EU states no longer recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president

“For years Washington and the Venezuelan opposition have said that Nicol谩s Maduro, and before him Hugo Ch谩vez, were weak and about to fall … but it鈥檚 clear that鈥檚 not the case”.

Jan 21, 2020

It is now a year since what is in effect a coup attempt by Guaido supported by the US and others began. In spite of large demonstrations, attempts to gain support from the military, buy the populace off with aid and the implementation of sanctions that have ruined the economy, the Maduro regime has managed to survive.

The US uses sanctions and other methods to virtually destroy the economy and make life miserable for Venezuelans.

Some sanctions date back to the Obama era but have become more extensive during the Trump administration: “U.S. sanctions have become increasingly aggressive since they were first announced by former US President Barack Obama in 2015.

Under pressure from the United States, foreign companies stopped doing business with the country.

Citibank closed Venezuela’s foreign accounts.President Donald Trump intensified sanctions in 2017 and this year imposed an oil embargo that blocked the purchase of petroleum from Venezuela’s state oil company, PDVSA.

It also confiscated Venezuela’s US subsidiary CITGO, worth $8 billion. It was a huge blow for Venezuela, which received 90% of government revenue from the oil industry.

The U.S. government has also frozen $5.5 billion of Venezuelan funds in international accounts in at least 50 banks and financial institutions.

Even if Venezuela could get money abroad, the United States has long blocked international trade by threatening sanctions on foreign companies for doing business with the country.”

The US is willing to try to starve Venezuelans to death and actions that have led to many fleeing the miserable conditions all in order to help bring what it calls democracy to Venezuela.

No doubt regime change would bring back US supported international oil companies to Venezuelan oil fields as well.

US pledges continued support for Guaido

Guaido support has weakened dramatically: “By the end of 2019, support for Guaid贸 dropped, with protests organized by his movement resulting with low participation.

Pollster Datanalisis published figures showing that support for Guaid贸 decreased from 61% in February to 42% in November 2019.

According to Jes煤s Segu铆as, the head of the Venezuelan analysis firm Datincorp, “For years Washington and the Venezuelan opposition have said that Nicol谩s Maduro, and before him Hugo Ch谩vez, were weak and about to fall … but it鈥檚 clear that鈥檚 not the case”.

Analyst Carlos Pina stated “The military support to President Maduro remains intact … the opposition will need to rethink its strategy” and that “Guaido has also been very limited in suggesting or proposing a strategy that could change the current [status quo]”.[19]”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insists that the US has not given up on Guaido. Even though he offered no specifics, Pompeo claimed that the US is not done and more efforts to support Guaiido would be coming from the Trump administration.

On his part, Guaido is trying to drum up international support with a trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

It is possible he could meet with President Trump there although nothing has been announced as yet.

The US negative actions against Venezuela have provided an opportunity for countries such as China and Russia to invest in Venezuelan oil and other parts of the economy.

Chinese investment may be slowing down partly because of US sanctions but Venezuela is becoming even more dependent on Russia.

The Maduro government appears to frightened of US reaction if it were to jail Guaido for treason as would no doubt happen in most countries.

Guaido is subject to a travel ban but feels quite safe it would seem in violating it to fly off to Davos to garner international support for his coup.

If he is arrested when he returns as he should be under the law there will be a huge international outcry about the dictatorial action of the Maduro government.

Vietnam to Venezuela: US Interventionism

im路pe路ri路al路ism.The definition of imperialism is the practice of a larger country or government growing stronger by taking over poorer or weaker countries that have important resources.

Venezuela’s Maduro to Trump: ‘Why would you want a repeat of Vietnam?’

President Maduro inaugurated the Sim贸n Bol铆var Institute

International unity based on popular struggles for emancipation will be the objective to be realized by the Sim贸n Bol铆var Institute for Peace and Solidarity, inaugurated this Sunday in connection with the 205th anniversary of the Jamaica Charter.

LATIN AMERICA. U.S. FREE TRADE IMPERIALISM. The natural resources of the Latin American republics made them targets for a form of economic dependence called free-trade imperialism.

In a videoconference that summoned the presence of 106 international leaders, he stressed that this solidarity platform will allow the dissemination of the truth of Venezuela in the face of discrediting campaigns that threaten peace and national stability.

“I ask for all the support of the solidarity movements to bring the truth of Venezuela and with the truth win peace, sovereignty, independence and respect for our peoples,” he emphasized.

From the 鈥淎ntonio Jos茅 de Sucre鈥 Yellow House, located in Caracas, the Foreign Minister of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, indicated that the Sim贸n Bol铆var Institute will also promote 鈥渢he solidarity of the peoples with all the struggles鈥.

Fotograf铆a del Comandante Hugo Rafael Ch谩vez Fr铆as y Fidel Castro Ruz juntos. | Politica


He explained that the first day of debate addressed the validity of the thought of the Liberator Sim贸n Bol铆var “at this time of recomposition of the struggles” and of the attempts of capitalism to restore itself in the face of the structural failures that it evidenced in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic .

Colombian paramilitaries were trained by Tel Aviv

In this sense, the vice minister for North America, Carlos Ron, pointed out that “in a world where the capitalist model is exhausted, what remains for us is to go back to our roots of struggle for the peoples and emancipation.”

Israeli forces’ involvement in El Salvador runs deep

鈥淲e are making a call for solidarity to all the peoples of the world and, at the same time, receiving solidarity in turn because together we will be able to advance and create a new model whose base is solidarity and its most important principle is the construction of peace. 鈥, He stressed. / Presidential Press.

Russian Gov Takes Over Oil Assets in Venezuela to Protect Them from US Sanctions

President Maduro of Venezuela

Apr 1, 2020

In the past weeks the Kremlin has shown it鈥檚 willing to punch back as well as take drastic necessary defensive action聽in the face of Washington sanctions聽at a moment America is preoccupied and made more vulnerable by the coronavirus threat聽鈥斅爁irst by dumping OPEC+ and MbS, effectively聽declaring war on US shale聽鈥斅燼nd now聽by taking aggressive measures to insulate聽Russia鈥檚 state-controlled Rosneft.

On Saturday聽Rosneft announced it has sold off all its Venezuelan oil assets to an unnamed Russian state entity.聽鈥淭he government of the Russian Federation has acquired assets in Venezuela from Rosneft. A company 100% owned by the Russian Federation has become the owner,鈥澛燫ussia鈥檚聽TASS said.

A company statement framed the move as聽key to protecting聽shareholders鈥 interests聽at a moment the Trump administration ramps up pressure on Maduro and external entities still doing business with Caracas.

It鈥檚 been widely reported that聽Rosneft has explored exit options since early 2019 when Venezuelan assets continued rapidly losing money, leading to worsened current operating conditions.

