Trump “Israel” Deal of the Century, minus one: Palestine

The existence of the Zionist entity in the heart of the Arab-Muslim is in itself is strange. 

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A peace deal devised by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner is expected to be released in June, after Ramadan, following repeated United States moves that appear to embolden Israel and hurt the Palestinians.

“If what we read is what is to be expected from this plan, then it seems that the objective of it is not a solution to the conflict, but to give pretext to the Israeli government to annex other portions” of the West Bank, Mansour told a small group of reporters at UN headquarters.

The main outcome of settler colonial projects is a rearrangement of physical spaces and indigenous people – a rearrangement that is neither peaceful nor passive, but constitutes a violent restructuring to make way for a new society with new social and spatial organization.

The Zionist settler colonial project that established the state of Israel in the place of Palestine in 1948 is no different. Zionists expelled 750,000 Palestinians in order to make room for the settler colonialists. 1

One hundred and fifty thousand Palestinians remained on the land, creating a demographic dilemma for the Israeli state. These Palestinians had to be incorporated as citizens but would remain excluded on the basis that they were not Jewish.

In 1967, the colonization of the West Bank and Gaza Strip saw the absorption of more Palestinians, yet rather than annex the territories and grant them citizenship, Israel placed them under military control.

In the early years after 1948, the Israeli state utilized various mechanisms to appropriate land, including legislative measures. Most notable was the Absentees’ Property Law of 1950, followed by the Land Acquisition Law of 1953.

These laws allowed the state to appropriate land and title deeds from refugees on the basis of being absent from the country after November 29, 1947. The legislation was also applied to those who were displaced within the borders of the new state: Rather than recognize these Palestinians as internally displaced persons, Israel referred to them as “present absentees.” Israel’s main justifications – then and now – for seizing the land are the acquisition of it for public use and the preservation of the Jewish character of the state.

This justification was used at the beginning of March 1976, when the Israeli government announced plans to confiscate 20,000 dunums of land under the Developing the Galilee Program for the building of Jewish settlements and military training camps.

Obviously the bulk of Palestinian Arabs did not “emigrate” from other lands. They WERE the land.

The Palestinian mass strike and protests on March 30 mainly took place in six villages in the Galilee that had been placed under curfew – Sakhnin, Arraba, Deir Hanna, Tur’an, Tamra, and Kabul – though they also occurred in the Naqab (Negev) and Wadi Ara. 2 Israeli police met the demonstrations with serious violence, shooting to death the six protestors and injuring hundreds more.

Land Day has become a date in which Palestinians throughout Mandate Palestine as well as in the diaspora organize land-based activities and reiterate their existential relationship with the land. The date also emphasizes the concept of sumud (steadfastness) as an important part of resistance to Israeli settler colonization.

Since the occupation of the West Bank in 1967, various “legal” mechanisms and military orders have similarly facilitated the colonization of Palestinian land. These include the expropriation of land in the name of security, in which Israel effectively subverts the Geneva Convention, which allows occupying states to temporarily confiscate land for security reasons.

In this way Israel has seized land for at least 42 settlements, including the bypass roads that connect them to settlements across the Green Line. An equally devious mechanism is the use of an Ottoman and British Mandate law that allows the state to confiscate land for a “public purpose,” despite the fact that the areas seized have habitually been used by Palestinians for centuries for grazing purposes.

The implementation of the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s, which divided the West Bank into Areas A, B and C, furthered the expropriation of Palestinian land. Area C, which makes up 61% of the West Bank, is under full Israeli military control, including control over security and civil affairs.

 Israeli policy in Area C is particularly aggressive, serving the needs of 325,000 Israeli settlers while simultaneously disrupting and restricting Palestinian communities.

In the Jordan Valley, which falls under Area C, communities are particularly vulnerable to displacement and theft of ancestral lands. The valley is a strategically important area for Israel, predominantly because it acts as both a buffer zone to Jordan and the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights, but also because of its agricultural richness thanks to its abundant water supply and fertile land.

The construction of the Separation Wall in 2002 also enabled Israel to acquire more West Bank land. Built to separate the West Bank from Israel proper under the guise of Israeli “security,” the wall has laid the foundation for the annexation of many settlements.

By placing the route inside the West Bank and not along the Green Line, Israel has de facto appropriated territory. The wall has separated Palestinians and cut off many agricultural communities from their land, and breaks the geographic contiguity of the West Bank.

Assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte, September, 1948: Count Bernadotte, a UN Peace mediator who had come to the Middle East 1948 to modify the Palestine partition plan in an effort to resolve Arab-Jewish disputes, was also assassinated by the group. The authors of “Israel” are not interested in peace and is not why “Israel” was created.

“Because those who are interested in peace, they will be more balanced, more reasonable. They don’t try to reinvent the wheel, they build on what exists and modify it … But to start from scratch, you throw away everything we have worked on for 25 years.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had vowed in the waning days of a re-election campaign he won on April 9 to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank — a move that likely rallied his right wing base in a tight race.

An Israeli land grab of Jewish settlements there would doubtless trigger condemnation from the Palestinians, who want to create their own state in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, all territory Israel captured in 1967.

Free Palestine: Children of Palestine in Pictures

Kushner, US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and peace envoy Jason Greenblatt, have spent the past two years developing a proposal in the hopes of kick-starting dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

But the Palestinians have refused to talk to US negotiators since Trump decided to shift the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and slash funding for Palestinian refugees.

Mansour said there was “no magic bullet” for Palestinian officials to use on the Trump administration.

“Some in the administration, they think: ‘Yes, what will help peace is break the legs of the Palestinians, break one arm and five teeth, and when they are on the ground they will come crawling to you for anything you offer them’,” Mansour said.

“Those who think that way don’t know the Palestinians.”

Mansour described strong support for the creation of a Palestinian state among Europeans, Russians and at the United Nations, that would see a one-sided Trump administration peace plan rejected internationally.

Any Israeli land grabs in the West Bank would yield a toxic race-based state akin to apartheid South Africa, in which Palestinians would be second-class citizens within Israel’s borders, said Mansour.

If Israel decided “to force a one-state reality, the Palestinian people will accelerate their reproduction machines and increase the number of Palestinians to face apartheid, because there is no name for it but apartheid,” Mansour said.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the head of the world body, secretary-general Antonio Guterres, had not seen a draft of the US peace plan, but said any deal should grant Palestinians their own country.

“The secretary general has met Mr Kushner and Mr Greenblatt on occasion, but as far as I know, no plan has been shared with the secretary general and it is a plan that is coming out of the United States, not out of the United Nations,” Dujarric said.

Kushner, who was a real estate developer before joining his father-in-law in the White House, has said the proposal is not an effort to impose US will on the region. He has not said whether it calls for a two-state solution, a goal of previous peace efforts.

His plan, which has been delayed for a variety of reasons over the past 18 months, has two major components. It will address core political grievances, such as the status of Jerusalem, while seeking to boost the flailing Palestinian economy.

Arab officials and analysts say the plan is likely to be biased towards Israel since the Trump administration has taken a tough line toward Palestinians, cutting off aid and ordering the PLO’s office in Washington shut.

  1. Kay24

    May 7, 2019, 3:06 pm

    I have said this before. This IS a pretext for land grabs. After taking all they can (including Jerusalem) from their victims , the Palestinians, Jared will please Crooked Bibi, by offering the Palestinians NOTHING, and obviously they will turn it down. The zionists including Bibi, Jared, and Trump, will then say the Palestinians do not want peace and turned their miserable peace plan down. A stupid but devious plan.
    Then the greedy Israelis will justify MORE land grabs. Predictable.

    They will then get rid of all the Arabs from the “Galilee”, as the UN has stated the Palestinian territories will be unlivable by 2020. Jared will have a town named after him. Predictable.
    Jared is as slimy as Bibi.

