attack on Palestinian agriculture

Today, the stark difference in agricultural development in the land tended by Israelis and Palestinians derives from policies that often receive little coverage in the media and are largely absent from the “desert bloom” narrative. Indeed, much of the coverage the issue has received paints Palestinian agricultural successes as either the work of foreigners offering aid or resulting from the “theft” of Israeli-settlement agricultural infrastructure.

Palestinian water tanks vandalized by Israeli settlers in Hebron. (Photo: ISM Palestine / Flickr)

Palestinian water tanks vandalized by Israeli settlers in Hebron. (Photo: ISM Palestine / Flickr)

Such reports fail to acknowledge the realities of the issue, such as the illegal blockade of Gaza that has crippled its economy and agricultural sector, as well as Israel’s destruction of agricultural infrastructure in Gaza and the West Bank.

Gazan agricultural infrastructure was ravaged by Israel in times of war and, in the West Bank, Israeli soldiers regularly demolish rain cisterns, pipelines and irrigation systems installed by Palestinians, citing as a reason that such structures lacked the “proper authorization” from Israel. Farmers themselves, mainly in Gaza, are often targeted directly by Israeli soldiers if they come too close to the border fence.

The Israeli government has also targeted Palestinian agriculture through chemical warfare. The use of white phosphorus as a weapon against Gaza, for example, has had major consequences for the area’s farmers.

In addition to the chemical weapon’s often deadly effects on the human body, it has destructive effects on the environment and plants, as its incendiary nature often leads to the spontaneous ignition and burning of trees, forests and farmland. It also lingers in the environment for several years.

Beyond the use of chemical weapons, Israel has also directly targeted Gazan farmland with herbicide. In 2015, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)admitted to using herbicides and germination inhibitors to kill off vegetation along the Palestinian side of the border, damaging over 420 acres of land. A year later, tactic was repeated, this time destroying around 400 acres of farmland.

The IDF has stated that it sprays the chemicals over the vaguely defined “no-go zone” it has established along the border “in order to enable optimal and continuous security operations.” However, the area accounts for a third of Gaza’s arable land and 17 percent of the entire territory.

Furthermore, the herbicides, like white phosphorus, have consequences for the environment long after they are sprayed. As Anwar Abu Assi, manager of the chemical laboratory at Gaza’s Ministry of Agriculture, told Al Jazeera in 2016:

Herbicides are sprayed in high concentrations. Thus, they remain embedded in the soil, and then find their way to the water basin. This constitutes a real hazard for the population.”

The targeting of Palestinian agriculture in the present and its treatment by the Israeli and American press suggest another and nefarious way in which Israel’s “desert bloom” mythology has manifested. In order for Israel’s agricultural “superiority” to remain unchallenged, Palestinian agriculture must also be suppressed. Were Palestinian agriculture able to develop unimpeded and flourish, it would call into question the idea that the land was barren before the Zionists, threatening the latter’s legitimacy.

The cover-story for all conquerors and colonizers  

The buffalo hunters tasked with destroying the source of livelihood of Native Americans: “These men have done more in the last two years, and will do more in the next year, to settle the vexed Indian question, than the entire regular army has done in the last forty years.

The myth of Israel “making the desert bloom” has its basis in neo-colonial narratives that have long been used in other settler states such as Canada, New Zealand, the United States and Australia.

In the cases of the latter countries, the native inhabitants and their culture have also inaccurately been depicted as “primitive” and incompetent, a narrative that suggests that the land would have remained “wild” and undeveloped were it not for the “fortunate” appearance of European settlers. Such narratives cast the settlers as both superior and normal while the natives become inferior and abnormal, thus obfuscating the settler’s status as foreigner and conqueror.

Zionist mythology reinforces similar themes. For example, as in the United States Native Americans were considered as uncivilized and wild as the natural environment, Zionist mythology reinforces the idea that all Arabs are “sons of the desert” while the desert similarly represents a barbaric obstacle to “progress” and development.

Another historical analogue is the 19th century concept of “manifest destiny” — the idea that the expansion of the United States had been preordained by God himself, which led the U.S. to break many of its numerous treaties with indigenous tribes and even go to war with Mexico in order to acquire the land it coveted.

The Israeli government similarly sees its expansion and control of all of Palestine as a matter of fulfilling prophecy and “redeeming” the Holy Land. This effort of redemption continues to feed Israel’s expansion. As Netanyahu has said, Israel is “obligated to develop all parts of the country – the Galilee and the Negev [the West Bank].”

Living the myth and the lie

Yet, no matter how much evidence exists to the contrary, Israel will never tell the real story behind the “miracle” of making “the desert bloom.” It will never tell the real story precisely because it can’t – to do so would mean demolishing the neo-colonial narrative at the center of the settler state, a narrative that is the pillar of its legitimacy.

Indeed, if Israel has not actually improved the land by making “the desert bloom” but instead degraded the land, the legitimacy of the state of Israel itself becomes questionable, as it suggests that its native inhabitants – the Palestinians – were better caretakers of the land than the current occupiers.

