The “Israel” Question

Christopher Hitchens
“Actually—and this was where I began to feel seriously uncomfortable—some such divine claim underlay not just ‘the occupation’ but the whole idea of a separate state for Jews in Palestine.

Take away the divine warrant for the Holy Land and where were you, and what were you?

Just another land-thief like the Turks or the British, except that in this case you wanted the land without the people.

And the original Zionist slogan—’a land without a people for a people without a land’—disclosed its own negation when I saw the densely populated Arab towns dwelling sullenly under Jewish tutelage.

You want irony? How about Jews becoming colonizers at just the moment when other Europeans had given up on the idea?”
Christopher Hitchens

Why does Israel keep electing terrorists, serial killers and avid proponents of racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, genocide and war to its highest offices?

yad vashem

Israel’s holocaust memorial site is built at the same location as the Deir Yassin massacre, literally overlooking the place of one of the most infamous genocides of recent history. As Jewish Supremacists celebrate Holocaust Memorial Day, they and their media puppets will ignore the fact that Yad Vashem, Israel’s official holocaust museum, is built 2000 feet—as the crow flies—from the Deir Yassin massacre site where hundreds of Arabs were murdered by Zionist terrorists in an act which led to the creation of the Zionist state.

The massacre at Deir Yassin took place on April 9, 1948, when around 120 Zionist terrorists from the Irgun Zevai Leumi and Lohamei Herut Israel Zionist groups attacked the Palestinian-Arab village of around 600 people to ethnically cleanse the region around Jerusalem of non-Jews.

Hundreds of unarmed villagers were gunned down by the Jewish terrorists, including women and children, while others were killed when hand grenades were thrown into their homes.

Several villagers were taken prisoner and were killed later after being paraded through the streets of West Jerusalem in front of cheering Jewish crowds.

The murder sparked widespread panic among the Palestinian community and many thousands fled, helping to establish Jewish demographic supremacy in large parts of Israel.

One of Ben Gurion’s own ministers, Aharon Cizling, stated after the Deir Yassin massacre in May 1948—’now we have behaved like Nazis and my whole being is shaken.’​

1948 CE-1954 CE: Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, a terrorist in 1948 CE who commanded the ethnic cleansing of approximately 750,000 Arabs during the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages.

Most of the victims were non-combatant dirt-poor farmers and their families who lived in mud huts, had no weapons, and thus couldn’t have resisted even if they had wanted to.

Ben-Gurion said that “without Deir Yasin there would be no Israel.”

Most American Christians are unaware that ten percent of the Arabs killed by the Israelis in 1948 CE were Christian, that ten percent of the Arab property confiscated by Israel belonged to Christians, or that Israel’s massacres forced 100,000 Palestinian Christians to become refugees.

Israel’s first President, Chaim Weizman, referred to a massacre as this “miraculous simplification of our task.”

1954 CE-1955 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett was a staunch proponent of compulsory population transfer (ethnic cleansing).

1959 CE-1974 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir threatened to destroy the world with nukes (SAMSON OPTION) during a BBC interview and many times insisted that Palestinians “did not exist” as a people.

She also ordered Operation “Wrath of God,” which resulted in the civilian deaths attributed to Ehud Barak’s death squad (described above) and other botched assassinations such as the one in Lillehammer, Norway that resulted in the death of an innocent waiter.

She also claimed that land stolen from the Palestinians could not be returned because they “did not exist” as a people.

This was essentially the same argument the Nazis used to dispossess, ethnically cleanse and murder Jews!

1963 CE-1959 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and previously presided over the ethnic cleansing of 250,000 Palestinians, most of them non-combatant farmers and their families.

1969 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Yigal Allon served in the Haganah’s underground Special Night Squads, which tortured and killed “without compunction” and specialized in ambushes.

1973 CE: Formed and became Israel’s second-largest political party, Likud (27 seats), was founded by a terrorist, Menachem Begin, who murdered Brits, Arabs and Jews with impunity.

Likud was also the party of terrorists like Yitzhak Shamir and Ariel Sharon (before he left to form Kadima).

The Likud’s charter rejects a Palestinian state, claims that all Jerusalem belongs to Israel and says: “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values.

Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel (NO PALESTINE) and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel.

The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”

1977 CE-1983 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was the preeminent terrorist in the Middle East, murdering Arabs, Englishmen and Jews … until Ben-Gurion and Eshkol surpassed him.