‘Thou shalt not murder those who resist your oppression’

In Israel’s birth a terrible evil was committed

The following is a speech given on the panel “Exploring Liberation Theology in the Palestinian Struggle” during the International Conference on Palestine held at the Center for Islam and Global Affairs, İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim Üniversitesi, Istanbul Turkey, April 27-29.

This post is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page.

Two years ago in Jerusalem, I celebrated the 30th anniversary of my book, Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation.

Though I use the word, “celebrated,” noting that my book is still relevant in our fast moving times, the very relevance of my book occasioned a mourning.

In the decades since its publication regression in Israel-Palestine rather than progress has been the watchword. What has unfolded during these decades is decisive. It has rendered the occupation of Palestine permanent.

It has brought us to the end of ethical Jewish history – from which there will be no return.

When I launched my Jewish Theology of Liberation I was unknown in Israel and elsewhere.

I remember wondering why the audience was overflowing. The atmosphere was tense. Something was in the air. In Jerusalem, I called for a (real) two state solution, with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

I called for the Prime Minister of Israel to confess to the Palestinian people the following: “What we, as Jews, have done to you, the Palestinian people, is wrong. What we, as Jews, are doing to you, the Palestinian people, is wrong.

We pledge to you a new beginning. Let us take the road of justice and equality into the future.”

I called for Israel, with the help of Jews around the world, to pay reparations to the Palestinian people. To put it mildly, my words were controversial.

Months after my book launch the Palestinian Uprising began. In 1989, a second edition was issued with a new Epilogue: “The Palestinian Uprising and the Future of the Jewish People.”

During this time I wrote a sequel, published in 1990, with a three part title that still resonates: Beyond Innocence and Redemption: Confronting the Holocaust and Israeli Power: Creating a Moral Future for the Jewish People.

With the Great March of Return and the recent Israeli elections, the thoughts contained in both books remain ingrained in Jewish history, albeit with a terrible twist: Within a permanent occupation, at the end of ethical Jewish history, what is the future for Jews and Palestinians?

My Jewish Theology of Liberation begins with the Exodus narrative.

In the Biblical account, Jewish nationality, culture and religiosity are forged in an act of liberation enacted by a liberating God. For me, though, the Exodus points to a more important fact about Jewish history: that the prophetic, which reappears in the Land, is our Jewish indigenous.

The critique of unjust power, especially within our own community, is the litmus test for the affirmation of God. Put simply: In Jewish life, No justice, No God.

With the creation of the state of Israel the equation of justice and God was already under assault. This is why that, after mentioning the Exodus, I shifted to the contemporary formative event of Jewish history, the Holocaust. Where was God and the prophetic at Auschwitz?

The state of Israel is a response to the twists and turns of European Christian history, culminating in the Holocaust.

Yet in Israel’s birth a terrible evil was committed, the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

In Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation, I affirm Jewish empowerment after the Holocaust but question the cost of Israel’s empowerment.

At the same time, I point to an ethical path to redress the wrong done in the creation of Israel.

The first Palestinian Uprising represented the possibility for a reckoning and forward movement. In the decades since, Israel, with the assistance of the Jewish establishment in America and, surprisingly with the help of progressive Jews as well, foreclosed that possibility. Over the years both groups insured there would be no way forward.

A Jewish Theology of Liberation questioned what was occurring in the Jewish community in the United States. In the 1950s and 1960s, the Jewish community was among the most liberal communities in America – on civil and women’s rights and on economic, political and international affairs.

As the 1980s arrived, Jewish liberalism tacked right; neo-conservatism became the hallmark of Jewish thought and commitment. I wondered about this drift and the reasons for it.

Part of my Jewish Theology of Liberation centered on the question: Is the neoconservative drift of the American Jewish community occasioned and furthered by the increasing centrality of the Holocaust and Israel to Jewish identity?

Many of these understandings of Israel and the world come within a consciousness that endures today and is formative. Though highly political in its outward manifestations, it takes on an ultimate concern, one might say a theological one. In a Jewish Theology of Liberation, I identify this consciousness as Holocaust Theology.

Holocaust Theology begins in the 1960s and solidifies after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Whether justified or not, large parts of the Jewish world felt in the weeks before the 1967 war that the very existence of Israel was on the line.

Many Jews feared that if Israel was defeated, Jews in Israel would be annihilated; a second Holocaust would occur.

Thus Israel’s swift victory in the war seemed to some more than a military victory. Those, like Elie Wiesel, who experienced the Holocaust and feared another one, rejoiced.

For Wiesel, victory in the 1967 war was a miracle in the making, especially after he with other Jews felt that the world, indeed God, had abandoned Jews during the Holocaust.

Could Israel’s victory in the 1967 war be a redemptive response to the Holocaust?

Emil Fackenheim, himself briefly imprisoned during the war years, posited a new commandment in relation to the 1967 war, a commandment which he believed issued from the “Commanding Voice of Auschwitz” rather than the “Commanding Voice of Sinai” – “Thou Salt Not Grant Hitler Posthumous Victories.”

Elie Wiesel saw Israel’s victory as fueled less by its military might than by the victims of the Holocaust who, in his mind, pressed Israel’s forces to victory.

Holocaust Theology became the introduction to my Jewish Theology of Liberation for a variety of political and religious reasons, though mostly because it presaged a deep identity shift within the Jewish people as a whole.

Though controversial then and now, Holocaust Theology speaks to a people brutally assaulted, humiliated, maimed and murdered in Europe during the Nazi years. It speaks to the survival of an ancient people and tradition.

At least initially, Holocaust Theology also carried warnings about the misuse of the power Jews needed and had acquired, though mostly in the abstract and under a maximum definition of self-defense.

Holocaust Theology does not acknowledge what Jews initially did on the Palestinian people in the creation of Israel.

Nor does it address the injustice Israel continues to commit against the Palestinian people under a variety of forms of occupation.

For the most part, Holocaust Theology renders the Israeli occupation of Palestine and Palestinians themselves invisible.

Israel is a Jewish drama of innocence and redemption. When visible, Holocaust theologians define Palestinians as challenging the need for Jewish empowerment and, worse, actively opposing it.

Holocaust theologians do not understand the reasons Palestinians oppose Jewish power except to declare that Palestinians have a deep animus toward Jews and Jewish history.

Within Holocaust Theology, Jews who argue with Israel’s empowerment, or parts thereof, are painted with a similar brush.

In Holocaust Theology, Palestinians are mostly seen as anti-Semites. Jews who argue with Israel’s use of power against Palestinians are defined as self-hating.

The Interfaith Ecumenical Deal that emerges from the dialogue between Jews and Christians after the Holocaust was important in the early days of a Jewish Theology of Liberation. After the Holocaust, Jews instructed Christians to clean up their anti-Jewish theology.

Many Christians wanted to do just that. Part of the dialogue, insisted by Jews, was that Christians accept Jewish self-definition. This includes Israel as central to Jewish life.

And more, Jews in the dialogue insist Christians accept the centrality of Israel to Jews as the main vehicle of repentance for their sin of anti-Semitism.

To further this understanding and imbue it with theological significance, Christians developed a Christian Holocaust Theology.

In Christian Holocaust Theology, Christians and the Christian covenant are dependent on their Jewish forerunners and Jewish empowerment, especially in Israel.

Since Jewish Holocaust Theology sees Jews as innocent in suffering and empowerment, including in the creation and maintenance of the state of Israel, any criticism of Israel vis-a-vis Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is deemed a return to anti-Semitism.

Quite soon after the 1967 war, the Jewish-Christian dialogue morphed into the Interfaith Ecumenical Deal. In this deal, Christian repentance for the sins of anti-Semitism is assured by Christian silence on the plight of Palestinians.

As with Jewish Holocaust Theology, Christian Holocaust Theology and the Interfaith Ecumenical Deal has a deep and abiding political impact in Europe, the site of the Holocaust, and in the United States, where an increasingly empowered Jewish community demands Israel be most favorably set apart in American foreign policy.

