Tunisia Warns: Zionist Spies Keep Out!

Anyone who fears G-d should flee from the Zionists as one flees from fire.~Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein,
rabbi of Novhardok, Russia (1829-1908)

Zionists pretend that they are just a pitiful people who took for themselves tiny tiny slice of land in the Arab world for refuge and are just trying to live in peace. They INSIST, and will murder anyone who stands in the way. But it didn’t stay in Palestine.  Zionism is a cancer that spreads like an evil wildfire and no one can finds the means to stop it. It gathers more and more wicked souls and grows more and more fierce. It dominates the only superpower, the US which makes that tiny tiny slice of land in the Arab world a superpower!

Anti Zionist Rabbi Warns Tunisians against Israeli Occupation of Tunisia

June 17, 2019

Members of Tunisia’s parliament have called for officials to be held accountable after Israeli media reported that a group of Zionists toured the capital Tunis, passing the street where the co-founder of the Fatah movement Khalil Al-Wizar was gunned down in 1988.

MP Ziad Lakhdar called last week on the People’s Assembly to take responsibility and summon the Tourism Minister René Trabelsi.

Lakhdar said Tunisia has been increasingly exposed to Zionist domination. He continued: “Tunisia’s sovereignty has been taken too lightly and today we are facing a growing Zionist domination over our country and the Arab nation.”

“We have to assume our responsibility as we hold others accountable too. It is absolutely unacceptable to allow spies in, under the pretext of the Jewish pilgrimage to El Ghriba Synagogue.”

Lakhdar added that the visit to the site where Al-Wizar was assassinated as “disgraceful” and parliament must intervene.

MP Samia Abbou, from the Democratic Current party, demanded the People’s Assembly to condemn the recent incidents, saying that such infringements “pave the way for normalization with the Zionist entity.”

“We refuse all forms of public and private normalization. We also reject the government’s silence and complicity with normalization.

Unfortunately, since this minister took office [Trabelsi] we were doomed to face multiple cases of normalization with Zionists.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Khamis AlJahnawi, however, denied the existence of any governmental attempts to normalize relations with the Zionist entity.

While the Ministry of Interior stressed in its statement that no tourists holding Israeli passports entered Tunisia. It added that the Israeli media reports showed a different road to that on which Al-Wizar lives.

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