For this reason, Israel must continue to propagate the myth regardless of the facts, and continue to deny Palestine’s rich cultural history and agricultural legacy.

With Israel now facing the consequences of its mistreatment of the land and its resources, the historical revisionism once used to sell the disparity between Israeli and Palestinian agricultural prowess has become ineffective. For that reason, Israel must now use other tactics — chemical warfare through toxic agrochemicals, the physical destruction of Palestinian agricultural infrastructure, and illegal blockades – in order to keep the artificial narrative alive, creating the illusion of primitivism and scarcity where none exists.

The Real Story Behind Israel’s “Blooming Desert”

Hamas Seeks a Major Conflict With Israel, Israel Terrorist Officials Warn

Image result for israel the devil

“The offensive missions inside the Strip will be carried out from now on by the IDF’s tip of the spear storming divisions, which—according to the plan—will enter Gaza and dissect it in two, and even occupy significant parts of it.”

Jun 25, 2018

Israeli defense officials are seeing in recent weeks signs that Hamas is willing to enter another round of fighting with Israel as a possible path to a solution to Gaza’s humanitarian crisis.

Hamas believes that a prolonged and intense confrontation will promote the rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip and investment in infrastructure projects, according to these assessments.

For now, it appears that the organization is still concerned with the consequences of full-scale warfare, and therefore seeks to maintain the present tensions on the Gaza border while seeing how far they can test Israel. Still, the Israeli assessment is that Hamas has made a decision to confront Israel, and therefore a broad military operation is only a matter of time.


CNN Reporter Gets a Safe Guided Tour of Gaza Tunnel System

No one is safe from Israeli, be it journalists, tourists or diplomats.

Image result for IDF attack diplomats in palestine
Image result for dead women and babies in gaza
FILE PHOTO An Israeli soldier at a protest in the West Bank city of Hebron December 15, 2017

Nothing to hide? Israel considers ban on filming IDF soldiers, 5yr jail terms for offenders

 CNN reporters get a SAFE tour with Palestinian Islamic Jihad, but Israel murders journalists who report on them. In fact, Israel murders anyone they want, anytime they want and anywhere they want with impunity. They are trigger happy, they are free. Note the CNN journalist was not afraid and never in danger! Also, CNN reporter cites that the defenders of the Palestinians (he labels them terrorists, did he really permit himself in the hands of terrorists?)  commitment to the destruction of Israel. But what is the Palestinian march of return about? The Palestinians are ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED, and it’s the OCCUPATION the Palestinians are fighting against! But note how the West presents the myth of the Zionist criminals narrative.

Israel is in the process of constructing a massive barrier that reaches deep underground along the border to block tunnels. Over the past year, the IDF has destroyed several tunnels it uncovered, including some that reached into ‘Israeli territory’ which is actually legally Palestine land. Israel has a LEGAL obligation to move aside and allow the Palestinians their right of return to their homes and their lands.

Argentina cancels Israel match: “the ball will not be stained with Palestinian blood”

PACBI said the cancellation would boost the campaign to get Israel kicked out of FIFA over its violations against Palestinian football and its disregard for the world football governing body’s statutes.

Activists in Catalonia, home to Messi’s club side Barcelona, hailed the news as a “victory.”

Image result for angry jew

Angry Jew

Israel’s culture and sports minister, the far-right politician Miri Regev, accused “terror groups and BDS” – a reference to the grassroots boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign for Palestinian rights – of being behind the cancellation, and expressed hopes Argentina would still change its mind, The Times of Israel reported.

“The right thing”

In the first public statement by a member of the Argentina squad, Gonzalo “El Pipa” Higuaín, who is also a star striker for top Italian club Juventus, told ESPN that “the right thing was not to go to Israel.”

Solano added that the cancellation was a blow to the government of Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri “which had imposed [the match with Israel] on the squad as part of its agreements with the criminal Netanyahu.”

Image result for jewish spin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally called Macri Tuesday night in an effort to reverse the decision.

But according to Israeli media, the Argentinian leader told Netanyahu “that he has no influence on the decision whether or not to hold the game as scheduled.”

Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman accused Argentina of caving in to “anti-Semites who support terror” – the now standard Israeli government label for anyone who calls for Israel to end its military occupation, killings, land theft and other abuses against Palestinians.

While Israel openly uses sports – like the Giro d’Italia cycle race – for its political propaganda, it accuses athletes who refuse to be used in that manner of being the ones to play politics.

In that spirit, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin stated that the “politicization that lies in the Argentinian step worries me greatly” and made the outlandish assertion that “even at the most difficult of times we made an effort to leave considerations that are not purely about sports off the playing field.”

Israeli spin

Argentina’s cancellation is an enormous slap to Israel’s confidence that it would be able to continue killing Palestinians in Gaza, among other war crimes, without paying any price.

While it spills Palestinian blood, Israel expends enormous resources to use sporting and cultural events to sell itself as an attractive and progressive country.

Palestinians are determined to counter this by persuading artists, academics and athletes to stay away from Israel, just as international figures did during the campaign against apartheid in South Africa.