Combined with the rise of Evangelical Christianity in America and in different parts of the world over the last decades, the concerted effort to suppress the indigenous Jewish prophetic becomes obvious.

Jewish Holocaust Theology is explicit on this point with a logic spelled out in the following way: “The Jewish prophetic turned inward threatens the empowerment of Jews, especially in Israel; Taken to its final demand for justice for the aggrieved, in this case Palestinian freedom, the Jewish prophetic threatens the very existence of Israel; In so doing, the Jewish prophetic, intentionally or not, lays the groundwork for a second Holocaust.”

Yet in its inception, and against the odds, a Jewish Theology of Liberation recognized and was part of the revival of the Jewish prophetic precisely on the point Jewish Holocaust Theology feared most: Israel’s unjust power wielded against the Palestinian people.

Though Israel’s invasion of Lebanon and the crushing of the Palestinian Uprising in the 1980s mark the beginnings of this fracture in Jewish consciousness, it was during and after the second uprising in 2000 and beyond that a final prophetic break occurred.

The initial division between what I have called Constantinian Jews or, if you prefer, Empire Jews, and Progressive Jews, occurred within the second Palestinian Uprising. Progressive Jews criticized the Jewish establishment with regard to Palestinians.

Yet the criticism was often paternalistic toward Palestinians and critical of Jews who see the crisis in Israel-Palestine more critically. The second Palestinian Uprising confirmed that Progressive Jews essentially functioned as the Left-wing of Constantinian Judaism.

A third group of Jews, Jews of Conscience, realized that the Israeli occupation of Palestine is permanently imbedded in Israeli and Jewish life.  Jews of Conscience understand that the Constantinian-Progressive Jewish axis is complicit in an injustice that will continue.

Only by refusing this axis can Jews and Palestinians be saved from a future characterized by a permanent occupation and, by definition, the end of ethical Jewish history.

If we fast forward to the present, the continuing relevance of a Jewish Theology of Liberation becomes clear. In writings since 1987, I have narrated the failure of Israel and the Jewish establishments in America and elsewhere. As well, I have narrated the explosion of Jewish prophetic movements over the last decades.

Attempts at detailing and expanding a Jewish Theology of Liberation are ongoing and include critical historical analysis of Israel’s founding, the importance of international law, the expanding BDS movement and questions about the coloniality of Israel and Jewish life.

Though all have their importance, they make sense only in the broader framework that a Jewish Theology of Liberation provides. The central question I raised more than thirty years ago remains: Has Jewish empowerment in Israel and elsewhere empowered Jews? Or has the abuse of that empowerment enslaved Jews in and outside of Israel?

I speak as Passover comes to an end. But this year, as a Jewish Theology of Liberation enters its fourth decade, with an occupation that has, in my view, become permanent, I suggested that Passover be, literally, passed over.

In essence, out of conscience, and in light of the situation in Israel-Palestine, especially but not limited to the maiming and murdering of Gazans participating in the Great March of Return, I argued that all attempts at reforming Jewish life, including in the political and religious arenas, should be suspended. Hence my #NoPassover signage in my writing running up to Passover this year.

Just days before Passover and a week or so before I boarded the plane for Istanbul, I read of three young Gazans who attempted to cross back across the border into what is now Israel.  All three were shot by Israeli soldiers, then held in Israel.

Ten days later the lifeless body of the 16-year-old, Ishaq Abd al-Mu’ti Eshtawi, from Rafah City, was returned. When I saw the story I wrote in my diary: “The Israeli soldiers carry the wounded Gazan away. His crime? Trying to return home. So they shot him and took him in. Now he’s returned. To his other home. Dead.

I ask: When is silence better than empty words of outrage and deliverance? At least change the subject. Out of respect for the dead and the living. Who tomorrow might be murdered. #NoPassover.”

Sometimes I am asked where would I begin if I were to write a Jewish Theology of Liberation today from scratch. I could not begin with the Exodus, since Jewish liberation cannot be a one-sided affair and, besides, we are now aware of the complications of the Exodus narrative from a variety of perspectives, including Israel’s Biblical entry into the land and the consequences for the native inhabitants.

I could not begin with the Holocaust either, since the Holocaust today functions as a blunt instrument against the aspirations of the Palestinian people and, as well, a blunt instrument against Jews of Conscience who embrace the prophetic.

Israel, of course, has failed to bring the redemption from the Holocaust it initially promised. Just the opposite has occurred. Today, Jews in Israel and beyond are enslaved to an empowerment characterized by ethnic cleansing, occupation and land theft.

As the Jewish philosopher, Hannah Arendt, predicted in the 1940s, the formation of Israel has led to the militarization of Jewish life within and outside the state of Israel.

The post-Holocaust Jewish hope for a demilitarization of the global community has given way to Israel’s free use of violence which, in turn, only encourages threats of violence against  it.

A Jewish Theology of Liberation might begin with an addition to Emil Fackenheim’s 614th commandment or, more to the point, the positing of another commandment.

While the 614th commandment represents the resolve for Jewish continuity after the Holocaust, crystallized in an empowered Israel – “Thou Shalt Not Hand Hitler Posthumous Victories” – the 615th Commandment places the desire for Jewish continuity and need for Jewish empowerment in a second after: after the Holocaust and after Israel – and what Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinian people.

The 615th Commandment?  “Thou Shalt Not Murder Those Who Resist Your Oppression.”

Fackenheim believed, what with the silence of God during the Holocaust and thus of Sinai, the 614th commandment was issued by the Commanding Voice of Auschwitz. The 615th commandment combines the Commanding Voice of Auschwitz with the Commanding Voice of Palestine.

It is only by hearing and heeding these two voices that Israel, indeed Jews around the world, can move into an ethical future characterized by justice and equality.

1972 Munich Olympic Games, Beyond the False Narrative

This was another  hoax  like the Holocaust™ and “9-11” which produced a cart blanche “war on terror” for the Zionist regime. Openly. Mossad agents have tried to claim they targeted Palestinians … Instead the dead were mainly random Palestinian intellectuals, politicians and poets. God bless the Palestinians and their courageous martyrdom!

 Psyop news. How they manipulate the media is astonishing.

“There it was, the essence of the terror agenda, right in front of our eyes for decades already, waiting to be re-discovered and finally understood. The most important message of this manufactured Munich 1972 Olympic incident: it presaged and helped lay the foundation for the new essence of our counterfeit reality, culminating on 9/11 2001, bringing to life a monstrous myth.”

The Washington Post has published a moving article, “Russian Jews remember Israeli athletes murdered at 1972 Munich Olympic Games.”

Unfortunately, typical Zionist fashion it gets a few things wrong and provides a one-sided context for the tragedy.

Just 23 years before the Olympic incident, Israel had been created through ethnically cleansing much of the indigenous Palestinian population.

This had been accomplished through at least 33 massacres and was maintained in the years following by still more acts of ethnic cleansing and additional massacres. (These included areas from which the Munich kidnappers came).

 The massacre prompted many European countries to establish permanent, professional, and immediately available counter-terrorism forces, or reorganize already existing units to such purpose.

The massacre also prompted prominent arms designers and manufacturers to produce new types of weapons more ‘suitable’ for “counter-terrorism”.

Israel’s sacrificial lambs for a “war on terror”.

“Enough! Enough with being the scapegoat for Israel’s aggressive and frequently ill-conceived political moves. Enough with being sacrificed on the altar of the Zionist State for the sake of increasing their worldwide legitimacy and increasing aliyah numbers. Enough!” –Jews to Zionism: Bye Bye 

Five years before the Munich incident, Israel violently conquered even more Palestinian land (illegal under international law), pushing out another 325,000+ Palestinian men, women, and children, and killing at least 13,000 Arabs in all. About 800 Israelis died.

The violence continued, and beginning in 1968 Israeli forces repeatedly savaged 150 or more towns and villages in south Lebanon alone. By the time of the Munich Olympics, Israel held hundreds of prisoners in its notorious prison system.

