The ‘tongue’ of the Jew sticks it to you

Great Reset In Jewish Time

The “Great Reset” is just the beginning of our woes.

It sounds globalist but its members are cliquish.

It sounds bland but its stamp is a Jewish brand.

The gasbag of the “Reset” is Klaus Schwab, born of a Jewish mother, which rabbinically makes him a Jew.

As head of the World Economic Forum, Schwab uses ‘pandemics’ to beget his sinister polemic. [Clip]

[”The COVID 19 pandemics just has accelerated certain trends which we had seen before and which were actually discussed in DAVOS this year like the lack of inclusion and lack of paying sufficient attention to the environment. So what we will see now is acceleration of those trends…”]

The ‘tongue’ of the Jew sticks it to you… [Clip]

[”…And of course a unique opportunity to reset our global agenda.”]

The “reset” of that “global agenda” is to turn corporations into social overlords. [Clip]

[”Finally, what is the role of companies in this new post-COVID era. I think we are moving from short term to long term, from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.”]

This Jewish gibberish of “Stakeholder Capitalism” is simply the Soviet wish of the few to rule over the many.

For with its deceptive notion that corporations should not just benefit their shareholders but “society at large” through “public policy” is a draconian social engineering scheme.

America’s “Business Roundtable”—comprised of CEO’s of the nation’s top companies like Coca Cola, Delta, 3M, PayPal, and Johnson & Johnson—have already signed on to Schwab’s “Stakeholder Capitalism.”

That’s because ALL corporations and their CEOs are dependent on Wall Street Jews and international Jewish banking to finance and underwrite their stocks.

Following the Jewish script, these CEOs want us to swallow that “stakeholders” are “customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.”

This is Jewish hokum.

You see, the meaning of a “stakeholder” is one who owns controlling shares of a company with decision-making authority.

Do “communities” have the same corporate decision making authority as Schwab and his synagogue buddies?

Believe that and I own a Coca-Cola plant in Thailand.

The real “stakeholders” of this deceptive new brand of “capitalism” are a transnational cabal of Jews brandishing control over the goyim by crushing all independent thinking and behavior.

It’s “communism” with a Jewish ‘capitalist’ twist.

Fat cat Jews like David Solomon of Goldman Sachs, Charles Scharf of Wells Fargo, Laurence Fink of BlackRock, and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase—are your new corporate Jewish overlords.

And you’re not invited to the Bar Mitzvah.

Alex Gorsky, Jewish CEO of Johnson & Johnson, is.

That’s why his company sponsors lewd gay parades that celebrates homosexuality, and lesbianism, and every form of sexual deviancy.

Whether it’s killing off the population with Gorksky’s Johnson & Johnson’s blood-clotting ‘vaccine’…

…Or wiping out the White Christian race with his sexually deviant parades, Gorsky’s got a huge “stake” in socially-engineering America’s obliteration.

Robert Iger, Jew head of ABC/Disney is also invited to the Bar Mitzvah.

That’s why Iger threatened to ban filming in Georgia over Governor Kemp’s “heartbeat” anti-abortion law. [Clip]

[”Just before Disney CEO Bob Iger unveiled a new Star Wars attraction at Disneyland, he stepped foot into the abortion wars.

He told Reuters Disney may stop shooting in Georgia if a new anti-abortion law takes effect.” “Well, I think if it becomes law, it will be very difficult to produce there. I rather doubt we will.”]

Irene Rosenfeld and Dirk Van de Put, Jewish heads of the parent company of Chips Ahoy, got invited to that Bar Mitzvah.

That’s why they featured a drag queen to sell their cookies. [Clip]

[”Y’all know what we’re celebrating today? Mothers’ Day. And I am so thankful for a mother, like mine, who supports me through all my craziness and loves on me, and buys me Chips Ahoy! cookies — chewy, the original — and everything under the sun. My mom knows I love my cookies. So get those cookies. And what do we suggest for you do to your mama? You’re real mama, your drag mama, whichever mama, somebody, whoever take care of you, whoever you feel or consider your mama, it’s their day today. Get them a cookie.”]

Marc Benioff of Salesforce is invited.

That’s why his company supports Black Lives Matter, a social front for a Marxist strategy.

And the CIA*—that receives secret money from the Jew-owned Federal Reserve for its criminal operations abroad in collusion with the Israeli Mossad—is a featured guest at the Bar Mitzvah.

That’s why the CIA—to keep the pipeline of Jewish money coming in—celebrates “Pride Month” throughout the entire month of June.

We’re now at an historical moment in Jewish time.

All to the tune of international organized crime. [Clip]

[”It’s now an historical moment, a crucial moment to rebuild the future, to reset our policies.

And we have certainly, we have to take certain lessons from the pandemic which we had to fight, and still have to fight, and we have to build a world which is more resilient, more inclusive, and also more sustainable.”]

“Resilience” for Schwab means being resistant to religious mores.

“Inclusion” for Schwab means bringing in a swarm of sinful men and women into every component of society so as to corrupt the entire lump.

“Sustainability” for Schwab means getting Jews into power and making sure they stay in power.

Any time there’s a culture that passes down a stable heritage and tradition you’ll find Jews amassing there in droves.

Once they prosper in and by that culture they set out to debase and replace it with degeneracy and dung.

Jews barf and vomit it all out of the devil’s own tongue.

Like a squalid spout, that’s what the “Great Reset” is really all about.

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