鈥淎s a result of the concluded agreement all assets and trading operations of Rosneft in Venezuela and/or connected with Venezuela will be disposed of, terminated or liquidated,鈥聽Rosneft said.

聽鈥淲e took this decision in the interests of our shareholders, as a publicly traded international company,鈥 Rosneft spokesman Mikhail Leontyev further told TASS.

聽鈥淎nd we have a right to expect, indeed, that the US regulators fulfill their public promises.鈥

On Thursday the White House went so far as to聽issue a $15 million bounty聽on Maduro and his inner circle聽over聽drug trafficking charges, amid聽sweeping indictments against what Washington dubbed a vast narco-state criminal enterprise orchestrated by the regime.

It appears Rosneft took note of Trump鈥檚 willingness to press his economic war on Venezuela further聽even as the United States now leads the world in numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases, which threatens to decimate an economy still on 鈥減ause鈥 and extreme uncertainty still on the horizon.

All of this follows in mid-February the聽US聽slapping new sanctions on Rosneft Trading SA, a unit of聽Rosneft,聽and the company鈥檚 executive Didier Casimiro, accusing it of being聽the 鈥減rimary culprit鈥 of a campaign to evade Washington鈥檚 pressure campaign on the Maduro government.

But the sanctions stopped just short of naming parent company Rosneft,聽though the Trump administration long聽accused it of聽鈥渁ctively evading sanctions 鈥 engaging in ruses, engaging in deception.鈥

Bloomberg observed that 鈥淭he fight over Venezuela fits into a much larger geopolitical battle between Trump and Vladimir Putin, with聽both turning to oil as the weapon of choice.鈥 And the report further聽cited聽Russia鈥檚 ambassador to Venezuela, Sergey Melik-Magdasarov,聽as saying:

鈥淒on鈥檛 worry!聽This is about Rosneft鈥檚 assets being transferred to Russia鈥檚 government directly. We keep moving forward together!,鈥澛he [Amb.聽Melik-Magdasarov] said, in a message that also posted on the embassy website.

The assets include Rosneft鈥檚 stakes in local upstream companies Petromonagas, Petroperija, Boqueron, Petromiranda and Petrovictoria, as well as oil-service, commercial and trading units.

The Russian Federation controls Rosneft with just over 50% of its shares,聽while BP Plc is the second-largest shareholder with 19.75%, and Qatar鈥檚 QH Oil Investments owns 18.93%.

Rosneft鈥檚 position has long been that US sanctions are illegal and that its own operations in Venezuela are聽commercial in nature, not political, after in prior months the company鈥檚 cooperation with state-run PDVSA became聽an 鈥渙pen secret鈥.

The ultimate strategy behind Saturday鈥檚 dramatic announcement is as yet uncertain, it聽should be noted:

But Russ Dallen, head of Caracas Capital Markets brokerage, cautioned that it鈥檚 too early to know for sure whether the move is intended to bolster Maduro.

鈥淲e don鈥檛 know whether the new state entity is a cemetery corporation, where companies go to die, or whether the Russians are simply doing it to take Rosneft 鈥 which is their crown jewel and provides a large portion of Russia鈥檚 income 鈥 out of the way of sanctions and Putin will use the new company to continue to help Maduro,鈥 he said.

Rosneft has emerged as one of聽PDVSA鈥檚 closest joint venture partners, being crucial as a heavy lifter keeping Venezuelan oil afloat at a moment Washington tries to strangle and blockade the socialist state鈥檚 industry.

EPIC FAIL: Venezuela Coup Was a Media Hoax

The public use to just believe…not anymore.

聽As of this story鈥檚 May 7 posting date, no correction has yet been made by the Times concerning the article鈥檚 fundamental and far more serious errors of reporting, such as the claim that there had been 鈥渁 predawn takeover of a military base in the heart of the capital,鈥 or that Guaid贸 had made his video appeal for a rebellion from that 鈥渓iberated鈥 airbase.

After days of breathless reporting in the U.S. media about public and military support for Venezuelan President Nicol谩s Maduro collapsing, and about an April 30 coup by presidential poseur聽Juan Guaid贸, we now know the truth: 聽The whole thing was a fraud, staged at the instigation of Washington in hopes that the Venezuelan people and rank-and-file troops would fall for the trick and think an actual coup was underway.

We also know, from an excellent聽May 2 report by Michael Fox in the聽Nation, that the U.S. mainstream media and its reporters in country were promoting that dangerous fraud.CNNran聽Juan Guaido鈥檚聽video, in which he falsely claimed to be 鈥渋n the La Carlota air force base.鈥

Take聽CNN. In its聽reporting聽on the 鈥渦prising鈥 announced by Guaid贸 on Tuesday, April 30, it ran a聽video聽from social media depicting Guaid贸, accompanied by opposition leader Leopoldo L贸pez, along with some armed men in uniform, said to be military defectors, standing behind them.

The video claimed they were on the La Carlota military airfield in eastern Caracas, which Guaid贸 said had been 鈥渓iberated.鈥

According to聽CNN, he was addressing 鈥渢housands of supporters鈥 on the scene, urging the rest of the Venezuelan military to join the coup and oust the 鈥渦surper鈥 Maduro.

But as Michael Fox and聽other observers聽noted,聽CNN聽didn鈥檛 show those 鈥渢housands鈥 of supporters 鈥 because there were none.

Nor did the cable network explain in its report that Guaid贸 and L贸pez were not actually at the airbase, but rather were standing on a highway overpass outside the base 鈥 which was, in fact, never in rebel hands at all.

Guaid贸 and his 鈥渄eserting鈥 soldiers quickly left the scene as government troops headed their way, with L贸pez later that day holing up in the Chilean and eventually the Spanish embassy, seeking asylum for himself and his family, and with some two dozen soldiers who had deserted in support of Guaid贸 asking for asylum in the Brazilian embassy.

There are two possibilities here: Either聽CNN鈥檚 U.S.-based editors were lied to by their reporters in Caracas, or they were well aware that their story of the takeover of a military airfield, along with reports of thousands of protesters on the scene in support of Guaid贸, was a hoax.

It鈥檚 not hard to imagine the latter being the truth, because聽CNN聽earlier was caught fraudulently reporting that Venezuelan troops had set aid trucks stopped at the Colombian border afire, when in fact the fires had been started by anti-Maduro protesters.

Though this truth was proven by other reports and video,聽CNN聽never corrected its false story in that case, nor did it discipline its on-the-scene reporters.

Alan MacLeod (5/6/19) was one of several on聽Twitter聽who noted the absurd errors in聽CNN鈥榮聽May 5 report聽on Venezuela.

CNN鈥檚 standards of accuracy were further discredited by its May 5 claim聽that

pressure is mounting on Maduro to step down, following elections in January in which voters chose opposition leader Juan Guaid贸 over him for president.