It is widely known, but rarely stated, that the goal of the Munich hostage-taking was not to kill them; it was to return the athletes to Israel in return for Israel returning its Palestinian prisoners.

Many of these prisoners were also young people, and, if we could have seen them, they might have looked very much like the Israeli athletes, minus the physical health. Israel is not known for its merciful treatment of those it dislikes.

When the Israeli government refused to consider an exchange, the German police, with the Mossad at hand, were pushed into an ill-planned rescue attempt in which some of the hostages (no one knows how many) were killed accidentally by the attackers, and a German policeman was also killed.

Israeli secret service agent Mike Harari, who played a major role in planning WRATH OF GOD, Mossad’s revenge attacks against Palestinian militants implicated in the 1972 Munich massacre of the country’s Olympics team, has died.

He was 87. Harari was also involved in planning Israel’s dramatic rescue of hostages held by militants in Entebbe (another false flag operation), Uganda in 1976.

The day after the botched and unnecessary “rescue,” Israel launched heavy air attacks against Lebanon and Syria, killing between 200 and 500 Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians, mostly civilians.

While WashingtonPost reporter Kathy Lally gives a great deal of information about the position of Russian Jews, going back over 100 years, it would have been valuable for her to tell a little about what the Munich incident was about – and about all the tragic victims of violence connected to the event, not just the 11 preferred ones.
Source: Counterpunch

“Arab gunmen held hostages and then killed the Israeli athletes.” -BBC
Black September 5, 1972 Eight Palestinian “Black September” terrorists  seized 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany. In  the rescue attempt by West German authorities, nine of the hostages, and five  terrorists were killed.

Israel, and it’s Jews, are once again the victim, and  the Palestinians are demons.

The Mossad was admittedly there, although that admission was based on its standard ruse of ‘coming over just in time’ a day after the initiation of the hoax.
“Black September” is associated with Israeli machinations. The name  depicts the mass slaughter and expulsion of Palestinian fighting forces  from Jordan, an attack which began in September 1970.

Zionist agent, George Sieber, predicted months in advance with eerie detail the exact events which were to follow.

 Wikipedia BS
Operation Wrath of God also known as Operation “Bayonet”, was a covert operation directed by the Mossad to assassinate individuals suspected of being involved in the 1972 Munich massacre in which 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team were killed.

The targets were members of the Palestinian armed militant group Black September and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) operatives.

The Truth
Mossad agents have tried to claim they targeted Palestinians … Instead the dead were mainly random Palestinian intellectuals, politicians and poets.

Zionism’s claim that Israel has lived and still lives in danger of annihilation is propaganda nonsense to facilitate the assertion that Israel is the VICTIM, (when actually it is the AGGRESSOR and OPPRESSOR), and therefore must be free to act with impunity in any way it thinks fit, even when its actions demonstrate contempt for international law and the human and political rights of the Palestinians.

Everybody remember the poor terrorized Jews
Jewish groups had petitioned the International Olympic Committee for months to have that commemoration of the 1972 Munich massacre, only to be told that such a tragic remembrance was “not fit” for the atmosphere of the opening ceremony.

The Invented Homeland The Jews Never Knew

Welcome to Israel.

When the Jews were given Palestine, illegally and undemocratically, by ruling imperialists, they faced a problem. They wanted their new country, ‘Israel’, to be both a Jewish state and a democracy.

But the majority of inhabitants were non-Jews. Had there been an election, that majority would have voted against any policies which defined ‘Israel’ as Jewish, or which gave any special rights to Jews.

Palestinian Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem: (1867-1948) we wish to express our definite opposition to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine.” July 16, 1947

 The early Zionists had to create a Jewish majority. And so they took two courses of action:

 They increased the Jewish population, by encouraging Jews to migrate to Israel. Those Jews were given citizenship, even if their families had never stepped foot in ‘Israel’ before.


Israel needed a population and Jews didn’t want to go. The holocaust was a ‘Ziorrific’ scare tactic to cause the Jews to flee with boats to Palestine waiting to “rescue” them.

They also decreased the native population within the new ‘Israel’, by instigating a process of never-ending ethnic-cleansing. A slow, horrific, sadistic  genocide.

Serial killing is the “Israeli” ladder to climb up for political  notoriety.

Professor Alon Tal’s “Pollution in the Promised Land: an Environmental History of Israel” does much more than its subtitle claims.

 As you would expect it tells the story of how Israel’s rapid economic development has come at a high environmental price; it traces the roots of Israel’s current water crisis to bad planning and short shortsightedness in the early years of the State; one chapter relates the staggering success, or disastrous stupidity (depending on your perspective) of the JNF’s forestry policies.

(The JNF planted over 200 million trees in Israel making it the only country in the world with a net positive tree balance over the last century; the only problem was that the fir trees that were mostly planted while perfect for Northern Europe, were inappropriate to the local environment and have caused great damage to local ecosystems.)

The Zionists use the JNF as a propaganda machine to green-wash their crimes, co-opting foreign diplomats by pretending to be nothing more than an environmental organization:

“With over 100 years of experience as caretaker of the land of Israel, Jewish National Fund has planted more than 240 million trees, transforming over 250,000 acres of arid land into lush green forests. Because of JNF’s forestry expertise and commitment to environmental protection, Israel is one of two countries to leave the 20th century with more trees than it had at the start. The trees already planted by JNF have absorbed an estimated 110 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere”.


Tal recounts the haphazardness of Israel’s urban growth, the lack of coherent transport policies and the adoption of car-based suburban development models which, today, people see are wrong for the United States, and all the more wrong for Israel, a country the size of New Jersey.

But even more than chronicling Israel’s environmental journey, PITPL is a history of Zionism – the dream of the Jewish people’s return to its ancient homeland – told from an unusual but critically important standpoint. For Tal brings out how the early Zionist pioneers were in love with the romance of the Land of Israel, but largely clueless as to its physical reality.

Image result for zionist posters


Intoxicated by biblical accounts of the landscape, the actual mountains, rivers, flora, fauna and diarrhea -inducing diet were initially strange and alien to the early pioneers. Among many literary testimonies, Tal quotes Amos Oz’s description of his grandfather:

“My grandfather lived in the land of Israel forty-five years and never was in the Galilee or went south to the Negev. … But the land of Israel he loved with all his soul, and he wrote love poems in her honor (in Russian).”

In this framing, the history of Zionism has been a tragic-comic epic of the Jewish people re-learning how to live in the topographical and ecological reality of the homeland that it NEVER KNEW.

Michal Katorzah, a JNF employee in charge of signposting, admits this:

“A great part of our parks are on lands that were Arab villages, and the forests are a cover-up”.

 Katorzah gives the example of Ayn al-Zaytun, a village which once produced olives, cereals and grapes. It was home to eight hundred and twenty Palestinians before the Nakba. Then the Palmach, a Zionist force, captured the village, bound seventy men, and slaughtered them all. The JNF planted a forest to cover up that atrocity.

 This is not a lone example. The Mount Carmel National Park, for example, covers up the ancient villages of Ijzim, Umm al-Zinat and Khubbaza, which were all occupied during the Nakba. Imwas, Yalo and Beit Nouba, were covered by JNF trees after the Zionists took East Jerusalem in 1969.  The list goes on and on. In each case, the JNF use European pines rather than native trees, applying a sort of environmental imperialism.

Ghettos Under the Nazis

NAtional socialists and ZIonists. The result is a NAZI Party

Image result for nakba


Zionists like to claim the comparison between the Jewish holocaust and the Palestinian holocaust is irrational and absurd. There are differences between the Zionist’s war on the Jews and the Zionist’s war on Palestinians. But only because of different circumstances. WW1, WW2 and the ‘Holocaust’ involved different elements but the aim is the same.

Create chaos and make changes within the chaos Once one thing is accomplished move on to the next and the next.  From Europe to Palestine and the Middle East  to the US and the world.  It’s all about a Zionist world order.

