US/Israel backed coup d’etat “turned Honduras into hell”

Central American people fleeing to the US./Israel has turned a struggling Venezuela into a hell instead of helping but the coup didn’t work. US/Israel making life a hell everywhere. 

With the exception of Nicaragua, which has purchased weapons from Israel since the overthrow of the Somoza government, all the countries of the region are important clients and have signed military agreements with Israel.

At the end of 1982, the New York Times quoted U. S. officials as saying that Israel was the largest supplier of infantry equipment to El Salvador and Guatemala, and had a “comparable role” in Honduras and Costa Rica.’

Israel’s role in the region goes beyond the provision of weapons and military communications and electronics equipment to include a broad range of military assistance, such as training, counterinsurgency and intelligence advice, and military-agricultural development projects based on the Nahal-type projects of the 1960s.

Moreover, Israeli-Central American military ties are fraught with a political significance which by and large has been lacking elsewhere in Latin America.

“As long as I’m president, Honduras will stand behind Israel’, Juan Orlando Hernández said at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

The US has taken “almost complete control over Honduras” through international financial institutions, control of the media, and by funding Honduran non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which sway public opinion.

The coup “turned Honduras into hell”

Zelaya went on to explain what happened in the years after the coup. He said:

Poverty increased. There are more poor people. The poverty level [now] surpasses almost 70 percent of the population. Crime increased. Drug trafficking increased. According to a report from the US State Department, the drug trafficking in Honduras after the coup increased by almost double.

The large groups of Honduran people that flee to the US, Zelaya claimed, are evidence of the economic downturn caused by the coup:

The [US-backed] coup d’etat turned Honduras into hell.

Recent protests in Honduras

The conversation then moved on to recent protests in Honduras, which have involved the burning of the US embassy in the capital, Tegucigalpa. The protests are widely understood as a response to economic desperation caused by public-asset stripping through privatisation, which itself is the culmination of the erosion of Honduran democracy.

Zelaya discussed the popularity of current president Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH) and how he has failed the country. He also pointed to his leadership style, saying:

He (JOH) is a son of the coup…

I was president. And I walked in the streets. And people greeted me. And they told me, “Hi Mel! Hi President!”

He (JOH) travels with armored cars, with helicopters. He travels with a huge security team.


In the years following the coup, corruption in Honduras has also flourished. In fact, some researchers claim that corruption in the country “has become not an individual and sporadic incident but rather the ‘operating system’ of the Honduran state”.

Zelaya spoke of corruption, and how wealth has been accumulated by a small group of business and political elites in Honduras:

The corruption is public. They broke the social security system. Look, how do you sustain an illegal government? Paying people off.

If they are legal, they don’t need to pay. Because they are the product of a social pact…

The US “strengthens military dictatorships”

Parampil then asked Zelaya “how central the interests of the US military are to what happened” in Honduras, and how “its presence in the country has grown” since 2009. He explained:

[Honduran] soldiers are trained at the [US] School of the Americas. All of their drills they do with the US. For the soldiers, the ideal of their life is to be like the US Marines, like the US soldiers.

And here, the US controls the armed forces and the police. They do what the US wants them to do. They are occupation forces.

And for Zelaya, Central American people fleeing to the US is significantly a product of US foreign intervention:

Instead of strengthening democracies, it strengthens military dictatorships. And that impoverishes our nation, and immigrants move there.

And when immigrants move there, they start to complain…

Someday they are going to understand that being the soldiers of the world, that being the police of the world, does not bring them as many benefits as they think.

Remember Honduras

As corporate media outlets focus on pushing regime change in Venezuela, it’s well worth considering what they’re ignoring in Honduras – and why.

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