Six reporters were credited for the story that contained this line, which has almost as many errors: Guaid贸 was not even a candidate in the May 2018 (not January 2019) presidential elections; Maduro won that race with 68 percent of the vote, a聽credible total聽given the opposition鈥檚 boycott of the balloting.

Guaid贸 was chosen not by voters but by the National Assembly 鈥 which has been聽suspended聽by the Venezuelan Supreme Court 鈥 and聽ultimately聽by the Trump administration. As for 鈥減ressure 鈥 mounting on Maduro,鈥 that seems like a聽dubious reading indeed聽of the post-coup-attempt political terrain.

After much聽social media ridicule,聽CNN聽corrected聽the line, keeping in the bit about mounting pressure, but acknowledging that Guaid贸 鈥渄eclared himself interim president.鈥

The聽New York Times聽hasn鈥檛 done any better. On the day of the fake coup, the聽Times聽reported, in an unusual聽unbylined article聽(at the end there was a note saying only that reporting was contributed by Isayen Herrera, Nicholas Casey, Anatoly Kurmanaev, Ana Vanessa Herrero, Rick Gladstone and Katie Rogers) headed 鈥淰enezuela Crisis: Guaid贸 Calls for Uprising as Clashes Erupt鈥:

鈥淭oday, brave soldiers, brave patriots, brave men attached to the Constitution have followed our call,鈥 Mr. Guaid贸 said in a video posted on social media, speaking from Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Air Base, a military airport in Caracas known as La Carlota.

The 鈥渘ewspaper of record鈥 either made no effort to check its reporters鈥 鈥渇acts,鈥 or went along deliberately with the charade that Washington鈥檚 hand-picked 鈥渓egitimate president鈥 Guaid贸 was actually speaking from a 鈥渓iberated鈥 military airfield, when he was really only standing on a highway overpass outside the airfield, which itself was never even contested, remaining in government hands throughout the day.

To compound the journalistic felony, the聽Times聽ran a聽Reuters聽wire photo showing Guaid贸 speaking to a street full of supporters, purportedly taken that day, but clearly not depicting where he had made his call for a coup, when he had only the camera to address, though incautious readers might well have assumed that is what the photo showed.

Did editors at the聽Times鈥 home office in New York double-check the reporters鈥 claims before running their incendiary report of the capture of a government military airbase? 聽Why didn鈥檛 one of the paper鈥檚 many reporters and photographers in Caracas hightail it to the La Carlota base to get a firsthand report and video of the first victory in this so-called coup attempt?

This聽New York Times聽article鈥檚 claim (4/30/19) of 鈥渁 predawn takeover of a military base in the heart of the capital, Caracas,鈥 remains uncorrected.

In another聽linked story聽published the same day, this time authored by Nicholas Casey, the聽Times聽again reported falsely:

It was the boldest move yet by Juan Guaid贸, Venezuela鈥檚 opposition leader: At sunrise, he stood flanked by soldiers at an air force base in the heart of the capital, saying rebellion was at hand.

Clearly Casey was either making it up or, more likely, had been too lazy to go (or to dispatch one of his colleagues to go) to the airport to confirm the veracity of Guaid贸鈥檚 鈥渂old鈥 claim. But this is not just fraudulent reporting, it is dangerous and incendiary propaganda. Its publication could have, and perhaps did, lead hundreds of coup backers to rush to the airport, where they were met by the Venezuelan military, with a number of protesters reportedly being injured in the ensuing confrontation.

Casey, in his article, writes that 鈥渂y the end of the day,鈥 it was clear that Guaid贸 had failed to precipitate a successful coup, but he doesn鈥檛 say聽what had been clear much earlier that day: that the airport had聽never been captured at all, and that Guaid贸 had not spoken from a liberated airfield, but from a bridge outside the airfield.

In fact, Casey must have known, or should have by day鈥檚 end, and well before the聽Times鈥櫬deadline, that his earlier report on Guaid贸鈥檚 call-to-arms had been based on fake information. Instead, he was still pretending his story was fact-based, and presented as if he had been witness to the events he was reporting on.

Even though his article notes that 鈥渂y day鈥檚 end, news spread of another blow to the opposition: Leopoldo L贸pez, the political prisoner who heads Mr. Guaid贸鈥檚 party, had fled into the Chilean Embassy, along with his wife, Lilian Tintori,鈥 he continued with the fiction that an airbase had been captured and that the military was falling apart, writing:

The events also cast a harsh new light into the division within the armed forces, which puts Venezuela in a precarious position as the country鈥檚 political crisis deepens. While the highest ranks of the military dig into their support for Mr. Maduro鈥檚 government, many rank-and-file soldiers appear willing to defy their commanders and come to the aid of the opposition.

In fact, far from 鈥渕any鈥 soldiers deserting, it may have been no more than 25 men in uniform who defected in support of Guaid贸, and they, as was well known by the time Casey filed his article, had sought asylum in the Brazilian embassy, a devastating sign of his failed call-to-arms, a reality which Casey didn鈥檛 bother to mention in his article.

(Sitting at home on the evening of April 30 and reading reports in publications like聽Telesur English聽and聽Al Jazeera, I was able to learn about this and about L贸pez seeking asylum with his family in the Spanish embassy, so surely聽Times聽fact-checkers should have also been able to get that information challenging Casey鈥檚 reporting.)

Interestingly, Casey did quote the Maduro administration as stating late Tuesday night in a public TV broadcast that the La Carlota airport had never been threatened or taken over by defecting soldiers. Instead of verifying it as fact, all Casey did was cite Maduro鈥檚 denial, hinting that maybe it had not actually been 鈥渓iberated.鈥

The Casey article, still available online, contains a correction at the end, dated May 1:

Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misidentified the聽CNN聽program on which Mr. Pompeo made his remarks about plans for Mr. Maduro to fly to Cuba. It was聽The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer, not聽State of the Union.

But聽as of this story鈥檚 May 7 posting date, no correction has yet been made by the聽Times聽concerning the article鈥檚 fundamental and far more serious errors of reporting, such as the claim that there had been 鈥渁 predawn takeover of a military base in the heart of the capital,鈥 or that Guaid贸 had made his video appeal for a rebellion from that 鈥渓iberated鈥 airbase.

How does any self-respecting news organization allow such abysmally inaccurate reporting to remain this long online uncorrected? The only possible answer is that Casey, and the other in-country reporters who were said to have contributed to his bylined piece (Isayen Herrera, Ana Vanessa Herrero, Anatoly Kurmanaev and Katie Rogers), were giving the聽New York Times exactly the propaganda piece that its editors and the coup plotters in Washington wanted.