2016 - Zionist (Satanic) Control to Increase -

During World War II, the Nazis established more than 400 ghettos in order to isolate Jews from the non-Jewish population and from neighboring Jewish communities. The Germans regarded the establishment of ghettos as a provisional measure to control and segregate Jews.

The assumption behind this separation was to stop the Jews, viewed by the Nazis as an inferior race, from mixing with and thus degrading the superior Aryan race.

Little children who use to have real toys, beds and homes play amid lines of laundry drying out at Baqaa Camp in Jordan for Palestinian refugees of the 1967 war – some were refugees from 1948

Nazi high officials also believed that the Jews would succumb to the unfavorable living conditions of the ghetto, including lack of food, water, and living space. Furthermore, the ghettos served as round-up centers that made it more convenient to exterminate large numbers of the Jewish population later.

The Holocaust TM was a Zionist rumor and terror campaign to terrify the European Jews into Palestine because very few wanted to go. Every time the Zionists convinced some Jews to go, they would come back. The Zionists needed them to stay in Palestine and not come back.

The ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe — primarily Poland — were often closed off by walls, barbed-wire fences, or gates. Ghettos were extremely crowded and unsanitary. Starvation, chronic food and fuel shortages, and severe winter weather led to repeated outbreaks of epidemics and to a high mortality rate.

Conditions in the ghettos were appalling. For example, the majority of the apartments in the Warsaw ghetto were unheated during winter, and the Nazis decided that the inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto could survive on an official food allocation of 300 calories per day (compared with 634 calories for the Poles and 2,310 for the Germans).

Image result for growded gaza

Their grandparents lived in their pleasant villages with fruit and livestock. And they lived peaceably together, Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Zionists did not anticipate the Palestinians’s tenacity and survivability! And they did not anticipate that the Palestinians would bring the spotlight down on the Zionist evil.

The ghettos, however, were still full of life. Illegal activities, such as smuggling food or weapons, joining youth movements, or holding cultural events such as concerts, often occurred without the approval of the Jewish councils (though in many cases the Jewish councils did in fact sponsor cultural activities).

Historian Emanuel Ringelblum, an inhabitant of the Warsaw ghetto, founded a clandestine organization that aimed to provide an accurate record of events taking place in the ghetto. Ringelblum’s project came to be known as the Oneg Shabbat (“Joy of the Sabbath”).

Oneg Shabbat records were hidden in a series of milk cans that were buried in various areas of the ghetto. While only a few of these milk cans were recovered after the war, they proved to be an invaluable source documenting life in the ghetto and German policy toward the Jews of Poland.

Image result for occupied palestine tunnel smuggling

People in Gaza smuggle food and supplies through tunnels

After the Warsaw ghetto uprising, revolts occurred in Vilna, Bialystok, Czestochowa, and in several smaller ghettos. In August 1944, the Nazis completed the destruction of the last major ghetto in Lodz. In contrast, in Hungary, ghettoization did not begin until the spring of 1944 after the German invasion and occupation of the country.

Palestinians resist in their ghetto.


“Israel” Converts Historical Mosque Into A Zionist Party House

The Israeli municipality in Safed has turned Al-Ahmar Mosque into a bar and events hall. Zionists don’t do “good” or “nice.”

This reveals much about the psychology behind the Holocaust Storytellers, and how they view the world.

Like Dirty settlers strutting the Al-Aqsa mosque sanctuary. They have no business there, Muslims don’t strut across their Kodex. The heavily armed IDF every now and then likes to go inside the mosques with their boots on and trample the clean prayers rugs. The Muslims don’t go near their stuff and never have.

The mosques they destroy are claimed to be abandoned…after the village is razed and the inhabitants run out! 

The Christian Zionists, another freak tribe.

The Israeli municipality in Safed has turned Al-Ahmar Mosque into a bar and events hall, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported yesterday.

Safed was once home to 12,000 Palestinians who were forced out of their homes in 1948.
Tabari said that the mosque is now open for use for everything except prayers by Muslims.

The village of Deir Yassin


Today, the village of Deir Yassin still stands, although it has been renamed as the Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center, a mental asylum for Jews. Visitors to Yad Vashem will look out directly at the massacre site from the front of the “Holocaust Memorial.”

It has to be the ultimate act of Chutzpah: to locate a memorial to an alleged Jewish holocaust at the site of a very real holocaust carried out by Zionist terrorists against Palestinians.
The siting of Yad Vashem at this spot reveals much about the psychology behind the Holocaust Storytellers, and how they view the world.

The Zionist boy next door.

At least ten houses were dynamited, and the local cemetery bulldozed.
Within months, the area was resettled with Jews from Poland, Rumania, and Slovakia—who had all “miraculously” escaped the “gas chambers”—and the village was renamed Givat Shaul Bet.
 One survivor recounts how the Zionists tossed the bakers baby into the oven.
Deir Yassin was wiped off the map. As Jerusalem expanded, the land of Deir Yassin became part of the city and is now known simply as the area between Givat Shaul and the settlement of Har Nof on the western slopes of the mountain.
Twenty-five male villagers were loaded into trucks, paraded through the Zakhron Yosef quarter in Jerusalem in front of cheering Jewish crowds, and then taken to a stone quarry along the road between Givat Shaul and Deir Yassin and shot to death. The remaining residents were driven to Arab East Jerusalem.
A final body count of 254 was reported by The New York Times on April 13, a day after the dead were buried.

The massacre at Deir Yassin took place on April 9, 1948, when around 120 Zionist terrorists from the Irgun Zevai Leumi and Lohamei Herut Israel Zionist groups attacked the Palestinian-Arab village of around 600 people to ethnically cleanse the region around Jerusalem of non-Jews.

Hundreds of unarmed villagers were gunned down by the Jewish terrorists, including women and children, while others were killed when hand grenades were thrown into their homes.

Several villagers were taken prisoner and were killed later after being paraded through the streets of West Jerusalem in front of cheering Jewish crowds.

The murder sparked widespread panic among the Palestinian community and many thousands fled, helping to establish Jewish demographic supremacy in large parts of Israel.

Zvi Ankori, who commanded the Zionist Unit at Deir Yassin gave this statement on April 9, 1982:

“I went into 6 to 7 houses. I saw cut off genitalia and women’s crushed stomachs. According to the shooting signs on the bodies, it was direct murder.” (New York Jewish Newsletter in October 1960)

The Zionists had bayoneted the wombs of pregnant Palestinian women and crushed the heads and bodies of dozens of children and babies.

And then in the ultimate chutzpah, Zionists purposely publicized their horrific crimes.

Menachem Begin was actually proud of Deir Yassin.

He boasted that the massacre he ordered induced the terror that the Jews needed to help ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from the new Zionist State. Quote:

“The massacre was not only justified, but there would not have been a state of Israel without the victory at Deir Yassin.” (New York Jewish Newsletter in October 1960)

700,000 men women and children were terrorized and driven from their homes.  The Jewish extremists accomplished this by mass murder, torture and terror.

centerToday, the village of Deir Yassin still stands, although it has been renamed as the Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center, a mental asylum for Jews.

Many of the buildings which remained intact after the Jewish terrorist attack, have been incorporated into the hospital, and can be seen to the present day.

The massacre site is exactly 2000 feet away from Israel’s holocaust museum Yad Vashem, and visitors will actually look out at the massacre site as they leave the museum.

It is a typical act of Jewish chutzpah to locate a memorial to their suffering on a site which overlooks the place where they inflicted so much suffering and misery on other people.

The siting of Yad Vashem on a site which overlooks Deir Yassin is  symbolic of the way that Jewish Supremacists treat all other people on earth: first, by inflicting injury upon other people, and then claiming that they are the ones who actually suffered and who, alone among all people, deserve sympathy.

The “Only Democracy In The M.E.” Has Sealed The Palestinians In Their Ghettos As “Israelis” Go To The polls

Israeli soldiers in full combat gear running through an empty Palestinian city.

