Too Much Holocaust™?

‘I just want you to know that I think the Holocaust is possible again. I didn’t think so before I came to the U.N. But I think so now.’ ~Jeane Kirkpatrick,16th United States Ambassador to the United Nations, 1981-85

The project to make Holocaust a centerpiece of American consciousness has paid off for Zionists who, while claiming to speak for world Jewry, have successfully rendered anti-Zionist factions of Jewry invisible in America.
Constant reminder of the Holocaust is a key public relations tactic to use as justification and cover for unspeakable treatment of the occupied Palestinian people that continues to this day.
The picture is replete with irony, as Palestinians, who are semitic, are historically linked to the people of the Old Testament, while the Ashkenazim from Europe, who control Israeli policy and drive the Zionist Project, rather than primarily semitic, are Jewish due to their predominant Khazarian ancestors having converted in the Sixth Century. It is an utterly upside down depiction of reality, and invoking the Holocaust is used like a club to justify it. 

The Invention of the Jewish People, a towering work by Shlomo Sand, emeritus professor of history at Israel’s Tel Aviv University, is as complete a history of the situation as exists for a lay readership. 
Jewish activist Gilad Atzmon sees a Zionist fear of public discussion “…about what is taking place in front of their eyes: whether it is AIPAC dominance of US foreign policy or the destruction of Britain’s Labour Party or the constant threat to world peace imposed by Israel and its Lobby.” He goes on to write that “Jewish Power as I define it, is the power to suppress criticism of Jewish power … This suppression of speech and thought has evolved into a tyranny of correctness.” 
Reports of antisemitism are increasing now in accordance with the rising global success of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement that emerged to counter the victimization of Palestinians, and BDS is under unrelenting Zionist attack.
In a 2016 list by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) of eleven antisemitic traits, six refer specifically to Israel, so that virtually anything critical of Israel is deemed antisemitic.
Israel has managed to make itself unique among nations in that it must never be criticized. Professor Boyle’s citing the similarity (above) of Nazi policy to that crafted for subjugation of semitic Palestinians would be antisemitic according to the IRHA.
So is any historian’s departure from official Zionist narrative. So is simply declaring solidarity with the suffering Palestinians. And, as of now, the BDS Movement is the most viable and coordinated international force set up to counter the absurdity. 

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