Israel Agent Sen. Rick Scott, Point Man on Venezuelan Regime Change

Likud Cabinet Minister Gilad Erdan declares Florida gov. Rick Scott a friend of Israel after he facilitated Orlando false flag. Erdan says that G4s will pay the price for boycotting Israel, next sentence declares Florida gov. Rick Scott a friend of Israel who is helping Israel with the fight against their enemies. RE: 鈥淣ews that a G4S employee was the gunman who killed 50 people at a packed gay nightclub in Florida wiped almost $282.80 million off the value of the world鈥檚 largest security firm.鈥

Help Chabad destroy USA, conquer the world and pick up your bonuses.

While National Security Advisor John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio have helped drive the Trump administration鈥檚 maximum pressure-style campaign against聽Venezuela, Rubio鈥檚 counterpart, Senator Rick Scott, has been every bit as fanatical about regime change in Caracas.

Agents for Israel Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Marco Rubio y Mauricio Claver-Carone

Speaking to a packed house of former government officials, oil executives, and lobbyists at a June 20th Atlantic Council event entitled聽鈥淩ussian Influence in Venezuela: What Should the United States Do?,鈥 Scott launched into a tirade against Venezuelan President Nicol谩s Maduro.

鈥淭here is clearly genocide happening in Venezuela right now,鈥 Scott declared. 鈥淭ens of thousands are dead, and it鈥檚 clearly genocide and it鈥檚 in our hemisphere.鈥

Scott wasn鈥檛 referring to the tens of thousands of Venezuelans that have died as a聽result聽of the聽crippling US sanctions聽regime since 2017. He was pointing instead at Venezuela鈥檚 president.

鈥淲e are watching little children like my grandson Eli starve to death, intentionally!鈥 Scott bellowed. 鈥淎nd there is one person that鈥檚 primarily responsible for it, and his name is Nicol谩s Maduro鈥 I think we have to be very clear, whether it鈥檚 President Putin, President Xi or the Castro regime or Iran, they are part of killing little children.鈥

Rick Scott Zionist agent

In August 2017, as the United States聽launched聽the opening salvo of its聽economic assault聽on Venezuela, American oil and gas corporations who poured huge sums into Scott鈥檚 electoral campaign colluded in an attempt to suffocate the country鈥檚 energy sector.

At the same time, Scott 鈥 whose oil-heavy investment portfolio stood to grow as a result of the prospective coup 鈥 led the way in the halls of power in Washington.

Scott鈥檚 donors in big oil have a clear interest in toppling Venezuela鈥檚 government. Since 2007, when President Hugo Ch谩vez nationalized the assets of聽Venezuela鈥檚 national oil company, Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA), companies like聽ExxonMobil聽have been cut out of the country鈥檚 market.

鈥淭hey will never rob us again, those bandits of ExxonMobil; they are imperialist bandits, white collar criminals, corruptors of governments, over-throwers of governments, who supported the invasion and bombing of Iraq and continue supporting the genocide in Iraq,鈥 Ch谩vez聽thundered聽that year on his weekly TV show Alo Presidente.

Rex Tillerson, who was CEO of ExxonMobil at the time, sued Venezuela in international arbitration court, demanding the full $10 billion in lost assets. Tillerson was initially awarded $1.6 billion, but the compensation was reduced to approximately $188 million before a US appeals court聽blocked聽the award altogether.

In 2017, Tillerson became Trump鈥檚 first secretary of state and initiated the administration鈥檚 push for regime change in an apparent attempt at revenge.

When Rick Scott launched his first campaign for Florida governor, he relied on heavy donations from the same US-based oil titans seeking to retake Venezuela鈥檚 oil wealth.

As the wealthiest person to serve as Florida鈥檚 governor, Scott also dipped into his $500 million family fortune to fund his campaign. But those assets were also heavily tied up in oil industry investments.

Big oil fills Scott鈥檚 stock portfolio and stuffs his campaign coffers

During his 2018 campaign for the Senate, Scott raked in tens of thousands of dollars from oil and gas industry political action committees, many of which had previously been customers of Venezuela鈥檚 national PDVSA oil company.

FEC聽records聽show Scott received $7,500 from Marathon Oil Corporation in 2018 through its PAC. Marathon had long anticipated the rounds of sanctions against Venezuela and had weaned itself off of the country鈥檚 crude in preparation.

Prior to the January 2019 sanctions that made importing fuel from PDVSA illegal, Marathon聽slashed聽its imports by 90 percent. 鈥淲e saw this coming a long time ago,鈥澛Marathon CEO聽Gary Heminger聽said. 鈥淔ive years ago [sanctions] would have had impact.鈥

As president of Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Cuba-born Maximo Alvarez聽contributed聽$38,500 to political action committees (PACs) supporting Scott鈥檚 run for Senate, while聽funneling聽a joint total of $66,200 in individual contributions with Sunshine Vice President Sandra Reuss.

Alvarez currently owns more than 300 gas stations in south Florida, maintaining gasoline contracts with Marathon, CITGO, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, and Texaco.

Valero Energy Corporation was the top purchaser of Venezuelan oil until the US embargo choked off the country鈥檚 exports. When Scott ran for Senate, this oil titan鈥檚 PAC聽contributed聽$5,000.

Scott鈥檚 campaign bragged that companies supported Scott because of his hard-line stance against Venezuela鈥檚 leftist government. 鈥淭hose who contribute to the campaign do so to support his candidacy, which includes calling for an end to the Maduro regime,鈥 a spokesperson聽told聽Politico.

Chevron鈥檚 PAC聽gave聽Rick Scott $10,000 in 2018 after it had cut Venezuelan oil imports by 27 percent, and Exxon鈥檚 PAC had contributed $5,000 to the campaign as well.

Scott and his wife聽owned聽as much as $30,000 in Chevron stocks and $65,000 in ExxonMobil stocks at the time the companies were funding his campaign, putting the couple in prime position to reap profits from regime change.

By 2014, Scott had a stake of $528,032 in Phillips 66. This聽oil giant聽was聽the fourth-largest importer of Venezuelan crude oil until 2017, and stopped importing Venezuelan oil altogether when the country was placed under embargo the following year.

As governor of Florida, Scott was the driving force behind his state鈥檚 decision to prohibit investment in Venezuela in 2017. A year later, he聽led聽the charge to enshrine that measure into state law.

Begging for an invasion

From the聽Atlantic Council聽podium, Scott opened up the floor for new ideas on attacking Venezuela鈥檚 economy.

鈥淚 tell people every day, 鈥業f you have an idea, I will see if I can make it happen,鈥 the senator remarked, gazing out at the audience.

As the event transitioned into Q&A, a fresh-faced young Venezuelan emigre named Daniel DiMartino rose nervously from the crowd to deliver a plea for the US to wage a military assault on Venezuela.