Israeli soldiers enforce a curfew, keeping all Palestinian residents in their homes. Israeli settlers, who have taken over part of the city, are not affected by the curfew. Countless Palestinians have been injured or killed when they – sometimes unknowingly – violated curfew.BBC

If this doesn’t wake people up to what exactly what Israel is nothing will.

This is my drive into Ramallah. See where the wall opens?  And that’s where it closes. Anytime the occupiers say so, the Palestinians are just locked in. This is the same force that is now running USA for Israel.

The West Bank closure system is a series of obstacles including permanent and partially manned checkpoints, concrete roadblocks and barriers, metal gates, earth mounds, tunnels, trenches, and an elaborate set of permit restrictions that controls and restricts Palestinian freedom of movement.

As Israeli citizens head to the polls to vote on Tuesday, the Israeli terrorist army will put Palestinians in the West Bank under complete closure and will seal the Gaza Strip entirely. 

This means that as Israeli citizens living in settlements across the occupied territories may move freely back and forth across the Green Line separating Israel and the West Bank, millions of Palestinians are barred from doing so.

Even those tens of thousands of Palestinians who have permits to work inside Israel every day — primarily in construction and maintenance jobs — will not be allowed to go to work that day.

Unlike Israelis, for whom Election Day is a paid holiday, they will not be compensated for the one-day leave imposed on them by the Israeli military.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, for whom leaving requires months-long processes of applying and waiting for an Israeli military permit, which is often denied, will be entirely stuck.

The closure is scheduled to begin at midnight Monday, April 8, and end at midnight on April 9. The army says it will make humanitarian and medical exceptions on a case-by-case basis out of humanitarian basis.

Palestinians living in the West Bank and most in East Jerusalem — 2,953,000 in total — are not eligible to participate in Israel’s democratic system.

That same system, which others get to vote in, rules nearly every aspect of their lives, decides where they can or cannot travel, where they can live, whether they can hold political protests, where they may or may not build, and in some cases even what they can and cannot say.

The nearly half a million Israeli settlers who live in the West Bank are not only subject to a different set of laws, they have the right to vote in elections that can change those policies if they have grievances.

In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army decides what goods may be imported and exported, where fishermen can fish, how much electricity is available on a daily basis, who can enter and exit the territory, and who can travel between different areas of the occupied Palestinian territories. None of the 1,961,000 people living there have a say in those policies.

Trucks at the Kerem Shalom crossing, the main passage point for goods entering Gaza from Israel, in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, following a partial reopening of the crossing point on July 24, 2018. (Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90)

Trucks at the Kerem Shalom crossing, the main passage point for goods entering Gaza from Israel, in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, July 24, 2018. (Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90)

While Palestinians in the West Bank are barred the right to vote and the ability to travel freely, the soldiers tasked with carrying out the day to day of military occupation were given the privilege of kicking off the 2019 elections.

In the run-up to the elections, the IDF established 130 makeshift polling stations for soldiers on duty. At Ofer Military Base, which houses an infamous military court and prison, Israeli soldiers took part in the early voting process, allowing them to enjoy the fruits of the democratic process.

Palestinian Army Readying for Attack on Gaza Border, Israeli intelligence says


“The activities included placing explosives along the fence and readying anti-tank missiles”, Israel Hayom reports. Get that: ‘anti tank missiles. Haha, that makes the Palestinians the terrorists! Oh lord. These vile unusual creatures live in an inside out world.

Israel forces have identified unusual activity on the Gaza-Israel border by members of the terror group Islamic Jihad, Israel Hayom reports. The activity began Monday morning and appears to be for carrying out an attack, Israeli intelligence sources say.

The Ynet news site says that the mighty Palestinian army  may want to wreck Egyptian and U.N.-led mediation efforts to bring about an agreement between Israel and Hamas.

Palestinian terrorists may be unsatisfied with what it’s receiving in the deal.

Senior officials in Palestine army  however deny that the organization is preparing an attack, blaming Israel for attempting to sow discord between the terror groups.

“Israel is trying to incite against our people and our rights, and from time to time Israel tries to create confusion in the Palestinian arena, but these attempts will fail,” one Islamic Jihad spokesman said.

Islamic Jihad has been blamed for six rockets that fell into Israel. Five between Saturday and Sunday morning and one on Sunday.

In an attempt to calm tensions, Israel reopened the crossings into the Gaza Strip on Sunday and extended the Gaza fishing zone to 15 nautical miles.

Monty Python Animation GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

According to the IDF, the steps are meant to prevent a humanitarian disaster and are in line with Israeli policy to distinguish between the civilian and terrorist populations.

A Rare Peek Inside The Gaza Terror Tunnels

Gaza is home to many of the 1948 Palestinians who were massacred, terrorized out of their homes, off their lands by the invading European Ashkenazim horde. Herded into Gaza Palestinians have never left and are the front line of Palestinian resistance. Phase: No. of destroyed/depopulated localities Nov. 1947 – Mar. 1948 30 ,600*1,159. 4Apr. – 13 May 1948(Tiberias, Jaffa, Haifa, Safed, etc.)

More accurately,, the Palestinians are the front line to imperialist Zionist terror which, because people in America thought the Palestinians didn’t matter, the Zionists have now infested our own government and choosing anti-American policies for us. See AIPAC 2019

New York Times Lies That Hamas Has Been Firing Rockets at Israel

Apr 19, 2018 Foreign Policy

The New York Times claims that, until the demonstrations began in Gaza last month, Hamas had been firing “a fairly steady tempo” of rockets at Israel. In fact, it had been firing none.

In March , fourteen peaceful demonstrators were killed and hundreds wounded when Israeli soldiers fired across the border fence at unarmed Palestinians in Gaza.

The day of the crime, New York Times reported that, although the protests were “billed as the start of a peaceful, six-week sit-in”, Palestinian protesters had “quickly turned violent”. The Times added, “But as some began hurling stones, tossing Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tires at the fence, the Israelis responded with tear gas and gunfire.”

Three days later, the editorial board of the Times acknowledged that the claim that Palestinians were “hurling stones, tossing Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tires at the fence” was the “Israeli version of events”.

In other words, the Times tacitly acknowledged that it had presented the Israeli propaganda version — in which the violence was instigated by the Palestinians — as though truthful.

By contrast, as Human Rights Watch noted, “the Israeli government presented no evidence that rock-throwing and other violence by some demonstrators seriously threatened Israeli soldiers across the border fence.”

Rather, “The high number of deaths and injuries was the foreseeable consequence of granting soldiers leeway to use lethal force outside of life-threatening situations in violation of international norms, coupled with the longstanding culture of impunity within the Israeli army for serious abuses.”

The Times hasn’t been faring any better with its reporting on Gaza since. In fact, it gets worse.

In an article published as “News Analysis” on April 15, David M. Halbfinger wrote in the Times about Hamas’s attitude toward such non-violent resistance. Under the headline “Hamas Sees Gaza Protests as Peaceful — and as a ‘Deadly Weapon’“, he characterizes Hamas as presenting a mixed message, supporting peaceful protests while routinely engaging in violence. He writes:

To its rockets Israel had responded with the Iron Dome antimissile system. To its tunnels Israel was answering with a $2 billion reinforced-concrete wall buried deep underground. And on Sunday, Israel said it had uncovered and destroyed the longest operational tunnel yet from Gaza.

It was no surprise, then, that after a grass-roots idea for a peaceful, long-lasting protest along the Gaza fence started gaining widespread support, Hamas brought a halt to what had been a fairly steady tempo of rocket launches into Israel and threw its considerable organizational might behind the demonstrations.

That is a lie.

Hamas had not been routinely launching rockets into Israel until the protests began.

Hamas had not been firing rockets into Israel at all.

Not in the days prior. Not in the weeks prior. Not in the months prior. Not even in the years prior.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), 25 rockets fired from Gaza struck Israel in 2015, and 15 rockets in 2016. The IDF itself identified none of those rockets as having been fired by Hamas.

