US Backed Militants Burning Bodies to Hide Crimes

Muslims are not enemies of the Christians, they are very much bonded in the Middle East and elsewhere. Muslims love Jesus as part of the 3 faiths of Abraham, which includes the Jews. The Quran instructs Muslims to protect the 3 faiths and peoples. Although THESE Jews are not their cousins!

Could there be any more proof that al-Qeida-Daesh- ISIS -ISIL- Islamic State was created, funded and protected by the US? They only killed Muslims and Christians and were instructed to destroy historical sites for pure Zionist spite.  The same Zionist spite that destroys historic Palestine.  Superficial Israel goes untouched. Now ISIS etal is on the run without the protecting US forces to keep them intact. Looks like the same fate has befallen the Kurds.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The withdrawal of US troops from Syria may reveal the war crimes of the international coalition committed in the war-torn country, in particular, during the operation to liberate the city of Raqqa, a military-diplomatic source said.

Weapon of mass destruction. The Zionist cabal aims to mix up cultures, dilute and destroy the 3 abrahamic faiths so that the people have no loyalties as they are slaves to the Zionist fake Jews (Rothschild). This is the New world order.

“The upcoming withdrawal of US military personnel from Syria will most likely shed light on numerous war crimes committed by the ‘international coalition’ during the so-called fight against the Islamic State* terrorist group. First of all, this concerns, of course, the much hyped liberation of Raqqa in October 2017, which has transformed into a ‘ghost city’ as a result of carpet bombings by coalition aircraft”, the source said.

ISIS demolish ancient mosques and temples in western Iraq. They destroyed churches, killed both Christians and Muslims. No Jews.

Following the announcement of US plans to withdraw troops from Syria, the militants operating in Al-Tanf are making constant attempts to force their way out of the area to adjacent regions of the country and even to neighbouring Jordan, a military-diplomatic source said.

“After the announcement of the imminent withdrawal of the US military, the entire ‘hive’ of the militants there… was set in motion. Almost every day, the militants attempt to break through from there not only to the territory controlled by Damascus in Syria, but also to Jordan”, the source said.

The source added that the heavy smoke around the Rukban refugee camp in Al-Tanf could indicate that the militants are burning the corpses of refugees, who have perished from hunger and diseases due to the shortage of humanitarian aid supplies.

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