Why Israel wants to see Maduro overthrown in Venezuela

They all gotta go


US-Israeli support for overthrowing Maduro is part of a broader regional agenda targeting Palestinian solidarity.

While various important factors and elements have fueled the dire situation in Venezuela today, Israeli meddling in Latin American affairs is one that is rarely mentioned.

After the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, his successor, Nicolas Maduro, soon faced the challenges of a capsizing economy, hyperinflation, and shortages of medicine and food fueled by low oil prices, despite the country鈥檚 massive reserves.

Protests against the worsening socioeconomic situation have led to polarisation and a political stalemate.聽There are pro- and anti-government camps, with no alternative third option or any hopes for an internal reconciliation.

The emergence of self-declared interim President Juan Guaido, backed by countries including the US, Canada, Australia and Israel – even as the United Nations and Venezuela鈥檚 top court and military reject his leadership, while Maduro has called for early elections – begs the question: whose interests is he representing?

Struggle for self-determination

Venezuela鈥檚 political chaos has resulted from a combination of the country鈥檚 extreme vulnerability as a petro state and the consequences of imperialist policies and endeavours that fuel internal corruption.

But the US-Israeli support for overthrowing Maduro is part of a larger agenda to cement an anti-Palestinian聽campaign in Latin America聽at the expense of the Venezuelan people.聽

Although most Latin American countries supported the UN Partition Plan of 1947, which officially established the state of Israel and led to the Nakba, the region has been broadly friendly to Palestinians, hosting the largest Palestinian presence outside of the Arab world.聽

Solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination was at its height during the Chavez years up until today, with the leadership making outspoken聽criticism of Israel鈥檚 flagrant violations of international law.聽Venezuela severed diplomatic ties with Israel in 2009 over its military campaign in Gaza.聽

The recent UN Palestinian statehood vote, along with Palestine鈥檚 broader bid for statehood, has strong support in Latin America, including in Venezuela

The Bolivian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) was founded by Venezuela and Cuba during the Chavez era.

Bolivia’s Avo Morales

The US and Israel remain the only countries to vote against the annual UN resolution to end the more than half-century blockade against Cuba.

Furthermore, the recent聽UN vote in favour of聽Palestinian statehood, along with Palestine鈥檚 broader bid for international recognition, has strong support in Latin America, including in Venezuela.聽

Under the Trump administration, there has been a slow and steady shift to impose anti-Palestinian聽policies, such as cutting US aid to the聽UNRWA聽refugee agency and to the Palestinian Authority, along with introducing the 鈥deal of the century鈥, which eviscerates any hopes for Palestinian national aspirations. 聽

Neo-conservative ideology

Synagogue of Satan

The Trump administration has empowered the extreme political right, spreading the neo-conservative ideology of Christian Zionism criminals throughout Latin America.

The UN vote to condemn the US embassy relocation to Jerusalem was rejected by Guatemala, Honduras and Brazil all with criminal leaders, amid regional moves to strengthen 鈥渟ecurity鈥 ties with Israel.

Countries including Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay and Ecuador have all recognized Guaido.

The presidents of Argentina, Ecuador, and Venezuela denounced Paraguay’s Lugo’s impeachment as a coup d’etat.聽In 2009 Honduras was a victim of a coup d’茅tat. The people of Chili are definitely pro-Palestine and have many Palestinian citizens聽from the Palestine Nakba.

Once a Nazi haven: President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in Buenos Aires, 2017

It is extremely telling that the Trump administration selected Elliott Abrams as the new US envoy to Venezuela, reinforcing the notion that the US and Israel see this situation as a perfect opportunity to overthrow Maduro and install a pro-Israel regime in the country.

Elliott Abrams testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in Washington on 9 February 2011 (AFP)

Elliott Abrams testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in Washington on 9 February 2011 (AFP)

Abrams was convicted for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal, which involved a US-Israeli plan to secretly supply Iran with weapons amid an arms embargo, in the name of freeing hostages. The ultimate purpose was to fund US-backed counterinsurgents and guerrillas fighting socialism or communism.聽

Abrams was also implicated in massive human rights abuses perpetrated by pro-US regimes in El Salvador and Guatemala, and the Nicaraguan Contra rebels in the 1980s, which led to tens of thousands of deaths.

Abrams was later pardoned by the Bush administration and named deputy national security adviser to promote former President George HW Bush鈥檚 strategy of 鈥渁dopting democracy abroad鈥, which included his role in a failed coup attempt against Chavez.

Abrams is also fiercely pro-Israel and was critical of the Obama administration for deeming settlement expansion in the Palestinian territories to be illegal, making him well-suited for the anti-Palestinian聽agenda in Latin America.

Looking ahead

The direction in which Venezuela is heading does not look promising for the region, especially in relation to Palestinian solidarity, given the Zionist-related meddling, both historical and contemporary. 聽

The successful takeover of Venezuela by pro-US forces will mean the cementing of anti-Palestinian聽politics through an interventionist policy that erases and 鈥渃leanses鈥 Palestine from the region.

The hope lies with the people of Venezuela, civil society and grassroots movements in Latin America. Only time will tell whether they can halt this Israeli-backed project to end Palestinian solidarity on the continent.

Oliver Stone Talks About Columbia and Venezuela

Oliver Stone criticizes the new Colombian government, praises FARC and gives his opinion about Venezuela.聽

“The US government聽 is the world’s biggest distributor of Colombian cocaine.”

US backed forces will be happy to do in Venezuela what they did in El Savador.

“The major walked over, scooped a little boy from a crowd of kids, flung him into the air, and speared him with a bayonet as he came back down.

“The boy was one of over eight hundred slaughtered that day and the next.”

Remember El Mozote

Venezuela supports the Palestinians.

Neocons [Israel agents] lining up to support regime change

The U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is leading an interventionist campaign against Venezuela against a false "humanitarian crisis" claim.

The U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [above]-Israel firsters, are leading an interventionist campaign against Venezuela against a false “humanitarian crisis” claim.

The Trump government is trying to do to Venezuela what Israel does to Gaza.

In the case of Gaza, “Israel blocks exports and imports, forbids fishing in the Mediterranean and drip-feeds the captive Palestinians with ‘humanitarian aid’.

“Israel made the EU pay for the humanitarian aid to Gaza AND made the EU buy the aid stuff from Israel.

“This made Gaza an important source of profit for the Jewish state.

“So in Venezuela they follow an old script.

“London stole over a billion in gold ingots Venezuela had trustingly deposited in the cellars of the Bank of England.”

Starving Venezuela into Submission – Global Research

At a rally in 2010, Chavez alleged that Israel was “financing the Venezuelan opposition” against him.

“There are even groups of Israeli terrorists, of the Mossad, who are after me trying to kill me,” he said.