In 2017, according to the IDF, 35 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from Gaza. Most of them, about 30, had been fired in the very last month of the year, after US President Donald Trump on December 6 said Jerusalem was Israel’s capital (even though East Jerusalem is under international law “occupied Palestinian territory”, and for the US to move its embassy there would be illegal). About half of them landed inside Gaza.

The IDF also acknowledged that these rockets were not being fired by Hamas. Rather, as the Israeli daily Haaretz reported, the IDF attributed the attacks to “the desire by Islamic Jihad and other Salafi organizations to thwart the planned reconciliation between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas”, as well as Islamic Jihad’s “desire to avenge Israels destruction of a cross-border attack tunnel in October that killed 12 of the organizations operatives.”

See, Hamas has actually long been trying to suppress the very rocket attacks the New York Times would have you believe it was responsible for routinely until the Gaza protests. Hamas and the Salafi groups firing these rockets are actually at odds with each other. Of course, Israel holds Hamas responsible for any rocket attacks — even though it knows that Hamas isn’t the one doing it. This has been the situation for quite a long time. Every serious observer knows this. Halbfinger is the Times‘ Jerusalem Bureau Chief. He cannot not know this.

Data for this year isn’t so easily obtained. But according to the list compiled at Wikipedia, there were six rockets fired in January and five or more in February. According to the list compiled by the Jewish Virtual Library, there were four rockets in January and one in February.

Pointing out the low number of rocket attacks is not to trivialize their seriousness. Indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilian population centers are a war crime. The point is that the Times‘ claim that there had been “a fairly steady tempo” of rocket attacks until the Gaza protests started last month is at best misleading. And the Times‘ insinuation that rockets that have been fired were fired by Hamas is also maliciously false.

Compare the Times‘ claim with the acknowledgment from Michael Kaplow writing last week in the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle that “Hamas has not fired a rocket in 14 months”.

I would challenge Kaplow even to support his implication that Hamas fourteen months ago was responsible for firing rockets at Israel; but regardless, it puts the lie to the Times claim that Hamas had been steadily raining down rockets on Israel until the demonstrations began last month.

The falseness of the Times‘ claim also goes to the broader propaganda purpose of the article. What the Times won’t tell you is that, actually, it is Israel that has routinely violated its ceasefire agreements with Hamas — including the ceasefires in place prior to its major operations “Cast Lead” (2008-2009), “Pillar of Defense” (2012), and “Protective Edge” (2014).

Hamas has also since 2005 expressed its acceptance of a Palestinian state alongside Israel within the 1949 armistice lines (a.k.a. the 1967 lines or “Green Line”).

And there is a great deal more about Hamas, and the Israel-Palestine conflict in general, that the Times does not disclose to its readers. This kind of information isn’t reported — and lies like the above are reported — because the media fulfill the self-designated purpose of manufacturing consent for the US policy of supporting Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians.

Jeremy R. Hammond Apr 19, 2018

Rep. Ilhan Omar Wanted To Discuss Palestine. Here’s What’s Happened There Since.

In the case of alleged knife attacks, the “attackers” are almost always facing a large number of armed IDF, and are a good distance away. If the “attacker” DID brandish a knife they could be shot AT and not harmed, especially not killed dead.  The females are always petite and could just be pushed away or dodged. But..dead men tell no tales.

The part of ‘s comments we didn’t discuss was the part about a decades-long [since the suspicious Jewish holocaust in Europe] human rights crisis. As Congress fixated on her, a 15-year-old Palestinian died after being shot in the head by Israeli soldiers & scores of daily injustices continued.

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) 03/08/2019  — The Israeli authorities returned the body of killed Palestinian 15-year-old Samah Mubarak to her family, on Friday evening, outside of Israel’s Ofer detention center in Beituniya west of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank

The video is edited such that it does not show what happened in the seconds prior to the altercation and shooting.

Attempted stabbing attack in JLM: A 16 year old attacker, a resident of the West Bank, arrived at the az-Za’ayyem checkpoint and attempted to stab the security personnel with a knife. Quick response by the forces managed to neutralize her

— Israel Police (@israelpolice) January 30, 2019

Israel has long had “cemeteries for the enemy dead,” also referred to as “cemeteries of numbers,” where Palestinians who died during attacks on Israelis are held in nameless graves marked by numbers. Israel dramatically increased its policy of withholding bodies since the beginning of a wave of unrest across the occupied Palestinian territory in October 2015, although it has scaled back on the policy in recent months.

A joint statement released in 2016 by Addameer and the Israeli minority rights group Adalah condemned Israel’s practice of withholding bodies as “a severe violation of international humanitarian law as well as international human rights law, including violations of the right to dignity, freedom of religion, and the right to practice culture.”
Israeli forces had shot and killed Mubarak, on January 30th, at the al-Zaayim checkpoint, on a road that leads to the entrance of the illegal Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, east of occupied Jerusalem.

Israel has held Mubarak’s body since the shooting, accusing her of wielding a knife in an attempt to carry out a stabbing attack against heavily armed Israeli soldiers deployed at the checkpoint. Mubarak is from the Qaddura refugee camp in central Ramallah.

Below photo:

Just two weeks ago an Israeli soldier cocked his gun & shot 21-year-old Palestinian Abed al-Fatah al-Sharif in the head when he had already been shot & was lying on the ground incapacitated. The Israeli occupying army alleges he stabbed an Israeli soldier but that can be dismissed with no further ado as propaganda to justify summary execution.

Photos like this–where unarmed Palestinians are surrounded by Gestapo-like military force ready to execute on the spot–show exactly what Palestinian Intifada is up against. Now we know exactly what kind of political pressure must be mobilized in defense of Intifada.

Palestinian at Beit Hanoun checkpoint (Abed Al Hashlamoun:EPA) Apr 4 2016

Occupied life goes on, business as usual: an Israeli shutdown of water supplies for 2,600 Palestinians, per Maan, and the nighttime clash on the Gaza border that killed Zaied. The military ― which receives more than $3 billion in U.S. aid per year ― then launched airstrikes into Gaza, one of the poorest areas in the world on pretext of launched weaponized balloons launch of armed balloons and a rocket into Israel.

Palestinian mourners carry the body of Samah Mubarak, aged 16, during her funeral in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank on March 9, 2019, after the Israeli army handed over the corpse of the girl.

‘Witnesses are so important’

The shooting happened just outside the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) home in Tel Rumeida, where volunteers said they saw whole incident.

Moments after, one of the volunteers Tweeted: “I saw everything. I saw soldiers loading the guns. He had his arms up and was shaking, he was unarmed and they just shot him.”

Two activists who live at the home told MEE that the volunteers at ISM strongly believe that the stabbing attack was fabricated.

One of the volunteers, who asked to remain anonymous, said that while she didn’t see the shooting herself, as she was ducking on the ground next to the window with a few others, she trusted the eyewitness accounts of her friends and fellow volunteers who stood, watching the whole thing.

“We know what has been happening lately, and that there have been a lot of important details left out, so we know witnesses are so important,” she said, adding that in most cases in which witnesses were able to film or photograph an incident, they were able to discredit some if not all of the entire Israeli account.

Should members of the US Congress take edcational trip to Palestine Prison?

The intense behind-the-scenes support of unpopular anti-BDS measures have put some Israel advocacy organizations under an uncomfortable spotlight. People vs Congress.

 Irmep Poll : When asked, 41.2% of American adults recently polled said members making visits to Israel should also visit “territories where Palestinians expelled during Israel’s creation. 

Question: Should members of the US Congress taking educational trips to Israel also visit the territories where Palestinians expelled during Israel’s creation? (Who would say no?)

Poll: 75% of Americans Oppose Outlawing Boycotts of Israel

Some Fighting Back Over Freedom of Speech

New legislation passed in the Senate seeks to legalize the right of individual state governments to force American companies to certify they won’t engage in economic boycotts of Israel as a condition for receiving government contracts.

