Why Does Putin Play Along With the Holocaust™ Charade?

“We may not forget the horrors of the Holocaust, and we must remember the heroism of its opponents. There is no forgiving what the Nazis did.”

Putin knows the Jews are responsible for ww2 and everything that happened in it. And of course he knows all about 9/11 and used it to his advantage. It’s the silly pr games that always disgusts me.

One of the most important world leaders to maintain close ties with Chabad is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rabbi Krinsky says that in conversations with Putin, the Russian leader asked him where in Russia his parents were from originally.

“He said he grew up in St. Petersburg, in a Jewish area, and he was the Shabbos goy. He didn’t use that term. [He said] he knew all about it. He said about Chabad, he knows Chabad is very active. He spoke about Chabad like a shaliach.”