Venezuela’s Guaido says he’s working to restore ties with Israel.

Media Reports 鈥淕ood News鈥: Kids Are Dying in Venezuela, Sanctions are Working

To strengthen corporate dominance, Washington steadily undermined democracy, encouraged exploitation and nourished anti-union violence in the south.

US foreign policy and US corp exploitation in Latin America聽 increases poverty, The poor and indigenous people have their land聽 stolen out from under them, and paramilitary death squads enforce their removal. Large land owners, resource corporations and monocrop聽 plantations for export move in, often they are US corporations.

Tom is becoming the Luke Harding of Venezuela. Luke鈥rr, Tom blames all of Venezuela鈥檚 problems on president Nicolas Maduro. Tom has piled on, repeating the Washington Consensus vilifying Maduro鈥︹hat is what 鈥渞epeaters鈥 do.

If Maduro is illegally and violently removed from office, what will come after? Probably chaos, since there is no united opposition. Chaos is what the US desires, because chaos gives the US an excuse for interventions. A dysfunctional opposition then gives the US the power to be the kingmaker. The US has a self-proclaimed 鈥渞ight鈥 to intervene anywhere, anytime in Latin America, according to the 1823 Monroe Doctrine, and the 1904 鈥淏ig Stick鈥 Roosevelt corollary.

As a rule, US doctrines do not become internationally laws, and instead usually violate international law. Doctrines are just a 鈥渨ish-list鈥 of US foreign policy. The main US foreign policy objective is to promote US corporate exploitation of foreign countries.

Ros Lehtinen, anti-Castro cuban exile hired by the Bush dynasty:” As a political refugee, I have a unique perspective on the greatness of the …. To fight against climate change. … democracy and the rule of law in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.”

If the US gets its way in Venezuela, then Venezuela will be ruled by oligarchs, dictators or the military鈥攐r a confabulation of the three natural allies. The Venezuelan people overwhelmingly rejected the 40-years of oligarchy, when they elected Hugo Chavez in 1998. Chavez ran for election on a socialist platform. The US has been trying to overthrow Chavez鈥檚 socialist movement from the first moment Chavez took office.

In 2002 Bush backed a failed coup. Trump and his cronies have been planning another coup. This just in from Tom Phillips January 11th: Juan Guaido of the opposition is calling for an international intervention and a military coup. An illegal violent regime change is very likely soon.

After Chavez died of cancer at the age of 58 in 2013, his vice president Nicol谩s Maduro constitutionally assumed his office. Maduro has been struggling to continue Chavez鈥檚 socialist programs for the poor. Maduro is no Chavez, but he is trying to carry on Chavez鈥檚 legacy. Maduro was reelected to his second term in 2018.

Maduro faces many economic problems, much of them stemming from the collapsing international oil price in 2015. There are good reasons to believe that the collapse in oil prices was a US-Saudi conspiracy, since the economic victims were Russia and Venezuela, two of the countries the US is trying to regime change. Oil is 95% of Venezuela鈥檚 revenue from exports, and 25% of its GDP.

The other major problem for Maduro is that on top of collapsing oil prices the US imposed crushing economic sanctions. Tom鈥檚 article unwittingly exposes the lie that the sanctions were targeted, and not intended as collective punishment of the people. Children are dying! Instead of using dead children as propaganda props, economic sanctions should be immediately suspended, and foreign aid sent to save the lives of these innocent victims. Tom did not mention that in the article. All he had for the dead children was crocodile tears.

The US is stomping on Venezuela鈥檚 neck, trying to kill socialism. And vengefully killing Venezuelan kids. (Just a few weeks ago, Pompeo mocked Iran, saying 鈥.鈥漣f you want your people to eat鈥). The US is stomping its boot on the neck of socialism throughout Latin America, after years of a 鈥減ink tide鈥 of elected progressive governments. It is working, as progressive governments in Latin America are becoming extinct.

Regime changes: A day after Colombia’s foreign minister announced the country’s recognition of a Palestinian state, the government backtracked and vowed to review the move. The original decision was taken by former president Juan Manuel Santos right before he was replaced by Ivan Duque, who was sworn in on Tuesday. Regime changes: New Colombian government to review recognition of ‘Palestine,’ whereas leading Brazilian presidential candidate vows to shut Palestinian mission

Critics of Chavez and Maduro claim that socialism never works. It worked just fine under Chavez, as people were lifted out of poverty. Inequality declined dramatically. Critics blame Chavez and now Maduro for 鈥渙verspending鈥 on the poor.

As the US rebounds from one economic crisis to another, one bank bailout to the next, it is obvious to those that can see: Capitalism does not work. The US with its hyper-neoliberalism is 25th聽on the UN Human Development Index, adjusted for inequality. The US has its own healthcare crisis of 45,000 people dying every year because they cannot afford healthcare. Many of them children, Tom!

Sad how the critics never blame a country鈥檚 economic problems on over spending for US weapons, concentration of wealth in a few wealthy families, or austerity for the people because of crooked debt-imposed austerity by the IMF. The poor are expendable for oligarchs North and South. US healthcare and needed infrastructure suffer from overspending on the military and wars.

Socialism, even a democratic one is a dirty word to the US, because socialist governments use their country鈥檚 natural resources, and state-owned enterprises for the benefit of the people. US corporations want those resources, privatized state-owned enterprises, and to have poor people as a source of cheap labor. The driver of US foreign policy is what corporations want.

US foreign policy and US corporate exploitation in Latin America increases poverty there. The poor and indigenous people have their land stolen out from under them, and paramilitary death squads enforce their removal. Large land owners, resource corporations and monocrop plantations for export move in, often they are US corporations.

US welcoming committee for asylum seekers on the southern border. (Photo by the White House)

Unfair trade agreements allow the import of cheap US agricultural products. Cheap agricultural products, such as corn, is highly subsidized by US taxpayers, corporate welfare to agribusiness. Indigenous small farmers cannot compete with the dumped US imports. They are driven out of business and off their farms. With nowhere else to go, the poor and dispossessed migrate to the city where they are exploited as wage-slaves. Because the poor are vulnerable, they are easy targets for extortion from criminal gangs鈥︹hile corrupt police look the other way.

Ironically, the poor fleeing for their lives, seeking protection and an opportunity to earn a subsistence wage head in the direction of their abuser鈥︹o the USA. That is why the US is experiencing a sharp increase in people from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador seeking political asylum.

Trump and his xenophobic racist supporters want the US to turn asylum seekers away. They want the US to be a 鈥済ated community鈥, as Trump put it. When other countries such as Venezuela want to be a 鈥済ated community鈥 and keep out US corporations and unfair trade from exploiting them, then the US sends in the jackals.