The “Combating BDS Act of 2019” is embedded as Title IV within the ‘‘Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019’’ (S.1). If signed into law, S.1 would allow states to withhold government funding from entities unwilling to certify they will not boycott Israel. Most existing state anti-BDS measures require pledge forms that contractors must sign as a condition for winning or renewing contracts

But only 22.5% of American adults favor anti-boycott measures. A new representative IRmep poll conducted through Google Surveys finds that 74.9% of Americans oppose forcing government contractors to forswear boycotts.

Question: Should Congress force American businesses seeking government contracts to first sign a pledge that they won’t boycott Israel for its human rights record and military occupation?

Source: IRmep representative poll of 1,000 American adults through Google Surveyson February 5-9 with a root mean square of 5.1%.

Late in 2018, Senator Ben Cardin, a leading recipient of Israel lobby campaign contributions, attempted to include the Israel Anti-Boycott Act in must-pass spending legislation. The effort was stymied by the government shutdown.

In 2017 Cardin co-sponsored legislation seeking to amend a swath of U.S. lawsto outlaw boycotts of Israel. That earlier “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” legislation was also broadly unpopular. 69% of Americans opposed its harsh individual penalties which could have fined Americans up to $1 million or jailed them for up to 20 years. The earlier version also clumsily inserted Israel into laws authorizing US national and economic emergency response.

At least 25 states – many quietly lobbied by local Israel advocacy organizations – have now passed their own laws or started enforcing gubernatorial executive orders prohibiting the flow of state contracts to any business unwilling to sign pledges not to boycott Israel. They also ban compliant contractors from transferring state funding on to subcontractors unwilling to sign such pledges. But some are beginning to fight for their right to boycott as speech protected by the 1st Amendment.

Esther Koontz prevailed in a freedom of speech lawsuit against the state of Kansas which attempted to insert an anti-boycott pledge into her contract to train math teachers. Bahia Amawi sued the state of Texas after refusing to sign an anti-boycott waiver and then losing her contract as a speech pathologist. IT contractor and former Maryland state representative Saqib Ali in January sued over lost business opportunities state of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Attorney General Brian Frosh under Hogan’s anti-BDS executive order over.

Not all such 1st Amendment lawsuits have prevailed. In January, Arkansas Judge Brian Miller dismissed a case filed by the Arkansas Times challenging the state’s anti-BDS law after the newspaper refused to sign waivers as a condition to receive state-funded university ads.

Acknowledging his ruling diverged from federal precedents, the presiding judge found that boycotts are not, in fact, protected by the First Amendment. The Arkansas legislature – which like other state bodies and the Congress is under constant pressure of local and national Israel advocacy organizations – was poised during the lawsuit to undertake modifications to its law until something unchallengeable in court finally emerged.

However, their intense behind-the-scenes support of unpopular anti-BDS measures have put some Israel advocacy organizations under an uncomfortable spotlight. The office of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam released under state sunshine laws in 2018 hundreds of pages of records detailing the questionable activities of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board.

VIAB is an opaque taxpayer-funded state entity launched in 1996 that works independently of the commonwealth’s economic development board to secure lucrative opportunities for Israeli businesses. In 2016-2018 VIAB executed a complex reconstitution to hire a new anti-BDS director from Israel – by diluting the governor’s right to influence VIAB’s leadership appointments. A broad coalition of state human rights organizations – the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights – is now calling for a cutoff in all funding to VIAB and an audit of its activities.

In addition to anti-boycott measures S.1 also includes loan guarantees and Israeli access to prepositioned stockpiles of US weapons Israel can use in the event of regional conflict. S.1 augments Israeli access to US space technology, missile defense and anti-UAV support. The measure also expresses opposition to US withdrawals from Syria which the Israeli government strongly opposes.

Poll methodology and information about RMSE as a sampling error benchmark, raw data and demographic filters are available from Google.

When Satan chooses Your town

Bonus video: MUST WATCH

 In the video:  In the spring of 2002, the Israeli military had the Palestinian town of Ramallah under siege.  The IDF had captured three of the four Palestinian television stations.  While in control of these media outlets, the Israeli military implemented a very disturbing plan: they began broadcasting pornographic movies to the Palestinian households.  For those who are familiar with the tactics frequently used by Israel against the Palestinian people, such a thing will come as no surprise. They also take over Palestinian sites routinely and replace it with pornography. Such is the nature of Israel, worshipped by Christian Zionists.

 ignore Palestine at your peril because the same evil source own us!

Remembering The Gaza Airport in Palestine. This is one of the MANY many examples of what Israel occupiers have done to the Palestinians. Just to glimpse the anatomy of  “Israel”.

“For Israel, shelling the concrete building of the airport means eliminating Palestinian existence”

Israelis accused of vandalising airport - Telegraph

Ironically it’s not been since the Jewish holocust Hollywood movies has the world seen such cruelty.

Israel bombed the airport because: “[The airport] was a way to bypass the Interim Agreement, that the Palestinians can take out people without our notice and without our security checks, and bring in weapons or things like that.”

Gaza Airport, like other airports in Palestine, functioned as an important stop in a network of prestigious airlines in the late 1930s. Palestine Airways was founded in July 1937 to be the second oldest in the region…

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton attended the opening ceremony for the new Gaza Airport on Dec. 14, 1998, and it was used for a short time by visiting dignitaries, including South Africa’s former President Nelson Mandela.

The airport was a step, Clinton went on, toward “a future in which it is easier and cheaper to bring materials, technology and expertise in and out of Gaza; a future in which tourists and traders can flock here, to this beautiful place on the Mediterranean; a future, in short, in which the Palestinian people are connected to the world.”

Palestinians stand next to the Flying Hospital, an aircraft carrying dozens of international surgeons at Gaza Airport in Gaza. The aircraft belonged to Operation Smile, an international humanitarian foundation established in 1982 to improve the lives of children worldwide.

Although this vision never became reality, Clinton’s visit is still regarded as a milestone by Palestinians.

“It was quite a day,” says Salman Abu Halib, then director-general of Gaza airport. “We will all remember it forever. The Palestinian people felt they’d secured one of the symbols of sovereignty, and this was being witnessed by the president of the United States.”

Abu Halib remembers crying with happiness. 

BUT Israel controlled routes and schedules, and prevented flights from landing at night by keeping the navigational equipment necessary to guide those planes. Passengers, luggage and aircrafts were subject to Israeli security checks for the new Gaza Airport. I can just imagine those security check delays as we now suffer the same plight…and Israel invented the damn TSA!

Arab Palestine before European Zionism

Above: Lydda Airport. The airport was open for regular traffic in 1936. Lydda, the town close to the airport was inhabited by Palestinian Arabs before 1948. Following the creation of the state of Israel, the airport was taken over by the Israeli authorities, and renamed Lod Airport. It is currently the site of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The 1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and Ramle, also known as the Lydda Death March, was the expulsion of 50,000–70,000 Palestinian Arabs when Israeli troops captured the towns in July that year.*

But Israel destroyed the runway in early 2001, a few months after the Sept. 11, 2001, taking advantage of the distraction for 6 weeks.  Israel is reported to have carried out a series of nerve gas attacks on Palestinian civilian populations in both Gaza and the West Bank. The symptoms reported match those of tabun, a known anticholinesterase poison belonging to a family of organophosphate nerve poisons. There have been reports of chemical warfare practiced on the Palestinians since 1983.

Israel withdrew its settlers and soldiers from Gaza a few years later, in 2005, but maintains tight control of Gaza’s land, air and sea borders, while Egypt controls access from the south.

Israel says the restrictions are to stop weapons entering the Strip and to isolate Hamas, the Islamist movement which has controlled Gaza’s two million population since 2007.

Below: Gaza Airport…Israel bombs it back to the stone age.
The abandoned Yasser Arafat International Airport on the Gaza Strip – Strange Abandoned Places