Begin described a massacre as “a splendid act of conquest.”

26 Jewish intellectuals called Begin and his goons terrorists, fascists and religious fanatics in a 1948 open letter to the New York Times, comparing them to European fascists like the Nazis.

Begin killed Brits, Arabs and Jews with reckless abandon, including civilians, and was also involved in the Deir Yassin massacre and other acts of terrorism such as the bombing of the King David Hotel.

1983 CE-1984 CE & 1986 CE-1992 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir had British and Swedish nobles murdered for seeking to have Palestinians treated as equals of Jews!

Yitzhak Shamir’s targets were Britain’s Lord Moyne and Sweden’s Count Folke Bernadotte who were assassinated by Ashkenazi terrorists.

He also killed in the Deir Yassin massacre and other acts of terrorism.

He was a leader of a Jewish terrorist group called the Stern Gang, which carried out a string of assassinations.

1984 CE-1986 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres aggressively pursued nuclear weapons and succeeded in delivering them by he an Netanyahu robbing American nuke triggers and AMERICAN NATIONAL SECRETS.

apartheid - News Stories About apartheid - Page 1 | Newser

Shimon Peres created the nuclear weapon program to threaten the world with nuclear blackmail (called the “Samson Option”).

1992 CE-1995 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, a true terrorist, signed an order for the children of Lydda to be ethnically cleansed “quickly, without attention to age.”

Rabin was a warmonger who as Israel’s chief of staff planned the 1967 attack on Egypt. Rabin told Le Monde in a February 1968 CE interview that “We knew that Nasser did not intend to attack.”

Rabin’s account was also verified by Israeli generals, including Matti Peled.

1996 CE-1999 CE & 2009 CE-Today CE: Israeli Prime Minister twice, Benjamin Netanyahu caused the deaths and mutilations of thousands of children during Operations “Cast Lead,” “Pillar of Defense” and “Protective Edge.”

Netanyahu called for “mass expulsions among the Arabs of the occupied territories” besides presiding over multiple Gazan massacres.

1999 CE-2001 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, a cross-dressing assassin, Barak participated in death squads that killed women, policemen and a poet known as “The Conscience.”

When Barak agreed to be interviewed about the attack in response to the Steven Spielberg movie Munich, he described the raid with “evident relish and nostalgia” rather than remorse.

1999 CE: Formed and became Israel’s third-largest political party, Yisrael Beiteinu [15 seats] describes itself as “a national movement with the clear vision to follow in the brave path of Ze’ev Jabotinsky [the author of the racist, fascist Iron Wall doctrine].”

Yisrael Beiteinu was formed by Avigdor Lieberman to create a political platform for Russian immigrants and other Jews who support a hard-line in negotiations with Palestinians.

2006 CE Lieberman, who described Arab members of the Knesset who have discussions with Hamas as “terror collaborators,” called for their execution.

Ahmad Tibi, leader of the Arab party Ta’al, strongly objected to Lieberman’s ministerial appointment, describing him as “a racist and a fascist.”

Labor minister Ophir Pines-Paz, who resigned over Lieberman’s appointment, echoed Tibi’s remarks, saying that Lieberman was tainted “by racist declarations and declarations that harm the democratic character of Israel.”

2003 CE Lieberman said: “It would be better to drown [350 Palestinian] prisoners in the Dead Sea if possible, since that’s the lowest point in the world.”

2001 CE-2006 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a murderous war hawk who directed the massacres of defenseless civilians at Qibya, Sabra and Shatila, which were refugee camp massacres.

2005 CE: Formed and became Israel’s largest political party, Kadima (28 seats in the Knesset), founded by a terrorist, Ariel Sharon. Kadima means “forward!” or “charge!” and is associated with the battle-cry of Israeli army officers.

Kadima’s platform states that the Israeli nation has a national and historic right to the whole of Israel, and that both Jerusalem and the large West Bank settlements must remain under Israeli control, leaving a potential Palestinian state without a capital and with much less land for a much larger population. Is that fair?

2006 CE-2009 CE: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert presided over the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, which killed 1,300 people and displaced more than a million others.

Olmert in a German TV interview on included Israel as nuclear weapons superpower, along with the US and Russia.

“While the Zionists try to make the rest of the World believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim.

It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindler, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.

It is a sign of their rising confidence and sense of security that at a time when one section is still playing the German, French-man, or Englishman, the other with open effrontery comes out as the Jewish race.”

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