In the old days the US 鈥渙pened鈥 foreign 鈥済ated communities鈥 with gunboats, and admitted that the purpose was commercial interests. At one time or another, over the past 200 years the US has invaded almost every Latin American and Caribbean country; some of them multiple times. US invasions haven鈥檛 been for democracy. They have been for commercial reasons, and the source of wealth for those that became elite families.

William Allen Rogers鈥檚 1904 cartoon recreates the Big Stick Diplomacy of Theodore Roosevelt as an episode in Gulliver鈥檚 Travels鈥︹(Wikipedia)

Today foreign holdouts from the neoliberal Washington Consensus are 鈥渙pened鈥 by the CIA, Special Forces, mercenaries, terrorists, local collaborators, the National Endowment for Democracy, the International Republican Institute, and other government-private NGOs. NGOs do overtly what the CIA used to do covertly to sow discontent, opposition and violence.

The US uses psychological warfare and propaganda to 鈥渙pen鈥 closed foreign countries. The US uses threats, bribes, political isolation, economic sanctions and the constant reminder that 鈥渁ll options are on the table鈥. The mainstream media, such as the Guardian (British, but very much part of this fetid media conspiracy) are complicit by keeping up a steady drumbeat of propaganda.

The US always presents its aggression as being out of concern for democracy, human rights, or because the US is being threatened by some small country, like Cuba, Bolivia, or Venezuela. Absurdity and blatant cowardice do not exist in the minds of US policymakers or their media stenographers: The US multiforce attack on puny Grenada (with a population smaller than a single neighborhood in Brooklyn, and with no actual armed forces of any kind) was hailed as a victory for US arms, and made into a 鈥渉ero鈥 movie by Clint Eastwood.鈥擡d) And quite typically, Pompeo just gave a delusional lying speech in Cairo that the US is a force for good, and he praised the bloody military-coup dictator Sisi. Mentioning commercial interests, greedy banks and the military-industrial-complex is considered uncouth, even though it is the truth behind US foreign policy.

The mainstream media is a vital player and collaborator in preparing the domestic audience for US wars of aggression, interventions, and regime changes. Mockingbirds, such as Tom Phillips, members of a compliant media, can only be described charitably as 鈥渦seful idiots鈥 in advancing the US agenda, when not outright hidden collaborators. The mainstream media such as the Guardian creates a circus-like atmosphere of a crisis. They sell the public that 鈥渟omething has to be done鈥.

After a US invasion the mainstream media again provides the cover story. When all the lies come out as they did about the Iraq War, then the media sticks its head in the sand and denies any responsibility. But in all cases, when the media acts as a propagandist for war, then they have blood on their hands too. They are first-degree accomplices to grave international crimes for which people were hanged under Nuremberg tribunal statutes.

US imperialism, neocolonialism, resource exploitation, imposed austerity, unfair trade, and the US monopolizing of the international financial system have destroyed millions of people鈥檚 lives. Trump says he does not hate US victims. Like a lot of US Americans, he just does not care. The US has no empathy for its victims, but cries crocodile tears for the alleged victims of US enemies. It is the syndrome that Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky referred to as 鈥淲orthy and Unworthy Victims鈥.

As Paul Jay of The Real News Network put it, for Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer, and Tony Soprano, the US is like the mafia: 鈥渋t鈥檚 not personal, it鈥檚 just business鈥.

Bolivian President Evo Morales Warns of Plan ‘to Invade Venezuela’ by US, OAS

in defense of Palestine and encouraging people to join the BDS campaign has been signed by Bolivian president Evo Morales

Bolivia apologized to Palestinians for the world failing them, during a UN meeting, and reminded the Security Council it is their duty to protect Gaza.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, U.S. Representative from Florida, Israel firster, anti-Castro, terrorist supporter, traitor

Bolivian President Evo Morales said Sunday that the United States and the Organization of American States are implementing a plan with the purpose of defeating the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

“Before the elections they will carry out violent actions supported by the media and after the elections they will try a military invasion with Armed Forces from neighboring countries,” President Morales聽said on his official Twitter account.

Image result for maduro solidarity with palestine

President Nicol谩s Maduro has won a second term as president of Venezuela

Earlier this week U.S. Vice President Mike Pence requested that the OAS suspend Venezuela in during a speech at the Permanent Council of the OAS, comments that were rejected by the Venezuelan government calling such statements an aggression to disturb the peace in the country and further explaining that Venezuela is already in the process of leaving the 鈥渃olonial鈥 group.

Image result for Evo Morales solidarity with Palestine

Morales further聽explained that “the empire acts out of聽fear of the sovereign vote and knows that it will never again subject the free people.”

In February, the Bolivian leader had warned of the U.S. military presence in the Colombian department of Tumaco, warning that “any imperialist military threat against peace in sister Venezuela and our region will be thwarted by the dignity, sovereignty and unity of our democratic peoples.鈥

On May 20 Venezuelans will go to the polls to elect the nation’s president and members of the legislative councils, in the 24th election in 19 years of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Despite boycott of some factions in the right, five candidates submitted their candidacy for the Presidency. According to latest polls, Nicol谩s Maduro, the candidate of the Frente Amplio de la Patria, a coalition of left-wing parties, remains the favorite to win.

Trump administration planning Pinochet-style coup in Venezuela

鈥淲hat鈥檚 the point of having this superb military 鈥 if we can鈥檛 use it?鈥 鈥擬adeleine Albright U.S. State Department

Tillerson hints at forthcoming military coup in Venezuela.

Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon-Mobil, has long eyed unfettered U.S. control over Venezuela鈥檚 state-owned oil company, Petr贸leos de Venezuela, S.A. (PdVSA). Tillerson鈥檚 Latin American itinerary betrays his plans for Venezuela.

The retrograde Donald Trump administration is planning a military coup in Venezuela to oust the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking at the University of Texas prior to embarking on a multi-nation tour throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, said the military in Latin America has often intervened in Latin American politics during times of serious crises.

Tillerson鈥檚 remarks conjured up scenes from America鈥檚 dark past in Latin America. To make matters worse, Tillerson invoked the imperialistic Monroe Doctrine of 1823, stressing that it is as 鈥渞elevant today as it was the day it was written.鈥 The Monroe Doctrine, throughout American history, has been used by the United States to justify military interventions in Latin America, often with the aim of establishing 鈥渂anana republics鈥 subservient to Washington鈥檚 whims.

According to a BBC report, Tillerson prefaced his augmented his remarks by stating that he was 鈥渘ot advocating regime change and that he had no intelligence on any planned action.鈥 Richard Nixon鈥檚 National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger made similar remarks before the bloody September 11, 1973 Central Intelligence Agency-backed coup against Chile鈥檚 Socialist President Salvador Allende.