A sports boycott was a major part of that campaign.

In an effort to spin a big defeat, Israel’s propaganda apparatus has begun spreading claims that Argentina players had received “threats.”

There is something wrong with the Israeli regime

“There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years”. G. Orwell

Image result for israel's palestinian pile of corpses

Indigenous Palestinian victims of the racist Zionist Palestinian Genocide – 2 million dead since 1936, 0.1 million from violence, 1.9 million from war-, expulsion- and occupation-derived deprivation; 7 million refugees; 4.1 million Occupied Palestinians deprived of ALL the human rights listed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ; 6 million Palestinians forbidden to even live in the homeland continuously inhabited by their forbears to the very dawn of agrarian civilization; 0.9 million Palestinian children confined without charge or trial to what the Catholic Church and many others have described as Israel’s Gaza Concentration Camp for the asserted “crime” of being Indigenous Palestinians living in a tiny, remorselessly Zionist-bombed patch of Palestine.

Israel has also arbitrarily excluded hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from its population registry, restricting their ability to live in and travel from the West Bank and Gaza. Israeli authorities have justified these actions by citing general security concerns, but they have not conducted individual screenings or claimed that those excluded posed a threat themselves. Israel also revoked the residency of over 130,000 Palestinians in the West Bank and 14,565 in East Jerusalem since 1967, largely on the basis that they had been away too long.

Israeli authorities have incarcerated hundreds of thousands of Palestinians since 1967, the majority after trials in military courts, which have a near-100 percent conviction rate. In addition, on average, hundreds every year have been placed in administrative detention based on secret evidence without charge or trial.

For decades, Israeli authorities have demolished homes on the grounds that they lacked permits, even though the law of occupation prohibits destruction of property except for military necessity, or punitively as collective punishment against families of Palestinians blamed for Israel false flags.

The following lists the consecutive attacks on the Gaza strip:

There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years”. G. Orwell

This list does not include all Palestine territories.

  • 2000: Muhammad al-Durrah incident

    Image result for Muhammad al-Durrah incident animated gif

    Father and son shot by Zionist Occupation forces.

  • 2004 May: Operation Rainbow (2004)

    Related image

  • 2004: Operation Forward Shield

    Image result for Raid on Beit Hanoun (2004); Operation Forward Shield

  • 2004 September: Operation Days of Penitence

    Image result for Israel Operation Days of Penitence

  • 2005: (Israeli disengagement from Gaza) Israel removes nearby settlers for their own safety as Israel plans to attack Gaza on a major scale

    Image result for Israeli disengagement from Gaza
  • 2006: Operation Summer Rains

    Image result for Israel Operation Summer Rains

    Gazans examine a bridge destroyed by Israeli F-16 warplanes as part of Operation Summer Rain

  • 2006: Gaza beach explosion (2006)

    7-year-old girl who lost her parents and five of her brothers in Friday’s Gaza beach by Occupation militant shelling

  • 2006: 2006 Israel-Gaza conflict

    Related image

  • 2006: 2006 shelling of Beit Hanoun

    Image result for 2006 shelling of Beit Hanoun

  • 2006 November: Operation Autumn Clouds

    Image result for Israel Operation Autumn Clouds

  • 2008: Beit Hanoun April 2008 incident

    Image result for 2008: Beit Hanoun April

  • 2008 February: Operation Hot Winter

     Related image

  • Operation Cast Lead

    Image result for operation cast lead
  • 2009: Israeli troops shot and killed zoo animals

    Image result for israel targeted gaza zoo animals

    “The first thing the Israelis did was shoot at the lions.” This camel was pregnant, a missile went into her back.

    2010 May: Gaza flotilla raid (in international waters)

    Image result for Gaza flotilla executions

    IDF personnel began firing on the Mavi Marmara from both the speedboats and helicopters before boarding had commenced, 9 activists executed, another activist died later.

    Image result for israel attacks on gaza

    Israeli navy continues routine attacks on Gaza fishermen, attacks farmers, no independent livelihood allowed

  • 2011: August 2011 Gaza Strip air raids

    Related image

  • 2012 March: March 2012 Gaza–Operation Returning Echo

    Image result for March 2012 Gaza–Operation Returning Echo

  • 2012: Operation Pillar of Defense

    Related image
  • 2014: 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict

    Image result for 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict

    96% of Gaza’s water is poisonous & 47% of people don’t have enough food – Israel’s “security” is really a genocide

  • Operation Cast Lead

    Image result for israeli operation cast lead

    In 2017, Israeli forces: -conducted 67 incursions into the Gaza Strip -shot 560+ times at farmers, fishermen in Gaza -killed 28 Palestinians, injured 1,181 in Gaza -attacked 59 ‘targets’ in Gaza as punitive response to projectile fire Hamas fired zero rockets/mortars.

2018: The Great march of Return

Image result for the great march of return

25 May 2018: Israeli forces have injured 109 demonstrators

  • 15 May 2018: two Palestinians were reported killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, and 417 injured

  • 14 May 2018: 55 Palestinians were reported killed by Israeli forces, including six children, 2,771 injured.