The Killing$ of Tony Blair (VIDEO)

History not to be forgotten
George made fabulous documentary the clearly lays down the sequence of corruption and hypocrisy of British Governments in the eighties and nineties.
The quality and content of the documentary are excellent.
This video is rare and should be valued for posterity else we forget how manipulative and downright evil absolute power seems to attract

Tony Blair is a Dark and Evil Man. Ex-labour and Respect MP George
Galloway Presents the Killing$ of Tony Blair, a Documentary Film Which
Highlights Former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s, Alleged Destruction
of the Labour Party, the Hundreds of Thousands of Innocent Civilians Who
Died During the Iraq War and Blair’s Well-remunerated Business
Interests Since He Left Office in 2007 – in Galloway’s View, Blair’s
Three “Killings”.

The Story of Tony Blair’s Destruction of the Labour
Party, His Well-remunerated Business Interests, and the Thousands of
Innocent People Who Have Died Following His Decision to Invade Iraq.
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