While publicly rejecting any U.S. involvement in the destabilization of Chile鈥檚 democratically-elected government, Kissinger was working behind the scenes with Chile鈥檚 armed forces to overthrow and assassinate Allende. Eleven days after the Chilean coup, Kissinger was rewarded by Nixon by being named Secretary of State, along with keeping his National Security Adviser portfolio.

Ever since Maduro鈥檚 predecessor, Hugo Chavez, came to power in 1999, the CIA has attempted at least one military coup — a putsch that was quickly reversed 鈥 in 2002, several 鈥渃olor revolution鈥-style street protests and disruptions, economic warfare, and CIA-initiated general strikes to force both Chavez and Maduro from power.

Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon-Mobil, has long eyed unfettered U.S. control over Venezuela鈥檚 state-owned oil company, Petr贸leos de Venezuela, S.A. (PdVSA). Tillerson鈥檚 Latin American itinerary betrays his plans for Venezuela. Tillerson will travel to Mexico, a nation that has a troubled relationship with the United States over Trump鈥檚 racially-tinged rhetoric. Tillerson and Trump鈥檚 National Security Adviser General H. R. McMaster have charged Russia, without an iota of proof, with interfering in Mexico鈥檚 current presidential election campaign.

Leftist MORENA party candidate, front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, or 鈥淎MLO,鈥 has had to fend off false charges that he has accepted financing from Russian interests. Right-wing candidate Jose Antonio Meade, Washington鈥檚 favorite, has charged that AMLO is backed by Russia. AMLO, calling the charges from Meade — who is running on the ticket of the narco-corrupted Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) 鈥 ridiculous, often jokingly wears a jacket bearing the name 鈥淎ndres Manuelovich.鈥

Besides Mexico, Tillerson is also visiting Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Jamaica. Tillerson鈥檚 stops belie his actual intentions. Argentina, governed by Mauricio Macri, a real estate developer crony of Trump, and Peru, whose scandal-ridden president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has praised Trump, have led anti-Venezuela actions within the Organization of American States and other international institutions. Colombia has served as a base for CIA-backed paramilitary and intelligence operations against Venezuela.

Due to U.S.-led sanctions against Venezuela, Colombia is now home to thousands of Venezuelan economic refugees, fertile ground from which to recruit foot soldiers in a coup against Maduro. All of Tillerson鈥檚 stops in Latin America 鈥 with the exception of Jamaica — are in countries that are members of the Lima Group, a bloc of nations seeking to peacefully ease Maduro from power in Venezuela.

Tillerson鈥檚 stopover in Jamaica is obviously designed to pry away from Venezuela鈥檚 orbit, several Caribbean Community (CARICOM) island states that have benefitted from inexpensive oil deliveries from Venezuela. According to the BBC, Tillerson even joked in Texas about Maduro鈥檚 ultimate fate: 鈥淚f the kitchen gets a little too hot for him [Maduro], I am sure that he’s got some friends over in Cuba that could give him a nice hacienda on the beach.鈥

For Venezuelans who support their government, Tillerson鈥檚 鈥渏oke鈥 was a reminder that Chavez, after temporarily being ousted in the April 2002 coup, was held captive at the Antonio Diaz Naval Air Station on the Venezuelan island of La Orchila. Had the coup not failed, it is believed the United States was going to fly Chavez into exile, possibly to Cuba via the U.S. Naval Station and detainee gulag in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Tillerson, who is apparently still carrying the water for Exxon-Mobil, is reprising the role played by Harold Geneen, the president of International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT). Geneen, working with the CIA, provided $1 million to Allende鈥檚 opponent in the 1970 presidential election, Jorge Alessandri. ITT was also discovered to have financially supported the 1973 coup plotters in Chile. In 1964, Geneen and ITT worked with the CIA to overthrow the democratically-elected Brazilian government of Joao Goulart.

Today, it is Exxon-Mobil and its plant inside the Trump administration 鈥 Tillerson 鈥 who are working overtime to play the roles of ITT and Geneen in attempting to overthrow Maduro in Venezuela; imprison on trumped up charges, Luiz In谩cio Lula da Silva and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the former and possible future presidents of Brazil and Argentina, respectively; and return U.S. 鈥済unboat diplomacy鈥 to the Western hemisphere.

In a news conference in Mexico City, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray rejected Tillerson鈥檚 notion of a military coup in Venezuela to oust the Maduro government. Present at the news conference was Canadian External Affair Minister Chrystia Freeland, an outspoken enemy of Venezuela and Russia.

Tillerson has a visceral hatred for Venezuela that transcends Maduro and Chavez. In 1976, a year after Tillerson began working for Exxon, Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez nationalized Venezuela鈥檚 oil industry. Among the assets nationalized were Exxon鈥檚 holdings in the country. Chavez re-nationalized Exxon-Mobil鈥檚 assets in 2007, during Tillerson鈥檚 reign over the firm. Exxon-Mobil and Tillerson battled Venezuela over compensation by Caracas.

Exxon-Mobil took its case to World Bank arbitration and demanded that Venezuela compensate the company with a $15 billion payment. The bank settled on compensation of only $1.6 billion, an act that ruffled Tillerson鈥檚 feathers. Tillerson never forgot that Venezuela won the skirmish over compensation for Exxon-Mobil. Tillerson now intends to even the score by seeking to overthrow Chavez鈥檚 successor, Maduro, from power.

In 2015, Exxon-Mobil began oil operations off the coast of Guyana, to Venezuela鈥檚 east, in the disputed territory of Essequibo. Although Venezuela and Guyana have sought international arbitration in the case, that did not stop Tillerson, while heading Exxon-Mobil, to order his Guyana subsidiary, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Ltd., to continue exploring in the disputed region. For Tillerson and his boss, Trump, legal agreements are apparently not worth the paper they are printed on.

While in Jamaica, Tillerson is expected to lean on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to buy out Venezuela鈥檚 49 percent stake in the Jamaican oil refining company, Petrojam.聽Tillerson wants to subject Caribbean nations, which established cooperative agreements with the Venezuelan oil industry through the PetroCaribe alliance, to cancel those deals to comply with Trump鈥檚 punishing Executive Order 13808, which extended 鈥淩ussia-style鈥 sanctions to Venezuela. Tillerson would like nothing more than to increase Exxon-Mobil鈥檚 profits by nixing PetroCaribe agreements with nations like Haiti, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Guyana, Belize, Honduras, Bahamas, Suriname, St. Kitts-Nevis, and St. Lucia, thus forcing Caribbean nations to purchase more expensive oil and gasoline from Exxon-Mobil.

Tillerson has shown the ugly face of the Trump administration to Latin America. It not only wants to deport millions of undocumented Latin American residents of the United States in a mass movement of displaced persons not seen since World War II, but it wants to change, through bloody coups, governments not to Trump鈥檚 pleasing throughout Latin America.